Portugal is in Trouble

By Richard Salbato


In Portugal the President has almost King like power as he can override almost anything the government does and even the constitution. The only difference between the President and a King is that he can hold office for only 8 years. The actual government is run by the Prime Minister and elected by the people every four years. 


The latest Prime Minister was Santana Lopes.  The President, Jorge Sampaio, ordered him to step down and called for new elections, claiming lack of confidence in his leadership.  Although Santana Lopes was only Prime Minister for a short time, he is taking the blame for huge financial problems in Portugal which they may not be able to overcome no matter who is elected. 


The number of wealthy families in Portugal has dropped by 92 percent in just three years, from 26,802 four years ago to a mere 2,144 in 2003, suggesting tax evasion or just leaving the country.  Just a few years ago, Portugal a founder member of the euro zone, had one of the fastest expanding economies in the European Union thanks to tumbling interest rates, a high level of infrastructure subsidies and the continued positive effects of inward investment. Then everything fell apart. The deficit was found to be larger than reported, and Portugal became the first EU member state to be threatened with European Commission fines. Portugal has some of the lowest gross domestic product (GDP) growth per capita in the 25-nation bloc.


Did Portugal Sell Out for Money


 Last weekend in Athens, Portugal joined with 17 other European Union member states to thrash out what levels of EU subsidies each nation could expect to receive between 2007 and 2012 from the 25-nation bloc's paymasters - Germany, Britain, France, Holland, Sweden and Austria.


The Portuguese economy is largely dependent on EU subsidies having soaked up in excess of 180 billion euros since joining the Union in 1986, or 1.5 billion a year or 750 Euros per person per year for 19 years.  Any cut back in donations would severely hamper any hope Portugal has of keeping the country's public deficit within EU limits.   Think about that!  750 Euros per person for almost 20 years given to Portugal by the richer countries of Europe!  Consider an average family of 4 and that becomes 3000 Euros per family or about 6 months of the average salary of Portugal for almost 20 years, and then ask, "Where did the money go?"  Or better still ask: "What would Portugal do without it?"


Let us look at the concept.  Consider a hypothetical area where there are a great many wild pigs in the mountains.  Hard to just kill wild pigs because they hide in the brush and are very dangerous.  But a thinking man knows how to just change the habits of animals and control them.  He puts out food for them to eat, a great deal of food.  He then does the same the next day and the next until the pigs no longer work for food but just wait for the handouts.  Then he puts a great deal of food one day and as the pigs are eating he builds a fence around them and captures them all without a fight.  This is what is happening in Portugal.


The New European Constitution is being composed by Masons, who are anti-Catholic.  There goal in 1914 was to wipe out the Catholic Church in Portugal and it is the same today.  But today instead of trying to take the country by force they are trying to buy it and they are doing it by making the people depend on the other countries to survive. 

There is no planned referendum for the Portuguese people to vote yes or no to joining the European Constitution, The New European Rapid Deployment Force (this is outside of the UN or the US and will result in the break-up of NATO), will force Portuguese forces to be under Brussels control and not under Poruguese control and could be deployed anywhere.  The European Government believes that it can by 2010 outstrip the US as the world's largest trading block, but this will not happen.  The EU government has made it quite clear that it sees China as a better trading partner for the future than that of the US.

Is the US going to sit back and allow Europe with it's over inflated money destroy US world markets? No! Because America has the fastest growing economy in the world except for China.  America will form a United American Economic Block starting with Brazil and Mexico, and again outstrip Europe.

 Before, Portugal was a large exporter of wine and olives.  But with the rise in the value of the Euro that has dropped in half.  A large portion of Portugal's wealth came from the Tourism industry, but again because of the value of the Euro that has dropped off by 40% and will drop even more. 


Portugal produced a lot of its own consumption but as part of the deal they made for the monies received from the other European countries, they agreed to stop production of things like milk and import all their milk from Spain.  Think again of the wild pigs.  Now just for something like milk they are dependent on Spain.


Can the major counties of Europe keep blackmailing Portugal?  I do not think so.  The number of people out of work in Germany rose 227,000 to 4.71 million in seasonally adjusted terms, including 230,000 new jobless claimants, the Nuremberg-based Federal Labor Agency said today. The adjusted unemployment rate rose to 11.4 percent, a seven-year high, while the unadjusted jobless total passed 5 million for the first time since the war. New jobless are increasing at a rate of 1,200 a day.  France and Spain are at 10%  Only England is at a normal rate of 4-5% but the rest of Europe is having problems.  To top that off they are making new trade deals with Communist China that will put more people out of work.


