The Satanic Origin of Medjugorje

Some Arguments:


During the first days in June 1981, after interrogation of all the ‘seers’, Fr. Jozo Zovko concluded: “You have seen Satan, not the Gospa; there is no sign, there is no message.” These words of the curate of Med. have been tape-recorded and are in the possession of the bishop of Mostar. I have the written text. Later on Fr. Jozo has manipulated the children. He refused their exorcism.

-Ref. :Ces 10 jours qui ont fait Medjugorje”, J.Bouflet,Ed.CLD,Tours 2007, ISBN 978-2-85443-512-2, p. 147-8

2° Ex Fr. Tomislav Vlasic insinuates in a letter to the pope that his bishop is ‘a Satan. This same ex-Franciscan has been unmasked as a Satanist and laicised by Rome, because of sex affairs, manipulation of consciences, dubious mysticism, suspect doctrines, disobedience, schism and heresy. He has been the first spiritual leader of the ‘seers’. The Gospa said to the ‘seers’: “You must thank Tomislav. He is leading you so well.”(‘message’ 28-2-82 and 3-6-83)

-Ref. :

3° Tomislav perjures before his bishop and denies the existence of the diary of ‘seer’ Vicka, which contains scandalous ‘messages’.

-Ref. : “ Medjugorje ou la fabrication du surnaturel”, J.Bouflet, Ed. Salvator, Paris 1999

ISBN 2-7067-0201-X, p. 69

4° Tomislav writes sadistic manipulative ‘love letters to a Franciscan nun, who bears his child(end 1976, beginning1977)

-Ref. : “ The Medjugorje Deception” , E. .Michael Jones, 1998, Fidelity Press, South Bend, USA-IN 46617, ISBN 0-929891-05-8, p. 47-50 and p. 141-5

5° In an official letter of 11-7-1988 ‘seer’ Marija Pavlovic does confess that she has been manipulated by Tomislav to invent a false ‘message’ from the Gospa

-Ref. : “ Miracles, Apparitions, Que croire? Qui croire?”, Les Cahiers d'Edifa, Paris 1997 p. 83

“ The Medjugorje Deception(nr. 4) p. 144

6° 'Seer' Mirjana  Hasan ‘apparition’ of Our Lady, disguised as... Satan.

-Ref. : “Eine Reise nach Medjugorje”, R.Franken, M.Waterinckx, M. Hauke, Dominus-Verlag Augsburg2011, ISBN 978-3-940879-15-8, p. 63-42


7°  'Seer' Mirjana perjures during her first interrogation by bishop Zanic of Mostar

-Ref. : “Die Wahrheit über Medjugorje” nr. 5, Bischof Zanic, Mostar, 1990

Eine Reise nach Medjugorje”(nr. 6°) p. 38-9

8° Continuous disobedience of ‘seers’ and Franciscans of Med. towards their bishop of Mostar

-Ref. : & vijest=71

“Miracles,...”(nr. 5°) p. 80-1

Eine Reise nach Medjugorje”(nr. 6°) p. 70-5

9° Rebellion of many Franciscans (among them Med. fans) towards the Decree “Romanis Pontificibusof  Pope Paul VI from1975, concerning the partition of the parishes.

-Ref. :Acta Ordinis Fratrum Minorum”, Roma, Curia generalis ordinis, II/1989 p. 85-9

“La Face cachée de Medjugorje”, I.Sivric ofm., Ed. Psilog, Québec, 1988, ISBN 2-921010-00-3 p. 106

10° 'Seer' Vicka writes a letter to a Dutch abbot to wheedle money with a false ‘message’ of the Gospa. Later downright lie by Fr.Slavko Barbaric about this scandal

.Ref. : “The Medjugorje Deception”(nr. 4°) p.367/368

11° Fr.Slavko Barbaric (who died in Medjugorje in disobedience towards his bishop) said in the church of Med. : «When I give you my blessing, this is the blessing of the Gospa»

-Ref. : I heard this myself from the mouth of Fr.Slavko  in Medjugorje’s church.

12° The humanly inexplicable fanaticism and enmity of Medjugorje fans towards those who do not believe them

-Ref. : daily experience

13° Emeritus Bishop Gemma ofIsernia, one of the Vatican Exorcists, calls Medjugorje, the work of the devil and a shame for the church.

-Ref. :

Mark Waterinckx,

Brugge/Flanders -16 July2013,Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel