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Dear Marian Centers,

We address this report to all the former Medjugorje Centers, which are now called "Marian Centers", because we have read the marvelous book, "Dear Marian Movement" by William Reck. Although it has no kind words for our Managing Editor, Rick Salbato, and it still hangs on to some unapproved apparitions, it does advise the followers of apparitions to use a little more caution and discernment.

What probably prompted Bill Reck to take a second look at himself and the movement was his promotion of Marvin Kucera. The Riehle Foundation was the first major distributor of his books, "MY HEART AWAITS YOU", printing book one and two. When they dropped the books, QUEENSHIP PUBLISHING picked them up and are still pumping them out.

The believers of Marvin Kucera are a great example of gullible people. But more than that, he is a perfect example that those who pass themselves off as experts in apparitions should not be trusted. An example would be Ted and Maureen Flynn of "SIGNS OF OUR TIMES" magazine, who were Marvinís biggest promoters. But the web Marvin wove goes all over the country, into all the Marian Centers, EWTN, the 101 Foundations, the Riehle Foundation, Queenship, "The Final Hour" by Michael H. Brown, "Call of the Ages" by Thomas W. Petrisko, and on and on. All the so-called experts (that the gullible flock look up to for advice and information) followed and believed Marv.


What is sad about the followers of Marvin Kucera is that he was nothing but a con artist from the beginning. He had two felonies before he met with his "conversion". One felony was for immoral and lud solicitation, and the other for embezzlement. He is an admitted homosexual. What you are about to read will prove that he never had any intention of doing anything except to con people out of their land and money, and to become a god in the process. Many false seers are fooled themselves by what they really think is inner voices (actually just their own imagination), but Marvin Kucera knew what he was doing from the beginning.


In 1990, at a Medjugorje Peace Conference in Irvine, California, Father Stephen Barham laid hands on Marvin Kucera and he received the "spirit of the Gospa", or so tells Marvin of his own story. From that day on, he writes of himself, voices have been talking to him by inner locutions.

He was asked (supposedly by the voices) to go to Medjugorje and to become a Catholic. Today, all across the country there are over sixty mystics who went to Medjugorje and came back with the "spirit" of prophesy. Like the Charismatic Movement, which is what started Medjugorje, this laying on of hands has spread this spirit. The Catholic Charismatic Movement started with the hands of a Protestant Minister. The conclusion of that we leave up to you. To test Marvinís spirit we will look at the messages, the claimed miracles, his spiritual director, testimony of his followers and those who knew him personally, and the fruits over the past seven years. Keep in mind that this is no different from Scottsdale. In Scottsdale the "spirit" says "Iím going home with you." and suddenly nine people have inner voices. One sees heaven and God, the Father (theologically impossible) and another has a marriage blessed by Christ: "Your marriage will be an example to the world." only to have a divorce and an annulment a year later. It doesnít take a rocket scientist to figure these things out.


This spirit that talks to Marvin Kucera tells him that the Antichrist is already here on earth, that the Vatican is filled with evil forces, and that Peterís line will be broken. His "spirit" tells him that the tribulation is going to punish the world, because Christ is not present in the Eucharist in most Catholic Churches, and that the Church is in schism. But not to worry, it tells us that Marv will preserve the faith of the true Roman Church of old. It predicted that the start of the chastisement would be 1995, and that only the Tridentine Mass is real. [Bayside?] It advocated that we not obey bishops and priests who are not teaching Marvís doctrine, and that on the 24th of February, 1993 there would be a great sign in the sky. [Nothing happened!] And where is this all leading? Only at the Twelve Refuges of Juda will people be saved from the chastisement. He already has five, although only two are in his name.

Now, let us look at these messages one by one. The Antichrist cannot be on the earth already, since we know from 104 true and approved prophets and mystics, not including Scripture, that the Antichrist cannot come until there is a chastisement on earth in which 75% of the world will die. Then there has to be a period of peace. We estimate about 40 years. In this peace there will be only one Church on earth, the Catholic Church. However, after 40 years of no trials and tribulations to strengthen oneís faith, faith will grow cold, and the Antichrist will come into the world to take it over for 3-1/2 years. We will recognize the Antichrist in two ways. One, he will be the one to rebuild the Temple of Jerusalem, and he will outlaw the Mass. We will also know his arrival by the arrival of Henoch and Elias.

Next, his spirit claims that Peterís chain [line] will be broken. If the line of Peter could be broken, Christ would be a false prophet. Christís last words to the Church: "I am with you, all days, even to the consummation and the end of the world." (Matt. 28:20) And His words to Peter: "the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it." (Matt. 16:18) If the line of Peter could be broken, the gates of Hell would have prevailed against the Church. If the line of Peter could be broken, the prophecies of St. Malachy would be broken, and he has been right about every pope since 1130 AD, including the anti-popes. After Pope John Paul II, he calls the next pope the Gloria Oliva, the glory of the olive. The olive branch is the sign of peace. The next pope will bring us into the 40-year peace of Christ. Then Petrus Romanus, Peter II, will fight the Antichrist and survive to the end and consummation of the world.

