The Government of the Bible

God came to establish a spiritual Kingdom. "My kingdom is not of this world." Not of the world, but it was a kingdom in the world. "The Kingdom of Heaven is like. ..[good seeds and weeds growing together]" Matt. 13:24-30. "The Kingdom of Heaven is like. ..[the growing of a mustard Seed]" Matt. 13:31-35. So that there can be no mistake what He means, Christ explains that the Kingdom of Heaven is on this EARTH. "The field is the world; the good seed, the sons of the Kingdom; the weeds, the sons of the wicked one, and the enemy who sowed them is the devil." (Matt. 13:38). To further prove the Kingdom is on EARTH, "The Son of Man will send forth His angels, and they will gather out of His Kingdom all scandals and those who work iniquity. .:' (Matt. 13:41).

In the parable, "The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure. .." (Matt. 13:44-46). He lets them know that nothing is more important than entering the Kingdom. In "The Kingdom of Heaven is like a net cast into the sea," He explains that in the Kingdom will be the good and the bad. (Matt. 13:47-49). In Matt. 13:52 Christ teaches that the Kingdom will be new but draw from the old. Regarding something new, He predicts there will be virgins in His Kingdom. ". ..and there are eunuchs who have made themselves so for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven." (Matt. 19:12).

After the Apostles received the Body and Blood of Christ at the Last Supper He said, "And I appoint to you a Kingdom, even as My Father has appointed to Me, that you may eat and drink at My table in My Kingdom; and you shall sit upon thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel." (Luke 22:29-30).

The Kingdom of God is the Church

"And if he refuse to hear them, appeal to the Church, but if he refuse to hear even the Church, let him be to thee as the heathen and the publican:' (Matt. 13:17). "Upon this rock I will build My Church." After Pentecost this new terminology developed. ..Instead of "Kingdom" they used "ecclesia," which means "a gathering." The Apostles used this word to mean "a community of believers." The English translation of this word is "Church:'

"Take heed to yourselves and to the whole flock in which the Holy Spirit has placed you as bishops, to rule the Church of God, which He has purchased with His own blood." (Acts 20:28). It is this visible hierarchy that holds the Kingdom together in unity. St. Ignatius of Antioch in 80 A.D. warned his people to do nothing without the bishop. His sanction was an outward sign of God's approval.

"Obey your superiors and be subject to them, for they keep watch as having to render an account of your souls; so that they may do this with joy, and not with grief, for that would not be expedient for you." (Heb. 13:17).

John wrote the Apocalypse in 96 A.D. He started out by talking about the kingdom: "To Him who has loved us, and washed us from our sins in His own blood, and made us to be a kingdom, and priests to God His Father. ..I John, your brother and partner in the tribulation and kingdom. .."

The Church is the Body of Christ, His Mystical Body. The Church is Christ. You cannot claim to love Christ and not love His Church. You cannot claim to believe in Christ and not believe in His Church. Father Messias Coelho of Fatima said, "God created the world to create the Church in order to have a family to love."

A Bible Government

Does the Bible also Establish a Secular Kingdom. I contend that it does. The laws of God are designed to teach us how to live together in peace and love, to be happy on earth and then to ascend to Heaven, without major problems and sufferings. That we suffer is because we do not obey the laws designed to make us happy. Before looking into what the bible teaches about a civil government, let us ask the question, "Why did Peter go to Rome?"

Peter could have established the seat of the Church anywhere. He called Rome, "Babylon" and yet, he traveled to the far land to the seat of the Secular Kingdom. His greatest preacher of the new kingdom went there ahead of him. The first thing the two did together in Rome was confront the Emperor, to convert him. Peter and Paul did not succeed and were martyred in Rome. After Peter over 40 Popes were martyred in Rome, but they would not leave until they converted the Emperor, and in so doing took over the Kingdom of the world - Rome.

But the saints of the most high God shall take the kingdom; and they shall possess the kingdom for ever and ever," (Daniel 7:18) "and the saints obtained the kingdom."

