World War III with Islam

By Richard Salbato

For years now we have been warning that so many Muslems in Europe is not good.  A few years back a well-known Muslem said, "We do not have to fight them.  We will out breed them." They have done just that.  At a time when the population of Europeans is going down hill because of birth control and abortion, the population of Muslems is rising at an enormous rate.  There are now 5,000.000 Moslems in France alone and that is 10% of the entire population. 800.000 of these are illegal.

The big problem with this is that many of these Muslems do not want to become part of the European Society but want to remain like they were in Africa and Arabia, which is basically anti Europe and anti anything that is not Muslem.  They come to Europe for the jobs and the good life but will not accept the fact that this good life is a result of the Christian European culture, which they make no bones about hating.

Now France is burning.   Why are they rioting here, when France has been so steadfast in opposing the war in Iraq and in leading international opposition to the United States generally?  They are certainly not poor, at least by the standards of all previously existing societies: they are not hungry; they have cell phones, cars, and many other appurtenances of modernity; they are dressed fashionably-according to their own fashion-with a uniform disdain of bourgeois propriety and with gold chains round their necks. 

Like all men reduced to useless dependence on a Socialist Government, they hate those who support them while being unable to throw off their sloth.  Raising their standard of living without putting them to work will do nothing.  They enjoy a far higher standard of living (or consumption) than they would in the countries of their parents' or grandparents' origin, even if they labored there 14 hours a day to the maximum of their capacity.   Yet the sloth of the native French is more debilitating.

Jean-Marie Le Pen, leader of the National Front party said that the recent violence is just the start of conflicts caused by massive immigration from countries of the Third World that is threatening not just France but the whole continent.  Le Pen said people with immigrant backgrounds who commit crimes should be stripped of their French nationality and sent back to their country of origin.

Why would France and Europe be surprised at the destruction of France?  Don't they read the news?  In every country where there are Muslims, non Muslims are being killed, heads cut off, children shot, schools bombed, Churches flamed, nuns killed, hospitals torched.  Innocent children and the old people are not spared, Muslim or not.  Moslems themselves are targeted if they do not join in the Holy War, the Jihad and if innocent Muslims are killed, they do not care.

In Europe the Islamo-fascist mullahs encourage young Muslims not to turn to their parents for guidance on choosing a wife (or wives).  Nor are young Muslims to be guided by parental or community disapproval of making an individual commitment to jihad. They are allowed to drink alcohol, shave their beards and commit what otherwise would be judged immorality in a Muslim society -- in order to advance jihad.
The Internet offers many radical Islamic "experts" and mullahs.  European Muslims pose questions on everything from whether to be polite to infidels to how to prepare for jihad.  The answer often is a hodgepodge of Koranic citations, quotes from ancient scholars and personal advice.

Muslim sections of Paris, Rotterdam and other European cities were already labeled "no-go zones" for ethnic Europeans, including armed policemen.   As the Muslim populations -- and their level of cultural and religious assertiveness -- expand, European geography will be "reclaimed" for Islam as they seek de jure recognition of a de facto partition of France that's been under way for some time.

"Some are even calling for areas where Muslims form a majority of the population to be reorganized on the basis of the millet system of the Ottoman Empire," wrote Amir Taheri, who lives in Paris. "Each religious community (millet) would enjoy the right to organize its social, cultural and educational life in accordance with its religious beliefs."

A de facto millet system already is in place in parts of France, Taheri noted: "In these areas, all women are obliged to wear the standardized Islamist hijab while most men grow their beards to the lengths prescribed by the sheiks."

Unless the invertebrates in charge can grow spines, France seems poised to become what Spain was before Ferdinand and Isabella, a patchwork of principalities where Moors ruled some communities, Christians others, with constant tension between them.  Europe will become pockmarked with "little Fallujahs", if the current leaders of Europe do not respond to the Islamist threat boldly and effectively. 

Was This Internationally Planned

Is this just unemployed workers angry and frustrated as the French papers say or was it planned well in advance?  I do not know for sure, but what I see points that make it seem to being planned it advance.  The French police found bomb factories (gas bottles with rags - Molotov cocktails, in the hundreds) and these had to have been made months in advance.  On or about the same day of the riots in France, plots of terrorism were exposed in Italy, Germany and Australia that would have exploded on the same day.  During this time three hotels were bombed in Jordan, and killings were reported in Indonesia, Somalia and Sudan.

Five cars were torched in the immigrant districts of Berlin, only a few miles from the seat of the German government. In Brussels cars and basements were destroyed by fire in one of Brussels’ Muslim quarters, barely three miles from the European Parliament.

All this started on the day after Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran, said that "Israel must be wiped off the map ... Is it possible for us to witness a world without America and Zionism?  ... You had best know that this slogan and this goal are attainable, and surely can be achieved."

