A Catholic Nation

We the people of the Catholic Church throughout the world seeking to escape from the oppressive immorality, the sanctioning of sin, the brainwashing of our children, the labeling of us as extremists, and the forced integration with anti-Catholics, declare our human and international rights to establish our own Nation. Our rights to have a Catholic Nation are no difference than the rights of Israel to have a Jewish Nation, Saudi Arabia to have a Moslem Nation, or England to have a

Protestant Nation.


This is not a declaration of a particular nation. It is a format for any nation that wishes to become a Catholic nation. It is an example of what a Catholic Nation would be. It is the Constitution of a Catholic Nation based as close as possible on the laws of God in Scripture, the teachings of the Church, and the natural moral law.


It is hoped that somewhere in the world, some nation would want to be a Catholic Nation as hundreds of Nations were in the 19th Century. It could be as small as Hong Kong or Singapore or Madera. Although small, we believe in only a few years it would become a major economic power in the world. We have the history of the world over the past 2000 years to prove this, for as everywhere the Catholic Faith was embraced economic prosperity followed. Christ has kept His promise in the Lilies of the Field, "Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and all else will be given to you." All the powerful nations of the world today became powerful because of their Catholic moral laws and traditions. The Catholic education and work ethic produced the wealth of the world. Whenever these laws were neglected the wealth left the nations.

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  • Catholic Constitution


    This Nation is first and foremost a Catholic Nation. It holds to the Catholic faith, the Catholic teachings, and is at all times obedient to the Holy Father, the Bishop of Rome. No change can be made to this constitution except by the Holy Father of Rome, and he can make any change to it at any time at his will. Libertatis Conscientia published by the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith in 1986 noted that the role of the community is not to formulate social teaching but to implement it. The church already has the principles and the criteria for developing social teaching. What remains is to put it into practice, the proper job of the laity. This Constitution is taken from those social teachings.

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  • Article 1

    Type of Government

    Section 1 Constitutional Government

    First and most important is that this government is a Constitutional Government in that the written law is the most powerful part of the law. All power rests in the written law and not in any individual. All peoples must obey the written law without any exceptions or privileges not explicitly written in the law. The rich and the poor, the governors and the governed, the citizens and the none citizens, the Catholics and the non-Catholics, the annexed territories and the colonies, the priests and the Kings, all must obey the same written law in the same way without exception. All are equal under the law.

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  • Section 2 Theocracy

    As a Constitutional Government (written law) it is also a Theocracy in that it follows the format of governments written by God, Himself, and the unity of Church and State established by God in Exodus with Moses. The Holy Father (and in a lesser sense the Bishops) have the last word in all disputes that are beyond the written law. Ex. 19:6 We formally place this Nation under the protecting sword of Saint Michael, the loving prayers of Our Lady, and the family care of Saint Joseph, the Patriarch. Our Lady will be called Queen of this Nation.

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  • Section 3 Monarchy

    As a Constitutional and Theocracy type of Government it must have a Monarchy to protect the Church and the written law from outside influence and from the changing mood of the majority. Every Nation must have a single person who represents the Nation to the world and signs all major documents and treaties.

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  • Section 4 Aristocracy

    As a Constitutional, Theocracy, Monarchy government, it is also an Aristocracy in that the best, most educated leaders in the Nation will hold offices of government. These leaders will be selected for vote by the leading priests, professors, businessmen, and associations.

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  • Section 5 Democracy

    As a Constitutional, Theocracy, Monarchy, Aristocrat government, it is also a Democracy in that all office holders (except the King) will be elected by the people after several are selected for election by the leading intellectuals. All major changes in the law will be by vote of the people. Even the very government itself shall be by the will and the power of the people. The power shall rest in the people and not in the governors.

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  • Article 2

    Power of the Nation

     Section 1 Authority of the People

    The people of this Nation shall at all times be armed with whatsoever arms are necessary for the times to protect their own families, their property, their nation, and to protect themselves from their own government. No infringement of this law shall be made regarding age or sex or race. The only people who will be deprived of their own arms are those convicted of a violent crime as prescribed by law and non-citizens.


    It shall be the law of the Nation that the people shall never fear the government but that the government shall fear the people. No army shall ever go against its own people. No local police shall ever exceed its rights within the written law.

    No security-investigative-force shall infringe on the privacy of any Citizen of this Nation without just cause within the written law of the constitution or as approved by the people through democratic vote.

