Satan is Laughing at God

Richard Salbato, Ash Wednesday 2009


 Two months ago I wrote, “Satan Attacks Our Lady of America” and pointed out how Satan has attacked all those who tried to promote this devotion and how most suffered all the way to their death.  I also pointed out how those still involved suffer to this day.  At that time, two months ago, I concluded that there was something that I could do to help this devotion move faster and reach the promise Our Lady gave to America if we did certain things.  I knew I had a particular knowledge for this thing and I knew other people who had the talent to do a good job.

In order to have the additional room, money and help to do this project, I moved my office five miles away and changed my phone and computer service.  For the first time in 30 years I was not living and working alone.

Within 6 weeks I realized that I had less time, less money and no help in this project.  I do not blame anyone for this but myself.  I then made another mistake.  I decided to move back to my former house and office right away so that I could move forward in this project on my own.  This was a huge mistake because I moved before I had electricity, phone or internet connection.  If I had waited only a few weeks I would have had few problems.

Because of the excessive snow over this time, hundreds of phone power lines were down and the phone company was a month behind in fixing them. I spent the next three weeks with no phone and no internet connection.  I was unable to do anything but sit in a useless office.

Without explaining myself, this has been the worst period of time in my life.  For those who know all the trials I have been though in my life, they will find this hard to believe, but this effected my health, my confidence and my mental stability. I will not let Satan defeat me but he has set me back many years.

I don't blame Satan for my own stupid mistakes but I know that he takes advantage of every sin or mistake that we make.  Using my own experience, my own sins and my own mistakes I want to warn people of how Satan works to destroy God’s plans, Our Lady’s plans and our own good intentions. 

When Saint Paul lists the fruits of the Holy Spirit he ends by saying that charity covers a multitude of sins. One of the reasons for this is that charity requires us to put other people’s interests and needs before our own.  Pride is self interest and charity is the opposite of self interest provided our motive is the interest of others.  The sins that charity covers over can in fact be sins against the fruits of the Holy Spirit because the failure to do good when we can is in fact the sin of omission.  Charity will cover the sin of unkindness but being unkind in the way we talk or deal with others is still a sin.

Think of an old folk’s home where those who help the old do so for free as their charity, but at the same time abuse the old people with slander and unkindness.  You cannot take away from the fact that they did it for free but the fact that they abused the people may even be a greater negative than the charity is a positive. 

Satan takes advantage of these little weaknesses in our personality to weaken our resolve to do good, sidetrack our goals, and divert our attention away from God’s plans for us.  Satan can make petty little problems seem big and hide our bigger problems by guiding our attention to the petty irritants that we should be at least somewhat tolerant of.   

Today is the first day of Lent (Ash Wednesday) and time to reflect inward at ourselves and our sins.  We must reflect on the gifts that God gave us and how we are using these gifts.  We must reflect on how we treat each other, how we forgive those who have done harm to us, and how we have neglected God, especially in prayer.

I am going to use this Lenten period to reflect on my failures to do what I think God called me to do, and hope I can find the direction from God to get back to doing it.  I first must reflect on a question – “Are my ideas of what God wants of me truly what God wants from me?”

I am forced to give up on my project for Our Lady of America. This bothers me a great deal because I am afraid we are running out of time.  Twenty Five Years ago I wrote a book about the future (from now to the end of the world) and predicted that we would have a World Wide Economic Crash that would bring down governments and we would have riots in the streets, even civil wars.  This is coming to pass as I write this. 

Russia may be the first, but Eastern Europe is on the brink of civil war right now.  Mexico may not last as a country through this year.  Iceland, Ireland, Spain, Greece are on the brink of national bank failures.  African and South American countries are close to failure as nations.  In the past, Central Banks have bailed out countries. Today the Central Banks no longer have the money to do this.  From the smallest household to the largest banks, governments, unions and businesses, Greed is the cause of this problem.

We must face the fact that we will not come out of this problem without a great deal of pain and suffering. In the end we will depend on our families and friends to get us through this.  I think it is too late to appeal to God to stop it because I think Our Lady can no longer hold back the anger of God.

I was never able to publish my book about the future, but because we are now out of time, I am going to put the entire book up on my web site within the next few weeks. This will give you an idea of what to expect, what not to expect yet, and how, in fact, the world will end. 

If I have not answered your email in the past month, you now know why. Rest assured that I will answer you.  It may take some time because I am facing 3000 emails to answer.

Richard Salbato

PS.  Look up “The Bubba Affect”.