The Last Great Hope – America

Richard Salbato – Feast of the Miracle of Fatima

The story of Fatima is probably the main reason I became a Catholic. For 50 years I have tried to understand the messages.  I divide them into three parts, 1.the religious, 2.the warning, and 3.the triumph. 

1. In the religious she came as Our Lady of the Rosary, and told us of the graces from this prayer and its hope of the world.  She gave us the Five First Saturdays and its promises (my favorite devotion).  She taught and showed the horrors of Hell and how to avoid it.  And through an Angel, She taught the value of the Eucharist and the many sins committed against this greatest of Sacraments. 

2. She warned of the horrors of Communism out of Russia, and asked us to pray for the conversion of Russia.  Most important She warned that Russia would spread its errors throughout the world (the philosophy of communism and atheism).  In this second part I have spent a great deal of time studying and writing about. 

Going back to the split in two communist theories in the 1920s where Europe chose a democratic socialism and Russia, China and Cuba chose dictator socialism.  One is total socialism right away and the other is gradual socialism but the results are the same.

I saw the same thing happening in America from 1930 until now but never expected that we would end up today with a real Communist as President of the United States. It should not have surprised me, but it did.  This happened exactly the way the plan was developed 70 years ago, infiltrate the Unions and Schools first.  Who gave the most support to Obama?  It was socialist George Soros, and the Government and Teachers Unions. 

In spite of the fact that only 20% of Americans call themselves liberal (socialists) these people were able to lie enough to convince people that they were not so liberal and therefore got elected.  Non-the-less, the last two years of government has been pure communism. 

3. Our Lady of Fatima also promised that in the end Russia would be converted, Her Immaculate Heart would triumph and there would be a period of peace.

Now this was the most interest to me because I wanted to figure out how Russia would be converted and what that means.  Just what does a Triumph of the Immaculate Heart mean?  Last of all, and just as hard to understand, what does a period of peace mean? 

After thirty years of studying that the Popes, Prophets and saints said about these things I wrote many articles on the subjects and even took one of these articles to see if Lucia agreed with what I had written.  She did not? (See Note 1.) I did learn from Lucia that the right wing traditionalist were all wrong also.  To this day I do not know the answers to these questions but I have come up with the closest time line scenario that I could and wrote the fiction book, The Ark of Apocalypse, the future from now to the end of the world.  (See Note 3)

Because of other prophesies and the failure of Catholics to heed the warnings of Fatima, I concluded that the only way there would be a clear Triumph of Mary and a period of peace as God sees peace, there would have to first be a cleansing of the world.  Using the many prophesies about this cleansing, I concluded that what I call World War III would not be between nations but world wide simultaneous CIVIL WARS.  This could only happen by a world wide economic crash.  Today the world is so connected that no country stands alone in its economy and little by little if they do not fix their debts, the governments will fail and pull down other governments. Now all these government realize they cannot survive under the debts they have and all are now trying to fix the problem.  However we already see that the war between the socialist and capitalists has gone from philosophy to fighting in the streets.  You have seen in the last months the riots in the streets of Greece over cutting government spending, even knowing their nation cannot survive without doing it.  The same riots and marches and strikes are going on in England, Spain, Portugal and France.  The French one is interesting because it has gone on for three days already shutting down much of the nation and over what?  All these riots because the government wants to up the retirement age from 60 to 62.  How selfish is this? 

I have done Economic War Games, and there are many things that could make this happen within Days. Months or Years but not much after that. 

America Will Lead the World to Peace

Our Lady of America

Long before I ever heard of Our Lady of America, I concluded that the only way God could bring the world out of the great cleansing and World Wide Civil War is with the instrument of the only country in the world based on freedom of the individual, America. In fact it is the first nation in history based on authority of the people from the bottom up.

At the time communists started their master plan to take over America, a priest also started building the National Shrine to the Immaculate Conception.  Just as the shrine was about to be completed and the bishops dedicated America to the Immaculate Conception, Our Lady came to a humble nun to thank America for its dedication to Her, and to reward them by saying that if we placed Her statue in the Basilica under the name of Our Lady of America, She would see to it that America would lead the world to peace. 

I believe this but just like every true apparition, Satan rages against it like a mad dog.  Every person who has ever gotten involved in this apparition with proper intent has been attacked and it has not progressed at all.  This attack started with her own convent where the mother order shut it down and put her in the street, and she died in exile.

Because of this, we will not answer Her call until after the great cleansing, also called the Great Chastisement.  But sometime after we in America are in this great civil war, we will see the light and do what Our Lady asked us to, and She will save us from the war, and we will lead to world to peace.

I believe She is building Her Army now and it is called the Tea Party.  It is time for the Catholic Church to see the light and join this Army. We can do this now.

In God’s time we will do what Our Lady asked of us.

Rick Salbato


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