On March 24, 1988, at St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church in Santa Maria, California, Carol Nole received a "message" by inner locution from "the Virgin". She was told that she and her husband, Charles, would be messengers. She was told that she and her husband would travel to Medjugorje, Yugoslavia, where they would get confirmation of their mission. They did. They were also told that they would meet a woman named "Catherine", who would help them with their mission. She came as promised. Catherine is a woman from Australia, who travels throughout the world spreading the messages of Medjugorje.


Carol Nole was told to have a cross built [The Cross of Peace] in the north side of the town of Santa Maria. (Message of 4-9-1988):

"A cross will be built on the north side of town, on the hill directly in line with the back of Scolari's market."

The cross is to be eight stories tall and is to be pluralistic [in keeping with the messages of Medjugorje]. "Not just a Catholic cross, but a Christian cross". (Page one of their booklet.) (Message of 4-19-88):

"The cross will have one-foot holes inset with stained glass, golden in color, where the nails were. It will sit high on the hill. Seventy five feet in height, with cross beams in proportion..."

The cross, not crucifix, is shown in the same shape as the Masonic Cross of the Templar order. It has belled ends. Notwithstanding this, since the Masonic Lodge stole that cross from the true Templars, a cross is not a Catholic symbol. It is a Protestant symbol. It was Martin Luther, who first removed Christ from the Cross. A crucifix, not a cross, is the sacramental against demons.


What we have said so far, is no proof against this false mystic. However, we do not have to prove anything. It is Carol Nole who has to give proof of the supernatural. That fact that the cross never got built, is proof in the negative, and her word is not enough. God never ever gives a message from Heaven without backing that message up with His signature, a miracle. No such proof has occurred in Santa Maria. There are hundreds of true apparitions, but not one without a miracle to back up the messages. Even Christ backed up his words with miracles. "If you do not believe Me, believe my works (miracles)."

However, the mere fact that she backs Medjugorje is enough for us to know that this is not from God. She is no different than the other seventy seers who got the "spirit" at Medjugorje.