War Now or War Later

Richard Salbato 10-1-2007

Next Sunday is the feast of the Rosary, or better known as the feast of the sea Battle of Lepanto, the final war to stop Islam from taking over Europe and the World.  Don Juan used prayer and action to win a battle that could not be won without God’s help.  Next year we will have an election that I fear will bring into office a pro-abortion woman. She will bring America back in time, to what I predict, to a female President Wilson. 

President Wilson won his first election on the strength of his support for labor and poor children.  He was a man of real compassion but not prudence or deep thinking.  In 1916 he won re-election with the slogan that he would keep us out of the war going on in Europe. Less than a year after the election Wilson asked Congress for a declaration of war on Germany in 1917.

The same can be said for the PM of England, Neville Chamberlain before World War II. Chamberlain's legacy is marked by his policy regarding the appeasement of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany regarding the concession of Czechoslovakia to Hitler at the Munich Agreement in 1938. Chamberlain was forced to resign the premiership on May 10. 1940, after Germany invaded the Netherlands, Belgium and France. He was succeeded by Winston Churchill

Before President Wilson we had a “war-monger” President, Teddy Roosevelt, who seeing we were about to have a major war in Europe took the entire American Navy, and without permission entered all the major harbors of the European Nations.  He then warned them if they wanted to wage war, they would have to deal with America.  There was no war until he was no longer president.  Before World War II Winston Churchill warned over and over that we had to declare war with Germany before it was too late. Churchill was defeated for office over and over because the people wanted peace at any cost.

Since my entire educational background is on the broad view of world history, I can make the same argument for every war in history.  Being ready and willing to go to war prevents war.  Peace can only be supported by strength.

Do we have the same situation today that we had at the times of Wilson and Chamberlain?  In terms of the congress and the mood of the American people we are in 1938 again.  In 1938 we faced the same problems we have today and the mood of the American and British people were the same then as now.  Peace, peace at any cost, is the voice of the people now as it was then.  But I will show that we are facing a greater threat than Hitler.

A literal reading of Ahmadi-Nejad's UN address last week suggests that he is predicting a total war coming soon.

"Oh God, hasten the arrival of Imam Al-Mahdi and grant him good health and victory and make us his followers and those who attend to his rightfulness."

This is a specific call for the Shiite Messiah, who will bring a final holy war, the final jihad, which in the Khomeini cult implies all-out war with the infidels to bring about the Millenarian Age of Paradise on Earth. (For Khomeini, the term "infidels" includes Sunni Muslims, who do not recognize the Mahdi). That is why Khomeini started the nuclear program twenty years ago, and why it has been pushed consistently by all the major cult leaders.

In his summary and conclusion, he said:

"I officially declare that the age of relations arising from the Second World War as well as materialistic thought based on arrogance and domination is now over."

The West, and particularly the United States, emerged dominant after World War Two. Israel declared independence in 1948.

This declaration was followed by A'jad's messianic prediction.

"Humanity has passed a perilous precipice and the age of monotheism (i.e., Khomeini Shiism), purity, affinity, respecting others, justice and peace-loving has now commenced."  (i.e., the End of Times is at hand)  "It is the divine promise that the truth will be victorious and the earth will be inherited by the righteous." Translation: We will win the coming war.

"The era of darkness will end, prisoners will return home, the occupied lands will be freed, Palestine and Iraq will be liberated from the domination of the occupiers, and the people of America and Europe will be free from the pressures exerted by the Zionists." (That's clear enough.) 

"Without any doubt, the Promised One who is the ultimate Savior will come. ... This is the promise of God, and therefore it will be fulfilled."

The "Promised One" refers to the messiah, the "occluded Mahdi," who disappeared in the 9th century as a five year old child, and whose return Khomeinists are imminently expecting. This passage is notably blasphemous to the Sunni wing of radical Islam, which admits of no equals to Allah and his Prophet Mohammed. A'jad is saying that the Mahdi will indeed transcend Mohammed, who did not bring about Paradise on Earth.  

But the Mahdi will not come without actions of the believers.

"Let's play a part in the fulfillment of all this glory and beauty."

Don't forget that A'jad already fulfilled his Islamic obligation to send an ultimatum to the leaders of the infidel nations to convert to Islam or die. He sent personal letters to President Bush and German Chancellor Merkel saying exactly that. In his version of Islamic law, he has fulfilled the requirements for starting his holy war against the West. Or, to put it in his typical threat language, he has said,

"If you would like to have good relations with the Iranian nation in the future... bow down before the greatness of the Iranian nation and surrender. If you don't accept [to do this], the Iranian nation will... force you to surrender and bow down." 

The UN talk therefore becomes a final notice to the nations of the world. Khomeini himself set the conditions for total war:  "I say let this land (Iran) burn. I say let this land go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world." 

How would that war start?

One of two ways!


After the IAF attack of September 6, 2007 both Syria and Iran were shown to be defenseless against air attack, even with their brand-new Russian Pantsyr anti-air system. During the Syrian bombing operation, reports suggested that the entire Syrian communications grid was knocked out. Even cell phones connections in neighboring Lebanon were disrupted. Special Forces were believed to be on the ground, laser-designating the target, and  smuggled out nuclear samples. They also sabotaged the communications grid, including hardened communications between Pantsyr anti-air defenses. It was a successful dress rehearsal.

