Anyone who reads "Apparitions & Mystics - True of False" and still wants to know about Bayside, New York will find this little newsletter of interest. We have on file enough information to prepare a 300 page document. Our intention, however, is only to give enough information to convince anyone (with a logical mind) of the truth of the claims made by the promoters of the alleged apparitions. Our report is made simple in order to made it affordable; our hope being that people will give copies to those who follow these claimed miracles.


Satan is a master at capitalizing on any problems that exist in the world. Communism only succeeds in countries where there exists a real governmental or social problems. In the Church there exists a problem of ultra-liberals, who would like to Protestantize the Church. Taking advantage of the sorrow of many orthodox Catholics, Satan wants to push them over to the extreme Traditionalist heresy. And this is where Bayside comes in. What Medjugorje is to the Charismatic Movement, Bayside is to the Traditionalist Latin Mass Movement. Former very orthodox Catholics, who are very disappointed with the changes made in the Church in America have become the prime promoters of Bayside. Some with a great deal of money and influence.


Veronica Lueken was a mother of five children and one grandchild. She married Arther, a construction engineer. In 1953 Veronica lived in Indianapolis at the same time as Jim Jones. She visited Necedah and kept up a close correspondence with Mary Ann Van Hoof. There is a great deal of evidence that Veronica Lueken learned her magic from Van Hoof [the seer of Necedah], if not actually receiving some sort of power from Necedah. In fact, Mary Ann Van Hoof had to have her phone changed in view of the many calls she received in the middle of the night from Veronica Lueken.


There are many claims at Bayside. There are claims of physical and spiritual cures. But the only thing that can be called unusual are the photos of strange lights. There are also claims of the smell of roses, rosaries that change to gold and the like, but all of these are Satan's parlor tricks. He (or any good magician) can do the same. So, from a standpoint of miracles, there is nothing that can be said, nor is any claimed by the promoters. The fact of no miracles is important, though, since God never sends His Mother with a message for the world without proving it [bearing witness to it] with a miracle. The primary purpose of miracles according to the Church and the writings of St. Thomas is to bear witness to the truth. The truth God would have to bear witness to is the messages and/or the saintliness of the mystic.


The messages are bizarre to say the least. But they harmonize with the messages of Garabandal and Necedah with a few discrepancies: a worldwide WARNING, a worldwide MIRACLE, and a fiery CHASTISEMENT in the form of a "Ball of Redemption" - a comet which will strike the earth, and along with World War III and other disasters, will remove three-quarters of mankind.

According to the "voice Box" as Veronica is called, Paul VI was an impostor pope; John Paul I was poisoned; the current pope is a prisoner, and Vatican II is a false council. All the bishops are heretics. The New Order Mass is not sacramental. Anyone receiving communion in the hand is sinning. The whole message is the complete Traditionalist line.

Some of these messages are so far from the Catholic Faith it is beyond understanding how anyone can believe them.

"Understand well, my children, that he [the Pope] is also a human being subject to error."

What happened to infallibility and/or obedience? Even if the statement means that the Holy Father makes errors when he speaks away from the Chair of Peter, it is still false. For Vatican II and all the other Councils state that he must be obeyed even in his daily correspondence, written or oral. But then the voices of Bayside have something to say about that also.

"- and Satan, himself, the deceiver of all mankind, sat in on Vatican II and maneuvered all the outsiders to come in and distort My Doctrines and distort the truth."

In answer to that statement, we cannot do better than to quote Cardinal Ratzinger:

"It is likewise impossible to decide in favor of Trent and Vatican I, but against Vatican II. Whoever denies Vatican II denies the authority that upholds the other two councils and thereby detaches them from their foundation."

(The Ratzinger Report page 28, Ignatius Press)

The voices of Bayside have stated that an impostor Pope governed the Church in place of Paul VI. The best answer to that claim came from God, Himself. Pope Paul VI's body is uncorrupted.

Veronica Lueken tells her followers that since Fatima has been silenced, the TRUTH will only be made known at Bayside. In other words, we should not listen to anyone anymore except Veronica Lueken. She made herself out to be the POPE, the voice of Christ on earth. From this point alone we can know infallibly that Bayside is false, since this is the main test of all miracles. John tells us that obeying the Apostles [bishops] is the test:

"We are of God. He who knows God listens to us; he who is not of God does not listen to us. BY THIS WE KNOW THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH AND THE SPIRIT OF ERROR." (1 John 4:6)

Bayside preaches that Deacons should not give out communion. We would assume then that St. Tarcisius was a sinner for bringing communion to the Christians in jail. Veronica taught that God does not allow women to preach from the pulpit, that all seminaries, schools, catechisms and Bibles have been corrupted and can not be trusted, thereby doing all she could to undermine the authority of the Church. The biggest and main point of the messages of Bayside is the coming chastisement [Ball of Redemption] in the form of fire from heaven.


