Last Will and Testament of Ayatollah Khomeini

By Richard Salbato

August 21, 2006

Know your enemy!  This is the reason I am publishing the last will and testament of the 20th Century leader of Islam.  In Islamic schools children from the age of 4 or 5 are being taught to give their lives for Allah, not just like Christian martyrs defending themselves, but to kill anyone who does not believe like them. Kill even those who would like to live in peace with them.

Khomeini, the religious leader (Pope) of the Islamic world, insists that everyone take the bible of Muhammed literally and the Tradition, the Theqalain, as law.  In the Theqalain you will learn that you are the Taghoot, and as such should be killed.  His dream and goal was to unite Shiite and Sunni but without compromising his views. In his last will and testament he tries to convince all to this unity. 

He claims that now is the time for the 12th Imam, Mahdi, and with Mahdi's rule a just war will destroy all heretics and nations that do not follow Allah.  In order to bring out the 12th Imam, Iran and all those nations with them must start a world war against all enemies of Allah.  They must start or cause World War III.

He makes it clear that the enemies of Allah are the nations and leaders of The United States of America, Israel, Russia, Iraqi, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and international Zionism.  Know for sure  by his own words that if there is a war, Iran will attempt to kill the kings of Saudi Arabia and Jordan and the leaders of Egypt and Iraqi.

I am convinced that there is already a World War III and Iran is the enemy.  We, in America, will have more 9-11s, maybe even atomic, and America-Israel will go to war on Iranian soil. 

On a personal level I do not worry about this because America will easily win this war and can take a few terrorist strikes without even harming the economy. However --------------------????

There is one thing that will happen and it will not only affect me and my family directly but it will affect everyone on the face of the earth and there is nothing we can do about it.  Iran will (they have even said that they will) bomb and stop the oil flow through the Straights of Hormuz.

The oil from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraqi, Kuwait, and even pipe lines from Russia pass through the Straights of Hormuz.  The Straights are surrounded by Iranian land, Iranian ships, submarines, mines and missals.  There is no way we can stop Iran from closing the Straights.  And if they do, you and I will be directly affected within a few weeks or days.  Half the imported oil of the world goes through the Straights of Hormuz.   Iran will not fire missals at Israel but they will fire missals at the oil fields of Saudi Arabia, Iraqi and Kuwait.

Because Iran wants a world war they will sacrifice even their own profits from the oil to bring about victory.  It will be a suicide of a nation, but it will work because it will bankrupt the entire world. 

Although America gets no oil from Iran, the world wide oil is on the open market, and since America uses 35% of the world supply, the oil will stop within a week.  When supplies of gas stop everything stops.  Everything happens because of the energy of gas.  We get food because of gas, we get water because of gas, and we get medical treatment because of gas.  Almost all this gas comes from Moslem or Anti-American countries.  But because we never attempted to get off this addiction it is now too late to stop what will happen.

I am so convinced of this that my family, four different houses, is preparing for a food, water, gas and medical shortage.  We are building a hot house for vegetables, a food storage building, a water tank and a fuel storage tank. 

Although the American military will prevail over any and all Islamic attacks, it will take at least a year to overcome the gas shortage that will be caused by Iran.  I predict that this will cause civil unrest in Europe, South America and Asia.  If coordinated with Islamic riots like in Paris and more 9-11s it could get worse.

Since I know that closing of the Straights of Hormuz, along with bombing of the oil fields of the major oil producing countries, and at the same time riots and 9-11s is the only way to harm the west, do you think they do not know this also?

                          Richard Salbato August 22, 2006                                                               

The following is the will and testament of our enemy.  At least read the bold highlights:


In The Name of God The Compassionate, the Merciful

The Messenger of God has said, "Verily I am leaving with you the two most valuable and weighty objects: the Book of God and my household (the Thaqalain). Indeed these two shall not part with each other until they join up with me by the pond" (of Kowthar in Paradise on the Day of Judgment).

(The Prophetic Tradition of Thaqalain)

To Allah belongs all praise. Glorified is Thy Name, O God, bless Muhammed and his household who are manifestations of Your Beauty and Magnanimity and the secret treasures of Your Book, the Book that crystallises Your Oneness in all Your Names and Divine Attributes, including the one that none but Yourself knows. And let there be curse on those who oppressed the Prophet (SAW) and his household, those that belonged to the wretched pedigree.

At the outset to this prologue, it appears proper to briefly comment on the two most exalted and momentous objects of trust (The Thaqalain) , not on their transcendental, spiritual, or mystical aspects, an area into which pens such as mine are unable to venture as it is a domain of molk, the cognition of which covers all circles of beings, from earth to heaven (Malakoot-e-Aala) ... (4) and beyond to His Divine presence (Lahoot) ...(5) including circles that lie beyond the comprehension of our intellects. Nor do I mean to comment on that which has befallen humanity due to its negligence of the true nature and status of the greater trust (theql-e-akbar ...(6) = The Holy Quran) and that of the great trust (theql-e-kabir = The Household of the Prophet (SAW)), which is greater than anything except the great trust which is great in the absolute (akbar-e-mutlaq). Also I do not intend to recount here all that has befallen these two most valuable divine trusts (The Thaqalain) by the enemies of God and the treacherous followers of the tyrants = (Taghootian) as these are too many for me to enumerate, given my limited knowledge and time.

