False apparitions, miracles, locutions and the like have one thing in common, they always build up the importance of the seer, the mystic. Therefore, history records them by the mystics' name instead of the message or the place. Therefore, this is really a history of the false mystics. All of them claimed to receive messages directly from God. It might be useful for those who want to improve their knowledge on these matters to study Canon Law 1259 on New Forms of Worship; the decree of the Holy Office, April 17, 1942, regarding booklets, pamphlets and leaflets seeking to introduce new forms of devotion; the June 7, 1932, decree of the Sacred Congregation of the Council regulating the manner of publishing favors and offerings related to devotions; and Canon Law 1399 regarding condemned books, paintings, and the like.

There may be as many as one hundred of these preternatural happenings in each century since Christ. We will, however, only point out a few in order to show the reader that what is going on in the 20th Century is not new, and it will not destroy the Church. It will, nonetheless, harm many uncautious souls.


In the first Century, Satan, trying to destroy the Kingdom of God before it became established, caused false seers to receive private revelations and show signs and wonders that led to the writing of 23 false Gospels and 97 false Epistles. These false revelations led the Holy Father in the fourth century to assemble the Bible and declare that it [and it alone] contained the total deposit of faith.

Simon Magus [mentioned in Acts] can be considered the founder of Gnosticism. He taught that ecstasy was the ultimate teacher of truth. He was possessed and caused many others to receive the same power he had. His mystical power was so great, Claudius Caesar had a statue made in his honor. It's not absolute how much power he had, but we do know that he could fly. His death happened the same way the future Antichrist will die. He bragged that he could fly from the top of the tallest building in Rome, and he did, but an exorcism prayer by Peter caused the demons to release him. He fell to his death.


In the Second Century Montanus began to have false ecstasies and began to prophesy. He misled entire towns of Christians by his miracles. Two women, Priscilla and Maximilla, received the same power from the demons. The miracles impressed his followers. He claimed a separate and superior revelation over the authority of the bishops. He taught that a new kingdom was coming in his lifetime. He further claimed that after him, there would be no more prophets. He was so influential, Tertullian fell into this error.


Michel de Nostredame, better known as Nostradamus, was born of Jewish parents, but because of the Edict of King Louis XII in 1501, his mother and father were forced to become Catholic. He was baptized and became a doctor and alchemist. He studied magic and the occult at the great Avignon library.

In Avignon he became friends with the Grand Master of the Knights of St. John [later called the Knights of Malta]. They were the keepers of the great treasures of the Church, including the books of the prophets.

Nostradamus copied these books, rewrote them in apocalyptic language and passed them off as his own. By the use of this plagiarism, he became famous in his own day and influenced kings and queens. He is reported to have hated the Virgin Mary, whom he thought of as a demon, and to have been friends with Calvin.

Magdalen of The Cross, a Franciscan Nun of Cordove, had ecstasies, levitation, and stigmata. Her revelations and prophecies consistently came true. She was three times Abbess of her monastery. After years of fooling almost everyone, it was proved that she was possessed from an early age. She was exorcised and removed from her convent.


Kuhlman (1689) communicated with demons and Satan, and wrote preternaturally inspired books.

Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) saw angels and spirits. Many followed his writings for years. J.Gichtel (1638-1710) believed that mystical experience was superior to Scripture and wrote seven volumes of mystical theology.

Rose Tamisier received many visions of the Virgin Mary. She received the stigmata, but not the usual type. She had imprinted on her the form of a cross, a heart, a chalice, and even a picture of the Virgin and Child. A picture of Christ bled at the church of St. Saturnin-les-Aptes. She had a worldwide following. However, investigation found that the blood coming from the picture was the blood from a leech. She was discovered as having belonged to a society run by another seer named Martin de Gullardon, who claimed to have visions of angels.


Marie Lenormand (1769-1821) predicted the marriage of Napoleon to Josephine, and both Napoleon and Czar Alexander I of Russia consulted her revelations. It is not unreasonable to believe that much of Napoleon's success came from her powers.


Baroness von Krudener (1800-) had visions and predicted the many activities of Napoleon. Alexander I consulted her in running his country.

Sister Salome, member of the Society of St. John, predicted the failure of Napoleon's Russian campaign. Advised Alexander I of Russia.

Baron Langsdorff (1899) predicted a bomb threat against the Czar Alexander II. He used a psychograph, a prototype of the Ouiji Board.

Father John of Cronstadt (1821-1908) performed miracles and advised Alexander III of Russia.

Eugene Vintras (1807-1875) had visions of St. Michael. Many thought he and his followers to be saints for the outward signs of piety were there. However, it was discovered that he secretly held sacreligious Masses with those present completely nude. The Masses ended in an orgy. Vintras was also accused of homosexual activity. The majority, however, never saw these things.

