World Wide Economic Collapse

By Richard Salbato

World "experts" in money markets like Cliyde Prestowitz, Warren Buffet and George Soros are betting on a major crash of the dollar in the near future.  Prestowitz thinks it will be greater than the Great Depression of the 1930s.  With trade deficits over 650 billion this year (more last year) we have placed our future in the hands of non-Americans.  Our deficit is financed by the central banks of countries like China and Japan.  In fact all the world banks are chock-full of US dollars, much more than they want or need for trade.

Why are they holding more dollars than they want or need?  It is simple.  They are holding up the dollar for their own selfish reasons.  If the dollar collapses the whole world economy collapses because there is no alternative yet to the dollar.  Right now if the dollar crashes so would the economies of China and Japan and much of their holdings are in American banks.

However, Russia and India are also big dollar holders and do not have a large stake in keeping America strong because they do not have a large trade with America.  Other central banks like Chile, South Korea, Zimbaqbwe, Sudan, South American, etc. also hold large deposits of dollars.

However, the supremacy of the dollar world wide is under a challenge by the Euro.  For the time being the Euro is struggling and is not yet a safe bet to jump into instead of the dollar.  The failure of EU to ratify their constitution may have just postponed the master plan of the Socialists of Europe to cripple American by creating an alternative to the dollar. 

If you have not yet read SOVIET ROOT OF SOCIALIST EUROPEAN UNION read it now.

Master Plan To Isolate America

People who think it was possible to take down the Trade Center twin towers with just airplanes have their heads in the sand or just have no concept of engineering. But if the Twin Towers 9-11 disaster was a global conspiracy, who would gain by it? 

Again you must look back at the master plan of the new marriage of Soviet Socialists and European Socialists in the early 1980s for a possible answer.  The plan was to create a European alternative to the dollar, with a unified economic zone comprising Russia, East Europe, West Europe and any others willing to join in all with a Socialist agenda.  But the problem was that the American economy was booming, the American army was stronger than the rest of the world combined, and every socialist attempt in the past failed economically.   Russia's economy was almost in ruins in the early 1980s, the communists in Italy failed to take the country over and thanks to Padre Pio, Christian Democrats actually got stronger.  In France the communists were defeated in the same year, maybe by Our Lady of L'Ile de Bourchard who in the same year, 1947 asked for prayers for France.  (See below Note 1) 

In spite of these failures Socialists could not see the basic failure of their thinking (social economics vs. market economics) but instead blamed their failure on the lack of a unity of nations under socialism.  Communism at one time controlled 70% of the world population but only 17% of the world's wealth, but even this does not sink into their heads.  They had a new plan to take over the productive countries and isolate America, who they could not penetrate.  There plan was to create a new international currency called the Euro and kill the power of the dollar.  Unilateralists supported the plan, many who are in high American government positions.

The wars that followed the 9-11 bombing, the massive deficit and the overpriced fuel oil today benefits only one group of people, the Internationalists, who helped create the Euro and the European Union.  As long as America stays strong, a world wide Socialist Government is impossible. 

Immediate Economic Danger

Right now, the US dollar is probably 40 per cent overvalued versus the Japanese yen or the Chinese Renminbi. The fear in the short term is that one country will be willing to sacrifice its own interest to dump the dollar.  Just like the stock market, the first out is going to loose the least money and everyone else will be holding dollars at less value.  What if some small Islamic country decides they have too many dollars and dumps $10 billion all at once?  Panic will set in the rest of the world, and everyone will start getting out of the dollar leaving those holding dollars with half its present value. 

Russia just sold China a stock of Russian Missiles and took dollars as payment, so they now hold more dollars then they did last week.  Since they are betting on the Euro they could weaken the dollar and strengthen the Euro by selling dollars and buying Euros.  The only thing that might hold them back is the worry that the Euro is going to fail and it is more fragile than the dollar right now. 

The Chinese Renminbi is under priced and they would not take dollars except as a way to sell cheap goods.  What is saving the dollar is not faith in the dollar but the lack of an alternative.  The Euro is over valued causing massive unemployment in Germany, France, Italy and Portugal.  They are sacrificing their own economies to weaken the dollar.  The Euro is on thin ice right now because if any one of the Euro countries decides to drop the Euro it will fall apart.  Three countries could easily do this and soon, Poland, Portugal and Italy.  There is a lot of pressure in Germany to drop the Euro also.