I thought that I might make a passing remark about what has happened to these two most valuable treasures. Perhaps the phrase, "... which will never part with each other until they join me by the pond (Howz) ...(9) ...implies that after the death of the Prophet (SAW), the Book of God and the household of the Prophet (SAW) shall receive similar treatment. Whatever is made of one, the other suffers the same until both descend on the Prophet (SAW) and unite with him by the Pond. Does this union, this pond, indicate the merging of plurality with unity ...(10) as the disappearance of drops in the sea? Or, does it mean something beyond the gamut of human intellect and cognition? Moreover the cruelty to which these two divine trusts, nay the entire humanity including the Islamic ummah (nation), were subjected by the followers of the tyrants and their stooges defy description by pen.

It should be mentioned that the Thaqalain Hadith ...(11) which is a mutawatir (an unbroken chain of recorded traditions) Tradition has been quoted, cited and adduced successively by Muslim ulema (foqaha, learned religious authorities or jurists), in both Shia and Sunni ...(12) denominations as proof positive for all mankind, especially for Muslims in all sects and branches. References to this Prophetic tradition are frequently made in such highly reliable Sunni sources like the famous 'Six Authentic Texts" (The Sahah-e-Sitta) ...(13) as well as in countless Shiite cogent texts. This hujjat or proof is binding on all Muslims who are accountable for it especially the foqaha (Muslim religious jurists) as they cannot claim ignorance of it. Let us now see what befell this book of God, this Divine Trust and the bequest of the prophet of Islam. The sad events for which tears may well be shed, began to take place following the martyrdom of Hazrat Ali (AS) ...(14). Selfish people, followers of taghoots (despotic, pagan rulers) abused the Holy Quran as a mean by which to establish anti-Quranic rules.

To achieve this they forced off the scenes the true interpreters of the Quran and others who had received all of the Holy Book directly from the Prophet (SAW) and whose ears still echoed with the voice of His Holiness Muhammad (SAW) as he had said, "... I am leaving with you the two most valuable objects...' Thus, the Quran, which was to be man's guide to moral and material life to the Last Day, was shelved and the rule of divine justice that was, and still is, one of the ideals of the holy Book, was all forgotten.

Perversion of the Book, of Divine Traditions and of God's religion reached a shameful stage, it became the rule. The more this warped and distorted condition advanced, the more the Holy Quran that had been sent down for the betterment of man, was forced into oblivion. The Quran was sent down by the Omniscient God to Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) to complete and seal such divine revelations (Kashf -e Tomm-e Muhammadi) ...(15), to unite humanity and advance him to his rightful station; to rescue this issue of the divine attributes (Validah-e Eimul-Asmae) ...(16) from tyranny and evil; to institute the rule of justice and equity and to confer sovereignty to the Infallible and divine authorities (The Masoomeen) ...(17) that they in turn hand over such divine sovereignty to qualified worthy persons, was removed from all areas as though it had had no mission to guide mankind.

In the hands of oppressive rulers and wicked akhunds (muslim clergymen, sometimes used in a derogatory manner), who were more decadent than the taghooti (despotic) rulers the Holy Quran was abused as an instrument of oppression, cruelty and corruption and was distorted to justify acts of tyranny by the enemies of God.

Unfortunately, in the hands of conniving enemies and ignorant friends, the Holy Quran, this divine book that is empowered to decide man's destiny, has found no place anywhere except in graveyards and at the gatherings for the dead. The instrument, that was to unite Muslims and all mankind and serve as scripture for their lives and salvation, was turned into an instrument of division and dispute among men or left the arena entirely. We all witnessed that whoever spoke of Islamic rule or of politics, which is the major role of Islam and its Prophet (SAW), or of the Quran and Islamic traditions, was regarded as one who had committed grave sins. The term akhund-a-siasi, which means a political clergyman, came to denote a profane canonist. These circumstances are still extant.

In recent years major satanic powers have, through their puppet regimes who sham Islam, undertaken to reprint and publish the Holy Quran, distorting sacred verses to serve their devilish ends. Such Qurans are published with attractive calligraphy and binding and are distributed everywhere with the aim of eventually removing the Holy Book from all scenes. We all saw the Quran that Muhammad Reza Khan Pahlavi ...(18) had printed. He succeeded in deceiving some people including a few Muslim akhunds or preachers who, unaware of the aims of Islam, praised him for it.

