I Am Depressed. It Is Too Late.

Richard Salbato May 13, 2011


I just posted Hell Exists and We Might Go There by Father Marcel Nault. I posted this because I knew I was going to write this Newsletter after not writing anything for three weeks. I have not written because I have been so depressed. I have been looking back on my life and realizing that I have failed in almost everything I have given my lifeís work to.

Fifty years ago I came to know that God put me here to make the world better and bring as many people to God as I could especially those who God gave to me to save. My first enlightenment was to understand that the three truths I had to know were, science, religion and politics. Knowledge in any of these things starts with the history of all three and their successes and failures.Knowledge comes from knowing everything possible that has been said and what is logical and what is illogical. The necessity of knowing well these three sciences is because they all affect the way we live in this world. You never stop learning but I have come as close to the truth that I can with my limited abilities.

I learned that God wants unity of truth, truth without compromise. God wants us to be kind and generous to each other. God wants us to teach, help, feed, clothes and care for those who have needs through no fault of their own. God wants us to put others before ourselves. But most of all God wants us to put God first.

The biggest enemies to Godís design for the world in my life time have all come from false ideas that have been forced on mankind. God uses freedom of conscience to let us believe or not, do good or not. But in every case I know of false ideas have been forced on people, and free will was taken away. In the Seventh Century came Islam and it was forced on mankind by strong armies. Around the turn of the century the Church split into the East and West and their opponents were forcibly outlawed. In the Reformation the Catholic Church was outlawed in entire Districts of Europe and all of England. When Atheistic Communism came into existence Churches were destroyed and Catholics were killed and outlawed.

We now have Islam, Communism, false science and Modernism fighting against God and His people and they are winning. God has sent His Mother to this earth over and over to help us save Godís people but we have failed Her in each and every case.

The word Demonic means to divide. In the Christian era he first wanted to divide truth.But now he is dividing everything, truth, family, nations scientists and religion. Satan first used force but now he is using selfishness. Through false sciences we teach our children and ourselves that we come first and everyone else second even God. Our selfishness tells us that we are the ones who deicide what is good and evil, what laws we should obey and what laws we should not. It feels good to say that God loves me and would not want me to do anything that I did not want to do. This self interest is the biggest reason for families falling apart but it is also the reason the Church is dividing within itself and all the scandals. Even priests and bishops are making up their own moral laws. This self interest has bred the three sins that bring down Godís wrath, homosexuality, the abuse and killing of children and the failure to worship God.

Pope John XXIII lived in the East and knew the only way to fight against these demonic ideas was for the entire Christian world to unite under one faith. For this reason he called together Vatican II. The goal was to invite dialogue but using kinder language, offering compromise on all non-theological things. As we know this only divided Catholics further and made many loose faith all together. In order to help the Popes bring about this unity, Our Lady appeared to Myna in Damascus calling for this unity of all Christians, unity in truth. I spent five years promoting this apparition and even took off a year and a half to promote it full time.

In the end I gave up and backed off. The very people who should have been promoting these messages were more interested in promoting themselves and unless they could have their own names on everything they wanted to do nothing.

This idea of using God and his mother to promote themselves kept happening over and over no matter where I went. I spent seven years in Fatima and everywhere I went people were using God and His Mother to promote themselves.

Coming home I spent the last five years promoting Our Lady of America and this is also failing because of the same reason, people using God and His Mother to promote themselves.

In science people swear as truth whatever gives them the most prestige and money.

In politics everyone knows we cannot continue to give out all these free goodies but no one is willing to sacrifice their handouts for the good of the nation.

Politicians are only interested in getting re-elected and not in the national good.

We have become a world of selfish people with an entitlement mentality. We think we are entitled to someone elseís hard work just because he has more than we do. Criminals have always had this entitlement attitude but now most people have it. It is destroying the world and I think it is now too late.How America goes so goes the world. This selfishness and self interest is destroying the nation and the Catholic Church.

God will not allow His Mother to fail but we have failed Her. It is too late to save the world from Godís wrath and those self interested people will get that they really deserve and not what they think they deserve.

Those who say, I deserve this, will get what God thinks they deserve.

When the world stops buying our debt, the world wide chastisement will start and it will not end until we come to the Triumph of the Immadulate Heart of Mary.