Due to higher oil prices, Iran is now earning $125 million a day more in oil revenue than previously, and this is being used to support terrorists. The Shiite Islamofascists in Tehran, like their Sunni counterparts supported by Saudi Arabia, mean what they say about imposing an international Caliphate under a Taliban-style Shari's law. And they are deadly serious about the fact that countries like ours that stand in the way will have to be wiped from the map.

An Al-Qaeda website containing detailed instructions in Arabic on how to make nuclear, “dirty” and biological bombs has attracted more than 57,000 hits and hundreds of readers’ inquiries. The manual, posted on October 6 on a forum titled Al-Firdaws, or Paradise, contains 80 pages of instructions and pictures of kitchen bomb-making techniques. It is divided into nine lessons under the overall heading The Nuclear Bomb of Jihad and the Way to Enrich Uranium, and is dedicated as a “gift to the commander of the jihad fighters, Sheikh Osama Bin Laden, for the purpose of jihad for the sake of Allah”.

The manual explains how to make simple bombs that can blow up anything from electrical generators to petrol stations.  The site encourages its readers to look for materials such as radium, which it says is an “effective alternative to uranium and available on the market”. The author describes himself as the “Lion of Islam”, belonging to a group called “the Black Flags”.

Fight them so that Allah will punish them at your hands and will put them to shame and will give you victory over them,” he writes, quoting the Koran. “Perhaps nuclear weapons represent a technology of the 1940s. However, the Crusaders, the allies of the Satan, Allah’s curse be upon them, insist on depriving the jihad fighters of the right to have these weapons.”

Can Europe Survive?


The combination of a shrinking ethnic-European population and an expanding, culturally assertive Muslim population might lead to the fall of Western civilization in Europe within a century.  The overwhelming political fact deriving from the ferment in Islam is that, to some degree, some percentage of Muslims are prepared to murder -- and are murdering -- great numbers in what they feel is their religious duty.
Over the past 30 years, the Muslim population in Europe expanded rapidly from a few hundred thousand to more than 20 million.  Will they integrate, seclude themselves, or convert the West to Islam? Many believe that they have a religious duty not to integrate. 

These newcomers worship a different God and practice a faith historically hostile to Christianity, and they teach and preach that the West is not their true home, but a civilization alien to their values and historically hostile to their nations and Islam.  Radical Islamists are demanding to be covered by Shariah - laws compiled over a thousand years of Muslim jurisprudence, based on the Koran and its commentaries  rather than by the laws of France, the United States, Britain, Germany or any other non-Muslim nation in which the radical Islamists happen to live.

The Entire Free World Must Declare War

What we need in America is a clear congressional declaration of war, as prescribed by the Constitution. Congress should declare war on the Islamist jihadists.  Naming the threat also expands the scope of our war effort to all the networks of radical Islam, including mosques, schools and radical sites on the Internet. It is not only terrorist acts that we are confronting, but the propaganda and organizations that make them possible.  We would be declaring war on a particular, violent, political ideology within Islam that threatens the West and the health of Muslim societies themselves and not the intire Moslem World. By declaring war on the Islamist jihadists, we can underline why we stand side by side with peaceful and democratic Muslims.  
This means that sedition laws would be inforced.  Sedition laws do not outlaw dissent; they outlaw advocating the violent overthrow of a government and violent opposition to any war effort.  Europe, Christian Southern Africa (390 million of Africa's approximately 850 million people), Hindu India, non-Muslim Southeast Asia, Christian Latin America and Russia sould be allies and protected by all allied forces.  If Europe becomes Eurabia, it would mean the loss of our cultural and historic first cousins, our closest economic and military allies, and the source of our own civilization. This is a condition Americans should dread and should move mountains to avoid.  It bears repeating: An Islamified Europe would be as great a threat to the United States today as a Nazified Europe would have been in the 1940s.

In World War II the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, the Smith Act of 1940 and the Voorhis Act of 1941 were the grounds for wartime domestic surveillance of American citizens whose political activity might lead them to serve the interests of opposing nations.   This means a steady surveillance over individuals and groups within a county which [are] ready to give assistance or encouragement in any form to invading or opposing ideologies.  This means the use wiretaps (without a warrant), surreptitious entries and "champering" (secretly intercepting and reading private mail without consent).  

Before going to war, the Justice Department's Special War Policies Unit took extensive action on the internal security front by interning thousands of enemy aliens, denaturalizing and deporting members of the German-American Bund, an American Nazi organization formed in the 1930s. The government prosecuted individuals for sedition and prohibited the mailing of some publications.   A total of 25,655 noncitizens living in the United States were interned or deported during the war years because of their ethnicity or nationality, rather than their words or conduct. They included 11,229 Japanese, 10,905 Germans, 3,278 Italians, 52 Hungarians, 25 Romanians, five Bulgarians and 161 other foreign nationals.

The Supreme Court held that executive power over enemy aliens, undelayed and unhampered by litigation, has been deemed, throughout our history, essential to wartime security. The resident enemy alien is constitutionally subject to summary arrest, internment and deportation whenever a 'declared war' exists." So the power to intern or deport comes into effect only when war has been declared. That is why war must be declared in order to defeat terrorism.

