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after reading "Apparitions and Mystics - True or False" and you still have some questions about the reported apparitions in Guatemala, we offer to you this investigative report.


In Guatemala, Centro America a woman, who calls herself "Sister Guadalupe" has been passing on messages she claims to receive by inner locution. These messages have the same theme as all other false seers: the second coming of Christ, the anti-Christ, the chastisement, and the warning. The satanic reasons for these messages are also the same: to put a wedge between the people and the priests, to place distrust in the authority of the Church, especially the Holy Father, and to satanically prepare the world to accept the anti-Christ as Christ.


There never has been any miracle, any proof, of sister Guadalupe's claims. In order to obtain from her followers a form of worship, she claims to have no heart. She says that her heart has been replaced by the Immaculate Heart of Mary. She has, however, never allowed any doctor to examine her. She also claims that after her death she will come back to life after three days. These are very similar to the claims the anti-Christ will make when he comes.

"Sister Guadalupe is the most eminent figure in the Church, [sick] as she lives without a physical heart: her heart was taken up by Our Lord Jesus and replaced by the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Mother. She is now the reflection of the Immaculate Heart. [sick] She is supposed to die very soon for doctors to confirm this truth, this sign of the Power of God." (June 1, 1989--United We Stand-Nguyen)


This woman's idea of unity is to have all the peoples of the world unite in belief of her messages and disregard the teachings of the Church and the pastors. In order to gain support of her messages, she has gone three times to Australia for meetings of all the [false] seers.

When she did not receive support from "The Pebble" in the "seers meeting, February 1988, her messages attacked him as having lost the grace of God. [She went back again in May of 1989]

"We have heard and read so many accusations against Sr. Guadalupe and many of us don't know what is true and what is false, especially with the Little Pebble's different letters. And many of us are so confused. Right? But did Sr. Guadalupe say anything? Until now, even after she came back the 2ed time from Australia, on July 29, 1989, not a single word! Why? Because Our Blessed Mother has answered Herself to those accusations. What are Her answers?" (Aug.15,1989-United We Stand Newsletter)

"My son, the Little Pebble, has caused me tears because he has changed much, he is no longer humble and pride has entered his heart and it is this pride which is doing him so much harm because it does not allow him to understand and admit the truth and with this pride he is hurting my sons because he is confusing them and he also teaches them not to see the reality of things by not seeing and discerning. He does not want to admit the truth and give it to others.

His pride is so big that he does not even understand those messages which I gave him."

(Words of "Mary?" on April 16,1989)

If even a false seer like herself receives the wrath of her pen when disagreed with, what will happen to us when she reads this? We’re sure her "Mary" [maybe even her Christ] will call us devils. We hope so. They said the same thing about Christ because He told the truth.


The main object of this seer [as with all the others] is to bring good Catholics into disobedience with the Church. Everyone of the eight long messages we have of this seer is filled with hatred against the Church. This is because the Teaching Authority of the Church has not accepted her messages. Listen to the venom that is supposed to be Christ and His Loving Mother:

"The throats of priests, bishops and cardinals, and also nuns, are open sepulchres." (message No. 3)

"Yes, my children, the priests, the bishops, the cardinals and the nuns are confused. They are in error when they say that all of those who listen to my messages are wrong." (message No.5)

Only the message becomes the law of the Church in the eyes of the seer. Everything and everyone else is in error.

Apostasy is a repudiation of anyone of the truths of the faith after being baptized. It is also any unauthorized departure from an assignment by one in perpetual vows who does not intend to return to obedience of his superior. This seer, however, has come up with a new meaning of apostasy. She proclaims anyone who does not agree with the messages as an apostate.

"My sons, the priests, bishops, cardinals and nuns and also laymen are in the great apostasy, and they make fun of those priests, bishops, cardinals, and nuns that don't want to follow them [those who disobey the superiors]; and my sons the priests, those who want to follow me [follow these messages], they are humiliated. They are ridiculed and because they don't obey, they accuse them of apostatizing. But they are the ones who are committing this apostasy [the bishops], by introducing new doctrines in my church and abandoning all that is sacred of what I left in the church." (message No. 5)

"They have betrayed me and introduced false doctrines into the church, bad doctrines, doctrines which when the time comes will cause many to be lost." (message No. 3)

There has never been any new doctrine introduced in the Church. The Church cannot make new doctrine and never has. The Church can define doctrine as in the case of "The Immaculate Conception", but does not ever make new doctrine. All the complete deposit of the faith ended with the last Apostle. The Church does make new laws regarding things that have nothing to do with faith and morals, and She has this right. These things are called Canon Laws. Things like Latin or English Mass, standing of kneeling for Communion, etc.: these things are not doctrine and never have been. The Church can and has the right to change these things anytime She wants to. This has nothing to do with doctrine.]

"Yes, my children, many priests know that they are doing wrong but they can't do anything, anything because their superiors force them to apostatize. I am going to tell you something very important. All of my children that know that they are in the truth must fight and defend my doctrine. [The seers messages] They must raise their voices so that the others can listen and see that they are in the wrong. Many of my priests know that they are wrong, but they don't speak out because of fear. They bow their heads and allow the devil to act. This, my children, is cowardice, and cowardice is also a sin. Many, many will be condemned if they don't give up this cowardliness and defend my doctrine, and defend my voice. Yes, my children, some priests want to raise their voices but their superiors force them to keep silent and to apostatize. Therefore, I tell you that I have come to instruct you in this so you can realize how confused my children are, and that they don't want to understand. They don't want to comprehend that they are the ones committing this apostasy that I foretold, as a prophecy in the Bible." (message No. 5)

In other words, if priests do not disobey their superiors and believe in the seers messages against the superiors commands, they are sinning. In fact, they must openly disobey the bishops. Now, we ask you, do you really believe the same Christ who said, "He who hears you, hears me." would also tell his people to disobey their superiors, break their vows of obedience, and obey a seer instead of the Body of Christ, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, the Church?