We note that each year King Fahd ...(19) of Saudi Arabia spends a good deal of the wealth of the people in printing the Holy Quran and considerable publicity and propaganda material in support of anti-Quranic ideas propagating the baseless and superstitious cult of Wahhabism ...(20). Fahd abuses the Quran, urges negligent people and nations to side with the superpowers. He uses the noble Islam and the Holy Book to destroy both.

We are proud, and our dedicated nation is proud, that we adhere to a faith in which the Holy Quran speaks of the unity of all Muslims and the oneness of mankind. We are proud that our faith has retrieved the Quran from the cemeteries and has saved this Holy Book as man's prescription for freedom from all physical, mental and intellectual bonds that push him deeper into slavery and nothingness. We are proud to be followers of a religion whose founder has been designated by divine commandment and in which Ali ibn Abi Taleb (AS), this servant of God, free of all bonds and shackles of servitude and serfdom, has been appointed to deliver mankind from all the chains of slavery and thraldom. We are honored that the book Nahjul-Balagha ...(21), which is next to the Quran, is man's great manuscript for salvation, moral and material existence and the greatest instrument for just rule and government, has our Infallible Imam, Ali (AS) as its author.

We are proud to have had as our leaders the Infallible Imams ...(22), from Ali (AS) down to Hazrat Mahdi (AS) ...(23) who, by the grace of God, lives in occultation, and watches our doings.

We are honoured to have our Infallible Imams as authors of such exalted, superb and life-giving prayers of supplication (referred to as The Ascending Quran (Quran-e-Sa-ed)) ...(24), as the Shabaniah prayer ...(25), the Arafat Prayer ...(26) of Imam Hussein (AS) ...(27), the Sahifah Sajjadiah ...(28), these psalms of the Household of Muhammad (SAW) ...(29), and the Sahifah Fatimiah ...(30) revealed by the Lord to Her Holiness Fatima Zahra (AS) ...(31). We are honoured to have had as our fifth Infallible Imam, Baqer-ul-uloom (AS) ...(32) (profound knowledge, a title given to the fifth Imam), this superlative world personality whose true station can be appreciated by none save Allah, His Prophet (pbuh) and the Infallible Imams (pbut).

We are proud to be followers of the Jaaferi Faith ...(33) (Religion) whose fiqh ...(34) (religious legislation and jurisprudence) is a boundless ocean. We are proud of all our Infallible Imams (the 12 innocent ones) and we are committed to follow them.

We are honoured that our Infallible Imams (AS) suffered imprisonment, banishment and finally attained martyrdom in their efforts to advance Islam; to implement the teachings and commandments of the Holy Quran-of which the establishment of the sovereignty of justice is but one dimension - and; to overthrow the rule of the oppressors and of the arrogant.

Today, we feel proud that we seek to re-institute the objectives of the Holy Quran and Tradition and that the various layers of our nation sacrifice their lives, properties and loved ones for this holy cause.

We are proud that our women, young and old, regardless of their status, are present and active, side by side with the men, often more active than men, in all scenes including cultural, economic and military areas. They strive, sometimes more effectively than the men, for the propagation of Islamic teachings.

Women who are capable of fighting take military training, which is a major prerequisite for the defence of Islam and the Islamic state. Our women have extricated themselves from the deprivations imposed on them by the enemies of Islam and by the inadequate knowledge of friends of Islamic tenets. They have bravely discarded the superstitions created by enemies through some ignorant preachers.

Those women who are unable to fight in the war fronts serve behind the front-lines with such ardour and courage that makes the hearts of their men tremble with delight and it throws fear in the heart of enemies and makes ignorant individuals who are worse than foes shake with anger and fear. Often we hear our women, in a manner like that of Hazrat Zainab ...(35), cry out loud saying that they have given children in the path of God and Islam and are proud of it. They realise that what they get in return is far above the blessings of Heaven, let alone the material things of this world.

Our nation, indeed all Islamic nations as well as the meek and oppressed are pleased to see that their enemies, who are the enemies of Almighty God, of Islam and of the Holy Quran, are indeed savages who do not desist from committing any criminal acts to promote their mean purposes and who are unable to tell a friend from a foe in achieving treacherous goals.

The USA is the foremost enemy of Islam. It is a terrorist state by nature that has set fire to everything everywhere and its ally, the international Zionism does not stop short of any crime to achieve its base and greedy desires, crimes that the tongue and pen are ashamed to utter or write. The stupid idea of a Greater Israel ...(36) urges them to commit any shameful crime.

The Islamic nations and the mustazafeen (the meek, the oppressed) peoples of the world are pleased to have Hussein of Jordan (37) a professional, itinerant criminal, Hasan of Morocco ...(38) and Hosni Mubarak ...(39) of Egypt, fellow-mangers of Israel, as enemies. These are fellow-criminals with Israel and commit any act of treason against their own nations to serve the USA. We cheer to have Saddam, the Aflaqi ...(40) as an enemy whom friend and foe know to be a criminal, a violator of human rights and international laws and whose betrayal of the peoples of Iraq and of the Persian Gulf Emirates, has been no less than his betrayal of our country and people. We and the oppressed peoples of the world are delighted to be objects of criminal accusations by the superpowers through the international mass media under their control.