"And that the kingdom, and power, and the greatness of the kingdom, under the whole Heaven, may be given to the people of the saints of the most High: whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all Kings shall serve Him, and shall obey Him." (Daniel 7:22).

Once Constantine the Great was converted the Church became the official Religion of the whole world. Constantine wanted to outlaw all other religions, but the Pope would not let him. Knowing that the Pope was superior to the Emperor, Constantine build the Pope a great home and a great Church, called "St. Peter's Basilica". Then he moved his authority to Istanbul leaving Rome to the Pope. At Istanbul he changed the name of the city to Constantinople.

Under Constantine and the Pope the government of God was established perfectly, but it did not last because future Kings fought the authority of the Pope in Councils, in wars, and even in death. Nonetheless, this marriage of Church and State lasted a thousand years world wide, and later for another 900 years in Europe.

The Kingdom of David?

So, if God intended there to be two swords, the Church and the State, did He establish this in David, the Great King? The answer is "No!" Yes! David established a kingdom of Church and State and Solomon built it to the most splendid in the entire world, but this was not God's original design. (1 Kings 8) Samuel was old and appointed his sons to be judges over Israel. But the people did not want judges, "Make us a king, to judge us, as all nations have."

The Lord said to Samuel, "They have not rejected you, but Me, that I should not reign over them. --- Listen to there word, but tell them the rite of a king, that shall reign over them. --- he will take your sons and put them in his chariots, and will make them horsemen, and footmen, and tribunes, and centurions, and to plough his fields, and to reap his corn, and to make him arms. Your daughters also he will take to make ointments and to cook and bake. He will take your fields, vineyards, your servants, handmaids, young men, asses, etc. You will cry out to the Lord to take him away, but I will not hear you."

Samuel warned the people as the Lord told him, but the people still wanted a King. Then in Chapter 9 of Samuel (or 1 Kings) Samuel anointed Saul King of God's people. Saul overstepped his authority and Samuel removed him from his Kingship and gave it to David.

What is interesting to note here is that Saul (today the Pope) picked the King and when he did not obey the laws of God, Samuel (the Pope) removed him from office. He did not leave easily as is also the case in the Catholic history of Kings. As Paul says in 1 Cor. 10:11 all the Old Testament is a shadow of the New, a guide to what we must also do, also a warning to the problems that will happen.

God's Church-State Government

The Government wanted and designed by God was with Moses and not with David. Using the terminology of Plato and Aquinas this government was a combination of all the major types of governments, 1. Monarchy, 2. Aristocracy, 3. Democracy, 4. Theocracy 5. Written Constitution.

First and most important is that God established a complete Government, not just a Church, this Government was a Theocracy in that Moses (today the Pope) was picked by God and not by the people to set up the Government and was the final authority in all disputes. Speaking for Moses was Aaron - Exodus 7:1 and later Eleazar - Numbers 20:29. God wanted both a Church and a nation. "You shall be to Me a priestly Kingdom, and a holy nation." Exodus 19: 6 (Church and State)

The Second most important thing is that this Government was Written Law, a Constitutional Government with part of the written law written by God, Himself, part by Moses, and part by the Aristocracy. Exodus 20, Exodus 18:14-23, Exodus 21, 22, 23. The laws of the Church were also written by God, Himself. Exodus 25-31 and all of Leviticus. This written law was so important God ordered them to make huge stones and plaster them over and then to write all the laws on these stones in easy to read letters, so that everyone could read the law and know it and that it would not change. Deuteronomy 27:1-8

Third it was a Monarchy, but the Monarch was not Moses. The Monarch was Josue and he was selected by Moses. Exodus 17: 9

Forth it was an Aristocracy in that the elders were selected from each tribe for the minor judgments, and law and order. Exodus 18:13-23

Fifth it was a Democracy in that the people selected the Aristocracy and the minor laws that did not conflict with the Constitution. Exodus 18:13-23

The People (democracy) did not like the Government.