Perhaps the greatest immediate danger to the dollar is that the Internationalists see what I see, and that is that the only way to save the Euro is to crash the dollar as soon as possible.  This is my fear since I live on the dollar in a European country.

Another danger is Hedge Funds who bet on future trends and leverage their bets 20 to one.  There are 8000 Hedge Funds in the USA alone and trade $6 trillion on the international markets everyday.  One such Hedge Fund manager is Warren Buffet, who is betting $US 21 billion against the dollar. Another is George Soros who has also made a huge bet against the dollar.   Even if these people are wrong, small investors tend to follow the big ones and these people control markets by getting large amounts in first and then telling everyone what they did.  This creates a self fulfilling prophesy and they know it. 

The American Debt

Debt is not a problem to people or to nations providing that the debt produces more wealth than it costs - it produces more than it costs in payments per year.  Let us look at the American debt.  The current debt  (deficit, promises for those big programs, pensions, veterans health care) comes to a total of $43 trillion -$145,000 per American , or $350,000 for every full-time worker.

The trade deficit - the difference between what America imports and what it exports - is the highest it's ever been, both in absolute numbers and in comparison to the size of the economy.  As a society, Americans are on track this year to spend $680 billion more on foreign goods such as Chinese-made clothes, Japanese-made cars and Scandinavian cell phones than overseas buyers do on American goods. It is now, roughly 6.5 percent of the total economy.

Americans, who go into debt to keep living a life beyond their means, are spending more and more of that borrowed money to buy goods from overseas.  At the same time, the government provides more services to the public than it can afford to - and goes into debt to cover the cost.

Other nations actually purchase that debt, in the form of U.S. Treasury bonds and notes. Those bonds have increasingly been snapped up not just by private investors but by foreign banks. Japanese investors hold the most U.S. debt, but China has been buying more than any other country in recent months.  The biggest trade deficit is with China at $162 billion. Japan is next, at $75 billion.

In a very real sense, the U.S. economy is dependent on the central banks of Japan, China and other nations to invest in U.S. Treasuries and keep American interest rates down. The low rates keep American consumers buying imported goods.

But the lack of fiscal discipline in the United States is undermining the value of the American dollar, thereby lowering the value of the U.S. Treasuries in foreign banks. As the dollar's value drops, other nations' willingness to keep investing cannot last.

If those banks reduced their dollar holdings or were simply less willing to invest so much, it could spark a sharp fall in the value of the dollar and that could create a host of economic problems.

China's decision last month to uncouple the value of its currency from the dollar and tie it instead to a basket of different currencies could make the dollar's position less exposed to a quick shift by international investors - or it could spur those investors to look elsewhere and leave the United States' position more precarious.

$100 Dollar A Barrel Oil as Another War Tool

Oil right now is overpriced by manipulation of OPEC, even to their own disadvantage.  The proper price of oil right now allowing for inflation is about $35 dollars a barrel.  In the past OPEC held oil at a price that did not allow alternative sources of oil to come forward, like oil shale, vegetable oils, nuclear power, and electric cars.   They will not hold the price of oil up long because the alternative sources are already starting to pump up again, so why have they done this in the first place and why did big speculators know in advance that OPEC was going to do this?  This has nothing to do with supply and demand, it has to do with creating another way to have another stock market crash.

The real danger is not the price of oil but oil futures.  Assume there is a trillion dollars out there on oil futures betting that oil will be at 70 to 100 dollars a barrel and it drops to its real value of 35 dollars a barrel.  It will make the dot-com crash or the coming housing crash look like a walk in the park.

Is Gold a Hedge Against a World Wide Crash?

The Bank of China and China's other three major banks are starting to sell gold to Chinese citizens, all 1.2 billion of them. So what's changed? Well, the problem that Chinese gold has had in the past is miserable distribution. But now that all four Government controlled banks are involved, expect distribution to improve dramatically. More Chinese are buying gold than ever!

India deregulated their gold trade eleven years ago. Since then, consumer demand there has been averaging 31 percent annual growth! Bear in mind that India's population is 1 billion and the nation is already "consuming" about 38 percent of the world's annual gold production.