What can be a better source of pride than the fact that the USA with all its military might, its boastfulness, its claims, its mass media and its allies among puppet regimes, has been so dumbfounded and disgraced in its dealings with the dauntless Iranian nation and the land of His Holiness Baqiyatullah (a title of the 12th infallible imam, Hazrat Mahdi (AS) who is now in occultation) that it does not know which way to turn and who to turn to?!!

This is not the work of anyone or anything except divine assistance that has awakened nations, particularly the Iranian Muslim nation and has guided it from darkness into light: The Light of Islam.

I now take this opportunity to advise the oppressed and noble nations, including our own, to stay firmly on this divine straight path that leads neither to the atheistic (Mulhid) East nor to the oppressive, pagan West, but to the path which the Almighty God has decreed for us.

I further advise not to be negligent even for a single moment in being grateful for this blessing. Let no polluted hand of a superpower, or its agents, whether domestic or foreign, affect your determination and will.

Know that the rowdier the Eastern or Western satanic power gets, the more proof it is for your divine support and God shall reward and punish the deserving ones in the best fashion in this and in the other worlds. "Truly, He is the Lord of all blessing and in His hand lies the dominion over all things".(The Quran, Sura 23, AI-Muminun, the Believers, verse 88).

I earnestly ask all Muslim nations to follow the practices and traditions of the Infallible Imams (AS) in respect of political, social, economic and military affairs and to sacrifice for their sake whatever may be required.

Also, I would like to enjoin on all of you to safeguard and observe the Fiqh sunnati (Traditional fiqh) ...(41) or religious canons for these set forth the schools of prophetic mission and Imamate and guarantee the growth and development of the nations through their primary and secondary decrees ...(42)' both of which are schools of Islamic jurisprudence.

My advice is that you do not deviate an iota from the teachings of both schools of Islamic fiqh and not listen to the whisperings of the slinking (Satan) who are the enemies of religion and truth. Be sure that even a minor step toward deviation may be a prelude to the fall of the religion, of the tenets of Islam and of the divine rule of justice. Do not ever miss the Friday mass prayers ...(43) and the daily congregational ...(44) prayers (Salaat-al-Jumah and Salaat-al-Jamaat.). The Friday Congregational Prayer is one of the greatest divine blessings for the Islamic Republic of Iran, it reflects the political dimension of prayers. Also, never neglect the mourning ceremonies ...(45) commemorating the martyrdom of the Innocent Imams particularly that of the Master of All Martyrs his Holiness Abi Abdullah Hussein (AS), may God, His Angels, the prophets and saints bless his great, valiant soul!

Let all know that the decrees of the Imams (AS) regarding the observance of this great epic event of Islam and all the curses levied against the enemies of Ahl-e Bayt (the Household of the Prophet ...(46) are, in fact, the heroic cries of nations against agents of tyranny throughout history. You should know that the damnation and curses against the then injustices of the Bani Omayyads ...(47), who were annihilated and cast into the Hell, reflect the cries of protest by the people against the oppressors of the world and it is the perpetuation of such cries of protest that shatters oppression. It is necessary that the crimes of the tyrants in each age and era be regularly condemned in the cries of lamentation and in the recitals of elegies held for the Infallible Imams.

In this age of oppression of Muslim nations is the work of the USA and the U.S.S.R and their local lackeys such as the Alay Saud (Family of Saud and rulers of Hijaz), these traitors to the House of God, the Great Divine Sanctuary, who deserve the most potent damnation by Allah, His Angels (Mala-eka) and Prophets (SAW). We must all know that it is these political ceremonies (Friday Mass, the Hajj Pilgrimage, the Salaat ul Jama'at,etc) that give Muslims, particularly the 'ithnai Ashar (the Shiite ...(48) Muslims who accept and follow the 12 Infallible Imams (AS)), the unity they should enjoy; these also preserve the nationality of all Muslims.

Let me say at this point that this politico-religious testament of mine is not made to the noble people of Iran only. Rather, it is recommended for all Islamic nations and the oppressed peoples of the world regardless of religion or nationality. I humbly pray that Almighty God does not leave us and our nations to ourselves even for a moment. May He not withhold His blessings from the children of Islam and the cherished Muslim combatants.