The question I will ask in my next document on Governments is "Would even Catholic People accept a Catholic Government?" I think they would not. In the Bible the Jews rebelled against the Government of Moses 12 t imes. Mostly because they wanted the government to do everything for them - Socialism. In Exodus 32 they chose to worship the gods of the Egyptians and God killed 23,000 of them. In Numbers 11 the people complained about the free Manna that God gave them to eat. In Numbers 12 Aaron and Mary rebelled against Moses because of Moses' Ethiopian wife, who was colored. As a punishment God gave Mary leprosy. In Chapter 13 the people refused to fight the tribes in the land of Chanaan because they were bigger (monsters of the sons of Enac - Numbers 13:34) and stronger 13:32. In Chapter 14 God said that since the people had rebelled against Him now ten times (Numbers 14:22) they shall not see the promised land, but He would wait 40 years until all of them died in the dessert and the next generation would cross into the promised land. In Numbers 16:1 Core and others said that everyone were priests and that they should not be special but that all the people should be considered priests. "That you should challenge to yourselves the priesthood also - Numbers 16:10, and the earth opened and all that rebelled went down into hell, and those who offered incense in place of the priest were destroyed by fire. In 16:41 the people rebelled again because of the many who died the day before by the hand of God, that this punishment was too much, and another 13,700 died of a plague. In Numbers 20 the people rebelled because of the lack of water. Moses struck a rock and water came forth, but Aaron was stripped of his authority and it was given to Eleazar because Aaron was part of this rebellion. In Numbers 21 the people rebelled against the Manna from heaven and God sent serpents among them to kill those who rebelled. This makes 16 times the people (democracy) rebelled against the laws of God. Therefore, we will be asking, "Would modern Catholics accept a Catholic Government?"

Other Cultures were not tolerated

In Exodus 34:12 God commands "Beware that you never join in friendship with the inhabitants of that land, (Chanaanites) which may be your ruin: but destroy their altars, break their statues, and cut down their groves. - - Make no covenant with the men of those countries --- neither shall you take their daughters to wife." Considering 1 Corinthians 10:11 this is still the law, but Catholic Countries allow non-Catholics to live in the country but does not allow mixing with them.

Bible Passages on Government

The Major Laws

The major laws of civil society are the Ten Commandments written by God, explained by God and even the punishment was spelled out by God. In the new testament only the punishment by human hands was changed but the laws were made more strict. Do not forget that Christ said "not one dot of the law will be done away with." The First Sword of the law (the first tablet) was Church laws. The Second Sword was Civil or Government laws. The Government laws were designed to have people live together in peace and happiness. If you take the positive aspect of the law instead of the negative, it says that your fellow citizens cannot take your wife or goods or honor, they cannot testify falsely against you, and your children cannot dishonor you. You will be protected from these things by the Government and that Government will punish these people.

The Minor Laws

The minor laws are not minor in that they were written by God. I only call them minor in that they are explanations of the ten commandments and the punishment given out by the government. These include: Planed attempted murder - death penalty - Exodus 21:12, Attempted but not planed - exile - Exodus 21:13, To hit Father or Mother - death penalty - Exodus 21:15, Slavery - death - Exodus 21:16, Curse Father or Mother - death - Exodus 21:17, Injury - total restitution of work and medical - Exodus 21:18, Abortion - eye for eye, life for life - Exodus 21:22-26, Theft - restoration 5 to 1 - Exodus 22:01, Damage to property - restoration to victim 2 to 1 - Exodus 22:04-08, Fraud - restoration to victim 2 to 1 - Exodus 22:09-10, Brake oath - restoration to victim- Exodus 22:11, Debit - restoration to victim - Exodus 22:12, Seduction - marriage or restoration - Exodus 22:16, Wizards - death - Exodus 22:18, Sex with beast - death - Exodus 22:19, Pagan worship - death - Exodus 22:20, Keep holy the Sabbath Exodus 23:11, Keep the feast days Exodus 23:14, Cast out the unclean from the nation. Numbers 5:01-04, Cast out the sinners from the nation, Harm to strangers, widows, orphans, lending money to poor, speaking ill of angels or princes. Bad children - Deut 21:18, Woman in men's clothes, or men in woman's clothes - Deut 22:5-11, adultery - Deut 22:13-25, Whore or prostitutes - Deut 23:17 Adultery - Ex 20:14, Job 24:15-18, and 31:9-12, Prov 2:11, 2:16-19, 5:2-14, 6:25-31, 7:4-5, 6:11, 13, 19, 21-27 Homosexuality - Leviticus 18:21 - causes the destruction of the nation and therefore should be cast out of the nation - Leviticus 18:24-30 Put to death magicians, soothsayers, adulterers, homosexuals, pedophiles, pythonical and divining spirit. Leviticus 20

