Fighting the World’s Greatest Cult

Promoting an International Private Army

By Richard Salbato 11-10-2006


I have become known as the “Cult-Buster” because of my writings on cults inside and outside the Catholic Church.  I don’t think of myself this way but do consider myself a Centralist fighting extremes on the right and the left.  Inside the Church seems to be a lot of wars that never end since even when the Church condemns cults like the Pius X Society or the Old Roman Catholics, they continue to thrive.  When the Church condemns movements like The Marian Movement of Priests, Brother Gino, Vassula, Medjugorje, Gallagher, etc. they continue to survive. 


Everyone wants me to continue fighting these cults and mystics like “Anne” and I guess I should because few others do it, but let us get our priorities straight. 

1. What is the greatest danger to our faith, our lives, and our freedom? 

2. What is the greatest danger to the Catholic Church today?  


I believe all these movements that I have written about are Demonic, which means “to divide” and they are dividing the Christian World just like the Orthodox Divided it in 1054 and the Protestants divided it in the 15th Century.  Because of these divisions we are now again facing the World’s Greatest Cult, Islam, and few seem to care.  Because of these divisions we are not wining this war. If we don’t change all Christianity will be wiped out.  Yes! I know that won’t happen but in unity few will die and without it millions will die.  I think that is worth looking into, don’t you.


Islam, the Ultimate Cult


Cults can be defined as physical, financial and psychological force.  They thrive because leaders have learned how to force and brainwash people into doing what they want them to do.  This is done by constant teaching or brainwashing and at the same time not allowing alternate opinions.  Often people are physically isolated within the cult to keep them from learning anything detrimental to the cult.  Most cults control all the money of their members so that even if they wanted to leave they could not.  Sometimes even physical threats are used.  But the greatest method is degrading someone so that everyone is against them including god, with a small “G” because this is not God’s way. 


How then is Islam the ultimate cult?  First of all Islam was spread by physical force – war.  Everyone who didn’t agree to the rules of the prophet, Mohamed, were killed or put into slavery.  This violent force has continued to this day.  Even in America a Moslem is not allowed to read a Bible, associate with a non-Moslem, or marry a non-Moslem. In America there are cases where parents have killed their children for doing this. 


In any Moslem country it is illegal for any Moslem to convert to another religion or even leave their religion and if they do they could be killed legally by the government.  Like any cult, good Moslems need our support so that they can be Moslem or not by their own free will formed by liberal education. 


In any Moslem country, even in Londonstan or Dearbornstan, no one can get a job if they are not Moslem.  If you have a business in a Moslem area you will not sell anything unless you at least pretend to be Moslem.  In a Moslem country you cannot have a government job as a fireman, policeman, postman, militaryman or any other job unless you are Moslem.  I don’t consider Jordan a Moslem country.


Islam is a physiological cult also, since it brainwashes people from birth. Anyone who has seen on TV a 4-year old girl saying that all Jews should be killed knows that this is a cult.  This poor child does not even know what a Jew is but someday she may kill one without even knowing why. 


Everywhere the Moslem religion exists people are exposed to constant Islam propaganda.  In Moslem countries 5 times a day loudspeakers broadcast Koran statements to everyone. What I call noise pollution.  This is especially true when it is deliberately done at the same time as a priest is about to give a sermon in Mass. 


Governments are Cowards


The Western Governments of the world cannot face the threat of Islam because of the culture of tolerance, tolerance for abortion, for homosexuals, for even Nazis and KKK.  We want to allow anyone freedom, even those who want to destroy us. How can a President or Congressman say that Islam, which advocates the death of all except Moslems, is not OK in Western Societies when we kill our own children?  Instead we talk of good and bad Moslems.  I agree that some Moslems are good, but these would not be Moslems if they had a choice.  To me, good Moslems are those who do not accept all the Koran teaches or they change its meanings to fit a more peaceful faith. 


