God Said, So You Have To Believe

Richard Salbato


Feast of Jacinta and Francisco


I have been involved in investigations of apparitions so long that I am somewhat sick of them.  It is not rocket science to see if one is true or not, even when bishops do not do their jobs.  There are signs to look for in true apparitions and also in false ones.  I have given these guidelines in Testing the Spirit and they are just common sense and easy logic. http://www.unitypublishing.com/Apparitions/TestingTheSpirit.html

After all these years the volume of new unapproved seers is just so overwhelming that I just do not know what to do next to make people be more cautious.  I know of many cases where people were greatly harmed by these fake seers and so it really matters to me to do what I can.  The least of the harm I know is people loosing all faith in God, but often people commit suicide or loose all they have in life.  I have had people say that it does not matter because the messages do not contain anything contradicting faith and morals, and in fact, some bishops say the same, like in the case of “Anne-the Lay Apostle”.  Of course there cannot be additional apostles but lets leave that alone.

The fact that someone does not say anything wrong now does not mean they will not eventually, like in the case of Francis Klug in Los Angeles who said nothing wrong for 10 years but now has a cult of followers who have given up all to follow her and she proclaims that Joseph is the Holy Spirit.  Many lawsuits follow her because of former members and she travels with bodyguards. 

What bothers me is how otherwise good and sensible Catholics lose all common sense when anyone says that God is talking with them. It does not matter how – inner voices, dreams, automatic writings, visions, whatever.  It does not matter if they prove this with signs and wonders or not, people just flock to see and touch anyone who makes such claims.  What this Newsletter hopes to show is the extreme stupidity of this by using a few examples. 

Josyp Terelya

Michael C. Brown told of numerous encounters that Terelya had with the Blessed Virgin Mary while in prison in Russia. According to Terelya, "he had none". In Terelya's own words he stated, "Look, if you spent over 20 years in a Gulag in solitary confinement you would think you were seeing visions too." That's not what Michael Brown wrote. The fact is Brown, himself, relayed to a number of witnesses how difficult it had been to work with Terelya at the time he wrote the book. Brown had to convince Josyp Terelya that he had seen the Blessed Virgin?

Terelya went on to say that he has seen no visions nor has he received any messages. "All I am doing is making political evaluations of current world situations based on my seeing an accurate and plausible future outcome based on my knowledge and experience with the Politburo."  According to Terelya "They are all crazy. All of these Charismatics are crazy perverts and all they want is sex, sex and more sex.  After I speak to them and they ask me to pray over them they hit the floor and they have a spiritual orgasm. Americans are crazy and stupid.  But they pay me a lot of money to do this.”

Terelya’s safe zones and attack zones based on knowledge of Russia’s plans prompted Brown’s book, THE FINAL HOUR, and brought about an epidemic of REFUGI CENTERS and new seers like Theresa Lopez and Marvin Kucera.

http://www.unitypublishing.com/Apparitions/TheresaLopez.html   http://www.unitypublishing.com/Apparitions/MarvinKucera.html  

Theresa Lopez

Theresa Lopez alleged visions at Mother Cabrini Shine in Denver in 1992.  Here we have a seer with no credibility whatsoever, and 60,000 books were sold by Queenship Publishing simply because she said, "Mary said!".

Why no credibility? At the age of 20 she married her first of four husbands, Antonie Ames, then Christopher Charles Hermey, Ernest Nathaniel Alcorn, within three years, she was on to her third marriage,  and then Jeff Lopez became her forth marriage.   Theresa had a baby girl, Natalie, and a boy, Arthur and then abandoned both.

Heavy into alcohol and drugs Teresa pleaded guilty to the charge of second degree forgery/check/fraud.  She left her forth husband and ran away to Rome with Father Luciano Alamandi, a sidekick of Bishop Hnilica.  Mary Said? How stupid people can be.

Marvin Kucera

Marvin Kucera is another self proclaimed seer after reading THE FINAL HOUR, and his claim to fame was Refugee Centers protecting people from the coming chastisement.  The believers of Marvin Kucera are a great example of gullible people. But more than that, he is a perfect example that those who pass themselves off as experts in apparitions should not be trusted. An example would be Ted and Maureen Flynn of "SIGNS OF OUR TIMES" magazine, who were Marvin’s biggest promoters. But the web Marvin wove goes all over the country, into all the Marian Centers, EWTN, the 101 Foundations, the Riehle Foundation, Queenship, "The Final Hour" by Michael H. Brown, "Call of the Ages" by Thomas W. Petrisko, and on and on. All the so-called experts followed and believed Marv.

