Little Pebble of Australia

Arrested for Sex Charges

False seer and cult leader accused of sexual assault of minors

By Richard P. Salbato

In Australia there is a false apparition shine that I wrote about many years ago.  It is called "Our Lady of the Ark" was started by William Kamm.  The motivation behind these apparitions is to UNITE ALL THE SEERS OF THE WORLD AND TO PREPARE FOR THE NEXT POPE, WHO [they claim] WILL BE AN ANTI-POPE. William Kamm not only called himself "the Pebble" but infers that he is the image of St. Peter, himself. In spite of being one of the most stupid of all false apparitions, Kamm has been able to keep a following for over 28 years.   

He set up in a small place south of Sydney which he calls the Shrine of Our Lady of the Ark. There he invites his followers to see him receive messages at exactly 3:00 p.m. on the 13th of every month. This has been going on for over 28 years. He does not go into ecstasy. He simply looks up and repeats into a tape-recorder what he claims to be hearing.

Like Garabandal his so-called messages make him the fighter of the Antichrist, and the next true pope - the little Peter or Peter, the Second.  Like Garabandal, he says that John Paul II will be the last pope on earth, and the next will be a false pope working with the Antichrist.  He also believes that he will unite all seers throughout the world and in fact made contact with most false seers of this century and tried to contact even the true one. 

Most all of his messages are threats to those who do not believe in him, threats of the coming chastisement, the loss of your soul and the end of the world. He has the Traditionalist slant: must kneel for Communion or you are sinning, must wear a veil in church, must not obey bad bishops, etc. But most of all, his messages simply support other seers throughout the world and threaten anyone who does not believe in them including Garabandal,  Bayside, Portavoz nun in Mexico, Mama Rosa of San Damiano, Otawa, Poland: Mary Paule Giguere of Canada, Brother Joseph Francis of Canada, Andre, seer of Brussels, Le Petit de la Province de Quebec, Canada,  Georgina Harb of Australia, : Camille Lattouf of Australia, Biernacki, Domanski:, Madeleine of Dozule in France, Marguerite of The Little Souls in Belgium, Elizabeth Slentjes Van Gall of Holland,  Teresa of Sydney, and Gino Macri of Cabramatta, West Australia. 

Almost all of these seers took support from Kamm and received support in turn from his messages.  Even when his messages told him to have many wives and children, his followers continued to believe in him.  He has always been condemned by the Church even from the very beginnings. 

Little Pebble Arrested on Child Sex Charges.

Last month (November of 2003) William Kamm - "Little Pebble" was committed to stand trial for the alleged sexual assault of two teenaged followers.   He is charged with  nine counts of  sex crimes including one count of sexual assault and three of indecent assault.

It was told in court that the Virgin Mary chose 12 "queens" from among the cult followers to marry Kamm and bear him children.  The two young women were aged 14 and 15 and living at the cult's compound outside Nowra when they first became queens.  One of the women told the court the sexual relationship with Kamm continued for five years, until she fell pregnant.

Letters and notes submitted in court include one undated card in which Kamm allegedly wrote: "One day soon we will be together where I can ravish you."  In a letter dated July 5, 1983, when the girl was 15, he told her she would play a part in the birth of "a new nation, a new race". Her name would be forever proclaimed and she would receive 17 children from his seed.  In another letter, addressed to "my darling wife number three", he apologized to her for any embarrassment she might have felt during an assignation when wives number one and two were in the next room.  On July 14, 1983, he wrote: "You do not need to worry that I am going to make you pregnant early. I have no intention of making you pregnant for some time yet. You probably do not know that you can have sex without making someone pregnant."

Kamm will be arraigned at Wollongong District Court on February 2, 2004. Bail was continued.

The End of All False Apparitions

Sooner or later all false apparitions end up this way but followers continue without the use of mind or soul, only feelings.  And so new William Kamm's will come and go till the end of the world.  Stupidity, it seems, never dies.

Richard P. Salbato


First reported in Australian papers as "Little Pebble to face trial" By JENNY DENNIS November 25, 2003