The rising Muslim gold dinar - the Middle East's popular new gold bullion coin - will also cut deeply into gold production, spurred by fear over war, terrorism, and the weakening dollar.  If Middle Eastern demand soars to the tune of $10-20 billion in new gold purchases, it could essentially take gold "out of circulation and push its price to $2,000 an ounce," according to respected analyst Nick Guarino. 

That is a good bet with the fears on other currencies but would gold save you from a world wide economic crash?  I do not think so.  People who have consumable things, like food, water, fuel oil etc. are not going to give them up for something they cannot eat or trade.  Those who have consumable things and a way to protect them are going to be in power.  Maybe this is why the Internationalists like the World Bank are buying up natural resources like water and electric rights in third world countries.

The great advantage of America in such a world wide crisis is its farms and its army.  America has the largest and most efficient farm system in the world and the strongest army.  Somehow this reminds me of Joseph's Egypt.  Knowing that the world was going into a famine, he stored up 7 years of grain and then used this to put into his power most of the world.  This is what I think would happen in a world wide economic crash but in the short run, about 4 years, things are not going to be good for America or the world.

Is The Federal Reserve Pro American?

One way for America to control the Dollar is for the government to regulate it as the constitution demands, but it does not.  Most people think it does but in fact a OPEC type of international bankers control the dollar.

Thomas Jefferson once said that a private central bank (like the Federal Reserve) which issues the public currency was “a greater menace to the liberties of the people than a standing army.”  Speaking on the floor of the House of Representatives on June 10, 1932, Congressman Louis T. McFadden launched a twenty-five minute tirade against the Fed. 

"Mr. Chairman, we have, in this country, one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve banks. The Federal Reserve Board has cheated the government of the United States out of enough money to pay the national debt.”

What the Fed Reserve does is create money out of nothing and charges interest for it.   One way they do this is by increasing the money supply whenever a loan is made.  When the funds from a loan are deposited in a bank account, the money supply is increased – from thin air.  If you ever wondered why our economy is so dependent upon credit to survive, you might want to think more about this little-known fact.

The Federal Reserve is a banking cartel.  A cartel is a group of independent businesses joined together to coordinate the production, pricing, or marketing of a product for members -- very much like OPEC does for oil producing countries in the Middle East.

The Federal Reserve is a cartel of bankers and investment bankers who coordinate the production, pricing and marketing of money in the United States.  Member banks own the Federal Reserve System.  Private investors own member banks. 

Who are these private investors?  Are they pro American?  Are they International Investors?  Are they internationalists?  Do they care if the dollar crashes?  Who can say?  What is for sure is that they are in control and they are not part of the American Government.  (See Note 2)

The Socialists Failure

Why not let the world become Socialist, after all socialists are pro worker and anti business?  In France when Nestlé  closed down its factory, the government made it open up again even though it was loosing money.  In Portugal if a business wants to lay off a non-productive worker, it may have to pay him a years severance pay and be sued for doing it.  This is good for people, right?  The French worker works 32 hours a week and has twice as much vacation time as Americans.  This is good, right?

The answer in the short term is "yes" but in the long term is "no".  The short sighted see the good but not the results of this apparent good.  Nothing happens until someone does something.  The more someone does the more things happen.  There are people who know how to make things happen and do it with the least amount of time and work. 

People's worth, what they have and how they live depend on the production of something.  A nation's worth depends on the same thing, people producing something that creates wealth.  The failure of socialism is that they reward the non-productive and penalize the productive.  They do this with taxes on business profits and regulations on labor including fixed benefits.

An example of the failure of Socialism is Germany's Volkswagen in 2005.  Volkswagen's net income per 1,000 employees is $2.7 million  compared with $76.9 million at Toyota, the world's second-largest car-maker. And its net income of €677 million (£461m) was down 77 per cent from 2001's €2.9 billion.  Volkswagen has 10,000 too many workers but because of Socialist government regulations it cannot lay them off.  Volkswagen  needs to cut these 10,000 jobs to even survive in Germany but under socialist regulations it will never happen.  Unless Germany goes back to a Market System, Volkswagen will move to the golf of Portugal where production costs will be over €1,000 cheaper per vehicle. Germany's Socialism will then loose 150,000 jobs and the tax that comes with them.  Considering that Volkswagen is the pin of Germany's economy, it could pull Germany out of the top 10 industrialized counties.

