South African Bishop Has Ties to Medjugorje And Pornographic Website

Bishop Reginald Michael Cawcutt is listed in Denis Nolan's book as a Medjugorje supporter. Cawcutt is Auxiliary Bishop of Cape Town, South Africa. According to news articles, "Bishop Cawcutt betrays no qualms about having an openly supportive stand for Dignity, an organization of active homosexuals which has been banned by the church". But that didn't stop the "Gospa" of Medjugorje from appearing in his church, just prior to mass, in January of 1997.

Fr. Slavko Barbaric states in his commentary, "Vicka and I took a long trip to South Africa." Slavko goes on to say, "All the while, Vicka had her daily meetings with Our Lady at the regular time, before the mass, and Mary always gave some advice, such as our needing to pray for the youth, for the church, for the Pope, for families." Slavko continues, "I can say that in these countries in Africa the message of Medjugorje is really being lived and passed on."

According to Slavko, "Many people there have accepted the message and we also met Bishop Reginald Cawcutt (who) celebrated the mass with us." The mass, according to Slavko, would have been said right after Vicka's visit with the "Gospa". What Slavko didn't comment on was whether or not Our Lady could have advised Vicka that, "The Archdiocese of Cape Town has a ministry to gay Catholics founded and headed by Cawcutt." Some people will say, "So what?" Well, here is so what!

Bishop Cawcutt has openly stated that he is in favor of same sex marriages. If we know that, wouldn't it be obvious that our Blessed Mother would know that? Why didn't she warn Vicka? Cawcutt has another problem. On February 20, 2000, the Sunday Times, a South African paper ran an article by Bobby Brown, entitled, "Catholic Bishop Linked to Controversial Website." It stated that; "One of South Africa's top bishops (Cawcutt) has been linked to a website containing pornographic images for gay priests." Quoting Cawcutt, Jordan writes, "I (Cawcutt) entered into that support group quite openly." Later, Bishop Cawcutt issued a statement, in Cape Town, defending the group and accusing RCF of "...illegal, unchristian, irresponsible and immoral scandal mongering." It's like the pot calling the kettle black.

If you want to see something immoral, we would suggest that you click on to  and look up "St. Sebastian's Angels." You will be in for a shock. You will want to ask yourself; could I ever trust this bishop, or any one of over 50 priests in this group, with my children or grandchildren? We think not.

The March 10, 1998, a South African publication named Mail & Guardian, ran an article entitled: "Bishop Says Legalise Gay Marriages", which stated, in part:

"A Catholic bishop has criticized the Roman Catholic Church's 'outrageous' discrimination against gays and lesbians, and has called on the South African Catholic Bishop's Conference not to oppose anticipated legislation legalising homosexual marriages. Assistant Bishop of Cape Town Reginald Cawcutt's call was published on the front page of 'Southern Cross', the weekly Catholic newspaper."

The "Southern Cross" newspaper of San Diego, California, is the official paper of the San Diego Diocese. This newspaper advertises pilgrimages to Medjugorje. In part, their advert states. "Here are just a few of the 100's of priests who have accompanied our groups as 'Spiritual Directors', a joyful (gay?) Catholic priest, as chaplain, on every spiritual pilgrimage." We know of one, for sure. Fake priest, Richard Brown, who went as Spiritual Director on a tour lead by Peter K. Miller, who worked with Southern Cross.

It will be interesting to learn just how many of these "Spiritual Directors" are involved with the priest porno site, known as "St. Sebastian's Angels." It never ceases to amaze us as to how Denis Nolan finds all of these bishops whom he claims support Medjugorje. Bishop Cawcutt may just turn out to be Nolan's worst headache. Not to mention what will happen if a few Medjugorje pilgrims click on to and see one of their "Spiritual Director" priests without any clothes on. St. Sebastian's Angels, Bishop Cawcutt, Slavko Barbaric and Vicka - quite an interesting group who claim to be living out the messages of Our Lady of Medjugorje. All thanks to Denis Nolan.

Our compliments to "Roman Catholic Faithful"