Ruhollah Al-Musavi Al-Kbomeini



1) The prophetic tradition of Thaqalain:

The Thaqalain Tradition is one of the best known traditions quoted by many, including an amazing number of authoritative Sunni sources, as coming directly from the person of the Prophet (SAW). Several important points can be deduced from this and similar traditions:

a) As the holy Quran shall remain with the people until the Last Day, in like manner, the Prophet's Household will remain to the Last Day, This means that the world will never be without an Imam and true leader.
b) By means of these two great trusts the Prophet (SAW) has secured all the scientific and religious needs of the Muslims and has designated his household as reference sources of knowledge and insight.
c) No muslin has the right to disown their (the Household's) guidance and leadership.
d) The entire body of knowledge and religious requirements and needs of the people are vested in the Prophet's Household.
e) If people obey the Prophet's Household and adhere to their words they shall not go astray.

2) The Thaqalain:

The term 'Thaqalain" means two 'Thegls'. In the explanatory accounts of the traditions and narratives as well as in the interpretations of the holy Quran, the term 'Theql' is used indicating various meanings and concepts such as 'weighty heritage", a 'great thing", "weighty object', 'precious thing", "invaluable trust', etc. However, in the Thaqalain Hadith, by the two trusts is meant the Quran and the holy Prophet's Household.

3) Molk:

The understanding and recognition of the worlds of being is an important argument in philosophy. Philosophy proves the existence of a number of worlds of which the one that is observable to the eyes and is felt by other senses is the world of nature or 'Molk".

4) Malakoot-e-Aala:

Philosophers and thinkers have reasoned the necessity of the existence of a world standing as a dividing fine between the world of nature (Molk) and the world of divinity (God). This world which is separate from matter and conditions of time and place is absolutely called the world of divinity (Alam-e-Malakoot). The philosophers and the 'Orefa" or Gnostic, whose arguments are confirmed explicitly by specific Islamic texts, maintain two stages for the world of divinity (Malakoot): 'High' and 'Low". The higher stage is termed (Malakoot-e Aala) or the superior Malakoot and is a world regarded as the birthplace of human intellect. The lower stage is named the "lesser Malakoot" and is known to be the world of illusion and fancy (Alam-e-Methal or kheyal).

5) Lahoot:

Lahoot implies the sacred essence of God which can not be understood through the senses but can be proved through logical reasoning and intellectual argument. As the Divine Essence comprises the entire attributes and qualities of perfection, it is therefore considered the most perfect world.

6) Theql-e-Akbar:

It can be deduced from the wording of the Thaqalain Tradition and from the accounts given by the ex-pounders of ahadith and interpreters of traditions that the Greater Theql (Theql-e-Akbar) is the Holy Quran.

7) Theql-e-Kabir:

According to the sources concerned with the concepts of the Thaqalain, the Great Theql (Theql-e-Kabir) denotes the progeny or household of God's messenger (SAW), that is, the Infallible Imams.

8) The Taghootian:

The term "Taghootian" means followers of Taghoot. It has been used in the Quran on eight occasions. Taghoot was also the name of an idol of the Quraish Tribe in pre-Islamic days. This name has been used to mean Satan. Most exegetes consider the word Taghoot applicable to any idol, object or individual, that may prevent one from doing good, and drag him into perversion and perdition. "Taghoot" has also been described as a rebel against all goodness and the sublime values.

9) The Howz:

'Howz' means a pool, pond, water basin or ditch dug in the ground to store water in. In Islamic literature the term 'Howz' usually precedes the word 'Kothar' thus meaning the Kowthar Pond, a stream located, according to narratives, in Paradise or in here after (Mahshar). In this context, however, Imam Khomeini (P.U.H) has interpreted the 'Howz' as an eternal reality implying a point at which unity is arrived at by the merger of pluralities. Just as several creeks or streams emptying into the same pool merge together and become one, at the Resurrection time the Holy Quran and the Household of the Prophet (SAW) converge on one other and form one entity.

10) The merging of plurality with unity:

In philosophy "plurality" connotes the hierarchy of beings and the variance of the phenomena of being, whether material or non-material And, 'unity" conforms to the penultimate essence of Divine Being which is the source and fountainhead of all beings in the universe. In view of this definition, the station of convergence or union of plurality with unity or oneness, a stage or station which is eternal and is above plurality and below unity and is the medium by which, at the beginning of creation, plurality has emerged from unity and, at the end of the world all join up to form the ultimate oneness.

11) Hadith (Tradition):

The word "Hadith" literally means new, recently occurred, fresh. It also means news, speech, etc. In Islamic religious teachings it means words and sayings as definitely coming from the persons of the Prophet (SAW) and or the Infallible Imams (A.S).

12) The Sunni Muslims:

The issue of the rightful succession of the prophet and the leadership of the Islamic Ummat (nation) after his death caused Muslims to branch off in two groups: The followers of Ali (A.S) and the Infallible Imams who considered the caliphate the exclusive right of Imam Ali (A.S) and his progeny and the group that did not believe so. The first group are named the Shia and the other group is termed the Sunni. The Sunni group is divided into four creeds: The Hanafi; the Shafeii; the Maleki and the Hanbali.