Laws of judges: never receive a lie - Exodus 23:01. Never follow the majority if evil, nor yield to the majority if not true - Exodus 24:02 Do not favor the poor man in judgement - Exodus 23:03 Do not take bribes - Exodus 23:08

Laws of War Deuteronomy 20

In war Trust in God, take the priests with you, pray before battle, trust in God

Every male was in the Army

Numbers 1:03 From 20 years of age and upwards, of all the men of Israel fit for war, and you shall number them by their troops. ... 603,000 fighting men but not the priests Numbers 2:32-33

The Laws of Church

The laws of the Church can be found in Leviticus. We will not go into this except regarding the fact that the Church could not be taxed nor even counted. It was protected by the government and was superior to the government. Regarding the rituals, there is a great book called "How the first Mass was said" that shows that all the rituals of the Catholic Church are the same as was written in Leviticus, except for what is sacrificed.

Bible differences in the New Testament

In Acts we find the people held all things in common like Socialism, giving everything to the Church and living without possessions of their own. This was, however, not a civil government because these people lived in other governments and obeyed those governments. The method used to survive in these hostile governments was grouping together and sharing all with one another. It was Church law and not civil law, because for it to be civil law it would be a government inside a government. Never did God advocate disobedience to even a bad government unless it violated the laws of God. "Render to Caesar". In the Church laws the changes were from the shadow to the real thing: from the sacrifice of the lames to the sacrifice of God, Himself, from the Last day of the week to be Holy because of creation, to the First day of the week to be holy because of the Resurrection. In the civil laws (living together in peace and happiness) Christ made them more strict, "If you so much as look at a woman with lust in your eyes you have already committed adultery.", Moses allowed divorce because of their hard heart but not Christ. Regarding the traditions of the Jews, Christ corrected them, for they Changed the laws of God under Moses to suit their own interpretations. Essentially though Christ said, "Not one dot of the law will be done away with."

Moses and the King (Josue) protect the Written Law

All of Deuteronomy is repeating the written law before the death of Moses. This entire book stresses the importance of following this written law whether you like it or not. Doing so brings on the protection of God, and not doing so brings on the curse of God. In 6:05-08 God tells them to know the law, to teach it to their children, to strangers and imprint it in their minds. If the majority of the people do not keep the law God predicted all that would happen to them including the total destruction of Jerusalem exactly as it happened as written by the Roman Historian, Josephus - Deut 28:52-68


The Government of the bible is a Constitutional Kingdom, with a Written Constitution, A King to protect that Constitution, a Theocracy where the high priest judged the king and the government protected the Church, an Aristocracy in that the elders administered and judged the people by the written law, a Democracy in that the people picked the administers and the judges - the Aristocrats.

The laws of God were enforced by the State. The State protected the Church. The Church had the final authority over all. Segregation from sinners purified the nation. Isolation of plagues was the law - Aids?. Divorce and Separation were against the state laws. Adultery was against the law of the Nation. The practice of Pagonism, Witchcraft and the like was a State offence. Sabbath Blue laws were State laws. The family chain of command was protected by the State. All males were armed and in the Nation's Army. Every town had a Army Commander.