By Richard Salbato


This Newsletter is not an apology for being wrong because no one but God is errorless.  My errors in the past and the errors I will make in the future revolve around my obsession with trying to understand what Our Lady of Fatima means by “In the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph.”  I did a one year investigation into what “I” would consider a triumph of Our Lady and placed that investigation on my web site, called “What Is the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Maryhttp://www.unitypublishing.com/Government/index-Government.htm and in this section you will find many documents of past Pope’s on church – state conflicts.  I concluded that from the time of St. Peter’s war with Rome the Church’s biggest enemy has been governments dominated by the “ruler of this world – Satan” (John 14:27-31).  


Based on this belief of mine, I concluded that there could not be a “period of peace” as promised by Our Lady of Fatima without ending these wars with governments.  In 2003 I wrote what I consider a great document called “Chastisement and the Great Monarch” predicting that these prophesies would start April 1, 200?  They still have not started but I still believe this will happen. This document also shows why I have a great distrust for apparitions that contradict true apparitions.  Satan wants to confuse people who seek information about the future, so that they will not prepare for it properly.  Refuges, special prayers, candles, icons, etc. will not protect you from God.  God will save who God will save, and nothing else matters except to trust God, who wills your good, even if that is to die, which will be easier than to live.


More recently I wrote “World Wide Economic Crash” which also has not yet happened, but which I believe has to happen soon.  http://www.unitypublishing.com/Government/Dollar.htm


I then predicted that the United States would go to war with Iran by March of 2006 because of the Oil Cartel that Iran was to open in March replacing the American Dollar with the Euro as the official exchange for world wide oil.  This Newsletter called: “War With Iran Has To Happen   http://www.unitypublishing.com/Government/WarForDollar.htm and also a Newsletter called: “Another Oil War Within Weeks  http://www.unitypublishing.com/Government/OilFuture.htm and this has not happened yet. 


More recently I posted an article by William Pola called “Evidence The World Is Near End Times Events  http://www.unitypublishing.com/Government/OilFuture.htm and he quotes my outline of end times events up to and including the end of the world. 


Well, here we are passing up May 13, 2006 and April 1, 2006 and nothing has happened yet: no war yet with Iran, no world wide economic crash, no flood of people changing Petrodollars for Euros through the Iran exchange which opened May 1, 2006 instead of March 1, 2006, no triumph of Our Lady of Fatima, no period of peace.


Why then am I not apologizing for being wrong about war and economic disaster happening soon?  The reason is that I still believe that all the above has to happen.  I cannot see any other way that the promises of Our Lady of Fatima can come to pass.  The world is not at peace and in fact there are more Catholics being martyred each and every day throughout the world than any time in history.  Governments are at war with Christ in the European Union, in the American courts, in Israel, in almost all Moslem countries, in India, In Pakistan, in the Philippians’ Island, in China, in Cuba, in Columbia, and in half of Africa.  


As Lucia said, “Our Lady will keep Her promise”.  I believe that Our Lady will triumph and there will be a period of world wide peace.  But that will have to come about only through a great and world wide chastisement for the massive sins of abortion, anti-God governments, and anti-Christ heresies, like The Da Vinci Code. 


If you are not ready for your government to collapse and your economy to fail, get ready.  Something has to happen and soon.  What exactly I do not know for sure, but the signs of the times point to an oil war.  The radical Islamists are already ordering attacks on oil fields, oil tanker routs and oil refineries.  Three times they have attempted this in Saudi Arabia just in the last month.  Every major oil producer in the world except for America and maybe Russia, are enemies of democracy.   The war in Iraq can never end as long as it’s two neighbors, Iran and Syria supply Iraq with suicide bombers. 


The United Nations is a worthless corrupt organization that should close shop.  If the USA goes to war with Iran, it will ignite terrorists all over the world, but if the USA does not go to war with Iran, she will supply Nuclear Bombs to terrorists all over the world. No matter how you look at the world, something is going to happen soon that will affect every person on the face of the earth.


Richard Salbato



On May 16, 2006, Gindich:  "Once we see a complete breakdown of the dollar, then all those crazy predictions we hear of gold reaching $2,000 or even $3,000 an ounce could become realistic."

In the poem "Stanislaw," written by Cardinal Karol Wojtyla shortly before he was elected Pope, John Paul II said: "If the world has not converted, it will be blood that converts."