Purification Has Started

Richard Salbato 3-2-2009

The time of the purification (known by most people as the Chastisement) has started.  Like me, many people are happy this long prophesied time has come.  In fact, we are very surprised that God has waited so long to correct the sins of the world, especially the sins within His family, the Church. 

From a simply logical point of view I hope to show that there is no way to avoid this purification anymore.  Things will get gradually harder and harder for each and every person on earth.  And no later that 2012 even the United States government will collapse. That assumes that no other problems happen, like a war between Israel and Iran.  If that happens the economy might collapse this or next year. 

I listened to Harry Dent talk recently and he is convinced that we will see a world wide depression worse than the Great Depression of 1920 to 1942.  He is the one who says it has to happen no later than 2012 but could happen any month now.  The result of this will be people taking the law into their own hands, some to protect themselves, and others to steal what they do not have.

Whenever it starts, it will last a very long time, and I believe it has already started.  You simply have to do the math and you will see there is no longer any way to avoid it.  Over the next two to three years over a third of the working public will retire and instead of paying taxes with be taking money from the government. Because of birth control, there is not enough people coming into the work force to replace these people.  If you taxed every man, woman and child 60% of their income you could not pay the bills coming to the Federal Government and it will close down.  Added to that these last 30 days have added to the budget 5 time more money than is spent on the entire Military.    

From a theological point of view, we deserved this when we elected the most pro-abortion president in history and an admitted Socialist, whose teen-age mentor was a Communist. I laughed when I heard a few days ago that his new budget included doing away with all charity tax deductions.  The reason I laughed is because of all the bishops and priests who openly promoted Obama, and all the other bishops who remained silent about the sin of voting for a pro-abortion candidate.  Without these tax deductions donations will fall by as much as 55% and some parishes will go broke, Catholic hospitals will close or cut back, Catholic schools will shut down, and charities will run out of money and close down operations.

Already Obama has passed laws making abortion easier and more destructive and has put into his cabinet nothing but radical pro-abortion people.  The 53% of Catholics who voted for this man deserve everything that is about to happen.  The rest of us, who have kept the laws of God, are willing to suffer along with them in hopes that our undeserving suffering will save the souls of these stupid people. 

Read “The Great Depression Ahead” by Harry Dent. 


In some ways Unity Publishing has been vindicated over the past year after being attacked violently by all the promoters of false religious movements and false apparitions.  Little by little over the past 30 years we have been in this business every thing we have apposed and exposed has fallen by the side of the road and has been forgotten. Over the past 30 years we have published 4 videos, 48 audio tapes 114 pamphlets, and 3 books.  The first thing we ever wrote was “The Omen” exposing the sin of homosexuality and the hundreds of Bible passages against it.  We then published against an apparition in Mexico called the “Portavov”. Little by little we exposed over 110 false religious movements and apparitions.  Some of these people are now dead and others, like the Pebble, are in jail.  At the same time we revised forgotten true apparitions, defended good religious movements and became the primary promoter of several true apparitions.

In the past year we have been vindicated by being against some false mystics like Gianna (See Note One) and Christina Gallagher.

Gallagher, a mystic who claimed to be seeing the Virgin Mary and claimed to have the stigmata, formed House of Prayer groups all over the world.  I investigated her ten years ago and saw that she was separated from her Plumber husband, and was living in a lavish mansion with high walls, hired guards and servailence cameras.  In spite of my reports on this and the false messages, I was attacked as being against God.  A year ago her Bishop condemned her for refusing to be obedient to him, but people stayed with her.  Two years ago the Irish IRS went after her for avoiding taxes.  And this year the Irish “Sunday World” newspaper began exposing her and her corruption.  In spite of this her followers continued to protect her, sent her money and attack me and the Sunday World.   Now wanting to run away with all her money and avoid paying the 10 years of past taxes, she came up with a stupidity that ever her followers could not stomach. She declared that soon she would ascend to Heaven body and soul, just like the Virgin Mary. 