Because we need Moslem Oil, and because hundreds of Moslems live in America, England, France, Germany, Italy, etc. governments are afraid to declare war against the philosophy of Moslems and only go so far as to label it “Radical Islam” when in fact it is mainstream Islam.  Governments are willing to openly say they are in war against some countries but not against a religion.  Privately they know the truth but are unable to act because of Oil and constitutional restraints. 


As I write this, what is the United Nations forces doing to protect the Lebanese Government even thought they are in the country?  Nothing!


People vote for now


It is true that some governments are attempting to fight and prevent a second 9-11, spending lives and money to accomplish this but it is also true that 65% of the people in these countries are against this.  For whatever reason, they believe if we leave these people alone they will go away -  these same people who threaten to make our countries Islam countries. 


Without saying so openly they want to put off fighting until another day.  They say they want peace.  But the truth is that they want to postpone war to another time so that their children will be in war.  “Let my children fight this war, I do not want to mess with it now.  My life is the way I want it.” The same thinking that they use with their own finances – buy now, pay later, boomerangs into peace now, war later, instead of the real moral of justified war, fighting to bring about peace and justice. Its simple – peace now and fight later or fight now and peace later!   


Feminist Catholics


Catholic Bishops, priests, nuns and lay people are being killed all over the world by Moslems for no other reason than they are Catholics.  What are Catholics doing about this?  Pray, Pray, Pray and let Mary do it. Not only are we Catholics not willing to protect our own, we do not want to even talk about it. 


Catholic Charities send food into countries where the people are starving.  The militant gangs take the food by force right off the trucks.  Catholics are not willing to protect these Charities with their own lives and instead say, “Pray, Pray, Pray and let Mary do it.” 


In the mean time people die of starvation and the people wonder why Mary did nothing.  While the priests and nuns teach us men to hold hands and speak softly and kindly, our enemies are learning to be men and soldiers.  Feminize all Catholic men and we will be unable to fight for Our Lady and Our Church. 


The Only Solution


When I observed Spain being blackmailed into voting for a passive government because of the bombing of the railroads just before an election, I realized that manliness is wanting in the Western Culture.  No one can threaten me with force.  Logic, yes, force, no!  Because of this and the results of the last elections in North and South America, I see that I was very right in thinking that the only solution to this war is a RETURN OF THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR or something like it. 



I am surprised and encouraged to read a report from the real brains of the international terrorist information web sites. My idea was not an independent radial thought as I thought but others, much smarter than I am, had advocated the same thing. 


 In a Frontpage Symposium by a group of the truly informed experts this same idea was put forth.


And now: what should be done to push back and stop this threat? Apart from what is already done and being done by the U.S. Government agencies and similar institutions of our allies (Britain, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Israel, Pakistan, Turkey, Poland and many other), there is a need for a multi-national, based in several countries, highly mobile and effective Special Force to intervene at any place of the globe, where a WMD (not only nuclear) threat has been identified and uncovered.  


Efficient intelligence, based on technical and human means, should be used to discover and locate the WMD plots, and a mobile force should be immediately used to kill or capture the perpetrators and to seize the weapons.” (Note 2 – web site 2)



A multi-national Special Force is just what I was talking about in my article about the Knights Templar.  I believe it would have to be open, (meaning not secret) but that it would have to have secret financial and informational cooperation with the free Western Major Powers. 


This army would have to have modern weapons and Special Force equipment. It could only get these from the Major Western Countries.  To be effective it would have to have billions in financial add, which it could only get through the clandestine operation money of the major governments, very secretly financed.


This army could not have open affiliation with governments because of the threat of retaliation and/or treaties. Just as it is done now with private armies in Iraqi and other places, the Western Countries could support it with technology, weapons, information and logistics, and then even help finance it though secret treaties. 


It could be made up of retired or trained Special Forces from England, France, America, Canada, Israel, and even far off countries. It would not depend on the public opinion of any one country or a consensus of many.