The tribulation or chastisement we agree with and know about from true prophets and Scripture, but so do the demons. The question is what are demons doing about preparing people for the chastisement, since this is coming from God. Their goal is to separate the flock from the shepherds, the bishops and the Pope, before the chastisement, and therefore they will win the souls to Hell. Because as St. Clement of Rome preaches, "Where the bishop is - there is Godís people. Where the bishop is not - there is not Godís people."

That Christ is not present in some Catholic Churches is the greatest of all heresies. This is the heresy of the Pius X Society. Yes, there is outrage, blasphemy, and sacrilege in many Masses throughout the United States and the world. The angel at Fatima predicted this in his prayer of reparation for sins against the Eucharist. If Christ was not present in the Eucharist, there is no outrage, blasphemy, or sacrilege. To even place doubt about the true, physical presence of Christ in the Eucharist is the greatest of all sins. When the priest in Germany doubted the true presence, but said the words, "This is My Body" and broke the host, It began to bleed. It was Christ, even though the priest did not believe. The host in Batania that began to bleed was consecrated in the New Mass. To fight for a return to dignity, proper worship, and reverence in the Mass is our obligation as faithful Catholics, but to deny the true presence is blasphemy.

Should we obey our bishops, even bishops that we know are leaning far to the left? Yes! Christ commands this. "The Church is the pillar and mainstay of the truth." (1 Tim. 3:15) When there is a disagreement "take it to the Church". (Matt. 18:17) "They sit on the chair of Moses, therefore do all that they command you, but do not follow their actions", is the command of Christ. The law of the Church is that we obey in all things except sin, all who have authority over us, even a sinful bishop or a sinful father and mother. Even if a drug-using prostitute mother told her daughter to wash the dishes and she did not, she would be sinning.


That leaves us with Marvinís master plan, the refuges. Ted Flynn, author of "Thunder of Justice" and managing editor of "The Signs of the Times" magazine gives Marvin free ad space, and you can buy Marvinís books from Ted Flynnís Apostolate in Virginia. You may know Ted Flynn from EWTN, Mother Anglica. He is personal friends with Marvin Kucera. With Ted Flynnís help, Marvin has published four volumes of his messages called, "MY HEART AWAITS YOU", and has received over 10,000,000 dollars for his refuges. (We have more to say about "Thunder of Justice" and Ted Flynn in other reports.)

Marvin is a computer hacker, and is said to have revamped all the computers at EWTN, Virginia, at the request of Ted Flynn. Ted and Marvin are (or at least were) very close. Ted Flynn produces some of Mother Angelicaís TV shows. We were told that it was through Ted Flynn that a major investment was made in EWTN by a Mason millionaire. And most of the property was bought from him at greatly reduced prices. What we donít know is why a Mason would do a Catholic any favors. We also have in our possession invoices for computers ordered by Marvin for up to $30,000.00 at a time.

So far, Marv has refuges in Hot Springs, South Dakota (incorporated October 30, 1995 at County of Fall River under the name of Juda), Winterset, Iowa, Adair, OK, Mineral Point, Wisconsin, North Haverhill, New Hampshire, Kittanning, PA., and "Our Lady of Guadalupe" in Snowflake, Arizona. In February of 1996 Barbara Mucha of "Lady of Guadalupe Home Foundation, Inc." solicited Marvinís help, but we do not know what came of this. They are:

Lady of Guadalupe Home Foundation, Inc.

A.   O. Box 231, No. Clarendon, VT 05750

(203) 393-0380 343-5818

Diane S. Ferrara, R. N., M. S. M.B.A.

Barbara Ann Mucha, R. N.

Carol S. Chrinielewshi

Right after Barbara Mucha called Marvin he had an apparition that his refuge should be called "Our Lady of Guadalupe". There is also a connection with Nadine Brown (Bellwether Property). See "Signs of Our Times" February 1995, Page 24.

This could be just a clever fraud by a clever man out for money like Joseph Smith of the Mormons, but we donít think so. We have a contact that lived for some time with Marvin. Marv admits to a homosexual background. Our contact thinks it isnít just in the past but is still going on. Marvin has rages and fits if things do not go his way. And like all cult methods, he causes people to work against each other. People get alone when he is not there, but fight when he is there.

This man, Marvin, is slightly off balance and seems to be more like Jim Jones. We believe there is more at risk here than just the loss of a lot of money, as we will show by the following letters. Actual copies we have in our files.


Our first letter is a sad one. Helen Bergman Jobe is a recent widow and very religious. How Marvin Kucera came to know her we donít know. But he managed to convince her to finance some of the refuge centers and to move onto the "Our Lady of Guadalupe" center at Snowflake, Arizona. The following letter is verification of part of her contributions.