The Portuguese Government is Corrupt from Top to Bottom

The entire Portuguese system is designed for corruption with no safe guards against it.  Pilgrims come not realizing that their tour guides take kick backs from the hotels, stores and restaurants.  If you want to find something of great value, you can always find someone to show you where to get it, and he will get a sizable kickback from the store for taking you there.   There are always two prices, one for the Portuguese and one for the tourist.  And if you would like to own something in Portugal or retire there, it gets worse.  In order to buy almost anything in Portugal you need a lawyer.  You have to give the lawyer Power of Attorney and then he handles everything but you never get copies of anything, and many lawyers end up with your property.  Realtors are worse and will sell you anything at 30 to 50% more than it is worth, or even sell you something that is worth nothing because it cannot be built on or is condemned property.  One of the great tricks is taking a down payment for something only to have the owner sell it to others and never getting your money back.  If you ever let someone stay in your home for even a few days, you can never get rid of them - ever,  and they can take over your home without ever paying you a penny.   Contractors build without inspections and pay off the city hall.  Restaurants operate without health permits and have rats running around the stored food.  Laws mean nothing, it is the good-o-boy society.  Look the other way because we live together and I can help you someday.


 If you want to take anyone to court, forget it, because Portugal has something called "The Secrecy of Justice".  Every country has this to some extent to protect the reputation of the innocent, but in Portugal it is to protect a corrupt court system.  Not even your own lawyer can see anything in court until the case is over and even then only what the court wants to show them.  The Newsmedia (the only thing that protects people from governments) has no access to the court systems - ever.  The police system is the same.  


 The Portuguese people have long been complaining against a justice system which sees the high and mighty committing crimes involving billions of escudos but are never called to appear before a court of law or if they are, they are released without charge.


Now there is a new trend to discredit the police force (if a policeman shoots a criminal, even caught in the criminal act, he may serve a prison sentence) and sentences against infractors are becoming more and more

In rural areas of Portugal, the populations have been known to take justice into their own hands. A mentally retarded individual who raped and killed a small girl in a village in the north of the country recently was tied to a tree, hanged and his body burnt with petrol. When the police investigated, the villagers all said they knew nothing about the incident. Lynchings of this kind are not common, but are frequent in Portugal, due to a justice system which does not adjust to the times.

For example, an 18-year-old man captured and tortured two boys aged 11. He strung them up in a disused building, tied their arms with wire, poured petrol over them and told them he was going to set fire to them. They were burnt with cigarette ends, punched and kicked. They were then forced to lie on the floor while a bicycle and a motorized bicycle were driven over them.

Fortunately, the actions of this pervert stopped there and did not pass the threshold of threat. However, two happy, extroverted little boys have been turned into nervous zombies after this attack. Their families say they have never been the same since (not surprisingly).


The result was three years of prison, suspended. This means that the perpetrator of this crime walks free and never did a day in jail and is out and ready to perform the same act with other innocent children. With the news that tens of children disappear daily from Lisbon to be sold into sexual exploitation rings, the news that popular lynching are on the rise surprises nobody.

When they are put in jail you cannot count on the pubic being safe from them, as in the case of multiple murderer Amrico Pissareira, who was let out of jail on his own to be with his family on Christmas, but instead he stabbing a man and assaulting two older people.  Justice?  None!


Elections on the Feast of  Jacinta and Francisco


On February 20,2005 (the present feast of Jacinta and Francisco of Fatima) Portugal will have the great pleasure of electing a new Prime Minister.  But what choices do they have.  All those running for office are part of the very fabric that corrupted the system.  Most of the Portuguese are tired of this corruption and bad politics to the point of crying. Most say that before 25th of April of 1974 everything was better.  This was when Salazar controlled the government.  It has reached the point here now that nobody cares who wins this election or who is in the power because everything will be exactly the same.  A 35% turnout in this election will be very optimistic because the people just do not care about this government anymore.  If you have money anything is possible here, but if you do not have money, you are at the mercy of those with money, because justice is not just, justice is for sale. 


In a country were 95% of the people are Catholic, look who is president -


Jorge Sampaio, whose party, PS,, is pro abortion, and pro homosexual.  People murmur that he disposed of  Prime Minister Lopes, to please his Liberal party, and supports his party's candidate, Jose Socrates for Prime Minister.