It would simply defend people anywhere in the world.  Because it would be independent of the politics of any one country it could be more effective than any army.  I spent 4 years on a military base in the middle of the Indian Ocean called, Diego Garcia.  There I was able to watch and work with the top Special Forces in the world.  I saw what 6 to 20 Special Forces could do even when outnumbered 100 to 1. 


The only other international private army that ever existed is the Knights Templar and it is time to promote a return of them. 


After a Nuclear Attack on America


Have no illusions that this can be accomplished now. But starting the process now would make us closer to the goal when we have our second 9-11 and this time it will be a Nuclear 9-11 involving the death of millions.


The information below in (Note 5) shows that at least Al Qaeda, and many other Terrorist Groups, already has nuclear small bombs, maybe already on US territory.  One of two things will make the world see the need of an International Private Army: 1. a Nuclear Attack, 2. shutting down the supply of oil. 


One or both of these things could bring Western Governments to a point of thinking of new methods of fighting a new type of war.  This new type of war is a war of Surrogate Armies, armies that are not part of a real government but secretly financed by real Governments, like Iran and Syria. 


Private Armies could go into places like Iran and Syria to support the Iranian citizens who are apposed to the government and even help them overthrow it, without involving America. They could go into Sudan and protect millions of innocent people from gangs of terrorists without asking permission of the UN or the government of Sudan. 


Consider the Flying Tigers, who fought for China against Japan, but in fact, were American pilots fighting on their own and not as a part of the USA, because the USA was not yet in the war. They were a private army.  If for no other reason than Dufar it would be worth it.


ARM-Knights Templar


I am helping form a movement, not of knights but of people who want to promote and help build a private army of Knights.  This movement will be called the Association of the Return of the Military Branch of the Knights Templar, or ARM-Knights Templar.  For me it must be a protective order of real fighters and not a social order like the Knights Malta.  These will not be Knights who talk and pray about the death of millions but, like the good Samaritan, will be Knights who will go to the aid and protection of these people.


There is only one true order of the former Knights Templar in the world today which can be found on

You can also study them on

Questions can be addressed to them by emailing Brother Charles at .


There are two reasons I like this new order: They promote the Tridentine Mass and they are supported by my favorite Cardinal.


They have gone through all the proper Canonical Moves to become a true and real order of the Church with backing by a Duke, a Bishop, and all the proper Rules and Formation.  They have real property and houses of worship and even indulgences from the Holy Father.  They are not (yet) a Papal Order as was the old Knights Templar, but that might happen someday. 


They are not yet a true military order and who knows if they ever will be but they are the only true Knights Templar in the world at this time. 


If this order will become true fighting knights we will support it, but if not we will continue to work towards real knights, who have the two swords, the sWord of truth, and the Sword of protection.


Richard Salbato



1. Coming WMD (weapons of mass distruction) against USA


2. Experts on the war with Islam and what to do about it.


3. Persecution of Christians world wide.


4. Does Al Qaeda have nuclear capability? If not, is it on the verge of acquiring it? What dangers do we face in this context? Is a jihadist WMD attack on U.S. territory an inevitability? What can we do to prevent this horror?


To discuss this issue, Frontpage Symposium assembled a distinguished panel of experts: David Dastych, former covert intelligence agent, CIA, Israeli Intel, Hamid Mir, a Pakistani expert on Al Qaeda's nuclear ambitions, Paul Williams, consultant for the FBI, professor at University of Scranton, Harvey W. Kushner, Ph.D., criminal justice, terrorism


“Bin Laden had purchased tactical nuclear weapons from the Chechen Mafia in 1996, off-the-shelf nukes and nuclear materials (highly enriched uranium and plutonium) from the former Soviet Union to al-Qaeda, such as Semion Mogilevic from the Ukraine, Dr. A. Q. Khan and over 20 nuclear scientists and technicians from Khan's research laboratories in Pakistan worked with al-Qaeda to develop highly portable "bespoke nukes." 

“In 1995, the Chechens under Com. Shamail Basayev planted a radiological bomb in Izmailovsky Park near Moscow. The bomb was made of cesium-137, and, if detonated, would have killed thousands of Russians.