Marv KuceraMay 31 1996

Refuge of Juda

Dear Marv:

I mailed a check for $50,000.00 to you today for Our Lady of Guadalupe. It will be delivered to the HC-56! Box 38-2, Buffalo Gap address on Sunday, June 2nd. $1,000.00 of the $50 000.00 is for your traveling expenses.

I know that you are leaving to see Ted and Maureen on the 2nd so please make sure someone is aware that the package is Coming as you might be gone by the time it arrives.

Thank you. I am looking forward to meeting you and John-Mark on the 1 4th Yours in JMJ,


Note: Ted and Maureen Flynn of "Signs of Our Times" and EWTN

John-Mark is Marvinís son


Helen Bergman Jobe was lucky. She had a brother, Paul Bergman, who was not caught up in the apparition mania, but was a devout Catholic who went to Mass every day and who knew his religion quite well for a laymen. He decided to go with his sister to the refuge at Snowflake, Arizona to look out for his sisterís interests. His story is best told by himself, and he does that quite well in his letter to Bishop Raymond L. Burke of La Crosse, Wisconsin. (We have a copy of this letter.)





October 28, 1996

Most Reverend Raymond L. Burke

Post Office Box 4004

La Crosse, Wisconsin 54602-4004

Your Excellency:

This letter is being sent to you so that you will have knowledge of what took place out here in Arizona concerning a man from your diocese named Ryan Patrick Scott.

A man named Marv Kucera, his son John Kucera and Marv's Board of Elders are building so called Catholic communities which are called refuges. There are to be twelve of them, the one here in Snowflake is number seven. Marv and his Board are in blatant disobedience to Canon Law, they refuse to be obedient to any bishop and the refuge is run like a cult, with Marv as its head. Ryan Patrick Scott is Marv's spiritual director.

The following is the sequence of events that have occurred with reference to myself at the Refuge of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Snowflake, Arizona.

Monday, August 5, 1996: I moved onto the Refuge. The Refuge was being set up and run by Marvin Kucera. All the land, houses, and equipment were purchased by my sister Helen Jobe. Marv lead us to believe before we moved out here that the Refuge would follow the canon law of the Roman Catholic Church and be obedient to the bishop.

Saturday, August 10: Helen left to go back to California, planning to return on September 7th. About a week later Marv said there was a problem; that I had been complaining about how he was spending the money my sister had given him. I had been because it seemed to me that he was being very wasteful with it. He said "ONCE THE MONEY IS DONATED, I HAVE THE FINAL SAY ON HOW IT IS SPENT"

Wednesday, August 21: My sister who I talked to almost daily on the phone asked me to tell Marv that she wasn't going to send any more money. When I did, he got mad and said "I WISH I NEVER HEARD OF YOUR SISTER, OR TAKEN ANY OF HER MONEY." He then proceeded to throw a temper tantrum like a small bratty child and said "I'll have to shut it down, lay off all the workers and all work around the Refuge would come to a halt". There were six to seven laborers who were converting a garage into a chapel.

Saturday, August 24: About forty-five people from the other Refuges along with Marv's spiritual director arrived for a five day conference. The spiritual director, Ryan Patrick Scott, lives in the diocese of La Crosse, Wis. at Holy Rosary Abbey. Ryan brought an altar and tabernacle with him to complete the chapel. Ryan said a Tridentine Mass.

Sunday, August 25 :Tridentine Mass said by Father Vince LeMoine from Refuge of the Sacred Heart in Winterset, lowa. At noon Ryan exposed the Blessed Host for 24 hours.