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  • Section 2 Authority of the Church

    The Church may keep a representative present at every government function to advise the representatives of the moral and civil compliance or noncompliance with the laws of God and Church.


    A representative of the Church will open all legislation sessions of the government with a prayer or Mass, and close all sessions with a prayer.


    A representative of the Church will accompany the government in all negotiations with other countries, and all social functions of the King or President.


    The Church will run all government schools, hospitals, jails, orphanages, homes for the aged, immigration centers, drug centers, mental hospitals, homes for the poor, and all other welfare programs at government taxpayers expense.

    The Holy Father, the Bishop of Rome, will have the final say in all national and international activities.

    A very holy priest will hold a high ranking office in the military and will see to it that the military uses moral methods of defense and war.


    All will stand and kiss the hand of the bishop or priest when he enters any gathering to show that the priest is higher in dignity than anyone else, even the King, as he stands in the place of Christ. This will be the custom of the Nation.

    The Pope may veto any bill at any time without exception.


    The Pope may introduce a new law at any time and it will be automatic without vote a law.

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  • Section 3 Authority of Constitution

    This Constitution shall be the primary law of the land. All citizens shall pledge to protect it, to obey it and to enforce its laws and regulations. The Army and separate Police Departments in the separate districts shall take a pledge to enforce its laws and regulations and to obey its entire content above and before any human superior. Any alterations to this Constitution shall be by a direct 2/3 vote of the citizens of this Nation.

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  • Section 4 Authority of the King

    The King will be crowned by the Holy Father and will hold his office for life. His children or family will inherit his office but each will be approved and crowned by the Holy Father. He will be King by divine right and his authority will be treated with the respect due to a man appointed by God. In a great degree the reputation of the Nation throughout the world will rest on him, as the world will judge the Nation by his actions, his morals, and his love of his people.

      1. His primary responsibility will be to protect the written law from the whims of the people and the legislation of the governors.

      2. He shall represent the Nation in foreign negotiations and diplomatic exchanges. He shall be the representative of the Nation in all international affairs.

      3. He shall represent the Nation in all interior celebrations and religious holidays.

      4. He shall receive from the Government sufficient land, buildings, income and dignity so as not to be able to be corrupted by promises from those who would corrupt by the use of money and/or promises of power.

      5. In the case of threat from other nations he shall have the power to declare war.

      6. He shall be the commanding officer of the army

      7. He shall be the commanding officer of the secrete security force.

      8. He shall have the power to remove people from the government for cause but not to replace them as this belongs to the people.

      9. His children will be educated by the Nation in the art of leadership, holiness, ethics and government. In short they will be trained from birth to be Catholic Monarchs.

      10. The King will not be removed from his office for any crime except by the Holy Father. However, he may be prosecuted for violations of the law the same as any other citizen. If convicted of a crime requiring a life sentence, his children will take the thrown, for his family will not be condemned for his crime.

      11. At any time the Holy Father of Rome can veto any action of the King.

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  • Section 5 Authority of the Aristocracy

    Those charged with the administration of the government shall be selected from the universities or professions because of their proven expertise in the field they will work in. There will be no political parties. They must have recommendations from the leaders of the community in which they grew up in. They must have tested proof of their expertise in the field they will serve the government. The leaders of each district will first select two candidates by vote of the leaders, defined as the bishops, the priests, the professors, the mayors, the major land owners, and the major business owners. And finally they must be selected by the vote of the people by at least 50% of the vote.

    1. The Aristocracy will be responsible for running the day to day government and be called a Senate and its members will be called Senators.

    2. The Senate will make the laws and regulations and rules within the written constitutional restrictions.

    3. The Senate shall have the power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imports and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the Nation; but all duties, imports and excises shall be uniform throughout the Nation.

    4. The Senate will construct the infrastructure and regulated its use.

    5. The Senate will have the power to borrow money on the credit of the citizens of the Nation: To regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several district: To establish uniform laws on the subject of bankruptcies: To coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin: To provide for the punishment of counterfeiting the securities and current coin of Nation:

    6. The Senate will promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries:

    7. The Senators will serve for 4 year terms and 1/4 of the government will be elected every year.

    8. The Senators must have been a citizen for at least 4 years and a resident of his district for at least 4 years.

    9. Districts shall be set up according to population and all districts will have the same population within 10% of all others.