The main heresy taught at Bayside by the "voice box" is that the Protestant idea of Rapture is true, and that the elect will be taken away before the ball of fire. Not only is that the same as what Van Hoof preached at Necedah, but it is a heresy that goes back to the first century called "Millenarianism". It was condemned by the Councils of the Church, and was condemned by the Apostle John, himself.

We have written extensively on Millenarianism as being the "greatest of Satan's lies" in a book called "The Tongues of Satan". So, we need not go into great detail here, however it suffices to know the reason Satan wants people to believe in things like the RAPTURE, the WARNING, and the MIRACLE.

The "moment of death" is the most important moment in our lives. It is the moment of truth. If Satan can get us to believe that in spite of seeing death at our door, we will not die yet, he wins. He does this by claiming that we will be raptured away at the last second, or that the chastisement can not already be here, since a warning and a miracle must come first.

Any one (who studies mystical prophecy) knows that there will come upon the earth a chastisement someday, 75% of the world will die, an age of peace will follow, and the Anti-Christ will then appear. After the Anti-Christ will come the end of the world and the Second Coming of Christ. It is in His second coming that there will be a snatching away of the elect. This outline of history comes from the Bible and from over 104 approved prophets since the Bible. Knowing this, listen to the "Voice Box":

"I give you grace of heart, my children, to know that many shall be taken from your earth before the great Chastisement...when these beloved children disappear from the earth, many of your new medias shall state that they have been carried off by flying saucers."


We first heard about Bayside when returning from a four year trip overseas. Many of our readers were asking our opinion about it, since we had written against so many others already. We knew that there was only one way to justify giving our readers spiritual direction by mail. We wrote to the bishop of Bayside. What we learned from saints like Padre Pio, Theresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Menendez and the like, is that we can be infallible on these matters if we follow the Church. If a bishop refrains from giving a ruling then personal discretion must be taken in light of Canons 1399 and 2318. But Bishop Francs John Mugavero did not refrain, and in answer to our letter he sent a four page condemnation of Bayside. Part of this Declaration states:

"In view of my declaration concerning the authenticity of the 'visions of Bayside', the SACRED CONGREGATION FOR THE DOCTRINE OF THE FAITH [ROME] has confirmed that the principles governing the publication of such religious material still maintain authoritative moral value prohibiting the endangering of faith and good morals. Response of SCDF of June 14, 1966, in ASS 58, 1186. As a result, those publishing or dissemination of this propaganda literature are acting against the judgment of legitimate Church authority."

In other words, anyone printing or distributing literature about Bayside is sinning against the Fourth Commandment. In almost every case this is a MORTAL SIN if known by the promoter. Canon Law states very plainly that:

"Nothing, absolutely nothing, regarding the Catholic Church can be done in a geographical area without the permission of the local bishop.

And on page 279 of FUNDAMENTALS OF CATHOLIC DOGMA, Ott me can read:

"He that honors the bishop is honored by God; he that does ANYTHING without consulting the bishop, SERVES THE DEVIL."

Considering these declarations in Canon Law and the Dogma of the Faith, [Satis cognitum and Mystici Corporis] let us obey the local bishop, who states:

"Anyone promoting this devotion in any way, be it by participating in the 'vigils', organizing pilgrimages, publishing or dissemination the literature related to it, is contributing to the confusion which is being created in the faith of God's people, as well as encouraging them to act against the determinations made by the legitimate pastor of this particular Church."

Nonetheless, Bayside is not only promoted in newsletters all over the world, but it is promoted daily on radio, and every week on television. Not only is everyone involved in this promotion sinning, but they are also leading others away from the Unity of the Church, out of which no one can be saved.

For Bishop Francis John Mugavero's declaration on Bayside, write to Diocesan Curia of Brooklyn, New York, 75 Green Ave., Post Office Box C, Brooklyn, NY 11202. Send small donation for postage and handling. Of interest, also, would be our pamphlet on the Pius X Society called, "The Old Latin Mass".