Monday, August 26: in the evening Ryan said another Tridentine Mass and blessed the marriage of a young couple. After Mass I called my sister to tell her about the marriage and that there was also to be a baptism. At her house, when I called, was our cousin Bart de la Torre, O.P. Father Bart asked whether Ryan had permission from the local pastor to have a wedding and baptism and where the rites would be recorded. After the call I went to join a group of about 8-10 people sitting on the patio discussing an issue Father Vince had brought up; that the marriage might not be valid because Ryan had not performed the right ceremony. After a few minutes I went to the front of the chapel where Steve and Margaret Reger, the parents of the young man whose marriage was blessed, were discussing if the ceremony was valid. I added the questions and doubts that my cousin had. Then I said "How do we even know this guy is a priest?" We decided the next morning we would call and check Ryan's standing in the La Crosse Diocese. The Regers left for home. While we were talking Ryan finished the baptism. I went back to the group. A few minutes later Marv and Ryan joined us. Marv immediately became very domineering and took control of the conversation. He said that Father Vince had "NO RIGHT" to bring this question up in front of everyone. He should have first gone to Marv and Ryan and they would have explained everything to him. Marv said to the group "YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO DISCUSS THIS AMONG YOURSELVES WITHOUT COMING TO ME FIRST." Marv then said that since everything was out in the open we could ask questions. I asked Ryan if he had permission from the local pastor to celebrate a marriage and baptism. He said he didn't need permission because he was an abbot and not under any bishop. I asked Ryan where he was going to record the rites, he said in his abbey. I asked if the law was to record them in the local parish, he said no. I asked if he had permission from the local bishop to hold Mass in a private chapel. Marv said he didn't need permission because this was private land and we can do what we want on private land. Marv also said he had permission from the bishop in South Dakota and that was all the permission he needed. By this time Marv was getting upset at me because of my constant questions so I went home. But doubts were starting to build in my mind about this so called priest, all his answers seemed to be wrong. About half hour later Dale Lewinger, from the Refuge of the Holy Eucharist in Mineral Point, Wis., and also a member of the Board of Elders, arrived. He was spending the weekend at my house. I asked Dale what he knew about Ryan. Dale said he had first appeared about five months ago when Ryan phoned and said he had read Marv's books and wanted to meet Marv. I asked Dale if they had checked if Ryan was a priest. Dale said yes he was checked out and he was a priest. Dale's friend, a Father Kuntz who is a "canon law expert", had looked over Ryan's paperwork and had found everything in order. Dale said Ryan had been involved in a scandal with about 10 priests. Some of these priests had risen up to higher ranks in the Church and were blackballing Ryan. Dale didn't know what the scandal was. Now it was really starting to sound fishy and my doubts increased.

Tuesday, August 27: A Tridentine Mass was said by Father Vince. After Mass I went to the Regers. Margaret had already called the Diocese of La Crosse and was told by Father Michael Gorman, Chancellor to the Bishop, that Ryan is not in good standing with the bishop and is not a validly ordained Catholic priest. He gave her the phone number of Archbishop Erwin Kouse of the American Catholic Church in Desert Hot Springs, Calif. She was told that Ryan had been ordained in Bishop Kouse's church two years earlier and now was excommunicated. Bishop Kouse's church does not believe in the infallibility of the Pope and allows priests to marry. Ryan obviously was not a Roman Catholic priest. Some of the statements Bishop Kouse made about Ryan were: "con artist", "habitual liar", "bounces from place to place", "homosexual", "computer whiz", "don't let him near your computer", "altered check vouchers", "sentenced in February, 1994, for misconduct in public office", "three years probation ends in February, 1997". He also said "I'm out eight grand because of that man." Bishop Krouse gave us the number of Ryan's probation officer. The Regers and I decided Steve would call the probation officer in the morning and then we would go over and present the information to Marv. I got my sister's copy of canon law (the small book without commentary) and spent the rest of the day going through it looking for laws that pertained to what was happening here on the Refuge.

Wednesday, August 28: At my sister's request I called the Rapid City Diocese because Marv has LEAD her to believe he had permission for everything he was doing at Juda. Sister Celine said the Refuge of Juda was "not sponsored or approved by the diocese" and that they told people to be "very careful and not get involved." She also said that "the bishop was keeping an eye on them". By the time I got to the Regers, Steve had called the probation officer and left to go talk to Marv. I went over to Marv's house but he told me to wait outside. I told Marv I wanted to sit in on the conversation. Marv started to scream at me saying "EVER SINCE YOU HAVE BEEN HERE YOU HAVE CAUSED NOTHING BUT DIVISION AND TROUBLE BY COMPLAINING ABOUT HOW THE MONEY IS SPENT! YOU ARE DOING THE WORK OF SATAN!" He continued to rant and rave for another two to three minutes, then he became silent and just stared at me with a look of utter hate and evil in his eyes. Steve asked me to leave so he could talk to Marv alone. I drove into town to go to Mass. The reason I bring up Mass is because I was the only one on the Refuge attending daily Mass. The local church in Snowflake is only a ten minute drive, so it is convenient to go to Mass. The rest of the community gathers at 8 A.M., the same time Mass starts, for morning prayers and a spiritual communion. I once asked Marv why he didn't go to daily Mass and Holy Communion. He answered Jesus told him not to go to the local parish because they have altar girls. I told him during the week there were no servers just the priest and he said that he still couldn't go. Marv feels that a spiritual communion is the same as receiving a Consecrated Host. After Mass I stopped at the Regers and Steve said that Ryan's probation officer had told him to "Stay away from Ryan, don't get within twenty feet of him." Ryan, it turns out, is a convicted felon. Marv called to inform us that there was going to be a meeting of Ryan and the whole community at the Reger's house at 11 a.m.