    10. Vacancies will be appointed by the King until the next election

    11. The Senators will choose their own Speaker and other offices.

    12. The Speaker will regulate the affairs of the Senate

    13. By a vote of the Aristocracy the President will be chosen from among them.

    14. The President will represent the Senate before the people, the King, the Church and/or foreign governments. The President will sign all bills passed by the Senate after overseeing that the procedure was correct. The President will have one vote.

    15. The King shall have the sole power of impeachment.

    16. The Senate may determine the rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and by a 2/3 vote expel a member.

    17. The Senate shall keep a journal of its proceedings, and publish the same in a journal on an internet site everyday of a session, excepting such parts as may in their judgement require secrecy; and the vote of the members on any question shall be entered in the journal for every citizen to see each day.

    18. The Senators shall receive a compensation for their services to be ascertained by law, and paid out of the Treasury of the Nation.

    19. No Senator shall receive a pension unless he or she has served three terms.

    20. A Senator who has served three terms shall receive the title of Commander, protector of the people and will from that time on be addressed as Commander.

    21. All bills shall originate in the Senate. Every bill which shall have passed the Senate, shall, before it become a law, be presented to the President; if he approve, he shall sign it, but if not, he shall return it, with his objections, to the Senate, who shall enter the objections in their journal on the internet, and proceed to reconsider it. If after such reconsideration, two thirds of the Senate shall agree to pass the bill it shall become a law. The names of the persons voting for and against the bill shall be entered on the journal in the Internet. If any bill shall not be returned by the president within ten days (Sundays excepted) after it shall have been presented to him, the same shall be a law, in like manner as if he had signed it, unless the Congress by their adjournment prevent its return, in which case it shall not be a law.

    22. The King and/or the President may submit a bill for consideration.

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  • Section 6 Authority of the Courts

    The court systems of the Nation will be all local and will try Criminal and Civil cases that occur in their own districts. The people of the districts will be the judges and will determine innocence or guilt and will give out sentences in accordance to the crime with consideration for the victim.

      1. All courts will be set up in the local districts

      2. Each Court will be overseen by an expert in the law and will be called a Judge.

      3. The people of the community will judge all cases and choose their own judges. No degree in the law will be required for a judge. He will be selected because of his honesty and virtuous life.

      4. All cases will be tried by at least three judges in minor cases, and twelve judges in major cases. All trials will be held at night as most judges will have their own jobs.

      5. Unless fixed in the Constitution, punishment will be determined by the people.

      6. All punishment will include retribution to the victims.

      7. The people will defend themselves.

      8. The victims will present their own evidence.

      9. There will be no other judges and no lawyers.

      10. In all cases those who loose the case will pay to the government all costs for the trial, the investigation and any costs incurred by the police or other people.

      11. For national crimes, the Senate will provide the court. The judges will be selected from the Teachers of the Law in the Universities.

      12. All proceedings will be video recorded and open to the public for review.

      13. The King and then the Holy Father will be the only appeals in a court decision. The King will maintain a legal staff of Professors for these appeals. There will be no other appeals courts.

    Section 7 Authority of local Governments

    Each district will maintain its own local government sufficient to maintain its own infrastructure, its own police force, its own social programs, its own business regulations, property rights, and keep the records of the same. Each district will collect its own taxes from Sales tax and not from Income tax. All authority will rest in the local governments that are not explicitly reserved to the National Government as expressed in this Constitution.

    Districts prohibited from the exercise of certain powers.

    1. No district shall enter into any treaty, alliance, or confederation; grant letters of marque and reprisal; coin money; emit bills of credit; make any thing but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts; pass any bill of attainder, ex post facto law, or law impairing the obligation of contracts, or grant any title of nobility.

    2. No district shall, without the consent of the Senate, lay any imposts or duties on imports or exports, except what may be absolutely necessary for executing its inspection laws; and the net produce of all duties and imposts, laid by any state on imports or exports, shall be for the use of the treasury of the United States; and all such laws shall be subject to the revision and control of the Congress.

    3. No district shall, without the consent of the Senate, lay any duty of tonnage, keep troops, or ships of war in time of peace, enter into any agreement or compact with another state, or with a foreign power, or engage in a war, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent danger as will not admit of delay.