What is sad about the followers of Marvin Kucera is that he was nothing but a con artist from the beginning. He had two felonies before he met with his "conversion". One felony was for immoral and lud solicitation, and the other for embezzlement. He is an admitted homosexual.

With Ted Flynn’s help, Marvin published four volumes of his messages called, "MY HEART AWAITS YOU", and received over 10,000,000 dollars for his refuges. In the end the FBI was after him so he escaped to Mexico with his kidnapped young boy, who he was having sex with.  He probably died in Mexico and law suits consumed his many refuge centers. 


Matthew Kelly claims that 'God the Father' speaks to him and he speaks to 'God the Father'. His going rate for his speaking appearances is $1500.00 per day including the days that he flies. Two eyewitnesses observed Kelly's fiancée with her hand down Kelly's trousers fondling his private parts.  During that same visit witnesses saw Kelly's fiancée massaging Kelly's crotch with her stocking feet in the chapel at the Domus Pax Hotel in Fatima just prior to him giving another talk. A few days later the driver of a van who took Kelly to the Lisbon Airport observed Kelly in the rear view mirror fondling two young girls in the back of the van while Kelly's fiancée and the priest rode in the front seat with him.

Little Pebble

Let no one believe that the Australian false seer, William Kamm, the Little Pebble, is finished in spite of the fact that he is in jail for molesting children.  His Shrine of Our Lady of the Ark is alive and well in spite of the fact that many are trying to sue him to get their money back.  

Like Garabandal his so-called messages make him the fighter of the Antichrist, and the next true pope - the little Peter or Peter, the Second.  Like Garabandal, he says that John Paul II will be the last pope on earth, and the next will be a false pope working with the Antichrist.   On November of 2003 William Kamm - "Little Pebble" was committed to stand trial for the alleged sexual assault of two teenaged followers.   He was charged with nine counts of sex crimes including one count of sexual assault and three of indecent assault.

It was told in court that the Virgin Mary chose 12 "queens" from among the cult followers to marry Kamm and bear him children.  The two young women were aged 14 and 15. Where are people’s brains?

Brother Gino

I am going to do another Newsletter on Brother (Father?) Gino soon because in spite of the Holy Father condemning him to forced retirement for Homosexual activity he still controls his priest, nun and lay people followers with psychological, drug and claims of “God said”.  His first superior of the Fatima house died of a drug overdose and they continue to violate all the orders from the Vatican. Where are people’s brains?

Brazilian Mystic

We heard of an ex nun, now married with children and in her early 70s, who got involved with some visionaries from Brazil. They told her that she would have to gather together a community for the year 2000. The visionaries from Brazil predicted that the end was coming in the year 2000 on December 31st. The only place on earth where they could be saved was at the village and shrine of Fatima. After getting a group of followers and soliciting money from them they bought a home by the village of the children of Fatima and converted it into a hotel with a complete kitchen and dining room. When the world did not end, the woman asked Lucia to pray for her. She and her followers owed a great deal of money to the banks and the hotel was empty. She was facing fraud and bankruptcy without help. Mother Celina, the mother superior of Lucia was also praying for her to get out of these problems. This is the building I helped buy.  

Stigmatist Amparo Cuevas, Escorial, Spain

A few years back a married woman with seven children claimed to have apparition, the invisible stigmata, bi-location, elevation, etc.  She formed a community of followers who were to live the messages and share everything in common, like the early Church disciples.  To this day this cult is found in three countries and I met one nun who escaped from them but was afraid to say anything against them for fear that she was offending God.

As I write this a Lawyer, Juan Good Carlos, is representing 30 people who were caught up and harmed by the cult. In the trial Carlos said, "We have testimonies of hundreds of people from Spain, Portugal and France. There are many others who will not testify for fear that the power of Justice will not stop this cult.  They have been harming people for 25 years. " 

Juan Carlos does on to explain that this cult "catches people of all age and has them give their property to the group based on messages from the Virgin, not recognized by the Church, which gives teeth to all types of manipulations".

"Swindles (they take control of the money of entire families because the Virgin said so)".

"Extortions (so that a father must enter his daughter like a follower")!