Former followers, who turned against her claimed it was a cult and money-making scam.  Some sued to get their donations back.  Four directors and the company secretary resigned:  Millionaire newpaper publisher Dick Hogan, Dublin lawyer Donal Corrigan, Louise Cleary, Kildare, Josephone Flanagan (the sister of Father McGinnity) and Noel Guionan.  (See Note Two)  Once all these House of Prayer groups learn of this, they will all fall apart just as the prayer houses of the Portavov did years ago. 

The next vindication we have had this last few months is the Legionaries of Christ, which we have been attacking as a false movement for the last 15 years.  When we along with the victims exposed the LC founder, Rev. Marcial Maciel, as a drug user and pedophile we were attacked, especially by the leaders of the movement.  When we exposed the cult brain washing methods used by the movement we were attacked.  When we exposed how they used confessions to threaten people who wanted to leave the cult and expose them we were attacked. 

However, new revelations of the secret life of Rev. Marcail Maciel are now forcing the members of the Legion and its lay group, Regnum Christi, which he also founded, to face tht they were witnessed to the great lie.

It has now been exposed and proven that Maciel had to children, a boy and a girl, who are now just short of 20 years of age.

As the leaders admit to their founders poor morals, they still insist they are a good order and not a cult.  However, Matthew 7.18 comes into focus: A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. As Legionaries confront their past and face their future, it will not be easy for them to account for these words of the Lord.  (See Note 3 for all the lies of the LC leaders)

Unity just published  The True Queen of Peace Shrine to show the real reason why the Franciscans or maybe Satan, himself, wanted this false apparition and its false Shrine.  With all the condemnations of the church on this false apparition, the promoters follow the same prototype of all falsehoods, they lie and they know they lie.  The above Newsletter proves that. 

The Real Reason for false apparitions

 The reason we included the section, “Vindicated”, in this newsletter is that we always knew the true reason for false movements and false apparitions. The two main reasons for these lies are division and the coming purification (known as the Chastisement). As we have pointed out before the meaning of the word, “Demonic”, is “Divide”.  Using movements like the Charismatic Movement, the Liberal Catholic Movement, the Liberation movement, and even the Altra-traditional Movement, demons have divided the unified Church, families, children from parents, and even the order of civilizations, which is order in the chain of command. Removing all authority has paved the way for the chaos and anarchy that is about to come upon all mankind.  This will be God’s punishment for the violation against the 4th Commandment, especially when it comes to Bishops and the Holy Father. 

The second reason is the Chastisement.  Satan cannot see the future as God can, but he can read the signs of the times and he can read the true prophesied given by Saintly prophets over the years.  As this time comes many will die and some will go to Heaven and some to Hell.  By confusing people as to what is going to happen during this Chastisement, he can lead many to Hell.  They way he does this is to confuse the prophesies of the Chastisement and add thing to it or take things away from it. If you see thing happening very fast but you are waiting for something that some false mystic claims will come first, you will not be quick to go to confession.  Some false mystics have claimed that you must go to a special safe property and live with like minded people to be saved. One such false mystic conned millions of dollars out of people for these centers and had to run away to Mexico to get away from the law and people he conned.  Others have said that there would be signs in the sky, and others that it would be at the time of the Antichrist.  Protestants are not even worried about this Chastisement because they will be “Raptured” up to heaven before it happens.  According to true prophesies, there will come two men to bring us out of this Chastisement and peace to the world.  These are good men (one being the Pope), but these false mystics will declare these two men, the Antichrist and the Beast, and fight against them.  This is the real reason for these false apparitions.  One day they will all declare this lie in one massive voice. 

We have gotten rid of some of these false mystics but there are still thousands more to go, and these have a unified voice for this lie.

Richard Salbato 


Note: One  Gianna

We do not believe in the apparitions

By Christopher Gaul

Review associate editor

An archdiocesan theological commission investigating messages alleged to have been delivered to Gianna Talone-Sullivan by the Blessed Virgin Mary has concluded that there is nothing supernatural going on and that, in fact, there are "negative elements" contained in some of the apocalyptic prophecies she has made public.

In a letter sent to the visionary Sept. 24 at her home near Emmitsburg, the archdiocese’s judicial vicar and cardinal’s delegate for canonical affairs, Monsignor Jeremiah F. Kenney, informed Dr. Talone-Sullivan that Cardinal William H. Keeler accepts the findings of the three-priest commission and has instructed that "no Catholic church properties may be used for the purpose of providing a platform for any activities associated with the alleged apparitions."