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  • Section 8 Authority of local Police

    Local Police shall keep the peace in Districts. They will protect people from people and people's property within the law. They shall not infringe on the rights of self defense but shall come to the aid of all who call on them. They shall investigate crimes and bring to justice those accused of crime. They shall regulate and enforce roads and traffic. They may call into action the citizens for help in case of major aggressors. They will hold classes in arms safety and the limits to self-defense.

    1. The police chief will be elected by a 50% vote of the people of the district.

    2. Two candidates for Police Chief will be selected by the elders for election.

    3. The police chief will hold office for 4 year terms and can be re-elected at the will of the people.

    4. Officers will be trained in a National Academy.

    5. The police can not enter into private property without permission of the landowner or a court order from the presiding court.

    6. A clear and present danger to the property and/or citizens will negate item 5.

    7. The police will be trained and tested in the law and the law's yearly updates.

    8. A friendly relationship will be fostered between the people and the police.

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  • Section 9 Authority of the Nation's Army

    The army is only for the defense of the Nation and its citizens, at home or abroad. The army will never be used except for defense. The army cannot on its own declare any war against any aggressor. That part of the army that has clearly been attacked may defend itself with or without government's declaration if time makes this impractical. Once engaged in battle no government shall interfere with the armies control of the war. No battle or war shall be engaged without a clear victory as its goal. The army shall never fire on this Nation's citizens for any reason. The army will support the Constitution before any person or group of people.

    1. "Army" includes Airforce and Navy under one master command

    2. The King will be the Commanding Officer of the army.

    3. The Senate will finance the army and determine its size.

    4. Top Priority will be given to new technology.

    5. All members of the Army shall be professionally and continuously trained.

    6. There will be no draft as all citizens are armed for defense of their own districts.

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  • Article 3

    Constitutional Laws

    Section 1 Fixed Laws of God

    This Nation professes that our laws and statutes shall reflect the teachings of the Bible and Tradition as taught and interpreted by the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

    1. This Nation professes one God, in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It professes belief in all that the Son, The Word, teaches, and prays that the Holy Spirit guides this Nation in Faith, Adoration, Trust in God's protection and Divine Mercy. As a Nation we profess our first charity to be towards the Word of God. We declare that none of our laws will contradict the teachings of the Mystical Body of Christ, the Catholic Church.

    2. This Nation will never treat God commonly in our national purpose, our laws, our justice or our charity. This Nation will keep God first and adore Him with words and actions.

    3. This Nation will keep holy all Sundays and Church Holidays. No one will work on these days throughout the Nation except for those services needed to care for those celebrating the Lord by Mass or outings together: Gas Stations, Restaurants, parks and recreation, Police, etc. Government sponsored celebrations for Religious Holidays will be the norm. All military personal will be off on these days, except for security personal. No fighting will take place on these days except in the case of an attack.

    4. Honor of Father and Mother and all in Authority will be a National law. Those who dishonor anyone in legitimate God-given Authority will be committing a crime against the common good and therefore the Nation and will be punished by the Nation in accordance with the law and the crime committed. If the punishment of the crime is not spelled out in the law, the community where the crime is committed will declare the punishment. See Section 6.

    5. All crimes of murder are against the law of this Nation, including the murder of unborn children from the moment of conception. This law also includes the killing of one's reputation, damage to one's body, and interference in one's ability to make a living. This law does not include self-defense, the defense of one's family or friends, the defense of one's own property or helping others defend themselves. No self-defense is lawful beyond what is needed to stop the aggression. Anything beyond self-defense is revenge, and revenge belongs to God and not to the individual. The State only will punish the crime after it is stopped or discovered. Everyone has the first right, however, to his own protection.

    6. Adultery is a major crime against the common good, the family and therefore the Nation, and will be punished by the law. The family is the soul and first cell of the Nation and will be protected by every law the Nation can enforce. A proven adulterer will have no rights whatsoever in the family property, children or name. An adulterer who violates another's family will be punished by the Nation and retribution paid to the family in accordance to the loss to the children, the income and their future happiness. Whosoever divorces and marries another also commits adultery and will be punished by the law. Separation will be lawful, but will have to be approved by the Pastor of the family. In separation the property of the family will remain in joint ownership and not be sold for the sake of the children and their inheritance. After separation all members of the family will be supported the same as before separation.

    7. All theft will be punished by the Nation, including but not limited to the theft: of property, of reputation and honor, of time paid for in work, of a just wage, of false advertisement or claims of goods, of even idleness (refusing to work) which damages the common good.