“Between 60 and 80 women live in conditions of psychological and physical mistreatment, manipulation of minors from 7 years and they appear like zombies.”

This case is ongoing but the lawyer argues that families are ruptured with great psychological damage even for those who are able to escape the dominion of the group who the denouncers describe as sect. God said, and people’s lives are damaged forever.  

 Judiel Nieva, the Philippines

 In the early 1990s a young boy named Judiel Nieva in La Union claimed that he was getting regular visits from the Blessed Virgin Mary. These visits coincided with the “dancing sun” phenomenon in which the sun appeared to swirl and change color in the sky. The media descended on his town, closely followed by Marian devotees, apocalyptic cults and assorted kibitzers. He was filmed in an apparent state of ecstasy, kneeling before an unseen entity and sticking out his tongue to receive the holy host. Witnesses claimed that the wafer materialized on the boy’s tongue just before he swallowed it. Then he listened in rapt silence as the unseen figure spoke. Sometimes he took dictation. Meanwhile the faithful swore that the sun did indeed dance in the sky, which tends to happen when you stare at the sun too long. Every weekend for months the road to La Union was jammed with cars.

Eventually the divine visits were declared a hoax. Apparently the messages dictated by the Mother of God contained grammatical errors inconsistent with omniscience. Also, people were warned about seared retinas.

Judiel was forgotten, displaced from the tabloids by a woman who gave birth to a fish, who was herself displaced by a hermaphrodite who claimed to be pregnant.

Judiel, who was a young boy, is now a woman, and a transvestite, a medical sex change. She/he now goes by the name of “Angel. Imagine divine apparitions happening to a person like this, where are people’s brains?

Louse Starr TomKiel

In a message of December 23, 1999 Jesus then said:  "As the ball drops in Manhattan, N.Y. at Time Square on New Years Eve: all lights will go out, riots will begin and terrorists will begin their evil and ugly shooting, bombing and looting. Many deaths and much destruction will result.  People should not go to NYC and people living there should not be out on the streets and if possible should leave for a few days.  Fear and panic will abound and there will be many fires.  Go to your churches and pray.  Spend New Years Eve with Me, your God."
On New Year of 1999 nothing happened.  In spite of this, messages continue to be printed on the internet but the messages of 1999 are blank (page not available)  http://www.giftstor.org/tomkiel03thrd.htm  Where are people’s brains?

Divine Will

Luisa Piccarreta died 70 years ago and would have been forgotten if not for the new Bishop who never met her.  He has revised her cause for sainthood but in order to do that he had to remove all the Volumes of her writings from the entire Tribunal investigation and even fired Rev. Michael Adams, Rev. John Brown, and Mons. Felice Posa from the Tribunal.  But enthusiastic American Priests illegally photocopied her Volumes in the Vatican and published 20 Volumes of them.  I need not write again on this because I already have. http://www.unitypublishing.com/Apparitions/DivineWill.html


I add this here just to give more proof of the lack of logic in the followers of mystics.  Without comment just let me insert some of her writings so that even an uneducated two year old could see how false this is.  


Volume 9 March 10, 1909

The Father forms one single thing with Jesus.  Jesus gives Himself continuously to souls.Now, at that moment a thought came to me of asking whether my state was Will of God - for that was more necessary than what I was saying to Him.  So I told Him, and He, instead of answering me, drew near my mouth and placed His tongue in my mouth, and I was no longer able to speak.  I could just suckle something -but I can't tell what it was; and as He withdrew it, I could only say:  'Lord, come back soon - who knows when You are coming back.'  And He answered:   "This evening I will come back again."  And He disappeared. http://www.bookofheaven.org/volume_09.htm

Volume 12 August 1, 1918 

Effects of the privation of Jesus. I go on amidst privations and anxieties, and I often lament to my sweet Jesus.  And He came; and drawing close to me, He clasped me to His Heart and told me: "Drink from my Side."  I drank the Most Holy Blood which came out from the wound of His Heart.  How happy I was!  But Jesus, not content with letting me drink the first time, told me to drink a second time, and then a third.  I remained amazed at His goodness -that, without my asking, He Himself wanted me to drink. http://www.bookofheaven.org/volume_12.htm