"We do not believe in the apparitions," Monsignor Kenney told The Catholic Review.

On Sept. 27 Cardinal Keeler sent a letter to the pastor of St. Joseph, Emmitsburg, informing him of the commission’s decision. It was at St. Joseph that Dr. Talone-Sullivan claimed to receive messages from the Virgin Mary during Thursday evening prayer services beginning in 1993 until September 2000 when the archdiocese banned them.

In the letter to Father William O’Brien, C.M., Cardinal Keeler quoted the commission as stating that, "given the present circumstances throughout the world of what may be called a growing addiction to the spectacular, we think that the Church should not promote or encourage persons claiming to have extraordinary channels to God."

In response, Dr. Talone-Sullivan, who has a doctorate degree in pharmacology, said she is "grateful for the time, devotion and commitment, which the commission undertook in reviewing and studying the alleged experiences and events."

"It is," she further stated, "a great gift to belong to the Catholic Church, and we are always safe when we bow in obedience under her wing." However, she maintained that her regular apparitions and messages were and continue to be real.

In an open letter to those who have followed her messages, Dr. Talone-Sullivan said, "We ask forgiveness from you if any misunderstanding or confusion has been caused to you or your family as a result of the lessons and messages that have been given to me by Our Lord and Our Lady."

The archdiocese and the commission were also critical of a video called, "Unbridled Mercy," produced by Dr. Talone-Sullivan’s Mercy Foundation, in which references are made to a "eucharistic spiritual reign where the Child Jesus will usher in a kingdom of peace."

The commission noted that "such a spirituality is not the traditional Church teaching about the eucharistic mystery.

"It may well be a comforting devotion for the visionary," the commission stated, "but it cannot claim to be a private revelation of divine inspiration, to be presented as a divine message for the public."

Married to a physician, Dr. Michael Sullivan, Dr. Talone-Sullivan is the founder of the Mission of Mercy, based in Fairfield, Pa., near Emmitsburg. It is a non-profit mobile medical program that works to provide free medical and dental care to the poor, homeless, uninsured and underinsured patients in central and Western Maryland.

After first receiving "private revelations" in Scottsdale in 1987, Dr. Talone-Sullivan said she began to receive messages in 1988 that she said the Virgin Mary wanted to be made public. She said that from Dec. 19, 1989, to the present time, Our Lady has appeared and spoken to her nearly every night (except Fridays) during her private prayer, and during nearly every weekly public prayer group in both Scottsdale, Ariz., and since November 1993 at St. Joseph, Emmitsburg,

In 1989 Bishop Thomas O’Brien of Phoenix formed an investigative commission to look into Dr. Talone-Sullivan’s reported apparitions and messages and later announced that the diocese neither supported nor condemned the events. The bishop wrote that people were "free to believe in private revelations if you wish."

The Archdiocese of Baltimore remained silent on the events in Emmitsburg until Aug. 30, 1995, when Monsignor Kenney said that because a diocesan investigation in Arizona had uncovered "nothing contrary to faith" Baltimore was "neutral on the matter at this time."

Events at St. Joseph’s parish accommodated the growing crowds which averaged some 600 people every Thursday evening, growing to about 1,000 during the summer months.

After the archdiocese ordered the cessation of the Thursday prayer service, which Dr. Talone Sullivan accepted "in obedience," she stopped publishing the messages she claimed to receive from the Virgin Mary until this past August when she again began to post them on an internet Web site.

In his letter to Father O’Brien, Cardinal Keeler noted that the commission acknowledged that "impressive results" came from the Thursday evening prayer services, including conversions, significant increases in the number of confessions as well as physical and spiritual healings.

However, the commission stated that while it "gladly recognizes the working of God’s grace, even in somewhat strange circumstances," it saw "no necessary connection" between Dr. Talone-Sullivan’s alleged apparitions and the reported benefits.

Note: Two: Gallagher

See the Sunday World of February 1, 2009  www.sundayworld.com

Note: Three