Unlike the one-shot Israeli attack in 1981 on Saddam's Osirak nuclear reactor, any attack on Iran today may trigger extended hostilities, including assaults on civilians far away from the theater of war. Previously the Iranian Guard (including Ahmadi-Nejad) committed attacks on Jewish synagogues in Buenos Aires. The people who did that are in charge today in Tehran. So this time there will surely be a barrage of Hezb'allah missiles directed at civilians in Israel, like last summer, but possibly much more accurate.

As soon as military action starts, pressure will be brought to bear to shut it down prematurely. For once that pressure must be resisted. This gang is too dangerous to leave them with any of their total war capacities intact. A'jad just flew to Venezuela to arrange for added supplies of refined oil products which Iran cannot make at home. He is planning for a long war. He may increase Iranian meddling in Iraq, but a conventional Iranian invasion of Iraq is unlikely, since conventional forces are highly vulnerable from the air, and the US controls the air.

It seems vital for the West not to take military action until the Iranian nuclear plan has become quite clear. As suggested previously, one possibility is for the IAF to attack several established nuclear targets in Iran, with the United States allowing Israeli overflights of the Gulf. If and when Iran attempts to retaliate against Israel, or even Saudi Arabia, using missiles and aircraft, USN Gulf defenses would be automatically triggered, bringing US forces into the fight. The Saudis would not be happy with Iranian military overflights, since Khomeini fanatics believe they must eventually rule the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Iran may try to blockade the Straits of Hormuz, leading to US actions to open the Straits as the guarantor of free shipping through international waterways.

A very dangerous time is coming up. If we are very lucky, the world will be saved by some brilliant secret raids and naval actions along the lines of the Tanker War of the 1990s. With even greater luck there will be a military coup d'etat, throwing the Khomeinist fanatics out of power. But these are extremely ruthless people. Right now it seems more likely there will be an extended conflict, along the lines that the West and Israel will find most difficult to deal with.

The Iranians are quite capable of stirring up terrorist retaliation in their war of Armageddon. They are suiciders, like the kamikaze cult of WW Two: Very difficult to deal with indeed. Making adequate civil defense preparations may become a crucial part of everyday life, even in the United States. Our feeling of immunity to direct attack is simply out of date. I wonder whether Democrats will allow us to improve protection against domestic attacks. 


The above is what we should do with the dangers today and how hard it is.  There will be suicide attacks against American at home and abroad.  But what will happen if we do not.

If we act like Wilson and Chamberlain, peace at any cost, then we will face the following war scenario sooner or later. 

In time ( I think it is already there) Iran, Syria and Moslems in Pakistan will have Nuclear bombs.  As you can see from the above they want to start a war to bring about “the arrival of Imam Al-Mahdi”.  Once they have their Nuclear Bombs they will use them first on American cities.  They will deliberately hit two cities so that the world is clear that they did it. 

What will the American Government and people do after millions die from two Nuclear Bombs going off in our major cities? 

We will go from peace-nicks to unreasonable war mongers and that will be even worse.  We will demand unreasonable retaliation on every possible target, on even innocent Moslems and innocent countries.  We will attack Iran (the entire country), Syria (even the Christians and Jews living there), and Pakistan (even those who in the past have fought with us against radical Islam).  The average and normally peaceful citizens of America, Europe and Mexico will go to the streets attacking and even killing peaceful Moslems and even Christian Arabs.  We may even attack Saudi Arabia and take over their oil reserves and take out their monarchy.

All this will be for vengeance and not according to Catholic teaching of a just war.  The first scenario of making war with just those who have declared war and who we know are killing peaceful people all over the world would be a just and quick war, that will kill the least amount of people.  The second will be vengeance which belongs to God alone and will kill millions of people. 

Catholic voters have the power to swing any election if they vote together.  I am convinced that if Catholic voters do not vote against all pro-abortion candidates for President and Congress, God will give us the second war scenario and we will deserve it.

Richard Salbato


The Christian family stayed in their southern Dora neighborhood after their Muslim neighbors fled the daily fighting between Sunnis and Shi'ites.

But when a hand-scrawled note appeared on their door telling them to convert to Islam, pay $300 a month for "protection" or die, they realized they had to leave their home of 11 years.

"We don't have weapons, and the government doesn't protect us. What else can we do?" said Mr. Comanny, a 37-year-old journalist.

Islamic militants are increasingly targeting Christians, especially here in the capital, forcing an exodus that has cut deeply into the long-standing minority community.

Although meaningful numbers are hard to come by, the last Iraqi census, conducted in 1987, counted 1 million Christians. National aid groups estimate between 300,000 and 600,000 Christians remain today among an estimated 25 million people.

Mr. Comanny said he began to worry last spring when militants posted documents across the neighborhood ordering all residents to follow strict Islamic law. Among the 18 specific points, women were told they must wear all-enveloping black burqas.

"It's not our tradition," Mr. Comanny said. "How can Christian women be expected to do this?"