Hoping that you have already read "Apparitions and Mystics - True or False" we offer you our investigation of the self proclaimed "Pebble" or future pope. A take-off of the rock, Peter.


The so-called "Lourdes of Australia" or "Our Lady of the Ark" was started by William Kamm. The motivation behind these apparitions is to UNITE ALL THE SEERS OF THE WORLD AND TO PREPARE FOR THE NEXT POPE, WHO [they claim] WILL BE AN ANTI-POPE. William Kamm not only called himself "the Pebble" but infers that he is the image of St. Peter, himself.

Newsletters called "Our Lady Comes to Australia" are sent all over the world. These newsletters give out the latest messages which occur on the 13th of every month. People are encouraged to come to the shrine grounds on that day to watch Kamm speak the messages into a tape-recorder. They are then edited and published.


William Kamm was born in Cologne, Germany in 1950 and came to Australia at the age of four. He claims to have had his first mystical experience at the age of seventeen. [See first message.]

Several times he tried to enter the priesthood but was declined entrance, and so he married and became a father.

In 1973 he wrote to the Portavoz, the seer of Mexico. She told him that his messages were from God. He started up prayer groups all over Australia.

In 1974 he received a Red Rose Petal from Mama Rosa of San Damiano and a letter of encouragement.

Kamm tried to set up a shrine on Church property but was refused. When he started holding prayer sessions on another Church grounds, he was kicked off. Finally, through the help of his followers, he was able to set up in a small place south of Sydney which he calls the Shrine of Our Lady of the Ark.

There he invites his followers to see him receive messages at exactly 3:00 p.m. on the 13th of every month. This has been going on for over 25 years. He does not go into ecstasy. He simply looks up and repeats into a tape-recorder what he claims to be hearing. He also travels all over the world visiting other seers.


The very first message of "The Pebble" proves that he is not inspired by God, for we have studied almost every true private revelation in the past thousand years. At the age of seventeen he claims God, the Father, told him that:


Simply from what we know of the Bible and true apparitions, we would have to say that if that were true, he will be one of the oldest people to ever walk the earth. [See Master Plan below.]

In 1985 he gave the following message:

"When the Maitreya, the Antichrist comes to the world to claim his own, a false Pastor, false Prophet and false Pontiff will reign on the Seat of Peter, when WE have removed Pope John Paul II. Be not deceived by this FALSE PETER. THIS FALSE POPE that will come after the reign of Our beloved Vicar, Pope John Paul II, will be the ANTI-POPE of history.

True apparitions imply that the next pope will be one of the greatest popes in history. Satan is preparing well for this man, since he knows the same things we know. The message goes on to say that as this false pope reigns, the true pope will be in hiding and will be the last pope on earth:

"This pope, Peter II, will be the last pope of all history."

The name comes from the prophecies of St. Malachy, but Malachy gives many more popes before the second Peter. Perhaps the Pebble expects to be this next Peter, himself:

"The little Rock in which My Divine Son, Jesus, has placed many graces upon for the salvation of Holy Mother Church, for through you, my dear child, the Church will be saved for the THE UNITY OF ALL SEERS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD."

Just like the "Rapture Protestants", he claims that the "bar-code" we receive on our packages is the mark of the Antichrist. He states that his voices are very much in favor of Sacramentals but his scapular and rosary are invisible, since Mary gave them to him. He also has created new, unapproved, Sacramentals: the scapular of St. Charbel, Genevieve's Knotted Cord Rosary, San Damiano's Petals, the Waters of St. Joseph, Philomena cords, white crosses, etc.

He threatens his followers with the coming Comet which will cause all cities to be destroyed and Rome, Holland, Amsterdam, New York, California and Hong Kong to disappear.

He has his own saints: St. Menoloutis, St. Barachiel, St. Tryalingus, St. Jerusalemaes, St. Hanael, St. Uriel and St. Angelicous. If you read any book on EXORCISM, you will find very similar names driven out of the poor souls.

He claims in one apparition that because of his prayers the souls in Limbo were baptized and entered heaven.

Most all of his messages are threats to those who do not believe in him, threats of the coming chastisement, the loss of your soul and the end of the world. He has the Traditionalist slant: must kneel for Communion or you are sinning, must wear a veil in church, must not obey bad bishops, etc.

But most of all, his messages simply support other seers throughout the world and threaten anyone who does not believe in them. We will handle these other seers separately.


The Church has condemned these apparitions and has prohibited anyone from going to the shrine. Those who have not complied have even been refused communion. The Pebble's voices told him what to do about all this.

"Many of my children suffer great persecution because they believe in my apparitions. Many are refused Holy Communion...if you are refused Angel of the Lord will bring My Eucharistic Son into your hearts and this will be THE SAME AS RECEIVING JESUS IN HOLY COMMUNION.