“Later that same year, Dzokhar Dudayev, the leader of the Chechen Mafia, offered to sell his collection of nuclear weapons to the United States in exchange for U. S. recognition of Chechnya's independence. The Clinton Administration declined and so the weapons were sold to al-Qaeda.

“In 2000, British agents in Heart saw nuclear weapons being manufactured.

“Similarly, an al-Qaeda operative was arrested while crossing the Allenby Bridge toward the checkpoint at Ramallah in Israel in a rusty old  Volkswagen van. Within the van, Mossad discovered a bomb which turned out to be a highly sophisticated plutonium-implosion device with an explosive yield of 10 kilotons (equivalent to the bomb dropped on Hiroshima). There are more examples of tangible proof, including the canister of uranium 238 that U.S. military officials discovered in a lead canister in Kandahar at the outset of Operation Enduring Freedom.

“Few military and intelligence officials question bin Laden's ability to launch his plan for the American Hiroshima. Gen. Eugene Habiger, former Executive Chief of Strategic Weapons at the Pentagon, said that an event of nuclear mega-terrorism on U. S. soil is "not a matter of if, but when." During the 2004 presidential debates, President Bush and Sen. Kerry said that nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists represent the greatest danger facing the American people, while Vice President Cheney, on the campaign trail, warned that a nuclear attack by al-Qaeda appears imminent. Before leaving office, Attorney General John Ashcroft and Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge both voiced that belief that al-Qaeda's plan to nuke cities throughout the country soon might come to fruition.

“Customs and Border protection has stepped up inspections of incoming containers—from 2 percent to approximately 4 percent of the total. Four percent of 8 million means 320,000 get inspected—and 7,680,000 do not. Government officials argue that they look at 100 percent of those that are high risk.


“In 1998, an al Qaeda vessel transported explosives into Mombassa that were used in the East African embassy bombings.


“And in October 2001, a container headed for Toronto was opened during a stop in Italy. Authorities found inside a suspected al Qaeda member who fitted the livable container forged documents, electronics equipment, and blueprints and floor plans or a number of facilities throughout North America.


“We have to stop fighting the Holy War with a Cold War mentality; stop radical Islam from using our constitutional rights to shield itself;


“First of all, we have to fight on the media front: to remove the cowardly and completely unnecessary "political correctness" that prevents the main stream media from reporting the truth about the present nuclear danger.


“In the U.S. and in Europe, and also in Africa, most of the new mosques are built by Saudi money and run by radical clerics. This is the "landscape" for the radicalization of Muslim youths in the Western countries and beyond them. But the radical slogans, demonstrations, staged hatred rallies (like the recent anti-Benedict campaign) have not much in common with the proliferation of nuclear weapons, and with providing terrorists with these weapons.


“And now: what should be done to push back and stop this threat? Apart from what is already done and being done by the U.S. Government agencies and similar institutions of our allies (Britain, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Israel, Pakistan, Turkey, Poland and many other), there is a need for a multi-national, based in several countries, highly mobile and  effective  Special Force to intervene at any place of the globe, where a WMD (not only nuclear) threat has been identified and uncovered.  


“Efficient intelligence, based on technical and human means, should be used to discover and locate the WMD plots, and a mobile force should be immediately used to kill or capture the perpetrators and to seize the weapons. In addition to that, true and timely information and education should be provided to all citizens by the media, including the mainstream media. Ordinary people, living in the U.S., in Europe and other countries, can be of great help to the authorities in detecting dangerous activities. But they have to be told what to look for.


“As to the wars and other operations against terrorists: the U.S., NATO and other allied  military forces should stay in Iraq and in Afghanistan as long as it will be necessary to fight the terrorists and  radicals. To withdraw now, without a break-through, could be a sign of weakness and an encouragement to the terrorists and radicals to continue their fight. The U.S. government should examine a possibility to withdraw its military forces from Saudi Arabia, leaving the Land of Two Holy Places to the Muslims. It could be a sign of good will.”