God picks Place, Time, Seer and Bishop

Richard Salbato 6-26-1009


Most recently I wrote about the very principles of thinking and thinking correctly. These basic principles are vital to correct thinking, forming a right conscience, and living your life and faith in a proper way.  Most of the time, I write things to even help myself in thinking according to God’s guidance.  As a friend once told me, the best way to learn is to teach or write.  (Reference Core Values and Principles)

Reflecting on my differences with other people, everyone will agree that the biggest public differences are about apparitions.  So that people understand where I come from on investigating apparitions, I wrote Testing The Spirit  The Criteria of Discernment. 

However, in this article I would like to concentrate on one aspect of discernment, which has to do with basic principles.  If we know our faith properly, we know that God knows all things, not only the past and the present, but even the future. 

The basic principle of an all-knowing God, should keep us from making errors in judging claims of supernatural thinking.  I remember reading a very good book on Motherhood by a woman from Steubenville, claiming to be directly taught by the Virgin Mary in apparitions.  Everything seemed logical and theologically proper.  However, when asked, I said that it had to be false.  

Here is where principles come to play – the all-knowing God.  In one apparition, the so-called Virgin told this woman that God had hand-picked a spiritual director for her who would help her spread the messages to the world.  After several years, this spiritual director would not approve and print the messages.  This so-called Virgin Mary then said that God was going to change her director, and pick another one. 

Now think about this, if God knows the future, He knew in advance that this director would not approve the messages.  People who believe that God can make mistakes, insult God and make Him ignorant. 

Let me give another example of this.  Someone handed me some books on the life of Christ as revealed to a mystic called, “The Poem of the Man-God.” Quickly, I said, “This has to be false.”  Why?  Man-God is a heresy.  This was part of the many heresies of the first three centuries regarding the Trinity and the nature of Christ.

To say God-Man would be correct, because God became Man and not Man becoming God.  Then I proceeded to read the books and proved myself right. Throughout the books she painted Christ as ignorant of His Divinity and even more ignorant of the people around Him and His own future.  They insult God and make Him ignorant. 

After 40 years of investigating true and false apparitions, it became apparent to me that based on the principle of an all-knowing God, He not only picks the time in history to inject Himself, but He also picks everything else.  My job is to try to understand why God picked the time, the place, the seer, and the bishop. 

Good examples of time in history are Our Lady of Soufanieh and Bernadette of Lourdes.  Not long before the apparitions of Lourdes, the Holy Father declared as an absolute doctrine of faith, the Immaculate Conception.  Even after this, many bishops did not accept this because even Thomas Aquinas did not believe it.  In support of this doctrine, God sent His Mother to Lourdes, where she said:

“I am the Immaculate Conception.”

From Pope John XXIII to John Paul II the great drive of the Church was to do everything possible to re-unite all Christian into the one true Church, but after many years there was absolutely no success.  It was the right time in history for God to give his helping hand.  He sent His Mother to Damascus, where She said:

“The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is the Church.  Those who divided it have sinned.  Those who are happy in these divisions are still sinning.”

Simon Stock was made Supreme General of the Carmelites at Mt. Carmel in Jerusalem, but was driven out by the Moslems.  That was not the end of the problems of the Carmelites in the 13th Century, because they had hard times getting acceptance from the local bishops for an order that did very little except to pray and sacrifice like Elijah, who they imitated.  To help Simon, Our Lady appeared to him and told him to go to Pope Innocent IV for his Protection.  As an additional protection She gave him Her Scapular, in imitation of the robe She made for Christ and the cape of Elijah, with the promises most of you already know.  From that time on the Carmelites are directly under the Holy Father’s protection and have grown to the oldest, largest and holiest order in the world. 

Fatima is another example of God picking the time in History.  Portugal had been taken over by Masons and was being transformed into a Socialist State. Lenin was about to enter and take over Russia, converting it into a Socialist-Communist State.

Just before the march of Lenin into Russia Our Lady told the children of Fatima:

“Pray for the conversion of Russia – Russia will spread her errors throughout the world – ask for the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart – etc.”

From 1907 there was a massive attempt by Socialists in Spain and Portugal to rid the world of Catholics.  They received a great deal of help from radical Protestants, especially in England and Spain.  Bruno Cornacchiola worked with these Protestants and fought wars with the Socialists.  In 1947 he plotted to kill the Holy Father and spent the last day before proceeding to kill the Pope with his children in Tre Fountain, Italy, where Saint Paul was martyred. 

There appeared to him the Virgin Mary, who not only stopped him but converted him to the faith.  For the rest of his life, Bruno became a great conversion tool and spokesman for the faith against Protestantism.  This shows the right time in History, the right place, the right seer. 

