How to Save America

Richard Salbato

Today I read that 61% of Americans believe that Americaís government will fail.That means that we will come to a point that the government will not be able to pay its bills and will not be able to borrow money.At that point all government employees, even the Military will not be paid.This almost happened in California this month and might still happen in the next two years.Twelve countries are on the brink of this right now, but no one ever thought this might happen to America.

However, I have done the math and if all the spending plans that have passed in the past 30 days and will pass in the next 30 days are not abolished in the next two years, we will not be able to pay the Federal Government bills.

The Stock Market has dropped by six trillion dollars in this last 30 days, because these people have lost faith in the future and these people look years out ahead to invest.

This is an abomination.Oh! I mean Obama-nation.

Almost everyday Obama talks to the nation, and he always says the right thing. No one can disagree with what he says, but his actions are always the opposite of what he says.

He said that we must create four million dollars and this is how he sold an almost trillion dollar ďstimulusĒ package, but where are these jobs.Small business accounts for 70% of all jobs and 92% of all new jobs, but not one cent of this plan goes towards small business.In fact it will not create more than 400,000 temporary jobs that will pay an average $40.000 per year at a cost of $540,000 per job.

The health care proposal will cost three quarters of a trillion dollars and the budget for just the next 7 months will cost half trillion dollars.Next years budget is expected to be two and a half trillion dollars. Not to count the 3 trillion into banks, AIG and GM.

Add to that the trillion debt that President Bush left and we have a budget deficit that cannot be paid back, not now, not ever.(Fox News said this will go to $17 Trillion Dollar debt) Divide that into the two hundred million households and see what you get per family.

Obama-nationís idea is to tax the top 2% a great deal, the top 4% more, and all people through higher gas prices, higher utility bills and higher food bills. However, these taxes will bring in less tax revenue, not more.

Add to the above debt, the fact that the baby boomers are about to retire in the next two years and instead of paying taxes will be taking money from the government in SSI. This is about 20% of the working public.

OK! You get my point, unless we impeach this President and kick out everyone in congress so that we can reverse these programs, this country will cease to exist in just a few years.You and I know that will not happen because of all the new Pauls.

One thing that has always been known by Socialists is rob Peter to pay Paul, and when there are more Pauls than Peters, you have guaranteed that you will always be re-elected.

Not counting the really disabled, who are these Pauls?I donít know for sure, but I can guess. The military says that only 20% of Americans can qualify for the military because 80% have a criminal record, have not graduated from High School, or cannot pass a basic knowledge test.

These people have not even tried to take care of their future but only want without working for it.These are the Pauls that those who worked hard in school and hard at jobs will have to pay for under Obama-nation. These are the young people who would rather have a few beers everyday than pay for Health Insurance.They are happy that the government will now become their mommy.

If all the above is true,

What Can You Do?

Assuming that this could happen, you should prepare the same way that people in California prepare for earthquakes; people in the Mid-West prepare for hurricanes; people in the South-Coast prepare for floods, and people in the North prepare for major snow falls.These people assume that they might loose electric power, gas, and even their food supply.Most store up at least one month in emergency supplies.

However, in a complete collapse of the government, is a month supply enough?I would guess, two years at least.Not only that but you should get all your family and extended family to work together and have a plan. Maybe get even your entire neighborhood to work together or at least your friends.I would prefer that Parishes had a plan, but I donít expect that because they simply will not believe this possibility and half these priests and Catholics voted for this Obama-nation.

Donít forget all the non-food items that you will not be able to do without.If you can, convert most of your yard to vegetable gardens, hot houses and fruit trees. Donít forget a method to protect yourself from gangs of people who have not prepared for this possibility.

Will America Survive?

Yes! But we may have to use the Second Amendment to save it. That is what the Second Amendment is all about. We do have some free press, and maybe there will be enough outcries from the public in time to cause Public Officials to step down and admit they failed.If not, we will have to throw them out and clean up this mess. The military will always stand with the people and not the government because they are commanded to read the constitution at least once a year.

In the end the only way to get out of this mess is to reduce the size of State and Federal Governments by at least 60% to 75%.This can be done by the Feds giving up programs to the States, and States giving up programs to the Cities, and Cities giving up programs to the Charities.††

Will Our Lady of America Help America

If it was not for all the people who harmed the devotion to Our Lady of America over the past 10 years, we would not have voted for the most satanic government in history.You can read about these demons, what they have done to harm the devotion and what they continue to do on the web site: - .

Although I am not directly involved with anyone at the true center of this devotion, I know that in the end only a few things have to be accomplished for Our Lady to do what She promised: - to convert America and then use it to lead the rest of the world into a period of peace.

One of these things that still needs to be done I tried to do myself, without even letting Sister Joseph Therese know I was working on it.Just like everyone else over the past 40 years, I failed.

Now, it is not too late, but it is too late to save America from at least part of the Chastisement coming to the world.

I now believe that Our Lady will not come to our aid until we have gone at least two years through this Chastisement.

In the end something She said to Sister Neuzil will come to pass, the people will rise up and demand of the bishops to do what She asked of us.

The most important thing to do is to: 1 Make a statue of Our Lady of America as seen and instructed by Sister Neuzil.2. Then have a life size version of this made in Marble and made by an American artist.3. Then have this statue placed in the National Shrine of Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC by the bishops.

At that point, Our Lady will come to our aid and save America, so that it can lead the world to a period of peace.

Thanks to all the demonic attacks up to now, this will not happen until we are on the brink of national failure.At that point people will wake up and go into action demanding this statue be made and demanding that the bishops of America march it into the National Shrine.

During the period of peace to follow the Chastisement, America will shine forth as the leader of the world in freedom and in the purity of its people.It will take this Chastisement to change us into people who have humble and pure hearts, but it will happen through suffering and the prayers of Our Lady.

If you can help Sister Joseph Therese in the production of this statue, which will take a long time, send a small donation to her at:

Our Lady of America Center

P.O.Box 445

Fostorina, Ohio 44830

For the statue of Our Lady of America

If you cannot send any money, do all the devotions to Our Lady that you can do for the next few years we have left.One of my best friends is doing retreats all over his state on the True Devotion by Louis DeMontfort and I cannot think of anything better than that.See my web site: and go to the section

to learn how to do this devotion.

Work and pray.Work as if the survival of your family depends on you, and pray is if the survival of you and your family depends on God.Charity, logic, the Church and modern economics say to:Take care of yourself and the group, not yourself only, not the group only but both.

I will work and pray for myself, my family, by friends and my beloved Nation.

Rick Salbato