As I write this fighting is going on all over the Croatian area of Bosnia, where Medjugorje is located. Collin Powel has recommended that all American Diplomats get out of the area and that Americans do not go there until the fighting is over. In a brutal battle, the Franciscan owned banks were taken over by the International Peace Keeping forces and all documents taken into safekeeping. These are the same banks that all "charitable donations" went to from the Medjugorje Centers all over the world. Soon we will know where the money went and for what.

I have 96 pages of news reports of killings and fighting going on all over the Croatian section, where they had planed for many years to brake away from the International Peace Keeping forces. They set up their own banks, their own police, their one military, their own utility companies, etc. All residents were forced to bank in one banking system. If anyone came back to this area (who was not a Croatian) to return to their homes from the war, they could not get electricity, gas, or a phone system turned on. They were also intimidated until they left.

The Croatians in Bosnia along with the Franciscans who run Medjugorje threatened to separate from the Daytona Peace Accord rather than give up information regarding their banking operations. As a result the banks were raided and a war is being fought in the streets of Medjugorje over control of the government of the area. As of 4-19-01 the fighting is still going on and I will report on it from Fatima as soon as I can.