My Son is in Love with Your Lowliness

The Passion and Mission of Sister Mildred Mary Ephrem's Life

To see things from God's perspective is how Elizabeth Anne Stewart defines the role of the prophet.  She says:  

their main function is to comment on the present and help others see things from God's perspective.  While most of us are preoccupied with our own concerns, ... prophets always focus on the larger picture. Never satisfied with the majority way of thinking, they measure the values of the status quo against what they perceive to be divine values.  In anguish, they cry out on God's behalf, urging the people to turn their lives around; at the same time they speak for the people, begging God to spare those who have wandered from the path of life.

 Sister Mildred Mary Ephrem Neuzil's life is rather ordinary, apart from her passion and her mission. It is for the latter that she will be endeared to all our hearts. Her humble life is best defined in terms of the prophetic mission spoken to her by Our Lady of America, a message for all the world, but especially for the United States of America, which is mandated from heaven to lead the world in a reform of life, heart-rending conversion from deep within the soul, back to Faith and Purity.

It is a voice challenging the sinfulness of our generation and calling God's children back to Him as the Supreme Authority and Lord over all life, as the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and end of all things, as the only true and lasting peace and happiness for all mankind. It is a clear and decisive call to genuine and profound holiness of life from within, through communion with the Divine Indwelling Presence of the Most Holy Trinity.

It is a call to a new martyrdom of spiritual leadership within the Church hierarchy and within the domestic church, the Christian family. Our Lady is forming an army of chaste soldiers ready to fight to the death to preserve the purity of their souls, a generation of Torchbearers who will set the world on fire with the torch of Divine Truth and Divine Love. Sister Mildred is the model for this formation, for she is the first Torchbearer of the Queen, the first martyr of this urgent message and mission for the conversion of sinners and the salvation of souls, in America and in all the world. In Our Lady's words:

I come to you, O children of America, as a last resort. I plead with you to listen to my voice. Cleanse your souls in the Precious Blood of My Son. Live in His Heart, and take me in that I may teach you to live in great purity of heart which is so pleasing to God. Be my army of chaste soldiers, ready to fight to the death to preserve the purity of your souls. ... What am I to do, child of my heart, when my children turn from me? ...They think they have done enough in consecrating themselves to my Immaculate Heart. It is not enough. That which I ask for and is most important many have not given me. What I ask, have asked, and will continue to ask is reformation of life. There must be sanctification from within. (Diary, Our Lady of America, pgs. 12,18.)

 Sister's mission centered on this return to the interior life, the primacy of prayer, the acknowledgement of God's action over man's, the sanctification of souls. It is a challenge to stand strong against the "culture of death" and heresy and false teachings of our day in protecting the sanctity of life and of Christian marriage and family life.

It is a challenge to humanism without God, to science without ethics, to the tyranny of power, position, and material things; to the oppression of the poor by those with wealth. It is a call to abandon worldly wisdom that leads to self-destruction and to embrace the Wisdom of God that comes with humble and obedient surrender to God's ways, to Christ's Vicar and Church on earth, and to the teachings of our Church so guided and protected by the power of God's Holy Spirit.

It is a call to prayer and penance, for our own sins and the sins of the world, so we might share in the redemptive mission of Our Lord as Mary and Joseph did, as Sister did so dearly, placing herself upon His cross and placing His crown of thorns upon her brow.

In 1957, Our Lady confirmed God's behavior throughout salvation history, his preference for the humble and pure of heart, the unlikely ones by the world's standards.

   Your mission is vast, my child. It reaches to the ends of the earth.  It will continue until time is no more, because there will always be the need for the sanctification of the family and of souls. Fear not, small one, for it is through the most unlikely of instruments that God works His wonders. He chooses where the world would not. He makes that possible which the world deems impossible ...God has no need of anyone, yet He chooses the smallest of the small for His glory. Sweet child, let your humble heart be filled with a great confidence, for my Son is in love with your lowliness and simplicity of heart. Make known to souls the preference my Son has for humility. (Letters, Sr. Mildred Mary Neuzil)

   He chooses the smallest of the small for His glory!

My Son is in love with your lowliness and simplicity of heart. Make known to souls the preference my Son has for humility.

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