by Catherine Moran

The Essence of True Apparitions

Katie Moran has written what I consider the best book on true apparitions ever put together in one book.  She and I have tried to publish this book for over five years without success.  Publishers seem to not be interested in true apparitions, as there are so many outlets for the false ones.  I have put this book on the web site free for two reasons:

1. Many Catholics do not know the many helps that Heaven has sent to us on our road to Heaven.  You can find out about these helps by reading hundreds of books or just this one.

2. I hope by putting this book up publishers will want to publish it, as Katie has just adopted two children from Eastern Europe and is having  great financial problems.  If you like this book and would like to send a donation for her, it will be a tax deduction.


    Our Lady of Sorrows

   The Wide Road

    The Brown Scapular

   The Gate of Heaven - Our Lady's Power

    The Two Hearts are One

    Modernism, The Greatest of All Heresies

    Our Lady's Apostles

    Love's Own Design (Eucharistic Miracles)

    The Beatitudes

    The Forgotten Saint (St. Joseph)

    The Mass - It's Power, Effect and Value

    The Loss of the Sense of the Sacred

    Am I Not Here?

   The Royal Road to Heaven (Mental Prayer)

    The Rosary (Heaven's Weapon)

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