Message of Our Lord to Mirna in Damascus

Feast Day of Our Lady of Soufanieh, November 26, 2001

My children,

I offer Myself to you.

The act of adoration, meditation, thanksgiving and spiritual companionship makes Me happy, but you will only find perfection by your union around the altar.

I offer you My Body and Blood as proof of My fidelity and My love. Accept from Me this Sacrament with trust and faith. This Sacrament consoles you and gives you strength and wisdom and makes you grow in grace.

Difficult days await you: disturbances in the interior of the Church. Division constitutes a danger for he who does not have true peace.

Don't let yourself be defeated. Don't pay attention to the judgment against you by others. Do not defend yourself and do not ask what I have prepared for you. It is I who look after your problems because you are the work of My hands.

Show Me your love because through love I walk by your side, and through the Sacrament I unite Myself to you.

Do not forget that I am the cause of your existence on earth and the reason for your happiness in heaven.