Major Errors by Richard Salbato

I must quickly apologize for my  last Newsletter promoting a WND article without knowing the authors. What was in the article I still have no problem with, but included in the article was a promotion of the book, "Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is Here" which was written by 2 Non-Catholic's Thomas Horn & Cris Putnam. I did not know that and had never read the book. The author of the article was nice enough to write me and point out all the other things he and I disagree on and his interpretation of Scripture and mine are totally the opposite. I could point this out now but it is better to state what I believe in outline which I have written in my book on the web site referenced below.

I have had some faith in St. Malachi’s list of Popes but part of this list was found after his death. But I have more faith in the following outline of the future.

1. We are going to have a world-wide punishment by God for abandoning Moral Theology for modernism. This will cause a economic crash of the world and civil wars and more deaths than the flood.

2. The Pope will have to leave Rome because of the civil war there and Rome will be destroyed. He will still rule as he did when in Avignon, France for so many years. This should last about 4 years.

3. In the end this will end by the help of a holy man from France and a holy Pope.

4. Then we will have a period of peace as promised by Our Lady of Fatima and some unity of non-Catholic back to the Church and ex-Catholics back to the church. This peace will last at least 40 years but might last hundreds of years.

5. During this peace the antichrist will be born and he will re-build the Temple of Jerusalem. When he is 30 years old he will take over the world, sit in the Holy of Holies, declare himself Christ and outlaw the Mass. Enoch and Elias will come and fight him but he will kill them and put their bodies on the outside altar of the temple. On the third day they will rise from the dead and ascend to Heaven body and soul. The Antichrist was so angry because the world saw this, he said he would also ascend and bring them back and he ascended up.

6. The sky parts and Christ appears slaying the antichrist in the sky. A time passes and Christ appears again and all those who followed the antichrist vanished from the face of the Earth in the twinkling of eye. Then all those in Purgatory rose up to the Heavens. Then the Holy Father and all the faithful ascended up to the Heavens body and soul without death.

7. After all were safe in Heaven Christ spread his hands and the heavens and earth melted away. Christ never sets his foot on the earth. Amen.

The reason I give you this outline is to show my differences with that author and in spite of my belief in St. Malachi, there has to be different interpretation of him to account for the fact that it would take from 50 to hundreds of years for the above to come to pass.

Again I am not giving proof of this but you can read the proof on my web site in the following links.

Again I strongly apologize.   Richard Salbato

The Ark of Apocalypse

Complete book of the future from now to the end of the world

Based on bible and private revelations

Book One – The Story


Chapter Twenty-Seven

The Continual Sacrifice

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Enoch and Elisa

Chapter Twenty-Nine

End of the World      

    Book Two – The evidence from the Bible and Prophets


Chapter Forty- One

Antichrist by Hippolytus

Chapter Forty-Two

Malachi – Last 10 Popes

Chapter Forty-Three

Bible Prophesy