Fake Priest Ryan Patrick Scott

Richard Salbato 10-31-20076

Holy Rosary Abbey & Father Ryan Scott

The Monks and Nuns of Holy Rosary Abbey welcome you in the name of our Holy Father and Patriarch, St. Benedict.  Holy Rosary Abbey is a traditional Latin Rite Roman Catholic Benedictine Abbey (Vere Nullius Diocesis). We adhere to the norms of Holy Mother Church prior to the devastating and deceptive changes of Vatican Council II. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (Missa Principalis) and the Sacraments are administered with reverence and respect according to the centuries old form commonly referred to as the Tridentine Latin Rite; as Codified and Sanctified in perpetuity by St. Pius V and the Council of Trent.

We live the traditional community life, as all Benedictine's lived for centuries. We are clothed in the traditional Benedictine Habit each and every day of our life...we are buried in the same holy Habit. Our liturgical life begins and ends each day with the Divine Office (Divinum Officium) chanted (all seven canonical hours) in choir in our monastic Oratoria Sancti Benedicti. We live by the Holy Rule as prescribed by our beloved St. Benedict. We are contemplative, but not cloistered. We are Benedictine ... we are Catholic!

The above sounds wonderful if you do not take a closer look. 

It comes from the web site - http://www.holyrosaryabbey.com  and is run by “Father” Ryan Patrick Scott.  Truthfully I wrote about Brian Patrick Scott over eight years ago in a Newsletter about the false seer and pedophile, Marvin Kucera. See http://www.unitypublishing.com/Apparitions/MarvinKucera.html

Truthfully, I thought that Ryan Scott was caught and arrested and that Marvin Kucera ran away from the police to Mexico and died there.  So it all went off my radar.  But then I got an email from Ryan Scott’s son, Jon Brady (jonabrady72@yahoo.com ), who is very angry that his father, a fake priest, is still able to operate as a priest and  the Church does nothing about it. 

Jon Brady pointed out to me some of the evidence gathered against his father and yet no law enforcement agency or the Church has done anything about it.  See http://www.holyrosaryabbey.org .  I told him that I had thought he was finished after Marvin Kuchara died in Mexico.  But he said that this was not true.  Kuchara stole a great deal of money from the Refuge Centers and ran away with his child sex partner and is still living in Mexico.  His co-conspirators in America passed on the rumor that he had died.  Seems he invested in a hotel in Mexico that he and his sex partner are running. 

“As for my father, Scott, he is now ordaining "bishops".  All I know is that Scott is not what he says he is. False prophet is an understatement and I am at a loss why no one is able to do anything to stop things like this from happening in the Church.  The main thing I have concern about is why the church does nothing against these con-artists. Don’t they realize how much funding they are losing . Not only that but the damage it does to the reputation of the Church itself. They wonder why people move on to other organizations.  They do no background checks. They can't even clean up their own mistakes. The only thing I have seen happen is all the trash they have been able to locate or flush-out have now gone over and call themselves "Traditionalists".  It doesn't matter what you call them they are still crooks and con's living off the faith of others.  It makes me ashamed to ever have been associated with any of them and they wonder why Jesus is coming back with a sword.”

“My father (Brian Scott) used to do coke, pot and who knows what else.”

Looking back at some of the people involved with Marvin Kuchara and Ryan Scott, I remembered Ariel Fouley, who was a major promoter of several false seers and recently I learn that she just declared bankruptcy a week after her husband was caught by the police holding a quarter million dollars in drug money. Jim Fouley had a drug criminal record in 1993 and now the latest thing in 2007.  Why even bring this up?  Why, because they will continue to present themselves as leaders and promoters of prayer, devotion, and Marian Movements. Unless you investigate you will follow them or people like them. “They seem holy and nice.”  Yes, all evil is presented as something good and even the elect will be fooled.  

Anyway I first leaned about the fake priest, Scott, when investigating Marvin Kuchara.

What is sad about the former followers of Marvin Kucera is that he was nothing but a con artist from the beginning. He had two felonies before he met with his "conversion". One felony was for immoral and lud solicitation, and the other for embezzlement. He was an admitted homosexual. He never had any intention of doing anything except to con people out of their land and money, and to become a god in the process. Many false seers are fooled themselves by what they really think is inner voices (actually just their own imagination), but Marvin Kucera knew what he was doing from the beginning.

Marvin Kucera told people that the Antichrist was already here on earth, and that the Vatican is filled with evil forces, and that Peter’s line will be broken, that the tribulation was going to punish the world, because Christ is not present in the Eucharist in most Catholic Churches, and that the Church is in schism.

He predicted that the start of the chastisement would be 1995, and that only the Tridentine Mass was the true Eucharist.  He advocated that we not obey bishops and priests who are not teaching Marv’s doctrine, and that on the 24th of February, 1993 there would be a great sign in the sky. [Nothing happened!] And where is this all leading? Only at the Twelve Refuges of Juda will people be saved from the chastisement. With massive donations from fooled people Kucera formed most of these 12 Refuge centers and many moved on to them. 

Once the people who he conned were on to him and the police were after him, he ran away to Mexico with his homosexual sex partner, a young boy.

What does this have to do with “Father Ryan Patrick Scott?  Father Scott became Marvin Kucera’s official priest and spiritual director.  Even prior to this Scott was wanted by the police for embezzlement and other scandals involving the Church.  Scott claimed he was being slandered by the Church because of his knowledge of the deaths of priests like Father Kuntz and Malachi Martin, but Scott had never meet either of them.  

Ryan Patrick Scott was supposedly ordained by Retired Bishop James J. Byrne, S.T.D. Archbishop of Dubuque, now deceased. Proof of his ordination is the one paper Scott carries around with him with Bishop James J. Byrne’s signature. In the last ten years of Retired Bishop James J. Byrne’s life he was senile almost to the point of Alzheimer’s. The fact is that a retired bishop has no faculties to ordain a priest or to do any other bishop’s function.  This would have been well known to Bishop Byrne if he knew what he was doing when someone stuck a paper in front of him to sign. He didn’t know what he was signing.

This same bishop gave an Imprimatur to the 1982 edition of "The Marian Movement of Priests". The fact that he had no authority to give this Imprimatur is no condemnation of the bishop. He probably had no idea what he was signing. He was already senile. But those who sought him out knew what they were doing. The only prove of ordination by Patrick Scott is the signature of the bishop, who obviously did not know what he was signing.  The bishop would not have ordained a man who never went to a seminary or had any priestly training of any kind. 

Important note:

The person Scott has ordained as Bishop as of 10/28/2007 is Fr. Dennis McCormack who has a long relationship with Ryan yet spoke against him in the Chicago Tribune article of 2005. On McCormack's own site you can see that he does not claim to be Catholic under the Holy Father.

 Fr. McCormack's site: