by Rick Salbato

Back in the early 1950s and 1960s a small group of Croatians attempted to create false apparitions in imitation of Lourdes and Fatima. They failed because of the strong Communist Government of Yugoslavia under Tito. Who were these people and why did they want to fake an apparition?

We are not sure who all the players were in the 50s and 60s; but we do know why. In 1981, just 13 months after Tito died, they succeeded in doing it. What they wanted was an independent Croatian state. To do this they needed world wide financial and political support. They needed to drive out the Serbs and the Moslems. They needed guns. They were fearlessly anti Communist, but were not anti Fascist. Their Fascism was designed after the belligerent nationalism and racism of Mussolini, who glorified war for the sake of the homeland. Visions for guns was the game. Ethnic cleansing was the result. (Most Croatians were not part of this.)

How were they able to keep up this lie for over 16 years? How did they spread this lie all over the world so fast? It was remarkably simple.

  1. First they had an entire nation on their side, including the President of Croatia, the Mayor of Medjugorje, the army, and the police force.
  2. Second, they had millionaire Fascists backing them in Croatia and Canada.
  3. Third, they had a group of Franciscan Priests (who had their faculties removed by Rome) on their side. These Franciscans were, themselves, Fascists, and needed backing to stay in the area. Several of them had sexual problems, one with many cases of rape.
  4. Then they had a built-in, existing, world wide organization that they could tap into and take over without them even knowing that this was fraud - the Charismatic Movement. The Charismatics were already believing in every spirit that came along.
  5. Working with people at Notre Dame and Steubenville Universities, and the Charismatic Movement, they trained a group of children for over two years with the help (in some cases) of their parents. Some of these children were on drugs. Some were pressured with undo influence with appeals to nationalism.
  6. Once the Medjugorje Apparitions had gone world wide, even surprising the Franciscans, they continued to work out money scams to keep the money flowing in: pilgrimages, conferences, fake orphanages, Marian Centers, stay with a seer, touch a seer, meet a seer, books, videos, fake priests, etc.
  7. But lies need lies to keep lies going. So they have to lie about what the Pope said. They have to lie about what past popes said. They have to lie about what Canon Law says. (We have the truth about the Vatican and the Pope, which is all anti-Medjugorje.)
  8. Ultimately they learned from New Age how to control people though cult type brainwashing. Just like the spirit guides who tell you "Do this and do that.", so too the Gospa says, "Do this and do that. God wants this of you. Mary wants you to do that." Donít worry, God is in control of your whole life. Sell all you have and come to Medjugorje, or set up a travel business, or a Med - Center. After all, the chastisement is coming soon anyway. Jim Jones????
  9. Just like New Age, if anyone goes against them they go on the attack, slandering their character, threatening their lives, even actually killing them. Even good people join in on these attacks thinking they are doing the will of God. After all, they are going against the Gospa (Mary?). They must be from the devils.
  10. So successful have they been that even the top Catholics in the world have been afraid to say anything against them for fear that the same thing would happen to them that happened to E. Michael Jones of Fidelity Magazine or to Soul Magazine, who lost thousands of readers for not joining in on the bandwagon.
  11. Because they were not able to fool Rome and the Holy Father, they have a new plan --- the creation of a separate Croatian Orthodox Church, separate from Rome. Proof of this is the construction of a large Cathedral in Mostar without Church approval. Mostar is not in Croatia, but that too is part of the plan. Croatia is a horseshoe around Bosnia which they plan to close in on and eliminate. Medjugorje is not in Croatia, but in Bosnia, which is mostly Moslems. In Medjugorje Moslems are not welcome. Moslems can even face death if they go into the city of Medjugorje. Even though Medjugorje is not in Croatia, it is treated by the police and the Croatian army as part of Croatia. The plan is to push all the way to Mostar and then to eliminate Bosnia. They must eliminate the Moslems and the true Catholic Church before they can take over Bosnia. It is the Croatian Catholics who are bombing Catholic Churches and schools in Bosnia. It seems the American Catholic Church is helping them for the same reason - "Amchurch". Is this why diocesan papers promote it? Maybe just the idea that Medjugorje makes Catholics not trust bishops is all the Amchurch wants to gain out of Medjugorje, but they are supporting it.
  12. When the war broke out they bribed American Politicians to keep arms from the Moslems. They then used their existing Medjugorje Centers to send so-called "Aid to the war victims". Even this aid went for guns. In fact, an American Military Transport was used (through pressure from an American Congressman) to deliver this so-called "Aid to the war victims", however, no one was able to look into the sealed containers to see what was really in them.
  13. Another problem of the war was keeping the Serbs from bombing their source of money, the apparition site of Medjugorje. They accomplished this in two ways. They made a deal with the Italian Moffia, who in turn gave money to the Serbs to not bomb Medjugorje. To back this up they surrounded the Church at Medjugorje with concentration camps with Serbs and Moslems in them. Next to each concentration camp they put hand-grenade factories so that if they were bombed the concentration camps would be destroyed.

If the world came to know this plan they would be finished. Like any war, and not unlike Hitler, the enemy must be eliminated. One such enemy of the Croatian nationalist is Phillip J. Kronzer, who was a former supporter of their apparition in Medjugorje. He and his wife made four trips to Medjugorje and entertained the seers in his house in California. In an attempt to find out why his wife left him to join in with the Medjugorje crowd, he discovered the fraud and began to expose it. Phil Kronzer is now a war criminal in the eyes of the Croatians. All out war is declared against him.

What then shall we say about the signs in the sky, the cures, the gold rosaries? The truth is the Franciscans and seers who started this whole thing were just as surprised as the people who saw these signs. Why then did they happen? Because of the two walls! Between Heaven and Earth there is a wall that is only a one way wall of separation. Heaven can pass through the wall but we cannot. In fact, we are not to even want to pass through. The great mystics say that the first requirement for a true apparition is for the seer to not want it.

But there is another wall of separation. It is between us and the demons. That second wall can only be passed through one way also, but the other way, from us to them. All we have to do is seek and want to go through the wall and Satan is there to give us all we want in the form of visions, lying miracles, signs and wonders. The people going to Medjugorje wanted signs and wonders. They get what they want but not from God. This is why one of the top experts in the world on private revelation, Dr. Gagliardi Giorgio from Italy, states, "it can be very dangerous to go to Medjugorje", [dangerous to your soul, your faith, your sanity, your future, and your money].


Rick Salbato