13) The Sahah-e-Sitta (The Six collections):

Sahah-e, plural for sahih, means right and correct and by Sahah-e-Sitta is meant the six correct volumes which the Sunni Ulema (religious learned men) selected from among the many volumes of ahadith (traditions, narratives) and designated them as the base and source from which to deduce religious laws, tenets, commands, interpretations and a part of the history of the earlier days of Islam. These volumes are:

a) The Sahih-e Bukhari, compiled by Muhammad ibn Ismail Bukhari, born 196, a.h (812 ad.); died: 256, a.h (864 ad.).
b) The Sahih-e-Muslim, compiled by Muslim ibn Hajjaj Neishaburi, better known as Qushiri, 206-262 ah - (821-876 ad)
c) The Sunan-e lbn Majja compiled by Muhammad ibn Yazid ibn Majja, 273 a.h 886 ad. (date of death).

d) The Sunan-e Abi Davude compiled by Abi Davude Sajistani Sulaiman ibn Davude, dead 273 ah (888 ad.)
e) The Jama-a Tarmadhi, compiled by Tarmadhi Muharnmad ibn Esa ibn Sura, date of death 276 ah (892 ad.)
f) The Sunan-e Nissai compiled by Ahmad ibn Sho-aib Nissai (died 303 a.h=915 ad.)

14) Hazrat Ali (A.S):

Ali (A.S), the first Imam of Shiite Muslims, was born 600 ad. to Fatemeh and Abutaleb (latter is the paternal uncle of the Prophet (S-A.W). Ali (A.S) grew up in the house of the Prophet since the age of 6. He was the first male person to accept Islam and pledge himself to assist the Prophet (S.A.W). Early in his prophetic mission when, by command of Allah, the Prophet (S.A.W) called his own kin to Islam, he announced at a gathering of them: "The first among you to believe and accept my faith shall succeed me!' He repeated this sentence three times and each time Ali was the only person who professed his faith. On the night of migration or Hijrat (of the Prophet from Mecca to Medina), Ali betook himself into the Prophet's bed and slept there (the Quraish had plotted to terrorise the Prophet that night) and thus demonstrated his fidelity to him. The Prophet (S.A.W) adopted Ali as his own brother and, on return from his last Hajj pilgrimage, at a place called Ghadir, the Prophet (S-A.W) publicly declared Ali (A.S) as the guardian of the Muslims and Administrator of their affairs. Ali (A.S) was a companion of the Prophet in his lonely days and his aide in hardships and dangers. For a period of 25 years immediately after the Prophet's demise, Ali (A.S) remained aside, for some reasons, of government administration and leadership. During this entire period Ali (A.S) had assumed the status of an observer whose presence averted deviation and perversion. After the third Caliph was killed, the Sehaba or companions and a number of other people swore allegiance to Ali (A.S) and selected him as their Caliph. Imam Ali (A.S) administered the affairs of the Islamic world for nearly four years and nine months. He restored the changes that had occurred after the Prophet (S-A.W) to their pristine state. Opposition agents, whose interests were threatened, rose on every side and, pretending to avenge the blood of the 3rd Caliph, set off internal bloody wars that lasted during the entire period of Ali (A.S)'s rule, until, finally, they martyred this unique man of history after the Prophet, by the altar where he was saying prayers. It is extremely difficult to talk of Ali (A.S)'s personality in a worthy manner. He had dedicated his entire life to God's religion and was not remiss in this for the slightest moment. In his modest home children such as Hassan and Hossein (A.S) and Zainab (A.S) were reared, persons who left deep imprints on the course of history and who, as leader and mentor of seekers of truth carried, on their backs, the shining torch of humanism through the darkness of times.

15) Kashf-e Tomm-e Muhammadi:

Kashf-e tomm-e muhammadi means revelation, of the entire Quranic truths to Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W). Thus, the kashf-e tomm-e is a descending stage of the holy Book during which the Quran has been revealed to the heart of the Prophet. This station of revelation of Quranic truths is not by rational or intellectual reasoning, it is by insight and intuition; it is oracular not visual observation. For this reason the truths of the Quran are comprehensible only to the Prophet and perfect revelation and absolute perception belong to him exclusively.

16) Validah-e Eimul-Asmae:

Validah means offspring or issue and Eimul Asmae is a kind of knowledge and gnosis that is only within man's ability to learn. With this definition, the Validah Elmul-asmae is a child of Elmul-asmae, by which is meant human. Almighty God has conferred the Elmul-asmae on man so that this creature may acquire worthiness for being Caliph on earth. Man would not have achieved this worth had not God taught him such knowledge.

17) The Ma`soomin:

Ma`soomin is the plural of Maasoom which means one of whom sin has been withheld and, has not committed a sin all his life. Ismat or infallibility is regarded as an exclusive characteristic of the prophets in the religious teachings. It means immunity to error and sin and this imparts the utmost reliability to Those who are infallible. By Ma`soomin mentioned (in the Imam's win) is meant the Prophet (S.A.W) and his Household.