Everyone came into the house, sat down, and Marv said in a very loud and angry voice "I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THE GOSSIP AND GOING BEHIND MY BACK AND THE DIVISION IT CAUSES. WHOEVER DOESN'T BELIEVE IN ME OR THE MESSAGES SHOULD LEAVE THIS REFUGE." Marv also said "YOU HAD NO RIGHT TO MAKE THOSE PHONE CALLS, YOU DON'T KNOW THE DAMAGE YOU HAVE DONE TO ALL THE REFUGES AND TO FATHER RYAN. IT CAN NEVER BE REPAIRED." I then said "This is still a free country and I can call whoever I want." Marv yelled back at me "THIS IS NOT A DEMOCRACY! I AM IN CHARGE HERE!" He went on to imply that we had to be obedient to him in all things and not question anything he said or did. Marv then read a letter written by Bishop Chaput in the June, 1996, West River Catholic. This letter, according to Marv, gave permission for everything he was doing at the Refuges of Juda and Our Lady of Guadalupe. I listened very carefully as Marv read the article and did not hear anything mentioned except the laity's right to gather in prayer as a community. No mention was made about having a chapel, saying Mass, having Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, or performing marriages or baptisms. Marv then opened up the floor for questions. I held up the Canon Law book and explained to everyone in the room that it was the law of the Roman Catholic Church and we as Catholics were obliged to follow it. Ryan immediately asked what edition it was and I said 1983. He said that it was not current because the code had been revised in 1984. Marv said he had a current issue at his house. I asked to take a break so someone could go get it but Marv refused saying there was no time. I then tried to read aloud the canon about Mass in a private chapel and Marv immediately shouted "I WILL NOT ALLOW THAT TO BE READ AT THIS MEETING SINCE IT IS NOT THE CURRENT ISSUE." I said something to the effect of what difference did one year make. Marv yelled back at me "I WON'T ALLOW IT, I WON'T ALLOW IT! !" Marv then went back to the subject of the phone calls and started to yell at Margaret about having no right to make them. Margaret immediately stood up for herself and yelled back that "You have no right to come into my home and talk to me like that." During this exchange I left the room and called a diocesan canon law expert to inquire what the current issue of canon law was. I came back into the room, asked for a break so someone could go get Marv's issue of the canon law because I have just been informed that the 1983 issue is current there is no 1984 revision. Marv yelled "GO GET IT OR HE ISN'T GOING TO BELIEVE IT." The book was brought back, the large one with commentary, I looked at it and "This is the same year as mine." This statement was ignored by everyone. I said to Ryan "Since you claim to be a canon law expert where does it say that you don't have to have permission from the local pastor to have a baptism." There was complete silence for about two minutes then Ryan said "I need the rest of the 7-8 volumes of commentary to answer that." That brought an end to the discussion of canon law because without the additional commentaries Marv wouldn't let us continue. I then asked if it was possible to get independent verification of Ryan's ordination, something besides his own paperwork. Marv answered no because Ryan was being blackballed and persecuted by Father Gorman. Also the Roman Catholic bishop who had supposedly ordained Ryan at the bishop's sick bed had died. Marv continued that any information we wanted we couldn't get because the Church lies to cover up the truth and the only good bishops there are, are part of the underground church and these bishops will deny everything to protect the underground church. In other words we just had to take Marv's word with no independent verification that this guy was a priest. Ryan then proceeded to tell how he was raped by twelve priests in a locked cathedral, sworn to silence about the incident and then blackballed. His story continued of how he was framed for forging check vouchers and placed on three years probation because he had no money for an attorney. The meeting broke up about 1:30 P.M., two and half hours of Marv and Ryan lying about everything. By now I was really disgusted and wondered what my sister and I had gotten into. That evening I talked to my cousin Father Bart, he told me to stay out of the chapel because the host was suspect and not to pray with the group anymore. I haven't been back to the chapel or to any of the prayer meetings since. Ryan returned home to Wisconsin and left behind some suspect hosts in the tabernacle, which Marv and what is left of the community continue to pray in front of.

Thursday, August 29: After Mass I stopped at the Regers and was told that no one on the Refuge was supposed to talk to me. I was ostracized for standing up to Marv.

Friday, August 30: As I was getting into bed there was a knock on the door. It was Marv and four other members of the Board of Elders. Marv said "YOU KNOW WHY WE ARE HERE." I replied "No, tell me." Marv said "WE ARE HERE TO ASK YOU TO LEAVE, YOU HAVE ONE WEEK TO GET OUT." My reply was "I'm not leaving." This caused Marv to go irate for two to three minutes on how I was nothing but a problem, causing division on the Refuge. He also said "YOUR SISTER'S MONEY WILL NOT BUY YOU A SPOT ON THIS REFUGE." I said "All I'm asking for is independent, INDEPENDENT, [spelled out] --------

I N D E P E N D E N T! ! ! verification that Ryan is a priest." Dale Lewinger answered, "We told you he is a priest, a very holy priest. That should be enough for you. And don't call Father Kuntz because he will deny even knowing Ryan. Do you think I would let 300 hundred people attend a Mass on my farm said by someone who isn't a priest?". I was suppose to believe that 300 people attended the first Mass on Dale's farm. Which he kept under his own name and did not donate to the Refuges because he gets farm Subsidies from the government and if the farm isn't in his name he looses his subsidies. John Mark Kucera, Marv's son, then asked if I had made anymore calls about Ryan. I said no. I then mentioned that I had called the Diocese of Rapid City and was told that Marv had no permission or authorization for anything that was happening there. John Mark then screamed "YOU JUST SAID YOU HADN'T MADE ANYMORE PHONE CALLS. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO IF THE BISHOP CONDEMN US?!" I didn't answer but thought to myself, " aren't you listening, I called South Dakota not Wisconsin, and so what if the bishop condemns you, you don't obey the bishop anyway". After another two or three minutes of useless conversation, Marv said in a threatening voice, "IF YOU DON'T LEAVE WE WILL START LEGAL ACTION." At this point I'd had enough of them trying to bully me. I got up, opened the door, and said "Start legal action." As they left someone (I don't know who) said "So much for cooperation." The whole meeting lasted maybe ten minutes. I found out the next day that the Regers had been asked to leave before Marv and the board came to my house but the Regers had talked to them for about one and half hours.

Saturday, August 31 to Monday, September 9: During this time I kept to myself. I talked almost daily to my sister and cousin, Father Hart, for moral support to keep up the fight. The Regers talked and met with me, they are very devout Catholics and realized Marv was wrong. They began to attend daily Mass.

Sunday September l: I met with Father Jose Rodriguez, the pastor of Our Lady of the Snow Catholic Church in Snowflake, Arizona. The purpose of the meeting was to inform him of what was occurring in his parish and to make sure he knew that my sister and myself were very much opposed to all of Marv's actions of disobedience.

Monday, September 9: My sister returned to the Refuge.

Wednesday, September 11: Helen [sister] met with Marv to discuss his disobedience to the Church. She got nowhere with him.

Thursday) September 12: The Regers, my sister, and myself met with Marv. During this meeting Marv said, "I WILL NOT PUT MYSELF UNDER THE OBEDIENCE OF ANY BISHOP." It was a waste of time Marv refused to even consider obeying canon law.

Wednesday, September 17: Marv stopped by the house my sister lives in and told us that he would be auctioning off the property that myself and Helen are living on. During this visit Helen informed Marv that there are no other volumes of canon law commentary that Ryan had mentioned. Our cousin Father Bart had talked to Ryan and the volumes he was talking about is a magazine that is published once a year and has articles about canon law. Helen's exact words were "It carries no weight". Upon hearing this Marv went silent for a minute or two then said, "I have to go".

Friday, September 19: Un-mailed letters were left for myself, my sister and the Regers asking us to move off the Refuge. Helen set a new Refuge record by being asked to leave after being here only ten days. How can Marv ask the person who paid for everything on this Refuge to leave. For myself and the Regers it was the second time we had been asked to leave in three weeks.

Saturday, September 20 to Monday, September 30: Helen retained an attorney and started a civil suit against Marv to have the gifts returned to her. She also talked with Ted Flynn several times on the phone. Ted was trying to mediate some sort of agreement between Helen and Marv. Helen met with Marv on Thursday, September 25 and asked him to return the land and everything he had bought with her money to her, because he was disobedient to canon law and the bishop. He refused

Saturday, September 27: John Mark left to go to Louisiana to look at property to start a refuge there.

Tuesday, October 1: Myself, Helen and the Regers each received a certified letter from Marv again asking us to leave. This makes the third request for myself and the Regers and the second request for Helen. We have until October 19th to vacate the premises or he will start legal action to have us evicted. I would like to know what is taking him so long to start legal action, he told me on August 30th that he was going to start legal action. Maybe something in his past is stopping him from going to court, because we found out he is being investigated in South Dakota by the Division of Criminal Investigations, State Attorney General's of five and in Arizona by the Bureau of Public Safety. At this time we don't know exactly what Marv is being investigated for.

Thursday, October 3: Today we found out that Marv has left town and Dale Lewinger will say nothing more than he is out of town on business. Dale is here to handle business while Marv is gone. John Mark Kucera is supposedly still in Louisiana, he is due back on Saturday October 5.

Monday, October 7: John Mark has not returned and no one knows where he or Marv are. Three or four years ago Marv and John Mark went to Mexico for six months because the Masons were, as Marv said "trying to kill me". We do know that Marv and John Mark were together last week and called the Flynn's, the publishers of Marv's books. Ted Flynn told him they would not be publishing anymore of Marv's books. [October of 1996]

Wednesday, October 9: Dale Lewinger called and left a message on Helen's answer machine that the locks had been changed at my house and I could call him to get in. We called the police and they said I could change the locks back because I had been given no notice and did not get a new key.

Thursday, October 10: I, along with my sister, and the Regers, went to court and got an injunction against Juda Inc. and all of its agents. This was too keep them off of the property where our homes are, and also to keep them from harassing us. After court Helen and I changed the locks on my house and locked the gate

Fridays October 11: The lock on my gate was cut off and the whole gate taken and hidden by someone still loyal to Marv. We couldn't do anything about it because the injunction had not been served yet.

