San Domiano is the convent St. Francis of Assisi set up for Saint Clair just outside the town of Assisi. It is there that the great St. Francis' Crucifixes still hang. It was there that the great order of Poor Clairs started. And it was there that Mama Rosa started seeing visions and receiving messages from heaven.

Mama Rosa's visions were a long time ago and nothing is made of them anymore, however, they deserve a comment here, since at one time, the entire world knew of them. We went to San Dominao a few years ago. There is no mention of her anymore, and the monks would like to forget the whole thing.

But in the peak of the happenings photographs were sent all over the world showing the Virgin Mary all lit up over the tree of the convent. It was probably not a forgery. It was probably done by "angels", but they were not angels "in" heaven, but angels "from" heaven. Demons are from Heaven. See Apocolypse Chapter 12.

The significance of this will be seen soon. At the time the whole world believed them to be of God. Today it is condemned and forgotten. The prophesies of chastisements have not come to pass. Oh! Yes! There will be a chastisement. Too many true saints have predicted it. The false just capitalize on these true messages in order to lead the elect into disobedience. These altered photos are well within the scope of what Satan can do.