The Portavoz of Mexico

(Megaphone of God)


In 1969 and 1970 thirteen long messages were given to a nun in Mexico City. Some of these messages were given in 1932 but were not revealed until 1970. The messages were received by inner locution, audible voice, and sometimes in apparition. The nun does not reveal her name but is called "PORTAVOZ" -- "Megaphone, Trumpet, or Speaking Trumpet".

Since the seer does not reveal who she is, we cannot test this apparition by her actions, past, holiness, or obedience. And since the promoters of this apparition, "ESTRELLA" claims to have Ecclesiastical Endorsement but refuses to reveal who he is, we will refrain from testing this on obedience to the local bishop. However, if their approval is not from the local bishop, it is not legal.

None of this matters, however, for the messages, themselves, show that the apparitions are false. They contradict the Bible, the tradition of the Church, other true private revelations, and the law of obedience.


Right off the bat, I know that this is not from God, since there is not a single miracle connected with the messages. Never in the history of the world has God given a message from Heaven without backing that message up with some supernatural proof. There is absolutely nothing in this private revelation.


Although the messages advocate obedience to the Holy Father, they tell us to disobey our own bishops if they ask us to stand for Holy Communion. Understand that standing for Communion is repugnant to me, but the Sacramentary from Rome grants to the local Bishop this option, and I must obey. God will not ask me to do otherwise. The messages also insist on kneeling for the last blessing of the priest no matter what the bishop orders.

The "Christ" of these messages suggests that we do not have to obey any bishop who is not holy.

" We must remain submissive to those Prelates who remain faithful, loyal to the Faith and traditional customs of the Church.----we should flee from false pastors."

This smells of Traditionalism and is repeated many times. It is the same theme that was taught by Donatism in 311 and condemned by the Council of Carthage. The messages tell people to take the Holy Father out of Rome. Something I do not think Catherine of Siena would agree to.

1970-"Paul VI suffers! Do not leave him alone in his prison. Go in search of him. TAKE HIM OUT OF THERE [ROME] TO A SAFE AND SECURE PLACE."

1970-"Take him away! Get him out from among his enemies."

Priests are even told to follow Donatism in the message of August 15, 1969:

"As to the priests who have sinned, who are still sinning, and who want to continue sinning, let them repent and do penance. If they do this, another vocation will be given to them, one that will also be great. However, all of them who have stained themselves with the base things of the world and the flesh MUST NEVER AGAIN CELEBRATE THE HOLY MYSTERIES OF THE MASS. NEVER IN THEIR LIFETIME."

First of all, any priest who says that he has never sinned is a liar and the Spirit of God is not in him. Second, this is again the same heresy of the Donatists. Augustine fought against this idea. The truth is that the power to administer the Sacraments does not depend on the disposition of the priest, but in the Sacrament of the Laying on of Hands by the Bishop at ordination.

The power of the priesthood is in his hands and not in his holiness.

If, however, we were to obey this message, we would have no priests to say Mass, and this theme will be continued in later messages.

Many of these messages infer that all the people around the Holy Father are against him, and therefore, should not be trusted. It is a vision designed to drive a wedge between the Holy Father and all the rest of the bishops.


These message's ability to pervert the Holy Scriptures is almost laughable. The main reason for these apparitions is to convince Catholics that the Protestants were always correct in asserting that Christ would come to this earth and live among us. This is a heresy called Millenarianism. It was condemned by St. John the Evangelist, St. Augustine, and the Councils of the Church. But this theme is repeated over and over in these messages. In the "PORTAVOZ's" own words:

"This will be one of the happiest, most delightful periods of time. Christ will visit the homes and communities and also those persons who are most forgotten and abandoned...Then all nations will recognize Him, they will yield themselves to His Doctrine...'When the Son of Man shall come, do you think there will be faith on earth?' By these words Jesus makes precise reference to His return this time, in His second coming. He does not refer to His last coming, because in His last coming He will appear for the THIRD TIME."

Holy Scripture and Tradition teaches us that the Anti-Christ must come first and rule the world for three and one half years. Then there will be a period of peace--no one knows how long. After all this, Christ will appear in the sky and that will be the end the world. Never will he set his feet on this earth.

However, in order for the Anti-Christ to be successful he must convince us that he is Christ. This apparition is a good preparation for that.

But more Satanically impressive than that is the next message given by the Portavoz. All the Saints in History including Daniel in the Bible say that a sure sign of the Anti-Christ is that he will outlaw the CONTINUAL SACRIFICE, the Mass. And he will destroy the beautiful Churches. Listen to these passages:

"I understood that during this period of time when Jesus will visibly appear upon earth, it will be the period when the HOSTS WILL RISE TO HEAVEN, because He, Himself, will then be present. At that time the PRIESTS WILL NOT CONSECRATE, only Jesus will have that right...Houses and CHURCHES that were constructed through vanity, or even worse sins, such buildings will collapse...Our Lord will prefer humble little chapels and poor houses."

In this next passage keep in mind that the only Doctrine in the Church that is or ever can be Canonical is Holy Scripture. All truths ended and were completed with the last Apostle, John. Private Revelation can never be Canonical and never need be believed by any Catholics, not even Fatima.

"Do you not remember what I used to tell you..that this work of mine would cause you many difficulties, that it would not be canonically established until this is done by my Vicar."


The followers of Garabandal will be happy to know that the Portavoz supports their belief [see chapter six]; however, they will be unhappy to know that there will be no WARNING in Garabandal.

1969 "Tell them, my daughter, that they must be docile to my warning. This is the forewarning which My Mother recently announced in Spain [Garabandal].


(See Chapter six!)

"Write, my daughter, that the people must not go to seek me in Garabandal, for many of them who go there are not animated by the right spirit. And I fly from places where the evil spirit has infiltrated."

"Let them not seek any other warning than that which My Son gave them through you, during Lent of this years. They must seek to gain the grace of the Miracle."

1970 "Those [messages] She gave at Garabandal! Why are you so unwilling to believe these messages."

Judging by the date of this message [1969], I assume by "evil spirit" this message refers to is the bishop of Garabandal, who condemned the messages.

In the last passage we are told the WARNING prophesied in Garabandal has already taken place, and that the Miracle is conditional. This is not what was said at Garabandal. Devils do controdict devils because they even lie to each other.


The Christ of these locutions predicted a Sanctuary of Reparation next to Guadalupe and next to St. Peter's in Rome. He predicted three new religious orders, even demanded them. Twenty years later, there is not even a start.

Mexico has been in the hands of Masons since 1917. Religious liberty is worse in Mexico than any place in the world.

1969-"Tell them that SOON I will give to Mexico an era of peace and the re-establishment of religious liberty."

In 1990 there is still no religious liberty in Mexico. And as you will see, the prophecy of the future coming of Christ has not been realized.

1932-"The day of final judgment and eternal sentence in NEAR."

1932-"The last hour is NOT FAR distant."

1965-"the end of time is NEAR..."

1966-"since the end of time is so NEAR, that is all we really need to do; to love God."

1969-"This warning! Again I repeat: This is the LAST Warning. I will not give another warning."

1969-"the SHORT period of time yet remaining for the fulfillment of the prophecies."

1970-"I shall give my LAST message to the world."

1970-"Now let all be alert because great signs of my power and holy vengeance will take place very SOON."

1970-"This is the LAST message to the world."


"Everyone take note of his own sins...This alone is charity."

This has nothing to do with charity. Charity is to admonish the sinner, to instruct the ignorant, to counsel the doubtful, and to feed the hungry, to give drink to the thirsty, etc. No where does the Word of God say that to recognize our own sins is charity. It is wisdom but not charity.