Poll Watchers Needed

Richard Salbato July 2010

This coming November 2, 2010 may very well be the most important day in the modern day history of freedom in America.  It may be more important than the World Wars we fought to free foreigners because now we are fighting to protect our own freedom.  All the polls show that we, constitutional conservatives, will win large majorities in the house and senate.  However, it will be very close as to if we actually end up with a majority in the house and senate (especially the senate), and without this majority we will not be able to stop the road to socialism and the bankruptcy of America. 

Because of the enthusiasm component of this election and all things being fair, I am confident that we (constitutional conservatives) can win the house and senate in November.  One thing is for sure, we are fired up and we will all vote.  On the other hand, liberals are not enthusiastic and do not vote in high percentages anyway, especially in mid-term elections.  Only 25% of America call themselves liberal or progressive, which means socialist.   

That being the case and the progressives, liberals, or socialist (whatever name they go by) know this.  They have only one thing they can do to hold the house and senate.  They must pick and choose those elections that are close and sent in massive amounts of paid ACORN, SEIU, and BLACK PANTHERS to rig the elections.  As I said in my last article the Department of Justice in Washington has sent out a message to all these criminals that they will not prosecute election fraud cases.  DOJ Facilitating Massive Voter Fraud

When Scott Brown was running for the seat of Ted Kennedy and the liberals knew that would be the end of the National Health Bill, they sent into the state all the Acorn, SEIU people to rig the elections.  However, the Tea Party organization came to the call and monitored the elections with a massive turn out of poll watchers which saved the election.

Let me explain how important this coming election is, not just to win seats in the house and senate but to win a majority in both houses.  As long as Obama is president he can block any congressional action unless we have the majority, which would be able to stop finance of his actions over the next two years. 

The difference between real Americans and Socialists is the “rule of law” and the “rule of lawmakers”.  The law is written down, but the law makers can make up the law as they go along. This is why businessmen do not want to invest money.  They have no idea what the laws of business are going to be.  In the Health Care Bill, the laws have not been written yet because they are given to hundreds of commissions to write them and they are in no hurry to do it.

In the Financial Reform bill which everyone wanted, there are no fixed rules.  They have placed all these things in government appointed commissions to write them and no one knows what the laws are.  How can you do business?  It is like buying milk without knowing the cost. 

The two methods being used by Obama to change this country into a socialist country can be summed up into two words – comprehensive and commissions. 

By passing a comprehensive bill no one understands what is says.  Then by loading this bill with government appointed commissions, they make the law as it goes along and there is no “rule of law” or absolute written law, which is the foundation of the Constitution and the exceptionalism of America.

Importance of Poll Watchers

When Aquino stepped off the plain landing in his Philippines and was shot to death. Elections were forced on Marcos.  Cardinal Sin called on all Catholic Nuns, Priests and People to have a 24 hour a day prayer at the polling booths.  I went to these polling places and saw Nuns leading the rosary over and over in front of the polling places.  Something like the rite to life people in America, but to save a nation instead of babies.  In spite of that, voter fraud was attempted everywhere.  Marcos failed to steal the election at the polling places so he attempted to steal it at the central vote counting place but the computer operators walked out and never counted the vote.  As a result he declared himself winner and called up the army to keep peace but they would not go against the people and he was kicked out of the country.  This is people power and they won.  We just saw the same thing in Iran, where the people power lost and many died.

Because this is the most important day since Japan Attacked America, we must organize a massive 24 hour prayer day for November 2nd.  This will not be done by Ministers, Priests or Bishops, and must be organized by the people.  Every Right to Life group should start up this plan because without this victory we will never win the Right to Life war. 

1. We know all the ways voter fraud happens, it starts with voter registration, where people register who are not allowed to like federal criminals in the last election, dead people in Michigan, made up people in Arizona, and people who register and vote many times.  The fastest way to check this is when more people register than is normal for that area.

2. The next way to voter fraud is absentee ballets which are mostly military and old people and  are mostly conservative.  If they have control they simply loose these votes

3. If you walk in looking like a conservative they will say that they cannot find you name on the registration and that you must be assigned at another voter place.  Who is there to look over their back and see if that is true or this is another fraud.  Even without campaign buttons, I can guess 9 out of 10 times who is conservative and who is liberal. 

4. Voter machines do not work without backup paper that is hand counted but over half the states have these machines made in South America. 

5. Intimidation as was done by the Black Panthers will not work if we bring our cameras and are not intimidated by these frauds. 

6. Although legal, the government unions will spend massive amounts of money to get out the vote and to bus people to the voting booths on November 2nd and although we do not need to pay them we must help everyone we can to vote.

Organize Poll Watchers

I am not an organizer, so I ask you to talk with your Tea Parties, your Right to Life Groups, your convents, your church organizations, your family, friends and neighbors.  Form every Poll Watcher group you can or they will steal this election and it will be by one or two seats.

Richard Salbato


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