    8. Bearing false witness in the Nation's courts is a felony punished by jail sentence in accordance with the severity of the offence. Those who cooperate with a false witness will have the same sentence. Those who take bribes to pervert justice shall be punished by the Nation's courts. Unjust criticism, or even exaggerating someone's faults or intentions could be punishable by the law if proven.

    9. Any attempt at adultery or theft, even if not successful, will be punished by the laws of the Nation.

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  • Section 2 Fixed Natural Laws

    The natural law (the law of God in nature) will be the law of this Nation. Most violations of the natural law are an abomination to God and therefor, will be an abomination to this Nation. Misusing the natural use of nature in any way is a violation of the natural law.

    1. Homosexual sexual acts between the same sex will be punished by the Nation. Anyone convicted of such crimes against nature will loose citizenship and be expelled from the Nation.

    2. Unnatural Birth control will be treated the same as the use of illegal drugs.

    3. A child from the moment of conception shall have the rights under the law as any other citizen.

    4. The use of natural resources for the common good shall have precedence over the rights of individuals, of animals, of fish, of birds, or even of insects. The common good in this section shall be the combined long term good of the entire earth, the environment, and the people.

    5. History proves that most often man improves on Nature by converting deserts into gardens, arid lands into productive land, ragging rivers into useful irrigation, floods into the useful use of water, and low production crops and animals into high production food sources.


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  • Section 3 Fixed International Laws

    1. This Nation shall not go into the debt of any other Nation, organization or individual.

    2. All trade with other countries shall be equal and fair. Whatsoever restrictions are made on this Nation's products will be made on the other countries products. Whatsoever tariff shall be made on this Nation's products will be made on the other countries products. Whatsoever red-tape shall be made on this Nation's trade will be made on the other countries trade. All things will be equal by the law of this Nation without exception and cannot be changed or negotiated away.

    3. This Nation shall never attack another Nation except in self defense. This Nation's military will be trained only in self defense and will have no aggressive behavior. However, it will be the Nation's national pledge to never surrender and to never give up.

    4. This Nation reserves the right to protect its own citizens from any other country while traveling away from this Nation for any reason whatsoever.

    5. All treaties will be approved first by Senate and then signed by the King.

    6. This Nation will never negotiate with any terrorist for any reason. If this means to sacrifice our citizens we will do so. We will avenge any harm to one of our citizens as a law of the Nation.

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  • Section 4 Fixed Laws of Colonization

    Any area of the world by a vote of the people can become part of this Nation, and they will enjoy the same rights as any citizen of this Nation without exceptions. After reading this constitution or observing the quality of this Nation's way of life, the liberty of its citizens, the superiority of its schools, the morals of its communication, the happiness of its children, the respect of its elders, the justice of its courts, the honor of its military, the stability of its economy, the love of God, and so want to become a district of this Nation, they shall do so by a vote of the people of at least 50%. They will receive the protection of the Army and will choose from among their own people the leaders and Senators for their districts. As was prophesied in the Bible, this nation (kingdom) will be without borders.

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  • Section 5 Laws for non-Catholics

    Non-Catholics shall enjoy the same rights in this Nation as Catholics. They may create their own churches, their own schools, and promote their own beliefs.

    Neither Catholics or non-Catholics may use undue influence, lies, exaggerations, restricted information, false Religious claims of punishment, or special treatment by God, and if they do they can be punished by the law. No religion can force people to join or to stay in their religion by any means.


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  • Section 6 Government Evangelization

    It will be the international right of this government to promote its form, its dignity and honor, its morals and ethics, its love of the arts and sciences, its respect for elders, its love of God, to all other citizens of the world. This Nation will maintain an office of information to defend written or verbal attacks against the nation, to answer questions raised by foreigners and to promote love for the Nation.

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  •  Article 4


    People living in the Nation at the time of adoption of this Constitution shall be citizens immediately with all rights and privileges. Those entering into the Nation to become citizens must comply with the following sections of this Constitution. Non-Catholics will be welcome and not discriminated against but must understand that the laws are based on Catholic teachings.

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  • Section 1 Language

    This nation will use the international language, which is now English and at one time was Latin. This will reverse those actions that separate the population of the Nation from other nations and would strengthen the Nation's economic/manufacturing infrastructure; it would teach all advanced science and technology in the international language. It would conduct international relations in the international language. All finance, medicine, science, and technology will be conducted in the international language.