[No need to go to church at all, it seems!]

"My dear children, when you are refused...go and find another Parish...I know that you listen and fulfill my messages. Continue to do this further. The statement, given through the Bishops, concerning the apparition of Olawa, was not of one mind. All the Bishops were not present when this decision was made...The Apparition At Olawa is true..."

[This is William's way of telling the people of Poland to not listen to their bishops.]

"I know that the faithful continue to come to the Apparition site, but they are refused admittance ... The authorities will have to give an account before the justice of God."

[This is the way the Pebble even threatens Bishops.]

"Have the enemies of Little Pebble lost their marbles?...To those who are persecuting My Little Pebble of Love and other apparitions throughout the world...I give you now a final warning from your God: You are to cease persecution the Seers throughout the world. I have come to many places throughout the world and HOW DARE ANYONE JUDGE THEM."

[So much for the Bible's command to test all things and to always be obedient to our superiors as they are placed there by God. Can you really imagine God saying, "lost their marbles?]


There are no miracles connected with the Little Pebble. We’re not sure he even claims any. There were ten people who claimed to see the "Miracle of the Sun" but their exists no proof other than their word. Since they were all believers of the seer, their word is suspect. Most likely hallucination!

William Kamm is very clever, however, to take credit for any miracle that takes place throughout the world. There are two miracles taking place in Australia that might be true. Kamm goes there often, even threatening the people that if they do not believe in Kamm, their miracle will stop.


1. Garabandal: The Pebble received messages claiming that the condemned apparitions of Garabandal were true. He communicates with the seer [now in New York] through Joseph Francis of Canada.

2. Bayside, New York: He maintained that the condemned apparitions of Veronica Lueken were true right up till 1987 and probably still does.

"Yes, dear child, Veronica of Bayside is well aware of you mission. I, too, have spoken to her about the matter."

3. Portavoz nun in Mexico: He may have received his diabolical mission from her.

4. Mama Rosa of San Damiano, Italy: Supported each other when she was living.

5. Otawa, Poland: Received messages that the people should disobey the Bishop of Otawa and continue to go to the shrine.

6. Mary Paule Giguere: Supports the founder of the condemned Army of Mary in Canada.

7. Brother Joseph Francis of Canada: Calls him his brother and has more apparitions regarding him than anyone else. Brother Francis comes into his apparitions and talks to him. This is probably how he was hit by a seagull.

8. Andre, seer of Brussels, Belgium: One of the Pebbles favorite false seers.

9. Le Petit de la Province de Quebec, Canada: Quotes from these apparitions.

10. Georgina Harb of Australia: A 24 year old mother of three from Lebanon was told in her own messages to unite with the Pebble. She lives in Sydney and claims to have received her mission from St. Charbel. Closely tied to the Pebble.

11. Camille Lattouf of Australia: He is a 69 year old father and family man, who came to Australia from Lebanon in 1983. Also claims to have been given his mission from St. Charbel. He forms a threesome with Georgina and the Pebble and claims to have cured 30,000 people.

12: Biernacki: Often mentioned in the apparitions of the Pebble as special to God.

13: Domanski: Same as above

14: Madeleine of Dozule in France: He passes messages back and forth for support.

15: Marguerite of The Little Souls in Belgium: Approved by the Pebble although condemned by the Church.

16: Elizabeth Slentjes Van Gall of Holland: He tells people to disobey the bishops of Holland and continue to follow the apparitions.

17: Teresa of Sydney: Almost a sister to the Pebble.

Gino Macri of Cabramatta, West Australia may not be part of the Pebble's group, since he has only received threats from him.

A seer that we do believe in was also contacted by the Pebble; however, she decided to have nothing whatsoever to do with him.

It is also interesting to note that he is silent about OUR LADY OF NICARAGUA, an approved apparition and one in which the seer is still living. This does not mean that he has not tried. False mystics always try to gain support of their messages by association with the true. This sometimes works, since true seers do not always have the gift of discernment.

He has also not tried [or not received] a union with Sister Lucia of Fatima. In fact, Fatima, Lourdes and The Miraculous Medal are almost never mentioned.


All of these false apparitions and mystics have one goal, whether they are aware of it or not. Satan knows that the world is headed towards the period of time that will bring about the promised single Church on earth. The day that all other Churches of the world will cease to exist. Then there will follow a peaceful period on earth until the coming of the anti-Christ.

The prophets saw that this will come about by two holy men [not the two prophets of the time of the anti-Christ]. One of these men will be the Holy Father, the other a great world leader. Satan knows about these two men.

When they do come, Satan is preparing to have all the false seers in the world declare in one single, united voice that they are the false prophet and the Antichrist. Then all of these seer's followers will leave the Holy Father and the Body of Christ.

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