The French - especially the country's 18-to-30 year-old demographic - have had it with the nation's archaic socialist economic policies and they're pulling up stakes and heading west in great numbers. Fed up with a country they describe as rigid, racist and old-fashioned, French youngsters are opting for a new start in Britain, Canada, America or New Zealand, where they can find housing and jobs more easily than in France. Currently, unemployment among the under-25s in France stands at 23.3%, and 40% of 18-to-30 year-olds describe their financial status as "difficult."

A cultural gap is opening up between the young French people and the rest of the country's society. [The] 18-to-30-year-olds have an image of a rigid, authoritarian country lacking flexibility. They are looking for a more flexible hiring system ... and they head for those countries where the culture of little jobs is more developed.

Capitalism is an economic, political and social system based on private ownership of property, business and industry, and directed towards making the greatest possible profits for successful organizations and people.  Its weakness is in its failure to take into consideration the good of the entire society. 

However, a compromised version of Capitalism (something like Supply Side Economics) which I call a Market Economic System works best. The Market System works on what is best for the individual and the society as a whole, whereas the Capitalist system works on what is good for the individual alone.

Examples of Market Economic Systems were used in two very depressed cities in America.  They had no industry, therefore no tax base, therefore no way to create a good social system.  Understanding that they had to attract industry to their towns they offered free land to large companies, free electric and water for years, and promised roads and labor without red tape.  Large industries took up this challenge and these two cities became strong and prosperous overnight.  The people had jobs and bought homes and cars and got off government welfare systems.

Ireland had done the same and went from a very poor country to a very rich country overnight but after a change in government and the acceptance of the Euro, they are now heading down hill like Germany and France. 

Countries that have switched from a Socialist system to a Market system and are growing in leaps and bounds are Nicaragua, Panama, New Zealand and, in some ways, Brazil.

Socialists fool themselves because in truth you cannot tax a business even if you think that you can, nor should you tax them. 

Let me give you an example of why you cannot tax business. 

I make something that costs 1.00 and the government taxes me .25 cents so now my costs are 1.25 because tax is also my costs.  I want to make 10% profit so my profit is greater because of the tax by 2.5 cents than it would be if I was not taxed.  So as a company I make more money with tax than without it.  Who pays the tax?  The company does not pay the tax but the buyer of my product pays the tax. 

Now let me tell you why you should not tax business. 

If I make 100,000 dollars in business and take 25,000 for myself and leave 75,000 in the business for expansion, more people, more material, etc. then this 75,000 is not a profit at all.  Now if the government charges me tax on the 75,000 I have less to create more production and I will hire less people.  Less production means less jobs and less jobs means less money for governments.  That is why supply side economics produces more money for governments.  

Instead of punishing people for production and savings we should only tax spending - the sales tax.  Successful people want good things and we can get the money from them that we lost in the taxing of businesses by taxing their excessive and unproductive buying.  In truth we were never able to tax the business anyway.

The completely unregulated Capitalism of the time of St. Pius X was immoral and should never come back - child labor, long hours, low pay, etc.  But today pure capitalists (The Internationalists) have found a way to make huge profits from the same methods under pure Capitalism by buying products from China and moving their companies to China and now we have the same immoral child labor, long hours and low pay.  Unless the world stops buying from China, the Internationalists will take over the world.

Good News In Europe

There are some good signs that Europe is waking up to the failures of Socialism but my fears are that it may be too late or that the Internationalists will see this as a warning to move more swiftly than they had wanted to in order to crash the dollar.

In Germany the socialist are about to be kicked out of office with a new political regime, under Angela Merkel.  She is promising a 25% flat tax and the elimination of 90,000 individual tax rules.

Her future finance minister, Paul Kirchoff says: "We will smash down the tax barriers, break the cycle of resignation. I'll be there myself on hand with a big sledgehammer. We want to give the citizens back their freedom and let them decide for themselves what they want to do with their incomes."

And more and more European Union countries are following a similar path with Germany.  The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Belgium and Spain are going to adopt the same Market Systems (as apposed to the Socialist Systems), with the present governments or with what seems evident in the change of governments.  Poland, Slovakia and the Baltics are also considering entering the flat tax system and the elimination of tax rules.  