Saturday, October 12: The injunction was served at 9:30 A.M. to Max. Hartman, a member of the Board of Directors for Juda Inc. who moved here from the refuge of Juda in Buffalo Gap, South Dakota. Max had moved on the refuge here on Thursday October I 0th. We also found out that the auction was going ahead on October 19, 1996 the following Saturday. The injunction also informed Juda Inc. and its agents that they have to appear in court on Friday October 1 8th to answer charges that they had been turning off utilities at some of the homes, which is against the law in Arizona.

Thursday, October 17: Max Harman's father-in-law and mother-in-law served us with a notice of motion to reschedule the appearance in court.

Friday, October 18: Myself and the Regers went to court as scheduled because we thought it might be some kind of trick to keep us from showing up. We were informed that the motion for another date had indeed been filed. So we left with the date to be determined later and that we would be notified. Upon learning that the Regersí sonís electric power had been shut off while we were in court, we returned to court. I then left to see if my power had been turned off and it had been. When the judge learned this he became upset and set the court appearance for the following Monday

October 21st.

Saturday, October 19: The day of the auction. Steve Reger and myself stationed ourselves across the street from the entrance to the driveway of the property where it was to be held. As cars came in I handed them a copy of a legal notice that informed them that a lawsuit had been filed to recover the land from Juda Inc. We remained out there for two hours. During this time members of the refuge still loyal to Marv videotaped us. The Good Lord gave us a real victory. Not one piece of land was bid on. Total gross for the auction was approximately $30,500.00 with a net to them after expenses of only about $22,400.00. Considering that if all the land, antiques, equipment and other misc. stuff they were selling had all sold they would have received about $400,000.00, we considered $22,000.00 next to nothing. We gave Jesus, Mary and St. Michael a very big thank you. Some friends of ours from the local parish in Snowflake offered to go to the auction and take down what everything sold for that is how we know how much was made.

Thursday, October 24: John Mark Kucera [son] was seen driving in town. We had heard that someone was coming into town to get the money made at the auction. So far there has been no word where Marv is. The last time we saw Marv was on Wednesday October 2nd as we were returning from morning Mass.

Monday, October 28: A person left the refuge this morning with all his belongings in a Ryder truck. The members of the community still loyal to Marv are Ray Cole a single man and Max Hartman and his family. So the community has dwindled from a high of maybe 14-15 people loyal to Marv and his messages to 6. With Marv and John Mark nowhere to be found.

That brings you up to date. For now my sister and I will not leave unless we are legally evicted. We are staying to fight Marv and his "yes men". As long as we occupy the houses he cannot move in any more unsuspecting people and we are here to tell people what really is going on. Please do all in your power to stop Marv Kucera and his so called spiritual director, Ryan Patrick Scott.

Thank you and God bless you.

Very truly yours,

Paul Bergman


In a letter written in the West River Catholic paper the bishop gave this warning in the November/December 1996 Issue.

Pastoral Advisory

"You may remember that in the June issue of the West River Catholic information was presented about Marvin Kucera his claims to private revelation and his establishment of a number of refuges around the United Slates. In that issue I encouraged people who are considering joining a refuge under Mr. Kucera's auspices to exercise appropriate caution and prudence as Marvin Kucera's organization does not have the approval of the Catholic Church. At the same time I shared information with you about the right Of individual Catholics to form associations to further their own spiritual development and cooperate in spiritual activities and service.

"Since that time I have received several complaints from parsons who have been associated with one or another of the refuges established by Mr. Kucera here or in other dioceses. .Some of these persons feel that Mr. Kucera has misrepresented his relationship with the Church and has misrepresented matters of a material or financial nature as well. I have no way of either verifying or discounting the claims and concerns raised by these individuals hut what I have heard is enough to cause me concern.

"Therefore I feel it necessary to give a formal warning to individuals in the diocese or elsewhere who are considering either joining or having an association with Marvin Kucera and the Refuge of Juda. I remind everyone to exercise caution and prudence before making moral or financial commitments to Marvin Kucera's organization.

"If anyone has questions about Marvin Kuccra or the Refuge of Juda I encourage you to contact my office and speak to me or to Msgr. Michael Woster Vicar General of the Diocese."

Most Msgr. Charles 1. Chaput, O.F.M




Ryan Patrick Scott was supposedly ordained by Retired Bishop James J. Byrne, S.T.D. Archbishop of Dubuque, now deceased. Proof of his ordination is the one paper Scott carries around with him with Bishop James J. Byrneís signature. In the last ten years of Retired Bishop James J. Byrneís life he was senile almost to the point of Alzheimerís. The fact that a retired bishop has no faculties to ordain a priest or to do any other bishopís function would have been well known to Bishop Byrne if he knew what he was doing when someone stuck a paper in front of him to sign. He didnít.