18) Muhammad Reza Khan Pahlavi:

Muhammad Reza Pahlavi, the last monarch of the Pahlavi Dynasty, was born in October 1919. His father, Reza Khan, declared him his crown prince on his becoming king after the coup d'etat. After completion of elementary schooling Muhammad Reza was sent for further education to Switzerland and upon return from that country he was enrolled in a military high school. In 1941, the Allies dethroned his father and sent him into exile and conceded to Muhammad Reza's succeeding his father. The reign of Muhammad Reza as Shah can be divided into two general parts. The first part lasted from 1941 to 1955. He could not muster the power of his father in this period. The second period (1955-78) or 23 years ended in his fall. It accounts for Muhammad Reza's absolute rule as a despotic autocrat in Iran. The text of Imam Khomeini's last will includes references to the manner of Muhammad Reza's 37 years rule.

19) King Fahad:

King Fahad is the king of Saudi Arabia. To get an idea of the extent of AI-e-Saud's dependence on major powers especially on the world-mongering America; the role of this family in the spread of the false and pervert creed of Wahhabism; their ancient, historic animosity towards the Shia of Ali (A.S); their hypocritical approach towards the struggle of the fighting people of Palestine; their massacre of the pilgrims of Iran and other countries in the House of God; their intrusion on the Divine sanctuaries; suppression of the Arab fighters and Mujahedeen (strugglers), within and out of Saudi Arabian peninsula; squandering the wealth of the Muslims..... and other atrocities of this family, please refer to the literature's available on the subject.

20) Wahhabism:

The doctrine and creed of Wahhabism was formulated by Muhammad ibn Abdul-Wahhab Najdi (toward the end of 12th and early days of 13th century, ah.1 and is ascribed to British colonialism. The adherents to Wahhabism are of the opinion that all Islamic denominations, including the Sunnis and Shia groups, are idle worshipers. They regard the showing of respect and reverence toward to shrine of the Prophet (S.A.W) and Infallible Imams a kind of heresy and paganism. Supported by Muslim wealth, the Wahhabis are active in cultural propaganda and they are instruments for implementation of the destructive plans of the super powers.

21) The Nahjul-Balagha:

'Nahjul-Balagha" means the clear path to eloquence. It is a compendium of selected words and maxims of Hazrat Amirul-Mo`menin (Master of the believers) Ali (A.S) compiled by Sharif Razi Muhammad ibn AI-Hossein (died 406 ah=1016 ad.). Grand authorities of the Religion have named the 'Nahjul-Balagha" the "brother' of the Quran. The contents of this book revolve around the three essential subjects of God, the universe and man, and comprise scientific, literary, religious, social, ethical and political topics. Next to the words of the holy Quran and statements by the Prophet (S.A.W) no words, regardless of the source and author, can equate those of the Nahjul-Balagha in significance and eloquence. So far more than 101 exegeses and commentaries have been written about the Nahjul-Balagha, indicating the importance of this book to the authorities in science, research and study.

22) The Infallible lmams (A.S):

Explicit Islamic texts indicate that after the Prophet (S.A.W), the imams, holy leaders and infallible caliphs of the Prophet number 12, they are:

  • Ali ibn Abi Taleb, - Imam Ali (A.S)
  • Hasan ibn Ali, - Imam Hasan (A.S)
  • Hossein ibn Ali - Imam Hossein (A.S)
  • Ali ibn Hossein - Imam Sajjad (A.S)
  • Muhammad ibn Ali - Imam Muhammad Bagher (A.S)
  • Ja`far ibn Muhammad - Imam Ja`far Sadigh (A.S)
  • Musa ibn Ja`far - Imam Musa Kazim (A.S)
  • Ali ibn Musa - Imam Reza (A.S)
  • Muhammad ibn Ali - Imam Muhammad Taghi (A.S)
  • Ali ibn Muhammad - Imam Ali Naghi (A.S)
  • Hasan ibn Ali - Imam Hasan Askari (A.S)
  • Hojjat ibn Hassan - Imam Mahdi (A.S)

23) Hazrat Mahdi (A.S):

The term of Imamate of the 12th Shiite imam, Hazrat Hojjat ibn Hasan Askari (A.S) began when he was only 6 years old. Because of the conditions prevailing at the time and by God's will, His Holiness went into occultation. The period of the Mahdi (A.S)'s occultation is divided in two parts: the lesser or minor occultation (ghaybat-e-sughra) which lasted 69 years. During this period his holiness was indirectly in communion with the people through the medium of four representatives. Then began the grand or major occultation (ghaybat-e-cobra) which has continued to this date and will be effective until his advent and the triumph of Truth over falsehood. Islamic thought holds to the view that the extensive challenges of Hazrat Mahdi (A.S) and his impending advent will be the last link in the chain of the challenges and fights of the ahl-e-haq or supporters of Truth against the ahl-e-batel or adherents to falsehood. This means that the struggles of the followers of Truth will continue throughout history and grounds for the victory of Truth becomes better prepared with each passing day and culminate in the advent and rise of the promised Mahdi (A.S) with the eventual dawn of the light of Truth and Justice in man's horizons, marking his intellectual, moral and social maturity.