Volume 12 February 6, 1919

How the soul in the Divine Will can form the hosts in order to nourish Jesus.....While I was doing this, my sweet Jesus came, All in a hurry, and told me:  "My daughter, I am very hungry."  And it seemed He would take many tiny little white balls from inside my mouth, and would eat them. Then, as if He wanted to satisfy His hunger completely, He entered inside my heart, and with both hands He took many crumbs, big and small, and ate them hurriedly. Then, as if having satisfied His hunger, He leaned on my bed and told me:  "My daughter, as the soul keeps enclosing my Will and loves Me, in my Will she encloses Me; and, in loving Me, she forms around Me the accidents in order to imprison Me inside, and forms a host for Me.  So, if she suffers, if she repairs, etc., and encloses my Will, she forms many hosts for Me in order to communicate Me [4], and to satisfy my hunger in a divine way and worthy of Me. As soon as I see these hosts formed in the soul, I go and take them in order to feed Myself, to satisfy my insatiable hunger that I have for the creature to render Me love for love.  So, you can say to Me:  'You have communicated me - I too have communicated You.' And I:  'Jesus, my hosts are your own things, while yours are your things; so, I remain always below You.'  And Jesus:  "For one who really loves, I am unable to consider this, nor do I want to.  And besides, in my hosts it is Jesus that I give you, and in yours it is the whole of Jesus that you give Me.  Do you want to see it?"  And I:  'Yes.'

October 8, 1919 

Effects of confidence in Jesus - Then, my sweet Jesus, making Himself seen in my interior, told me:  "My daughter, confidence in Me is the little cloud of light, in which the soul remains so enveloped as to make all fears, all doubts, all weaknesses, disappear from her, because confidence in Me not only forms for her this cloud of light that enwraps her completely, but feeds her with opposite foods, which have the virtue of dispelling all fears, doubts and weaknesses. In fact, confidence in Me dispels fear, and nourishes the soul with pure love; it dissolves doubts, and gives her certainty; it takes away weakness, and gives her fortitude.  Even more, it makes her so daring with Me, that she attaches herself to my breasts, and she suckles and suckles, and feeds herself; nor does she want any other food.  And if she sees that, in suckling, nothing comes to her - and I allow this in order to excite her to the highest confidence – she neither gets tired, nor does she detach herself from my breast; on the contrary, she suckles more strongly, she knocks her head against my breast, and I laugh to Myself, and I let her do it.

May 28, 1920
The acts done in the Divine Will enter the sphere of Eternity, and run ahead of the human acts. I was offering myself in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass together with Jesus, so that I too might undergo His same consecration.  And He, moving in my interior, told me:  "My daughter, enter into my Will, so that you may find yourself in all the hosts, not only present, but also future; and in this way you will undergo, together with Me, as many consecrations as I undergo.  In each host I place one Life of Mine, and I want another one in return.  But how many do not give it to Me! [We receive Luisa in the Eucharist?!!!!]



Legionaries of Christ

I need not add anything to what I have already written about the Legion and its founder except what has recently come to light within the last few days which will show the control and manipulation of cults like this one.  I have many articles on them in http://www.unitypublishing.com/Apparitions/LegionIndex.html but one should go to the web site of ex members to see the harm and the manipulations done to people.


Now finally for the first time the founder of the Legionaries of Christ will appear in civil court to respond to charges of sexual abuse.

Fr. Marcial Maciel, founder of the Legionaries of Christ, and Fr. Álvaro Corcuera Martínez del Río, its current director, will appear before a Mexico City court on March 8 to testify in a case of sexual abuse involving a four year old minor at one of the congregation¹ s school¹s, the Colegio Oxford, Mexico.

The judge summoned Maciel and Corcuera to appear in court so that they might publicly explain how acts of pedophilia, of which the founder of the Legionaries of Christ has been accused, have ³permeated² the educational institutions the religious group operates.

It will be the first time that Marcial Maciel will have appeared before a civil tribunal, since previous accusations against him were handled by ecclesiastical tribunals. Last year, as a result of the sexual abuse scandals in which he was involved, Pope Benedict XVI ordered Maciel to renounce ³all public ministry.²

The two have been advised that, in the event they fail to appear to testify in court, they will be sent to jail. The judge¹s order was issued in response to a civil lawsuit brought against the Colegio Oxford by Lisset Slimna Aldrete and José Bonilla Sada, parents of a four year old boy named Patricio, who according to the complaint was the object of sexual abuse by a teacher at the school run by the Legionairies of Christ.

Please, people, be more prudent before believing anything that seems holy.

Richard Salbato