Our Lady of Nicaragua appeared at a time when the country was totally Communist and trying to push the Church out.  Within a few years Communism was overthrown in the election of its first woman president. 

In Lebanon they were about to have an election, and the radical Moslems seemed certain to gain power and make it even harder for the Christians.  A Moslem woman and her son visited a shrine to Our Lady, and the statue came to life.  The radicals lost the election.

Catherine Laubore’s apparitions happened at the time and place when France was trying to wipe out the Church and everything it stood for. Our Lady gave the world the Miraculous Medal and protected the convent from persecution. 

Catherine of Siena came at a time when the Pope’s were living in Avignon, France, and there were two popes claiming the office.  Her apparitions forced the Holy Father back to Rome and ended the split. 

Guadalupe happened at exactly the right time as the Indians were about to wipe out the Spanish soldiers and the Church. The bishop prayed for a miracle to Our Lady and asked for a sign of Castilian Roses as a sign She heard his prayers.  As a result of the apparitions, the Indians made peace with the Spaniards and the Bishop got his Castilian Roses.     

Our Lady of Good Fortune is hard to explain because it has two reasons for the two times and two reasons for the two places but in the end both times make great logic and prove the economy of God’s time and place. 

La Salette and the potato famine, Padre Pio and World War II, Theresa Neumann and Nazi Germany, Covadonga and the Moors in Spain and Portugal, Demonic and the Rosary, all show time and place hand Picked by God.

God also hand picks the seers, but not in such an easy way to understand, because the time, place and bishop are more important than the seer.  Sometimes he even picks sinful people, like Bruno.  But mostly He picks every simple and humble people, often very uneducated. The children of Fatima did not know that “Russia” was a country.  Anna Catherine Emmerich could not read or right.  I suppose Sister Josefa Menendez is a somewhat bad example but she asked Christ why He picked her and He said (My words) “because she was the dumbest person He could find”.

God hand picks the Bishops.  In the case of Akita, He picked the Bishop first because he was the founder of the order where the apparitions happened.  In the case of Fatima, it had no bishop, so the Holy Father made it a diocese so that the bishop could quickly approve and control it.  In the case of Our Lady of Soufanieh, three bishops claimed authority, the Roman, the Romanian, and the Orthodox, but all approved it. God picked Damascus because it has the most different Christian denominations of any city in the world, 28 and the most Patriarchs, 13. 

There is no case where a local bishop condemned a true apparition.   You cannot use Faustina or Joan of Ark, because in the case of Faustina, she was not condemned but un-cautious books were suppressed and the Holy Father, himself, approved the apparitions at the right time and place.  Joan of Ark was condemned by an English bishop, but her bishop was French.    

In the middle 1950s two things were happening in America and both needed God’s miraculous support, one good and one bad.  Many bishops marched together into an almost finished Washington DC Basilica in honor of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart.  These bishops consecrated America to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  That was the good thing. 

The bad thing happening in the Church in the middle 1950s, even before Vatican II, was the secularation of the orders of priests and nuns.  Many orders were “modernizing” and by that they meant “becoming more worldly and less heavenly”, more in the world and of the world.  Many of the nuns and priests did not like these changes and fought against them. One of these people who wanted to stay prayerful was Sister Florecita.

Sister Florecita, wanting to maintain her spiritual life but stay obedient to the order, asked to form a separate branch of Contemplative Nuns, who would spend most of their time in prayer and adoration.  It took her years to accomplish this and much suffering. One of the nuns who joined her, was Sister Mildred Neuzil.   

It was time for God to support the Bishops who Consecrated America to the Immaculate Heart, and at the same time support Sister Florecita for defending the true vocation of nuns and priests. 

Our Lady appeared to Sister Mildren Neuzil in the just established Contemplative Order of nuns.  This was one of the ways God speaks to the world in support of Sister Florecita’s new order.  But this apparition would also come to thank the bishops for their consecration of America to the Immaculate Heart. 

“I am pleased, my child, with the love and honor my children of America give to me (referring to the consecration).  She goes on to ask of us to honor Her as Our Lady of America, in the purity of our hearts and body.

God hand picked the bishop, as before he became bishop he was Sister Neuzil’s spiritual director.  A later bishop of her was the same who had earlier given her the Nihil Obstat. 

To truly understand all the personal help that apparitions have given to the people of the world, read Katy Moran’s book: Doorway to Heaven . 

But never forget what Saint DeMontfort said, “Wherever Mary goes, the Devil will be right behind. Satan plans to destroy, confuse, dilute, or make suffer, every person who works to spread the messages of Our Lady.  The suffering of the seers or the promoters of Our Lady’s messages are a good sign of truth.

Richard Salbato