24) The Ascending Quran (Quran-e-sa-ed):

The word 'sa-ed' means rising, ascending, climbing, etc. As an expression the term is in contrast with words 'Quran-c-nazil' which means descending or coming down. It is used to define the prayers and supplications of the Imams and the Inflammables (A.S).

25) The Shabaniah prayer:

This invocative litany, because of richness of contents and import, has been frequently performed during the month of Shaban by Hazrat Ali (A.S), his children and by all other Infallible Imams. Of the importance of this prayer, the saying of which was often emphasised by Imam Khomeini (PUH) in the course of his blessed life, it will suffice to say that no other prayer of invocation is said to have been recited by all of the Infallible Imams (A.S).

26) The Arafat prayer:

Arafat is a station for the Hajj pilgrims in the vicinity of Mecca. The Prayer of Arafat is ascribed to Hossein ibn Ali (A.S) and was often recited by him and by Imam Sajjad on the 9th day of the month of Zillhejjah in the desert of Arafat. This prayer is expressive of the lovely supplications made by the Master of Martyrs (Imam Hossein (A.S) invoking the mercy of his beloved Lord, the one and only creator of universe. The Arafat Prayer, as other prayers said by the Infallible Imams (A.S), contains deep and lofty concepts.

27) lmam Hossein (A.S):

Hossein (A.S) was the hero of Ashura (the 10th day of Muharran when Imam Hossein (A.S) was martyred), the greatest epic event in man's history. He was born to Ali (A.S), the man of Justice and chastity and Her Holiness Fatima (A.S), the symbol of a Muslim woman, in the 4th year ah. and was raised and reared under the care and supervision of a father such as Ali (A.S), a grandfather such as Muhammad (S.A.W) and a mother like Fatima (A.S). After the martyrdom of Imam Hasan (A.S) in 50 ah., caliph Mua`viah increased his pressure and ordered all his governors to delete the names of the Shiite Muslims (followers of Ali (A.S) from the rosters of the Muslim treasury and to apprehend and put to death any one accused of sympathy for Ali (A.S). Yazid succeeded his father Mua`viah as caliph and followed the path of his sire. He ordered that lmam Hossein swear allegiance to him and be slain should he refuse.

Imam Hossein did not yield to Yazid, this prototype of meanness and villainy. He resorted to the sword and undertook the fundamental Ashura move that he might thus kindle a light (of hope) amid the darkness (of oppression) and to initiate history's eternal epic event. By sacrificing his ale including the lives of himself, his kin and supporters in the path of God; Imam Hossein (A.S).became a model and example for all those who tread in the path of Truth. Many books have been written about the personality of Imam Hossein (A.S) and a great deal has been talked about him. Friend and foe testify to Imam Hossein's matchless courage, bravery, patience, forbearance, his challenge of cruelty and injustice, his courtesy and humility, his kindness and his compassion.

28) The Sahifah Sajjadiah:

In view of the dominance of the rule of tyranny in the time of Imam Sajjad (A.S), the fourth leader of the Shiite Muslims of the world, a collection of his advises, exhortations and counselling manifests in the form of prayers this collection which contains 54 such entries is available. It is known as the Sahifah Sajjadiah and is a veritable encyclopaedia that in the course of history of Shiism has constantly been a source of inspiration to the learned men and seekers of the Path of God. This book has had great educational influence.

29) Zabur-e-Al-e Muhammad (The Psalms of the Household of Muhammad (S.A.W)):

Zabur is the name of a Divine Book that was sent down to His Holiness Davood (David), one of the great prophets of God, it contains plenty of tersely cogent and pithy phrases and sayings of knowledge and wisdom. Because of the importance of subject matter, richness of contents and the depth of its lofty concepts, the Sahifah Sajjadiah is known to the initiates by several appellations such as "The Zabur-e AI-e-Muhammad", 'the Bible of the Ahl-e Bait"; 'the Sister of Quran', etc.

30) The Sahifah Fatimiyah:

The word 'Sahifah' means letter or book. The term Fatimiyah implies that the realities and topics ascribed to her Holiness Fatimah (A.S). Thus the Sahifah Fatimiyah is a book attributed to the noble daughter of the Prophet (S.A.W) and the faithful wife of Ali (A.S), the first leader of the world Shiites. The book has embodied news and intimations of future world events. It has been kept in custody by the Infallible Imams (A.S) and, according to narratives, it has had a volume three times that of the Holy Quran.