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  • Section 2 Citizenship Requirements

    This nation will require immigrants to learn the history of the Nation, the international language of the Nation (not the local language) and know the Constitution. Before citizenship is bestowed they will pledge support of the Constitution and the Nation. The Nation will strictly control visitation; it would identify and expel illegal immigrants; it would aggressively patrol against illegal entrants and it would punish those who employ illegals.

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  • Article 5

    Constitutional Freedoms and Restrictions

    The fundamental rights of man (as the history of nations demonstrates) are inviolable and non-negotiable; hence, they can never be at the arbitrary mercy of any social pact or majority consensus. For every one of man's rights to be respected, it is indispensable to recover the sense of the "natural moral law - the light of intelligence infused in us by God. Thanks to it, we know what must be done and what must be avoided. God has given us this light and law in creation, yet, if the exigencies that arise from the natural moral law are not to remain simply as good intentions, they need the law to recognize and protect them in social life.

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  • Section 1 Freedom of the Press

    Freedom of the press is defined as the right to tell the provable truth about anything and anybody even the government and government officials. The press will be free to give opinions about anything if so stated as opinions and not as facts. The press cannot be used to corrupt the morals of the children or the Nation. The press cannot be used against the common good. Untruths will be a violation of the law.

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  • Section 2 Freedom of Religion

    All religions are welcome in this Nation to worship and to promote except for those religions that worship Satan or demons. Every religion can have their own Churches and schools. Every religion can evangelize. However, no religion can promote by the use of untruths or cult methods. No religion can have secrete meetings or gatherings that are not open to the public or to interested spectators who simply want to quietly observe the activities. No religion can intimidate people to not read other religious promotional material. No religion can use mind control methods, threats or intimidation. These things will be prosecuted the same in a religion as they would in any other business. Truth will be protected by the law.

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  • Section 3 Freedom of Speech

    Freedom of speech is primarily the right to criticize the government, and this shall not be infringed. No government or authority can regulate what people think or infringe on their right to express their opinions.

    1. Freedom of speech, however, does not give anyone the right to infringe on the peace and harmony of others whether in what is said or the volume by how it is said.

    2. Freedom of speech does not give anyone the right to damage the morals, ethics, or customs of the common good of the Nation.

    3. No Freedom of speech shall allow anyone to tell untruths about anything or anyone. No one can damage the reputation of another by public speech even if what he says is true unless that truth must be known to protect others.

    4. No one in this nation may promote sexual material designed to stimulate the sexual feelings of people or corrupt the morals of the same.

    5. No music, audio or video will have subliminal messages.

    6. No freedom of speech shall infringe on the common good of the nation.

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  • Section 4 Property Rights

    Everyone has the right to accumulate all the property and assets they want within the limits of interests of the common good. No one has the right to take this away from them. They have the right to pass this on without being taxed a second time for the property and/or assets. Property shall include copyrights and patents.

    1. It shall be the goal of this Nation that no one shall rent his own home or business building but shall own it within the limits of the common good.

    2. Except for temporary living like College or traveling or limited time construction projects or vacations or the tourist trade, etc., all renting will be discouraged and every law possible will be made to prevent the very name of landlord.

    3. No one shall own property that is not used within one year for the common wealth of the nation.

    4. No one shall hang on to property for the exclusive reason of using it like money in the bank without making that land of economic use where at all possible.

    5. Anyone who must rent will have that property offered for sale within one year at fair market value and the Nation will do all in its power to make it possible to buy the property.

    6. All wages will be sufficient for the area of employment for a person to pay all bills including the purchase of a home or apartment without the use of a second person having to work.

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  • Section 5 The Common Good

    The common good of the people of the Nation and the world will always take precedent over any individual rights. Individuals have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Individuals have the right to leave this Nation. Individuals have the right to their own thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. Individuals have the right to gain as much wealth as they wish. But the common good always takes precedent over even these rights.

    1. The right of the people to be protected from plagues gives the Nation the right to isolate those effected.

    2. The right of the people to be protected from pornography is above freedom of speech.

    3. The right of the people to be protected against pedophilia is above the right of anyone to repent and be free.

    4. The right of the people to discriminate shall not be infringed in their community.

    5. The right of the people to have peace and quite shall not be infringed by individual rights.

    6. The right of the people to have a clean environment and neighborhood shall not be infringed by individual rights.

    7. The right of the people to remove people who corrupt the children of their neighborhood shall not be infringed by individual rights.

