Would Catholics Accept a Catholic Government?

Catholics all over the world complain about bad schools. In California right now hundreds of thousands are signing a petition to take all children out of public schools. They march the streets complaining about abortion. The are angry because the governments do not allow prayer in school. Evolution is pushed down the throats for five year old children. Divorce in some countries almost equals marriages. Children without fathers or mothers is as high as 60% of the total children. Crime amongst children climes everyday. Children do not respect their fathers or mothers, or in fact, any authority. Some laws prevent parents from any discipline even verbal. Laws protect homosexuals from even discrimination in schools. Children are taught that they must understand homosexuals, and that anyone who does not is homophobic. Individual rights is at such an extreme that the collective rights of the family is gone. In order that a woman (I say woman because 98% of all divorces are by women) have her individual rights, the rights of a father and the children are totally neglected. If 10 suffer because of what one wants, the governments support the one. No reason is needed for a divorce and the division of all properties. Even if the man does not want the divorce he must support the woman for ever. This is even if she lives with another man and makes more money than he does. You have no right to protect your own family or property nor the right to own a weapon for this protection. Governments get into wars that no one wants. Immigration comes into countries without learning the language, the laws or the culture. In some cities it is not safe to walk around even in the daylight.

In some countries corruption reached such a point that they were taken over by the armies. In some the people have taken to the streets to get rid of the government. Some governments are involved in the drug trade. Some export arms to terrorist nations. Laws are now being passed in some countries making it impossible for a good Catholic to take office and pledge support of these laws. Some laws are so against the teachings of the Church a Catholic could not be a judge. In some countries inflation wipes out five generations of savings. In some the crime lords are stronger than the army and police of the government.

Soon there will be international courts that will come into a country and take you out if you discriminate against woman, homosexuals, or even ideas. International abduction of children for slavery or satanic rituals is increasing every day and no one is doing anything about it. The international banking systems are deliberately destroying governments that they want to take over for the oil or other natural resources.

The international news media is bombarding children with sex and perversion in the name of free speech. For over 90 years a steady growth of Masonic ideas has crept into every aspect of information. It has become impossible to raise good children unless they are kept away from schools, other children, and television.

Catholics scream and holler about the amount of homosexual and pedophile priest in their Churches but never look into the fact that these people were infiltrated into the Churches on purpose to destroy the Church and the children. This plan started 70 years ago, and today some seminaries only graduate homosexuals, and if you are not, you do not become a priest. Catholic Schools are not trusted because they have bowed to the pressure of the governments.

Catholic Constitution of Utopia

In spite of this, would Catholics accept a government designed by the Church, by God, by moral and ethical principles? Would the international community accept a Catholic government as they do Protestant and Moslems governments today? How long would it take to transform a rationalistic, socialistic or materialistic government into a Catholic government?

My personal opinion is Catholics would not vote for a Catholic government. So accustomed have they become to the freedom to sin, with only confession as the consequence, they will not give up the freedom. Let us take adultery as one example. In a Catholic nation adultery would be punishable by the law of the country. A man or woman would be jailed.

In a Catholic nation children who dishonored their parents or teachers would be punished by the state. In a Catholic nation the property of the family would stay with the family in all cases, and anyone who left that family would leave without any part of the property. Children would be obligated to take care of their elders in old age. Parents would be punished by the state for not caring for their children.

In a Catholic nation the news media would be controlled against untruth, immorality, and the promotion of witchcraft and demonic rituals. In a Catholic nation all stores would be closed on Sunday and religious holidays, except for restaurants and gas stations.

In a Catholic nation all schools would be Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, or Moslem, but they would not be mixed. There would be no public schools. Nonetheless the government would finance these schools.

All hospitals, orphanages, homes for the handicapped, jails and immigration would be run by the Church with government money. Everyone would have the right to medical care but not extreme medical care.

All laws would be to protect one person from another but never laws to protect a man from himself.

Every mail over the age of 20 would be required to be armed sufficient to protect himself, his family, his property, and his nation according to time and conditions. Women would have the right to be armed but not the obligation. [This law exists in Switzerland and Israel.]

Anyone convicted of a violent crime would be disarmed and would never be armed again. Anyone convicted of intimidating someone to do a wrongdoing would be disarmed and would never be armed again.

The first law of the government would be that the government should always fear the people and that the people should never fear the government. The punishment of all crimes would include restitution to the victim of the crimes.

All tax would be equal to all, and the rich would not be discriminated against. No one would have the right to speculate on property. Everyone would be encouraged, even helped to own his own property. All rental property would be eliminated as far as possible. No one would be able to buy up property to just sit on without using it for the good of the nation. Inheritance tax would be illegal as would all tax on tax or taxing twice for the same thing.

Everyone, no matter who, would have to obey the same laws no matter they be the mop lady, the King, the police, or the army. Only the Church would be exempt from some laws, like tax. The Church could, however, be investigated for crimes.

No one would be free from crime because of a mistake made by the police or state. However, these mistakes or deviations from the law would also be punished according to the law. An example would be illegal search and seizure.

The nation would be required to learn the international language and to speak it daily. The early grades 1-7 would teach only things that require memory, like languages, math, spelling, prayers, morals, history. Theories in science would only be taught in College. Only fact would be taught in grades 1 - 12.

It would be to the advantage of any nation to teach everything in the international language after the age of seven years. Me must someday eliminate Babylon.

All immigrants would be required to know the nation's language, the laws, and pledge support of the constitution.

All government financial transactions of every branch of government would be posted everyday on the internet. All meetings (except national security) would be public information. All laws would be posted daily and who voted for them.

The nation would never have a foreign dept and no foreigner would invest in the nation unless the money and prophets remained in the nation. A foreign investor must have residence in the nation, and bank in the nation.

The Pope's will would be the will of the nation.

Where is this Nation

How many Catholic's would like this type of government? About 10%! Why then do I bother to even attempt to write such a government? I believe we will return to this type of government whether the people want it or not. All the present governments are falling apart little be little. This 10% of Catholics, however, are very strong and would come from all over the world to become part of this government. In five years this nation would be the envy of the world and other peoples from other nations would cry out to be like this nation. Where could we start? Maybe some small part of some country. The international community has set the precedence for separation from a nation by supporting the divisions of Yugoslavia. Maybe an island like Madera. Maybe we will have to wait for God to do it, but I for one will be ready with a plan.