Rasputin (1871-1916) of Siberia claimed to have been visited and and empowered by the Virgin Mary. He then left his wife and family and became a cultic preacher. He acquired preternatural hypnotic powers, and was believed to be a miracle worker. He seemed to miraculously cure the Czar's child, (the actual origin of the childs apparant illness was never established). He then became a strange advisor to the Czar's family. He was accused of hypnotizing women for seduction, and was in great part responsible for the disintegration the Russian royal family. His infiltration was followed by the Marxist revolution, the murder of the entire Russian royal family, and the complete take-over of atheistic Communism. In 1923 Russia became the first nation on earth to legalize abortion. It later errected "museums of atheism" throughout the country.

Felicie Kozlowska (1861-1922), a Franciscan nun, gave such beautiful prophecies, she was called "Little Mother." She helped excommunicated priest Han Kowalski found the Mariavites -- or Imitators of the Virgin Mary. When Kowalski announced that the Virgin Mary dwelt within her, she was excommunicated by St. Pius X. In spite of this, she gained a following of one million including many priests and nuns. The excommunicated priest became the leader of the cult. They ended up in polygamy and mystical marriages. Over 600,000 Catholics were excommunicated.


1931: Ezquioga, Spain, happenings condemned by the Church.

1931: Verschaeve's paintings (1939) of the "Passion of Christ" were condemned by the Holy Office.

1931: Holy Office (1939) condemned the devotion to the "annihilated love of Jesus" and the "Rosary of the Most Sacred Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ."

1940: Heede-Germany condemned.

1941: The Church condemned devotion to "The Merciful Love".

1945 - Present: Problematic: 'Lady of All Nations'

1947: Bouxieres-aux-Dames in Belgium declared preternatural.

1947: Espis-France condemned as not from God, and produced violent cases of disobedience.

1948: Moving statue in Assisi condemned as not from the actions of God.

1948: Gimigliano-Italy condemned.

1948: Lipa-Philippine visions and rain of rose petals at the Carmel convent proved to be preternatural.

1948: Aspang-Austria condemned.

1949: Forstweiler-Germany declared not supernatural.

1949: Fehrbach-Germany condemned.

1949: Hasznos-Hungary condemned.

1949: Lublin-Poland's weeping lady condemned.

1950: Heroldsbach, Germany's alleged apparitions declared to be non-supernatural, and disobedience followed.

1950: A this-Mons-France condemned as not from God.


Necedah, WIS,

Bayside, NY,


Portavoz of MX,

St. Joseheph's Hill of Hope, Los Angeles, CA,

The Army of Mary, Canada

The Last Call of Canada

Maria Esperanza of Betania (although Betania is true),

Fr. Albert Hebert of Paulina, LA,

Eileen George of Worcester, MA,

Miguel Poblete of Penablance, OH,

Maureen Sweeney of Cleveland, OH,

Vange Gonzales of Santa Fe, NM,

Nancy Fowler of Conyers, GA,

Elba & Zendia of Terra Blance, MX,

Bro. David of El Ranchilo, TX,

Estella Ruiz of Phoenix, AZ,

Mary Constancio of Lubbock, TX,

Pachi Borrero of El Cajas, EQ,

Father Spaulding of Scottsdale, AZ,

Gianna Sullivan and the rest of Scottsdale, AZ,

Marvin Kucera of Scottsdale, AZ,

Theresa Lopez of CO,

Januszkiewicz of Marlboro, NJ,

Singer of Burlinton, ON,

Reinhiltz of Hillside, IL,

Carol Nole of Santa Maria, CA,

Fr Bruse of Lake Ridge, VA,

Veronica Garcia of Denver, CO,

Tony Fernwalt of Steubenville, OH,

Ray doiron of Belleville, IL,

Rosa Lopez of Hollywood, FL.

False Apparitions in the Rest of the World

Problematic: 'Lady of All Nations' (1945 - Present)

Poem of the Man-God,

Luisa Piccarreta,

The Pebble of AUS,

Vassula Ryden of SZ,

Magnificat Meal Movement

Father Gino, of San Vittorino, Italy

Caterine Richero of France,

Lasut, Slovakia


Ivetka and Katka Greek Catholic girls from the village of Litmanova. These apparitions are still not decided.

Rosa of Dan Damiano,

Gilli of Italy,

Alocci of Sant Stefano, Italy,

Carabelli of San Damiano, Italy,

Josyp Terelya of Ukraine,

Fr. Gobbi of Milan, Italy,

Julka of Yugoslavia,

Cuevas of El Escorial,

Rwanda (Three seers found to be false and three seers found to be true.)



Aloisia Lex of Austria,

Julia Kim of Korea,

Oliveto Citra, Italy,

Ursula and Breda of Melleray, Ireland,

Paul of Blue Mt., AUS,

Cameroon, AF,

Rosemary O'Sullivan of IRE.

Maria Kizyn of Ukraine,

Sr. Anna Ali of Rome,

Christina Gallagher of IRE,

Zenovai of Ukraine,

Singer of Ontario,

Ivetka and Katka of Slovakia,

Matthew Kelly of AUS,

Rossi of Rome.

Antipope Gregory XVII


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