Only France, controlled by the Unions, seems sure to remain Socialist.  The French take 54% of the GDP in Tax.

Germany's orders for goods and supplies flowing in from eastern Europe and the Pacific Rim has made Germany the world's largest exporter.  Germany's trade surplus is now greater than that of China, Japan and India combined, having reached a staggering 16.8 billion Euros in June alone. And the profits raked in by German companies are running at over 33% of national income.  All told, foreigners poured almost $87 billion into German equities in May and June alone.  They do so in the hope that the country's high unemployment rate - which stands at 10.4% - and an imminent government changeover will see Social Democrat Gerhard Schroder walking off into the political sunset.

Can America Stop A World Wide Economic Crash?

If there is a world wide economic crash it will be because of the dollar, therefore only America can stop it.  But will they do what they must do to stop it. America needs to produce more of its own consumption and stop buying so much from the likes of China. America is fast becoming an information and service country instead of what made it great, its factories of production.   Germany has kept their factories and with a new government may free them up to become even greater and stronger than now.  In other words, make it easy for production of goods.

America is doing the right thing regarding lowering tax to stimulate the economy but not doing enough to cut federal spending and red tape.  I would prefer a flat tax. Americans need to leave more money in the bank and get rid of credit debts on both individual and government levels.  

Most important for the short term is that America needs to see the Socialist Euro as an enemy.  By making an economic deal with one or more of the European countries, America can kill the Socialist Euro plans because it only takes one country with a Market Economic System in Europe to show first hand the weakness of Socialism. This could be the new government of Germany that seems sure to win the upcoming election. It will be like East and West Berlin. But who in the American government is not in bed with the Internationalists bent on creating a Socialist world?

Even if America has to continue to spend $3.00 a gallon for gas, I believe it should do so to become independent of Arab oil.  Farmable oil, oil shale, Alaska oil, off shore oil, South American oil, who cares - as long as it is not Arab oil.  Without western money terrorists would die out.  Can this be done?  Yes! Offer more money to other oil producing nations and less to Arab nations and it will happen by itself.  By simply offering more than they are asking for you can kill the OPEC cartel.

Stop rewarding people for hating you.  An interesting note is that the only Arab countries that I can consider friends of America are Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey and none of these produce oil.

Will This be the Start of the Great Chastisement?

Our Lady of Fatima promised that in the end Her Immaculate Heart will triumph and there will be a period of peace in the world.  This has not happened and in fact it does not seem possible the way the world is going now.  Trying to figure out how this could happen I wrote  "What is The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary?"  It is about three hours of reading.  I also wrote The Ark of Apocalypse, a fiction story about the future based on how I thought this triumph of Mary would take place. 

Considering that from a theological point of view, peace without justice is not peace, then there is no peace unless there is world wide justice.  The peace of the Romans was just the lack of war, but without justice.  Mary's peace has to be with justice for all, quoting the American constitution. 

Last year all the bishops of Nicaragua, celebrated the anniversary of Our Lady's apparitions there, where she predicted a third world war.  Also in this same century Our Lady of Akita, Japan talked about a world wide war.  A world wide war in terms of many countries going against many other countries is not possible today since there is only one superpower, American.

Even if America was hit with a first strike destroying all her cities, they still would win a war just with their Tridentine Submarine system, which could take out all the major industrialized countries of the world and more.   However, there is a world wide war that could happen and this is what I wrote about in 1984 in The Ark of Apocalypse - simultaneous civil wars world wide.

The only thing that could cause a world wide simultaneous civil war scenario is a world economic crash.  This is the only  scenario that fits all the 104 prophesies I have read and the only scenario I can envision that can bring about Mary's Triumph.

The price will be high and no one will like it but in the end God will not be mocked by anti-God governments like in Europe, anti-life governments like in America and England, anti-freedom governments like in China and  some Arab countries.  God will not be mocked by liberal theologies in the Catholic Church or the disobedience of traditionalists, or the acceptance of false apparitions, or the 80% of Catholics who practice birth control and have abortions.  