In a country were 95% of the people are Catholic, look who they have to pick from to run the government -


Jose Socrates- this man belongs to PS( left), a man who changes  of mind easily according to his own interests. He is known of having sexual affairs with men. PS is pro Abortion and pro homosexual even if it is quietly.


Jeronimo de Sousa- (PCP) This is an old fashioned communist. His partners want a government in the same fashion as the old Russia. They even say that Cuba, North Korea and China are democracies They want abortion as the African children want food. They are atheist.


Francisco Louça- belongs to Bloco de Esquerda and is a most cynical man.  His answers are cruel and cold.  He has insulted Catholics, as childish people who should never be against abortion.  His party wants to make abortion, drugs and prostitution legal as it is in Holland. They hate all Catholics and the Pope and make no doubt about it. 


Santana Lopes- (PSD) This man was the actual Prime Minister, but no one let him do his job. The Left convinced  President Jorge Sampaio to fire him for no strong reason. He was known for being a womanizer in the past, but now he seems different . He has five children and he is against abortion, drugs and homosexuals. He is a charming person, never gets angry.


Paulo Portas-(CDS) This is the Catholic who was insulted by Francisco Louça.   Most of this political party are devout Catholics.  Portas was the man who forbade the entry of the infamous abortion ship. It was his strong will which put them out of this country.  He's highly hated by Left and by the Masons. He has strong convictions and he is a serious person.


Five people are running for Prime Minister in Portugal, one of the most Catholic countries in the world and only one of them is a real Catholic.  What is going on here?  What is happening to the Church?


One Portuguese said: "A new revolution would be the solution, since this democracy doesn't work at all. Why? We are tired of lying people and corrupt politicians." 


Where is the Church in Portugal?


During the Masonic take-over of Mexico, the Christeros fighters put up more than a little resistance to the oppressive regime backed by the Masons. But the Christeros were told to put down their arms by the Bishops of Mexico and they (being good Catholics) obeyed their bishops even though it meant almost certain death under the hands of the revolutionaries. The resistance was betrayed by the Church and as a result Mexican Catholics were persecuted and martyred for 75 years.  At the same time the Masons took over all Catholic Portugal.  Where was the Bishops of Portugal?  How did they let Masons take over a Catholic country?


The people (mostly women) rose up in Portugal three times, twice to throw out the Masons, and again to stop the communists from taking over.  Now the Masons are in almost every branch of government in Portugal.  Somehow they are appeasing the bishops because the bishops say nothing and do nothing.  Corruption in Portugal is everywhere, and the Church is doing nothing.  "Not a Church problem."  That is what they are saying, but when injustice is done, is not that everyone's problem including the Church.  The Church has the power to correct the system in Portugal, but again it will let the Masons take over and turn Portugal into a Masonic European State, where abortions and homosexuals are not just legal but mandatory.


The European Constitution (just like the United Nations) is being controlled by the richest people in the world in order to take over all governments and create a New World Order or a One World Government.  Take the conference in the Swiss ski resort of Davos, Switzerland, where 1000 of richest and most powerful CEOs of the world, that create wealth and jobs, are now meeting to discover the "state of the world." 


The World Economic Forum is a facilitator for the goals and objectives of the United Nations-which is world government. This year it will sponsor 200 workshops covering a wide variety of topics: China, Climate Change, Poverty, the Global Economy, Islam, US Leadership, Bubble Economies, the World Trade Organization, Terrorism, Private Equity, Oil Prices, Crises, etc.


They are planning a global tax, a world military state in which the UN has a rapid deployment force (already set up), a Security Council enlarged with power to enforce sanctions, member states providing additional troops for disbursement to the UN at any time, a legal mechanism to enforce the International Criminal Court Statutes, a global police force, a new radical concept of "collective Security."

These international goals depend on economic and social dependency.  This concept, "seals the deal" with regard to interdependency and inter-connectivity between nation-states. By integrating all these issues into corporate risk management, companies can help the international community advance the collective security agenda, while ensuring the viability of their businesses.


Portugal and Europe are headed for huge problems and the only solution is for Bishops, priests, nuns and lay Catholics to stand up and say "No!" to these corrupt governments.  In America the Catholic Church, the Protestant Churches, the Jewish Churches and even Moslems are starting to get very active in the public square and making themselves a power that cannot be overlooked.  The same has to happen again in Portugal. 


The only hope is that this election will happen on the Feast day of Jacinta and Francisco and I feel good will come of this fact.  However, I think the good that comes of it will be a new revolution. 

Richard Salbato