Interesting to note that it was this same bishop who gave an Imprimatur to the 1982 edition of "The Marian Movement of Priests". The fact that he had no authority to give this Imprimatur, is no condemnation of the bishop. He probably had no idea what he was signing. He was already senile. But those who sought him out knew what they were doing. The only prove of ordination by Patrick Scott is the signature of the bishop, who obviously did not know what he was signing. But what about this so-called priest and spiritual director of Marvin Kucera? The National Conference of Catholic Bishops in Washington, D. C. keep all the records. Listen to them.





On November 6, 1996, the office of the president of the CONFERENCE OF CATHOLIC BISHOPS, Most Reverend Anthony M. Pilla, D.D., M. A., Bishop of Cleveland, published the following warning.

Office of the General Secretary

National Conference of Catholic Bishops

3211 Fourth Street NE Washington DC 20017-1194

(202) 541-3100FAX (202) 541-3166

Monsignor Dennis M. Schnurr. J.C.D.

General Secretary

Sister Sharon A. Euart, RSM. J.C.D.

Reverend William P. Fay. Ph.D.

Reverend Paul D. Therelrx. J.C.L.

Associate General Secretaries

To:All Bishops

November 6, 1996

From:Msgr. Dennis M. Schnurr If//

Re:Ryan Patrick Scott

The Conference has been advised by the Most Rev. Raymond L. Burke, Bishop of La Crosse, that an individual named Ryan Patrick Scott (born Randall Dean Stocks) has been attempting to raise funds for the "Holy Rosary Abbey," which he has established near Viroqua, Wisconsin. Bishop Burke relates that Mr. Scott has claimed, falsely, that he is a Roman Catholic priest. tar. Scott is said to be going by the name "Father Ryan St. Anne Scott, OSB," and is reported to have been simulating the celebration of the Mass and other sacraments. He is reported to have been, at one time, ordained by the "American Catholic Church," also known as the "Reformed Catholic Church in America," but he was subsequently excommunicated there from. He is not now and never has been ordained as a priest of the Roman Catholic Church, is not a Benedictine and has received no official recognition from Bishop Burke.

Bishop Burke further advises that Mr. Scott is currently on probation as a result of a felony conviction and is not to leave the state of Wisconsin, but was recently arrested and charged with violating the terms of his probation. If further information is needed, contact should be made with Bishop Burke's office, at (608) 788-7700.


In all of Marvinís books there is a section called "Ecclesiastical Permission Not Required". It states that Articles 1399 (forbidding publications of revelations, visions, prophecies and miracles) and 2318 (the penalties of 1399) of the Canon Law are abrogated by the Decree of Pope Paul VI on 12-29-1966. This is not true and never has been. To Queenship Publishing, The Riehle Foundation, Ted and Maureen Flynn of "Signs of Our Times", we must point out that almost all books on private revelation without imprimaturs make this same false argument. But the best proof (that this is not true and never has been) is the latest statement from the Vatican:

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith,

November 1996

    II.            Regarding the circulation of texts of alleged private revelations, the Congregation states:

1.     The Interpretation given by some individuals to a Decision approved by Paul VI on 14 October 1966 and promulgated on 15 November of that year, in virtue of which writings and messages resulting from alleged revelations could be freely circulated in the Church, is absolutely groundless. This decision actually referred to the "abolition of the Index of Forbidden Books" and determined that --- after the relevant censures were lifted --- the moral obligation still remained of not circulating or reading those writings which endanger faith and morals.

2.     In should be recalled however that with regard to the circulation of texts of alleged private revelations, canon 623 #1 of the current Code remains in force: "the Pastors of the Church have the Ö right to demand that writings to be published by the Christian faithful which touch upon faith or morals be submitted to their judgment".

3.     Alleged supernatural revelations and writings concerning them are submitted in first instance to the judgment of the diocesan Bishop, and, in particular cases, to the judgment of the Episcopal Conference and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

[underlines added]

This is a preliminary report for those asking for it now. We have put it off because we have additional information being presented by people who have lived with Marvin, and were lucky enough to get away with only the loss of house, job and money. As of Jan. 1997, no one knows where Marvin is. But if you have any connection and need help, contact one of the following:














P. O. BOX 71

HOT SPRINGS, SD. 57747-0071








P. O. BOX 1827















P. O. BOX 310




He is aware of a refuge in the diocese but not of Marvin Kucera or Ryan Patrick Scott's background or affiliations


RR1 BOX 28B, N HAVERHILL, NH 03774-9739





P.    O. BOX 111


(608) 256-2677


6108 CNTY DD.


(608) 987-2444






TULSA, OK 74119

(918) 587-3115


P. O. BOX 18

OAKS, OK. 74359-0018

(918) 785-2942








GARY HENDERSON 608-637-3247













(605) 343-3541


(605) 348-9512

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