Itís never a Christian thing to gloat over the misfortunes of others, and in the case of Father Ken Roberts we do not wish him any harm. We hope that his problems can be straightened out. What we cannot understand, however, is how no one checked him out before making him into another Bishop Sheen.

He was ordained in 1966 and within a few years had problems with pedophilia when he molested a young boy. After this he was sent to a Garland, Texas parish where he had problems again within a year and was removed. He was sent to St. Louis for psychiatric treatment. In 1989 he got into trouble with a young boy in Peoria, Illinois. In St. Louis he got into problems again and the St. Louis diocese had to make a payoff to a young boy in 1994. In 1995 Bishop Grahmann forced Ken Roberts into medical retirement and restricted his faculties after the diocese had to pay off a $30,000 out-of-court settlement from the Dallas Diocese. He was told to end all public ministry, including Mass and sacraments. He has been without faculties since 1995 and for periods of time before that, and yet he has continued to take pilgrimages of young boys to Medjugorje where he hears confessions and celebrates Mass at St. James Parish in Medjugorje without faculties. Most of the Franciscans at Medjugorje have not had faculties since 1979.

The list of priests at Medjugorje who have sexual problems is growing everyday. Back before the claimed apparitions ever started they had problems with both Father Jozo Zovko and Tomislav Vlasic conducting sensitivity training with little boys. To this day they continue having affairs with both men and women. Fathers Vego and Prusina were expelled in 1979 and made there way to Medjugorje were they were both having affairs with two nuns.

A Father Richard Brown from Tennessee spent six months in Medjugorje saying mass and hearing confessions even though Father Barbaric knew that he was not a Catholic. Claiming to be a Chor-bishop of the Orthodox Church of the East, he concelebrated mass with Father Barbarian, and heard the confession of actor Martin Sheen. What we now know is that there is no such religion as the Orthodox Church of the East, and that "Father" Richard Brown AKA Archbishop Frances Richard Brown AKA Kenneth Richard Brown, is not even a priest. He is a homosexual of the worst kind, who first appeared on the Medjugorje circuit with wanted criminal Peter Miller and a suitcase full of condoms. In Tennessee He lured young boys into his house pretending to be a priest, gave them cocaine, and seduced them. Recently he was caught fondling the private parts of a young boy who was in a hospital and unable to move due to his injuries. Brown is now facing 20 years behind bars for child molesting. Richard Brown confessed that he was involved in the gay community in San Francisco, and at that same time he was associated with Carlos & Victoria Pantoja of St. Raphael Ministries (a Med. center). To make matters worse Denis Nolan has made reference to the fact that Marcia Smith (Med. center) could have been involved in Gay Rallyís in San Francisco in the late 80s around the same time that she did a reading at the Popeís Mass in 1987.

David Hoop went to Medjugorje to get away from the police in Texas, where he was facing many charges for molesting young boys. He opened a book store in Medjugorje that he ran for nine years. Right off the bat he lured one boy lover from Texas to Medjugorje. Twice this young boy made trips to Medjugorje to stay with David Hoop and the priests there knew it.

Father Robert Hughes, the San Jose, California Medjugorje priest, has made sexual advances on more than one woman since his trip to Medjugorje in 1987 and was sent to New Mexico in 1992 for treatment. His own provincial in the Marianist order admitted that they had a file on Hughes of previous abuses. Phil Kronzer came to his defense. What Kronzer didnít know at the time was that Father Hughes was into the Catholic Womenís Network (a lesbian group) and the New Age seances at the Marian Center. Father Hughes is into every visionary that has come along in the last 25 years, including Vassula Ryden.

Another fake priest who most Medjugorje enthusiasts never heard about is a "Father" Ryan Patrick Scott from Wisconsin. He was Marvin Kuceraís spiritual director and is a convicted child molester. Ryan Patrick Scott was ordained in the "American Catholic Church" (not Catholic), but he was so bad that even they kicked him out. Marvin Kucera received the spirit of the Gospa from "Father" Steve Barham. Marvin Kucera is an admitted homosexual.

The stories are endless. Witnesses from Los Gatos, California talk about a priest who called himself, Father Jure, who was from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A weirdo who wore a Roman collar by day and a yellow jump suit by night in Medjugorje, where he frequented the local discoís. He was observed taking good looking young women into his room and praying over them for long periods of time behind closed doors. Some of you in the Milwaukee area may know of him as he could be one of Archbishop Weaklandís boys.

Father Jozo Zovko cannot keep his hands to himself when it comes to women, and has raped not only women but men. Father Vlasic has taken Agnes Heupel to Italy to found a community where men and women can live together under the name of God, and ask for donations to pay for their playground. Again, boys are lured into this community. His affair with the nun, Sister Rufina, who became pregnant in 1976 was not enough. Later he attempted to hide her out in Germany under the name of Manda.

Why would Medjugorje become a heaven for homosexuals and pedophiles? Theology teaches that homosexual activity is an outward sign (an omen) for all to see who have eyes to see that they have rejected the truth of God. Nature is Godís first truth, and all nature is good. Soil is good, however, out of place and used improperly soil is dirt. Godís truth is the natural law written on our hearts when we are born. Godís additional laws were written to help us in the natural law and to give us the grace to obey the natural law. When people reject Godís natural or Biblical laws, God delivers them up to shameful affections so that they have an outward sign (omen) that they do not have the truth. What truth is in Medjugorje? It is an easy truth to anyone who has eyes. They are shamelessly dishonoring Our Lady.

Romans 1:18-32:

"Because, when they knew God, they have not glorified him as God -- for this cause God delivered them up to shameful affections. Therefore God gave them up to the desires of their heart, unto uncleanness, to dishonor their own bodies among themselves. Who changed the truth of God to a lie. - For this cause God delivered them up to shameful affections. For their women have changed the natural use into that which is against nature. And, in like manner, the men also, have burned in their lusts one towards another, men with men working that which is filthy, and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error. -Ė Who, having known the justice of God, did not understand that they who do such things, are worthy of death."

Miracles bear witness to the truth. Homosexuals bear witness to lies. So why do promoters such as Denis Nolan, Marcia Smith, Ted & Maureen Flynn, Sr. Margaret Sims, Lynn Hoffman, Michael & Sandi Tobin, Frank and Nives Jelich, Michael & Vesna OíBrien, Larry & Mary Sue Eck, continue to defend these homosexuals by writing articles, publishing magazines and leading illegal pilgrimages to Medjugorje? It can only be for one reason -- money, a lot of money. We now know this money trail and it isnít charity.

Weíre sorry if this shocks those who are innocent victims. Those who are behind this; however, know what the hidden agenda is. They are upset that day by day we are getting closer to the truth, and they canít handle it. If you want the truth about Medjugorje then read Chapter 2, entitled "Vatican II and its aftermath: 1967-1978 in E. Michael Jonesí book "The Medjugorje Deception". We believe we can prove that Call To Action (another pro homosexual group) is behind this gigantic fraud.