Time for Joseph of Egypt’s Plan

Richard Salbato 3-25-2009

The King of Egypt brought Joseph out of jail to answer a question his advisors and high priests could not answer.  Joseph had no problem answering the question because he had the spirit of God (Holy Spirit) helping him.  He told the King that the world would have seven years of great harvests and plenty, but that would be followed by seven years of world wide famine.  He advised the King to take at least 20% of the harvests and store them up for the bad times.

The King not only did this, but put Joseph in charge of the plan with authority to do all that he wanted.

When the famine came to the world, only Egypt was prepared for it and then some.  As it got extreme where people were running out of food, the people of the world went to Egypt to buy food.  They had money but no food.

Joseph sold the food, but for those he knew could not afford the food, he put their money back in the sacks of food without them knowing it. He did not openly tell anyone they did not have to pay for the food, because that would have caused problems with the other people who would see this as unfair.

When the people came back again for food, but no longer had money, Joseph exchanged their possessions (mostly livestock) for the food.  When they came back again for food he exchanged their property for food.  In the end they even ran out of this food, so he exchanged their physical labor for food, and they stayed in Egypt working for the King.

What can we learn from Joseph?

We do not need visions or voices from Heaven to know that the world is coming to a world wide economic collapse. By 2016 the interest on the USA government’s debt will be 819 Billion dollars, which is more that the entire Military budget and will not pay one penny on the debt. This is the interest at the present rate on Government Bonds, mostly owned by China. However this interest rate will have to go up by 500% just in order to sell them and then the interest on this debt will be larger than all the rest of government combined and higher than all the income of the government even if it increased by 500%. It cannot be done.

I’m not the only one to see this.  As of this week, both Russia and China have asked for an International Currency to replace the Dollar because they no longer trust the dollar.  Even the IMF is talking about an IC to replace the dollar.

What does that mean to you?  Beside massive inflation (hyper-inflation), it will also mean hyper-inflation of interest rates.  Hyper-inflation is not like the past 9 years where the dollar lost 20 cents of its value or just over 2% per year but in the next few years it will loose 90% of its value (what you can buy for one dollar today will cost you ten dollars then). Hyper-interest is caused when the Federal Reserve is forced to hike interest rates on bonds and banks and this trickle down to everyone.  We had Hyper-interest under President Carter, where you had to pay 12 to 18% to buy a house or get any other kind of loan.

Logic teaches us to read the signs of the times and prepare ourselves and our families for this.  Logic should have seen this coming because of the very nature of the modern generation that confused what they wanted with what they needed.  If you are over 40, you were raised to earn what you wanted and given what you needed by your parents.  However, we now have children that expect parents to give them what they need and what they want without earning it.

Even our school system teaches us that we are entitled to things without earning them. This is because most teachers are members of the Teachers Union, which is a socialist organization, and a monopoly of the system.

We have raised a generation of people over the past 40 years that have no idea of work and sacrifice to get anything, but simply think the world owes them.  When they do not get what they want, they go nuts and have tantrums, or simply go out and break the law to get what they want: selling drugs, conning, or taking from others. 

Some blame the rich but the blame goes all the way down to the children and each and every one of us, who do not want to wait for what we want until we can afford it.  It is not the rich that are at fault but it is everyone and the privileged.

Among some of the rich and some of us, there are the privileged. The privileged are those who have special, unfair, advantages over others because of their connection with the government or any other unfair advantage over others.  

Many rich people are good people, and not privileged.  However, those who had unfair connections with the government, like AIG, who gave millions of dollars to congressmen, ended up with privileged and unfair advantage over their competitors.  Then they went to congress again so they did not have to pay the price for their mistakes.  Let me repeat this, there is a difference between the privileged and the rich.  Sometimes the privileged are not rich and sometimes the rich are not privileged. 

In fact, sometimes your children are privileged because you made them that way.  Sometimes unions, like the Teacher’s Union, are privileged.  The word means that someone has an unfair advantage over others. We need to teach our children and our nation like we teach sports: football, basketball, baseball, etc. that in order to be fair and moral rules must be equal and fair.

What then do we learn from Joseph?  We learn that prosperity may not last and we do not know the future, so we should set aside at least 20% of everything we do not need now, and save it for when prosperity may not be with us. If we stop listening to brain-numbing music and brain-numbing TV programs, and instead pay attention to the signs of the times, we can see that the future is not looking good.

Learning again from Joseph, we should stock up on food, save money, think of the worst possible future so that we are prepared for it, not only for ourselves, but for our family and friends.

If we are wrong about the future we are still better off then those who have not saved 20% of their wealth.  Not only that but when we take care of our needs and not our wants, we live the gospel.

You have time to change your lifestyle.

If I am right we will not have hyper-inflation and hyper-interest for the next 18 months.  In the mean time we might even have deflation in most things except oil.  This will give you time to stop buying what you do not need and start saving money for the bad times.  Considering hyper-inflation, you should also start storing food because you can buy it now for 1/10th of what you will pay for it a year from now.  You should also look at how you can grow your own food and store food like Joseph did.  Long term fixed debt is not a bad idea, because you can be locked into a 5% interest for 30 years, when the rest of the world will be paying 20%.  Not only that but you will be paying that bill with a 10 cent dollar, whereas you bought it for an 80 cent dollar.  Your net gain on the inflation will be 900%.

Most exposed to inflation will be those who have fixed income, like those on government pensions, welfare or other long term income contacts.  

The power of America and all other nations will move from the banks and money manipulators to the farmers and minors: commodities, food, energy, minerals and most especially gold.

Whereas treasuries constituted the largest part of the market in the past, the future will be farmers, even small farmers.

Just like the end of the gold rush in the West, where you now find hundreds of totally abandoned town in the West, you will also find almost abandoned big cities in the future just like Detroit today. In Detroit today you can buy a large house for $100 dollars or less.  In the future you might see the same in New York and Los Angeles.

I leave you with a prayer.

“Lord, teach me what is a need and what is a want.  Help me invest in needs and look at my wants as a complete waste of the gifts you gave me.”

My conspiracy theory

1. I believe, but cannot prove, that Obama is a communist.

2. I believe, but cannot prove, that Obama does not want to get out of this recession but wants it to become a depression.

3. I believe, but cannot prove, that Obama wants to use suffering to bring about a Socialist/Communist government.

4. I believe, but cannot prove, that Obama is not an America born citizen.

5. I believe, but cannot prove; that Obama does not want to be re-elected to a second 4 year term as president, and therefore wants to do all he can to change America in the first two years of his presidency. 

6. I believe, but cannot prove, that Obama hates the principles of America and religion.

I believe, but cannot prove, that everyone who voted for him, will pay the price at the judgment seat of God.

7. I believe and can prove that what Daniel Hannon said in England is the truth. The best thing the government under Bush and Obama could have done for this depression is nothing, because everything they have done has made it worse, and even bankrupted the two nations. 

Richard Salbato