New Plan to Stop Tea Party

Richard Salbato


It was very confusing to me to find out that Soros, the very man that put Obama in office and supports all the liberal socialist organizations throughout the world, suddenly says he will no longer support Obama, and even go against him. 

At the same time, probably the head of the world wide One World Government socialist movement over the past 80 years, the Rothschild banking dynasty – often called “the family that rules the world” – has also said that Barack Obama must be removed from the White House.

This happened before Obama made a deal with Republicans on the Bush Tax Cuts.  So what is really behind this?  Obama promoted every single thing these people not only wanted but wrote.  He never went against them, not ever.    

To understand this you have to know history and listen to the words of Lynn Forester de Rothschild.  Historically the socialist movement found out in 1915 that they could not convince people through democratic means unless they did it little but little, in what we call today, the Progressive Movement, which is really a progressive little but little socialism. 

In the world only about 18% of people are socialists so they can never win any election unless they add to that people who make there living on government handouts or actual work.  Even if they do not believe in socialism they will vote for the people who feed them and throughout Europe and American this is about 35% of the working people. 18% and 35% is a majority. 

The American-born Lady Rothschild— chief executive of E.L. Rothschild, a key Rothschild holding company—is the wife of Sir Evelyn de Rothschild. She was first introduced to her husband in Scotland in 1998 by former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger during a meeting of Bilderberg—the global planning group dominated by the Rothschilds, assisted by their American lieutenants, the Rockefellers.

AMERICAN FREE PRESS detailing a high-level scheme to foist a phony new “centrist” third party on Americans.  She expressed her “centrist” concerns on the Internet’s Daily Beast on Feb. 28, 2010, but few noticed it at the time. It’s no coincidence this was the forum she used to vent her attack: the Daily Beast is merging with the Rothschild-connected Washington Post Company’s Newsweek magazine.

“We need a movement of the militant middle; millions of voters who support the sensible policies from both parties. This would give Democrats political cover to stand up to Obama, Pelosi and Reid; and Republicans the backbone to acknowledge that the country must progress in order to be strong.

Here is what’s happening: Recognizing growing widespread disgust with both major parties, the elite big money forces seem to be laying the groundwork to usher in a new “centrist” party—a “controlled opposition” under their domination—to block the rise of any genuine populist third party challenging their power. Divorced from grassroots demands, the new “centrist” mechanism would answer only to the major media controllers who conjured up the “centrist” party in the first place.

Now I want you to think like the One World Government people, who have been doing this for 80 years and study their history of success and failure.  I could name all their failures and there are many like they failed to get the result of World War I and II and failed to get the control of Russia they wanted, they failed to get what they wanted out of President Kennedy, who they thought they could control, and he did pass a law making it legal for unions to organize government workers for the first time in history, but then he saw the light and was on his way to getting rid of the Federal Reserve and they killed him.

There biggest loss was the People Power of the Philippines because they did not expect this to spread throughout the world and 87 dictators fell through non-violent people power.

Soros and Rothschild know that the two greatest threats to there plans are the Tea Parties and Sara Palin.

They know that these Tea Parties are going to be stronger in 2012 than they are now. Then know that just like the People Power of the Ph8iulippines this Tea Party will spread throughout the world.  And even if she never runs for office the greatest spokeswoman for this movement is Sara Palin. 

Not only that but they have been trying to destroy religion and family and Palin represents the morals of religion and family by her example and that is what liberals hate the most about her. 

 Unlike the past the One World Government people like Soros and Rothschild know they cannot wait to win this war for two reasons,

1. They know the world is broke and will fail within one to four years.  I will show this in an associated article.  (See Reference 1)

2. They know they have to have control if America goes bankrupt because if the Tea Party Constitutional Conservatives have power when we go broke they will re-organize back to our original founding principles, and although some suffering, America will be stronger than before, we will be lost to them forever and be the instrument that saves the rest of the world.

They have to stop the Tea Party Movement. 

OK, so how do you stop the Tea Party Movement? Form a third party! 

They have in their pocket 18% of the voters, but the bulk of Americans are Independents and Obama won them over by promising to be in the center and appealed to them. But everyone knows the truth about him now and he could never get them back by his lies.  No one believes him now.  They have moved to the right. The Socialists have to back up again and pretend to be center-right to win the next election with a third party and they could.

They could get all the left, 80% of government workers, all the real liberals and be backed by billions of dollars.  Who would they run for office, one of their own inter circle billionaires, Mayor Bloomberg. They could win with only 34% of the vote.  

To prepare for this third party Soros and Rothschild have to control the news media more than they do now.  Already the liberal news has fallen in step by attacking their former god, Obama.  And the greatest financial supporter of Wikileaks is Soros.  All this in an attempt to create an excuse to control the internet and weaken the Obama government.

Obama knows this and this is why he had a child-like tantrum and made a Tax deal with Republicans without even inviting Democrats or even telling them of his plans.  Without Soros support he will not even run in 2012 and may even be impeached. 

But Soros knows that the Democrats have even less support than he does and no one can win as a Democrat.  Pelosi and Reid will make this worse.

I am not sure we can stop this plan unless we show the truth to the world before 2012.

Richard Salbato

Reference 1:

 The World is Bankrupt Now