God will not be mocked by the failure of Christians to come together in the true Body of Christ even after 70 years of pleading.  God has to do this because we are not doing it.  I am convinced God will shake the world into sanity and I look forward to it.  You might as well look forward to it, because there is no other way to bring about peace with justice.

If Somalia and America's civil wars are any guide line, we can expect more deaths in civil wars than in all the other wars combined.  Maybe, as the bible says, there will be few people left on earth after this.

Rick Salbato

Note 1

Our Lady of L'Ile Bouchard, France, December 8, 1947

The Virgin Mary said several times, the purpose of this apparition is to ask to PRAY FOR FRANCE.  What was happening in France in 1947? The Communist Party was very strong, and many workers became Communist and anti-Church./3210


Note 2

The Federal Reserve System

The birth of the Federal Reserve began  one windy November night in 1910 at a New Jersey train depot.  Rhode Island Senator Nelson Aldrich, the political spokesman at the time for big business interests, hosted a “hunting” party.  His private railway car was hooked to a train that, after a few transfers to other trains, would get people close to Jekyll Island.  They were then transported  by yacht to the island. 

In 1935 Frank Vanderlip made an interesting confession.  He wrote:

“I do not feel it is any exaggeration to speak of our secret expedition to Jekyll Island as the occasion of the actual conception of what eventually became the Federal Reserve System.”

Senator Aldrich’s party consisted of:
- Abraham Piatt Andrew, Assistant Secretary of the United States Treasury
- Frank A. Vanderlip, president of National City Bank of New York (now Citibank, then representing William Rockefeller and Kuhn, Loeb & Co, international investment bankers)
- Henry P. Davison of J.P. Morgan Company
- Charles D. Norton, president of J.P. Morgan’s Bankers Trust Company
- Paul M. Warburg, a partner in Kuhn, Loeb & Company, was also part of the group. 

Warburg represented the Rothschild banking dynasty in England and France. 

Mr. Warburg was the brother of Max Warburg who headed a banking consortium in Germany and the Netherlands.

It is clear these are the men who created our Federal Reserve System.  It is equally clear none of them are viewed historically as patriots. They are known for being concerned with building and maintaining the traditional wealth housed in Europe and on the East Coast of the United States.

The plan that emerged from Jekyll Island was pretty simple.  These men wanted a central bank that allowed them to control the money supply in the U.S.  They knew Americans would not tolerate a central bank.  Many Americans of the day had emigrated from Europe.  They knew how central banks operate.  An entity had to be created that looked like a duck, walked like a duck, but was not called a duck -- or, a central bank.  Further, the entity had to look like it was controlled by Congress, but a majority of its members would be selected by privately-owned banks that owned the largest portion of its stock.

Is this significant?  Does it matter?  In 1913, $1,000 could buy what it took $10,000 to buy in 1994.

Regional Reserve Banks hold cash reserves of the system, supply currency to member banks, clear checks, and act as fiscal agents for the government.  Member banks elect directors of the regional Reserve Banks in each of their regions.  Larger banks -- Bank of America, Citibank and Chase Manhattan, for example -- hold more shares than smaller banks.  However, they have only one vote in the selection of Regional Reserve Bank directors.

The Federal Open-Market Committee implements monetary policy set by the national Board.  It, however, controls most of its own policy.  It manipulates our money supply and interest rates by purchasing or selling government securities.  It may do this via the purchase or sale of foreign currencies and securities of other governments. 

Money is created and interest rates go down when the Fed purchases.  When the Fed sells government securities, the money supply is reduced and interest rates go up.

The Committee is made up of the national Board of Governors plus five of the twelve regional Presidents.  Twenty-four bond dealers handle all sales of government securities.  Government agencies may not exchange with each other without paying dealers’ commissions on each transaction (talk about a sweet deal for bond dealers!).

Fed monetary policy decisions are made at secret meetings.  We, the public, get a brief report a few weeks after decisions are made.  Transcripts of deliberations are destroyed ... a policy which started when, in 1970, the Freedom of Information Act was passed.  Theoretically, the CIA cannot get away with the kind of secrecy this non-government board can!

The federal government does not own any stock in the Federal Reserve System.  The Fed is privately owned.  However, member banks may not sell or pledge their stock nor does it carry voting rights.  No matter how many shares of stock a bank owns, it gets only one vote.  In essence, owning stock in the Federal Reserve doesn’t imply ownership.  It just shows how much operating capital each bank has in the system.