    8. The people of a community shall have the right to establish codes of dress and behavior for their schools and/or community.

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  • Section 6 The Family

    Every society is like a family and is that extension of the family. The family is the first cell of any Nation or society. Everything a government can do shall be done to protect the unity and permanence of a family structure, its members and its property. The individual rights of the members of the family will never take precedence over the common good of the family.

    1. Marriage is a permanent contract that shall not be broken by the government.

    2. No man shall be allowed to marry who does not show that he has the financial ability to support a family.

    3. No marriage shall be entered into in a major lie. I major lie is a hidden truth or a lie that if known one or the other parties would not have married. A deliberate lie (such as already having been married) can be punished by the law according to what the community will prescribe.

    4. The body of the man belongs to the woman. The body of the woman belongs to the man.

    5. The conception of a child is the child of both the father and the mother from that moment.

    6. A man shall provide for the wellbeing of his wife and children by law.

    7. Separation of married parties shall not be permitted except for mental or physical violence.

    8. In a legal separation the property and children shall remain entirely with the abused party.

    9. Anyone dividing or attempting to divide the unity of a family will be prosecuted by the law.

    10. The common good of the family will always take precedent over the individual rights of any of its members.

    11. The government shall not marry people or divorce them but will protect the contract once made.

    12. All property owned prior to a marriage by one party shall always remain the property of that one individual until death and not the property of both. No agreement to the contrary can be made.

    13. All property gained during a marriage is the property of both members of the marriage and cannot be divided. Anyone leaving the unity of the family (or being the cause of separation) has no rights to the property or children.

    14. Man has the right to protect his family from physical harm and the honor of its name.

    15. Children do not have an automatic right to inheritance but can be willed by the father and mother.

    16. No law can be passed that punishes a family for having many children.

    17. Parents have the right to reasonable physical discipline of their children. Reasonable will be determined by the community where they live.

    18. Teachers will have the same rights of discipline as parents.

    19. Reference shall be made to Article 3, Section 1-d.

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  • Section 7 A Just Wage

    It will be the goal of this Nation that all people receive a just wage. A just wage shall be calculated based on what one hour of work can buy. A man should always make enough income to support his family and buy a home without having another member of the household work. Trade and other educational tools will always be offered free to make everyone capable of working productively to this end.

    1. There will be no minimum wage so that those who want to have live in housekeepers can offer other perks besides wages.

    2. All children will be allowed to work at an early age to learn the value of work and the use of money. All moneys earned by children shall belong to the children and to no one else, except in a family business such as a farm or restaurant. Hours of work will be determined by law.

    3. In order to compete effectively in the international trade world, it will be the goal of this Nation to keep taxes on business, goods, production, etc. to a minimum.

    4. The government will help businesses expand and modernize with University and banking help when the common good is at stake.

    5. It will be the goal of the Nation to keep the cost of living as low as possible for the good of the people.

    6. Every effort will be made to keep essential products at minimum costs, such as food, water, electric, gas, medical products and the phone systems.

    7. No one shall be required to work over 40 hours a week. Everything beyond that shall be voluntary.

    8. Everyone owes to his employer an honest day's work as is taught by God in His 7th Commandment.

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  • Section 7 Right to Vote

    Everyone over the age of 18 will have the right to vote without pre-registration. All voting will take place on Sunday in the entrance to the Churches. Only those people who are registered in that Church can vote. They must produce identification that will be placed in the ballot. The Pastor will keep the ballots for one year. People who do not belong to a Church will register to vote in the closest Church of their choice.

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  • Section 8 Ex post facto law

    No bill of attainder or ex post facto law shall be passed. No law shall ever be passed retro-active.

    Section 9 Tax not allowed

    No tax or duty shall be laid on articles exported from any district to another. No tax shall be laid on another tax. No one shall pay inheritance tax. No one shall pay tax on property that has already been taxed. No one shall have a different tax structure from anyone else for any reason. No deductions will be made for any reason at all. All tax shall be a flat tax - income or sales or profit or government services such as postal, harbor, import or export.

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  • Section 10 Habeas Corpus

    The privilege of the writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in cases of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it.

    Article 6

    Tolerated Crimes and Weaknesses

    Government cannot control all crimes against the common good or the weaknesses of human nature. Where it is not a clear and present danger to the common good of the people of the nation, government should show tolerance for the weaknesses of mankind. Alcohol or drug use will not be prosecuted unless the actions of the people are a danger to people or property. Prostitution will not be prosecuted unless it is under the section on adultery. The government will never protect a person from themselves.