Today, we are under attack not by a nation, but by groups of militant individuals who claim Islam as their faith. Yet for the first time in human history, the destructive power of terrorists can be as great as that of a traditional nation-state that has declared war. We need a mechanism to deal with this change.

The logic of the Supreme Court's opinion in World War II is applicable to the situation we face today. The court held that people ethnically connected to the war-makers are more likely to support them than are others -- and our country at war has a right to protect itself from this presumed higher risk of danger.  This is true regardless of the personal innocence of particular individuals. The term we would use today is "ethnic profiling," and 200 years of American law and practice during wartime permits ethnic profiling for the common defense. Such discrimination is justified under the circumstances of a war menace.
Justice Frankfurter observed that "the mere possession of religious convictions which contradict the relevant concerns of a political society does not relieve the citizen from the discharge of political responsibilities."  Although Justice Frankfurter is remembered as a great liberal, in the 1940s, liberalism still understood our country's history and government's role in unifying our nation.  "We are dealing with an interest inferior to none in the hierarchy of legal values," he wrote. "National unity is the basis of national security."

What we need to win is a declaration of war so that we can fight with the real weapons of national security.  We do not need to actually fight a war, but just to declare a war. 

Instead the Free World should wage political warfare. The Free World has largely failed to employ the kinds of techniques that Ronald Reagan used to defeat Soviet communism and to empower its foes within the USSR. We need to bring to bear the political tradecraft we usually use against one another in our electoral campaigns to defeat our Islamofascist foes.   Divest terror. American investors hold hundreds of billions of dollars worth of stocks in corporations that partner with Iran, other Islamofascist regimes and their friends. By redirecting investments into companies that do not engage in unacceptable practices, real pressure for change can be brought to bear.   Even Iraq's President admits that terrorists are being trained in Syria, schools of terrorists are being financed by Saudi Arabia, Iran sells weapons to them and we continue to do business with all of them.  How stupid!

Start weaning the Free World from oil. Without oil revenues, the Iranians would be far less formidable foes. We should use existing transportation technologies to power our vehicles with ethanol, methanol and electricity, made from Free World sources. 

But most of all we need to treat everyone within our borders as a potential threat and if they will not take an oath of National Unity and Loyalty they should not be allowed to remain in that country.  This does not mean peaceful descent but it does mean Loyalty to the laws of a nation.  If people do not want to work within the laws of a nation, they should not remain within that nation.

Is This The Prophesied World War III?


The best source on World War III is Desmond Birch's book, Trial, Tribulation and Triumph.  But Desmond, himself, does not believe that the French thing is the start even though, like me, he believes that the  "odds are it will begin with the outbreak of Civil War more or less concomitantly in France and Italy."   But Desmond does not believe this is the start because he believes this has to be between followers of Christ and enemies of Christ.  I do not agree with him. Most of the wars in the bible were wars of justice by God against the Israelites because of their sins.  The war itself brought people back to the faith.  In Europe today we, as Catholics, are at war with Socialist, Communist governments in Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and most of the rest. 


As I wrote in my previous Newsletter, we are headed for a worldwide economic crash and this will bring about the civil wars that are prophesied.  As I have stated the best way to defeat Islamist jihadists is to take away their money.  But they know that this is the best way to defeat the free world also.  What do you think Islamist jihadists have to gain by terrorist attacks?  They really do not kill many people.  They cannot take down a county by force.  They do not have the tecnology or the armies to defeat the west by force, so what are they doing?


Islamist jihadists know what I know, and that is that terrorist attacks cost the attacked country a lot of money.  Just look at what it cost the USA after the 9-11 bombing - trillians of dollars in a war effort and it cost Islamist jihadists almost nothing.  How is France being effected now?  Only one death has been recorded so far.  The burnings of cars and buildings are mostly owned by Moslems.  You might say that Moslems in France are just harming themselves.  But the true harm to France is ecconomicly.   The largest industry of France is tourism and that has been harmed a great deal.  With over 10% unimployment in France already, the country cannot afford any new problems.  The timing is perfect.  Also the Euro, which is hanging on a thin hair, has been falling again even against a weak dollar.  The riots will stop and things in France will calm down but the harm has been done (France's ecconomy) and it will start again somewhere else over and over until the free world crashes ecconomicly.


This is not the Final Battle, but it will be the Third World War.  The Final Battle, as stated in last month's Newsletter will be with the Antichrist and the Satanists.  I have said what governments should do about this but what should Catholics do?  The answer was said for me this weekend in Lisbon, Portugal.  As Paris burns, the people of Lisbon marched with the official statue of Our Lady of Fatima, one half million strong, with candles and song and prayers to consecrate Lisbon to Our Lady of Fatima.  And today, Sunday, a grand high mass, with all the bishops and priests and nuns and people spilled out to the streets.  There Our Lady, the great warrior, stood as Queen of Portugal and honored by all.   Paris and Lisbon, quite a difference.


Richard Salbato