The U.S., except for a brief period of time, operated without a central bank from the time the nation was founded under the Constitution, in 1789, until 1913.  Unless my math is off, that’s 124 years.  We have operated under the concept of a central bank (Federal Reserve) for only 78 years.

The Congress could abolish the Federal Reserve System by a single majority vote.  If the vote is vetoed by the Executive Branch of government (the President), a two-thirds majority vote would be required to override the veto.  If the System is abolished, all bank-clearing functions can easily be transferred to the Treasury.  The power to “coin money and regulate the value thereof” could once again fall under the oversight of the Congress, where our Constitution says it should be.

There is an excellent book about the Fed and the tale of Jekyll Island.  I highly recommend The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin, published by American Opinion Publishing. 

Since no agency, government or otherwise, has more impact on our financial lives than the Federal Reserve, it is a topic with

Note 3

Editor, publisher Mr. Clausen of Germany had a meeting with Mr. Lammert, former Secretary of State and now head of the election campaign for the Christian Democratic Party (CDU) in Germany. Mr. Clausen wanted to show him the booklet by Vladimir Bukovsky called "EUSSR: The Soviet Roots of European Integration" and by so doing help the Christian Democratic Party win back Germany from the Socialists.

However Mr. Lammert would not even read the book.  "Gorbachev is a person highly esteemed in Western Europe and much liked altogether. As far as the traitor La Fontaine (who, along with the Communist Gysi is running for office for the Socialist Party) Mr. Lammert said, "One can not confront him with such facts during an election campaign."

The question remains, if not in an election campaign to expose him for what he is, when is the appropriate moment for exposure? Is the CDU only pretending to be anti-socialist.  It seems the EU has control of both parties in Germany.

It appears they are working hand-in-hand with the Communists of Moscow to turn Germany, along with all Europe, into a communist block. The so called chancellor to be of the CDU Angela Merkel, has spent almost all of her life in Communist Germany, and was a high ranking figure with the former Communist SED (Soyialistische Einheitspartei Deutschland) and had unrestricted access for former head of state of the German Democratic Republic,  Erich Honnecker. She was born in West Germany and her parents moved to East Germany when she was four years old. No sane person would have ever done this - leaving a paradise of economic growth and welfare for a hell on earth in a Communist country unless he was a Communist himself. Something is terribly wrong here, but there is nothing left that can be done without press exposure.

Note 4

God's Attempts to save France

1689 - To St Margaret Mary Alacoque the Sacred Heart requested that the King of France consecrate the nation to His Sacred Heart (100 years exactly before the French Revolution of 1789).

1789 French Revolution

1826 Louis XVI consecrated France to Sacred Heart

1830-07-06 Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, Rue du Bac, France 

1840  Our Lady apparition to give Green Scapular to Sr Justin in Paris

1846  Apparition of Our Lady and Our Lord to another holy nun in Paris for
the Red Passion Scapular

1846 Our Lady of LaSallette, France 

1858  Our Lady of Lourdes, France 

1871  Our Lady of Pontmain, France

1876  Our Lady of Pellevoisin, France-Sacred Heart Scapular 

1909  Our Lady of the Woodlands in Le Pailly, France

1947-12-08 L'Ile Bouchard, France 
Since 1947, no more approved apparitions of Our Lady to France. France now no longer has the Faith. And has no excuse.

Note 5

Russian President PUTIN flew to Berlin on September 8, 2005 bearing a multimillion-dollar gas pipeline deal intended to promote his Socialist friend Gerhard Schröder, the German Chancellor, in hopes to save his election changes on September 18,2005, and this is only the latest in a string of international interventions to save his re-election.

Rarely have world leaders been so open in their sympathies: this election is pitting Old Europe against New Europe, the free-market Atlanticism of Angela Merkel, the conservative contender, against the Chancellor’s anti-US posturing.

Socialists President Chirac of France, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish Prime Minister, and José Socrates, the Socialist Prime Minister of Portugal, are all in the Schröder camp.

But President Bush and Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel, of Austria, can barely conceal their impatience for change. The Poles and Lithuanians also back Frau Merkel.