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  • Article 7

    School Systems

    The strength of a Nation is in the people. A superior educated people produces a superior nation. An educated nation produces wealth and happiness. The primary obligation of a government is the well being of its people. Therefore a primary obligation of the government is the education of its people. The financing and infrastructure of the school systems belongs to the government, but the final say in local schools belongs to the people whose children are in these schools. All schools will be Religious Schools and will teach as a primary part of the education system, morals, ethics, and theology. All schools will be run by the Church, Catholics in Catholic Schools and non-Catholics in non-Catholic Schools. Sports and related activities will not be part of the school system but will be promoted by the towns in a separate system. Education is the goal of the school system and not self-esteem. No one will pass to another grade who has not learned the requirements of the present grade. The object of the school system is to give everyone basic knowledge to made a living and understand the moral and ethic laws of the land, and to find and train the best minds of the Nation to greatness. It will not lower its standards to average or low intelligence. Anyone who will not learn or obey his or her teachers will be removed from the school system. Teachers will be respected with honor.

    Section 1 Primary Grades 1-8 will concentrate on that education that requires memory as children in this age bracket have been given by God the greatest ability in memory but not in logic.

    1. Reading and Writing in the native language and in the international language

    2. Mathematics and related memory sciences

    3. Courtesy, morals, ethics and respect

    4. Music, art and poetry

    5. Church, World, and National History

    6. Basic Geography

    7. Computer Science and typing

    8. Prayers and the basic teachings of the Church

    Section 2 Secondary Grades 9-12 will teach sciences that develop logic and deductive reasoning.

    1. Advanced history of Church, World, and Nation

    2. Advanced writing and reading skills

    3. Advanced mathematics and related sciences

    4. Earth sciences of physics, electronics, chemistry, biology, botany, astronomy, agriculture, etc.

    5. Theology - Bible, Early Church Fathers, Saints, Doctors, Dogma, Canon Laws, etc.

    6. Sciences that have not be proven (such as Psychology, Evolution, Quantum Physics, Black Holes, collapsing stars, etc.) will not be taught in Sections 1 and 2. They may be taught in Section 3 in classes on theory.

    Section 3 Advanced Education will be so promoted by this Nation as to have the goal of the greatest education system in the world. Universities and small colleges will recruit teachers of the finest quality from all over the world and supply the finest tools to teach with. Advanced Education will not be social but to prepare people for jobs skills and usefulness to the common good of all.

    Section 4 Specialized Education. It has been demonstrated in sports that special clinics can develop existing talent to a high degree of excellence. These gifted people will be supplied with such clinics of education in the sciences where they can concentrate on their field of study with the help of the greatest experts without any distraction from other sciences or people not in this field of study.

    Section 5 Specialized Education will be supplied for the lesser sciences such as music, art, sports, agriculture, construction trades, manufacturing trades, office skills, sanitation, etc.

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  • Article 7

    Welfare System

    "If a man will not work neither shall he eat." No one will be deprived of the power to made a just wage and live a respectful and happy life. The handicapped will be given the assistance needed to be productive members of the Nation. Widows will be taken care of by the community with special care. Orphans not taken in by the extended families will be taken care of by the Church will tax payers expense. Problem children will be placed with the Church in special military type schools to learn discipline.

    Section 1 No money will ever be given to any welfare victim. The government will supply large buildings with large single rooms on each floor and two central bathrooms. On the ground floor will be a large kitchen supplied with food. Each large room will have many beds but no dividing walls. Anyone who must or wants to live in these buildings can without reason or investigation. Everyone will be supplied free vocational training. There will be no cigarettes, alcohol, or privacy in these buildings.

    Section 2 Immigrants to this nation, who have been forced through oppression to come into this Nation without the preparation shown in Article 4 above may live in the housing provided in Article 7, Section 1 until they have complied with Article 4.

    Section 3 The handicapped, the elderly, the orphans, juveniles, and the mentally handicapped will have special care supplied by the Church and paid by the tax payers. The Church will not have government restrictions.

    Section 4 The use of Psychiatry or Psychology will not be used in this Nation's schools, hospitals or welfare systems in any way. What will be used is Moral Theology and Social Philosophy.

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