How Stupid are Some Apparitions!

Richard Salbato 11-16-2010


When I read about the Protestant Reformation I found it hard to believe that people could be that stupid.  The idea that “Once saved, always saved” just seemed so unbelievable to me.  The Church pointed out to Martin Luther passages in the Bible like “the last state of that man will be worse than the first” or “it is not how you run the race but how you finish” or even Paul’s worry that after teaching the gospel to so many he might not even save his own soul.

To counter these passages, Luther came up with the most stupid of all arguments, “the fundamental principles of the bible” and he pinned them on the church doors.  In this he said, “These are the fundamental principles of the bible and the rest of the bible does not matter.”

In some ways I can understand why 2,000,000 people followed him at that time because very few people knew the Bible.  The reason I saw the stupidity of this so quickly is that I know the entire Bible. 

Later people should have seen the errors of their ways when Our Lady of Guadalupe counteracted him during his lifetime and brought 7,000,000 converts into the Church.   

I understand that pride is the mother of all sins and people are always seeking an easy way to Heaven without taking the narrow and hard road but this is not God’s way. 

Nevertheless, Satan continues to use the weakness of man’s pride to offer the easy road to Heaven and stupid man keeps taking the bait.

Let us look at some examples of apparitions that you should know are false in less that 15 minutes of study.


Mother Eugenia Elisabetta Ravasio


Ravasio claimed to have received private revelation from God the Father along with an image intended to be used as an icon in worship. [This Mother Eugenia should not be confused with Blessed Eugenia Ravasco, beatified 27 April 2003.]

The Message of this claimed private revelation teaches that one can achieve eternal salvation, with certainty, merely by calling God by the name 'Father,' even only one time.


Mother Eugenia was shown an image, supposedly of God the Father, to be made into an icon for use in worship. The icon can be seen here:
Now I don’t need to tell you how stupid this is - do I.  Just call God “Father” and you do not need to receive any sacraments, avoid sin, or obey any of God’s laws.  I have no more to say.


Carmelo Cortez rose petals


Now think of Carmelo Cortez, who claims to make the Eucharist come up from white roses. In Fatima, when the Angel brought the children the Eucharist, the Church had to investigate to find out where the Angel got the Eucharist because Angels cannot consecrate a host, only priests can do that.  They did find that in the Shrine of St. Michael the tabelnacle was open and the Eucharist was missing but in its place was a stain of blood.  But Cortez claims to turn rose petals into Christ.  For those of you who will say that he is approved, you may not know that Bishop Felix Toppo admitted that his actions were against Canon Law.


The Life Offering:
Sister Natalia Magdolna (1901-1992), Hungarian nun, has approval from a bishop in Ecuador.  This bishop has no authority whatsoever over a nun from Hungary so it is meaningless.

"If anyone, my daughter, makes but a single time the Offer of Life, you understand, my daughter, a single time, in a moment of Grace, the fire of heroic love was ignited in its heart.  With this it sealed all his life!  Its life, although they do not think consciously about it, already belongs to the Sacred Hearts ".  

"Although a soul has made another offer, this one encompasses everything and is over them.  This will be, then, the crown, the most precious dressing and the symbol of its spiritual nobility in Heaven ".  


"My Beloved Jesus:  

In front of the Most Blessed Trinity, in front of Our Mother of Heaven, and of all the heavenly Court, I offer, according to the intentions of your Eucharistic Heart and those of the Immaculate Heart of Most Holy Mary, all my life, all my holy Masses, Communions, good deeds, sacrifices and sufferings, uniting them to the merits of your Most Holy Blood and death in the cross:

- To adore the Most Holy Glorious Trinity.

- To offer atonement for our offenses.

- For the unity of our Holy Mother Church.

- For our priests.

- For good priestly vocations.

- And for all the souls until the end of the world.

Receive, my Jesus, my offer of life and grant me the grace to persevere faithfully until the end of my life. 


Now, since you read this even without thought about it, according to this seer, you will get all the promises below:

1ª. Nobody amongst the members of its family will be condemned even when the external appearances would make it appear so, because before its soul leaves the body, it will receive, in the depths of its soul, the grace of the perfect repentance. 

2ª. On the day of their offer the members of their family that were in Purgatory, will leave there.  

3ª. At the hour of death I will be at their side and I will take their souls, without passing through Purgatory, to the Presence of the Most Holy Glorious Trinity where, in the house made by the Lord, they will be eternally happy with Me.  

4ª. Their names will be inscribed in the Heart of Jesus, burning with Love and in the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary.  

5ª. By his offer of life, together with the merits of Jesus, they will save many souls from condemnation.  The merit of their sacrifices will benefit the souls until the end of the world.  

Do you still think my use of the word “stupid” is unchristian?


Sister Natalia


Sister Natalia’s revelations of 9 First Saturdays Novena doesn't have the conditions of Confession, praying the Rosary, or meditating the Rosary Mysteries for 15 minutes as revealed to Sr. Lucia for the 5 First Saturdays.

33 Promises of Jesus and the Great promise of Mary:
31. The souls of those that make this novena will be radiating like white lilies around the Heart of my Mother for all eternity.  

32. I, the Divine Lamb of God, united with my Mother and the Holy Spirit, will rejoice forever seeing the souls that through the Immaculate Heart of my Mother, will gain the glory of eternity. 

The great promise of Mary  

"the doors of hell will be closed the first Saturday of every month. Nobody will enter hell that day. Nevertheless, the doors of the Purgatorio will be open. Thus many souls will be able to reach the sky. This one is the work of the merciful Love of my Son. This one is compensates it for those souls that venerate to my Immaculate Heart ".  


The New Miraculous Medal


The greatest icon when it comes to miracles is the Miraculous Medal. Our Lady asked that this medal be made and passed thoughout the world.  She also showed in another vision that no only was She the despencer of grace, She also offered up all our prayers to God for us.  In this the vision showed Her holding up the world in prayer to God.  She did not ask that this vision be made into a medal but a statue has been made at the sight of the apparitions in France.

Now in America we have a new apparition that claims that Our Lady wants this image of the globe to be made into a metal.  I would not have a problem with this except she says that the time has come to get rid of the Miraculous Medal and replace it with the lady of the globe.

How clever the Devil and how stupid the believers in this.




Stupidity is not an excuse before God.

The official  Decree of the Archbishop of Kwangju applies to all false apparitions:

“Anyone who makes pilgrimages to Naju [any false apparition] or participate in any of the masses there will be excommunicated latae sententiae. The people who are promoting Naju overseas are no longer in communion with the church, and are excommunicated latae sententiae for promoting heresy?

Canon 1364 §1: “an apostate from the faith, a heretic, or a schismatic incurs a latae sententiae excommunication.” 

This is a MORTAL sin. Promoting condemned apparitions is a definitely a mortal sin, because it is promoting the devil himself.

"Canon Law states very plainly that: 

"Nothing, absolutely nothing, regarding the Catholic Church can be done in a geographical area without the permission of the local bishop."