"My beloved daughter, sister Guadalupe ... will point out the errors of the Church and of it's authorities." (sic)

"No, don't trust them, my children, don't trust them because, I repeat, their throats are open sepulchres and whoever follows them will be condemned...[they] are preparing them for the coming of the anti-Christ, and those who don't reason properly and pay attention to these bad shepherds will be lost...each one must see to his own salvation and no longer follow those bad shepherds." [Protestant concepts] (message No. 3)


Not even the Holy Father escapes the tantrums of this seer. Most seers will not go so far as to out and out condemn the popes, but this one has no such restrictions.

"Even the pope has not wanted to listen to me and help me to warn the people of the destruction which is near...No Pope has obeyed this mandate and now John Paul II is dong the same...the door which will introduce the demon into the church and by doing this he [John Paul II] is working for the anti-Christ."

"If the devil has been introduced into the Church it's because...even the Pope is helping."

(message of April 16, 1989)

"Don't think, my children, that just because they are my shepherds that they are leading you to the truth...even the pope is helping with this." (message No.3)

"Nobody has the right, even the Pope, himself, to forbid any lay people to attend a 'private' Mass..."

(newsletter of July 15, 1989)

Someone does not know Canon Law very well. No Mass is legal that is not said under and with the permission of the local bishop. It is the bishop, and only the bishop, that makes it legal for a priest to say Mass.


Well, if you think that is the end to her wrath, it isn't. She does not even leave the Bible free of her animosity.

"Many are turning the Bible into a book, which does not have even the first part of what it should contain. It has been changed (sic)...many will be sorry and cry because they dared to change my Word, to change it for words of men...have changed or omitted words of the Bible...it is better not to read them." (message No.7)


As we have learned in Chapter Two, sacramentals are great instruments against Satan and his demons. Rosaries, Crucifixes, holy water, relics, holy pictures, etc. drive away the demons. This false mystic pretends to support sacramentals; however, just like Garabandal, she does not want any blessed sacramentals. At every inner locution she blesses the sacramentals herself:

"Now I am going to bless all of the sacramentals. I am going to bless these pictures, sacramentals, water and roses so that you will have protection for the coming days." (all messages) [Same as Garabandal]

By doing this, the sacramentals have no power against the demons, since it is the blessing of the priest that gives the power. These sacramentals have the blessing of Satan.

The blessing of a priest is the blessing of Christ, Himself. A priest, and only a priest, can give a blessing. Angels cannot give a blessing. Mary cannot give a blessing. Never in the history of true apparitions has Mary given the blessing of a priest. In these false messages, however, Mary gives a priestly blessing every time she appears.

"Dearly beloved children, I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen" (message No.2) [Also same as Garabandal]


We will repeat again that Christ and Mary have very particular personalities. Satan also has a very particular personality. We have studied these in true apparitions, the Bible, and in exorcisms. You do not have to study, though, to recognize that these writings are not from God.

"to sink deeper in the muck ... He came for the first time like a tiny, tiny little boy, needy of the love of men ... we of Heaven, my Divine Son, Jesus, Saint Joseph, my husband, the angels and the saints, we come to these parties ... because all those that fight Him will die, will die." (message No.4)

"I have always called my children, always, always, always, through the ages and they have not listened to me. You can see that in the apparitions of La Salette, in my apparitions of Fatima, Lourdes, Garabandal, San Damiano and many other, and lately with sister Guadalupe, they do not listen to me." (Dec. 27, 1988)

"They don't listen to me, they don't listen, and he who doesn't listen will die...listen to them [the messages] and put them in practice, in practice...for the third Woe is near, and that it is the last one, the last one. Listen to me, my children, listen to me...it is very near, very near...That is why the Lord stops and stops and stops to see..." (message No. 2)


The reason for these false messages are the same as all false messages of this age. Satan knows that his time is short. He knows that he will be defeated and the Church will become universal. He knows that there will come an age in which the entire world will be at peace for a time. Only after this peace will the anti-Christ appear in the world. After the anti-Christ dies there will be another period before the end of the world. The end of the world, and only at the time of the end of the world, will Christ appear in the sky to divide the wheat from the weeds.

However, in order to stop his chaining and the peace, and in order to prepare the world for the antichrist, Satan wants you to believe that Christ is coming and that He is coming at the same time as the antichrist. In this way, he can call the pope the anti-Christ and stop the peace promised in the "Lord's Prayer". Examples of this plan are in the following messages over the years:

"Help Our Lady to fight the antichrist, who is already here." (June 1, 1989)

"For the antichrist is preparing himself...death awaits the Church...the antichrist is near, very near...watch horrified as Rome becomes the headquarters of the antichrist...Churches will be closed...The Second Coming of my Divine Jesus is near, it is very near, very near." (message No.2)

"My Divine Son, Jesus is returning to the world for the second time." (April 16, 1989)

"The days are coming when the churches will be closed...it will be the time when the world will be in the hands of the anti-Christ; and the churches that remain open will be to adore him, and all those who assist at these Masses will be lost. (message No. 6)

Clever way to get people out of the Church and away from the Body and Blood of Christ, is it not?

"I have prepared [a list] all these things to help you in the very cruel days to come ... a list of necessary items ... I have covered this list with blessings ... [the list]: lime, corn, beans, rice, coffee, sugar, pasta, soap, firewood, honey, matches, blessed candles, etc."

(Aug. 24, 1987)

[Check Necedah for the same fear tactics]