Stopping Abortions, World Wide - How?

They Sold Abortions With Lies, We Can Stop It With Truth.


When a stage hypnotist can so quickly and dramatically alter his subject's perceptions –quickly making an educated adult forget his own name, think he's a yodeling champion, or strut around on stage clucking like a rooster – isn't it reasonable to think that whatever mysterious dynamics allow this sort of mental manipulation on stage would also crop up, perhaps in more disguised ways, in "real life"?

If so, how does a population get itself into such a trance, such a grotesque and deadly delusion, all the while thinking it's embraced something enlightened and liberating?

In the case of Nazi Germany, the answer is obvious. There was one, national hypnotist-in-chief, a leader-manipulator who understood the wounded pride of a people crushed by their total loss of WWI and humiliated by the subsequent Treaty of Versailles. Understanding their angers and their intense need to reclaim their national pride, Hitler played the German people like a virtuoso violinist plays a Stradivarius. Bypassing reason, he appealed directly and intensely to raw emotion and he radically altered their perception of reality.

In America, the process is much more subtle.

First, over the last few decades our nation embraced the notion that total sexual freedom, without marriage, without restriction of any kind, is a right – an entitlement. We've been seduced into separating sexuality from its God-ordained purpose – the sanctified union between husband and wife, within the protective confines of marriage, from which issues the most precious of all things – our children. We have abandoned reason and self-restraint in favor of the self-indulgent fulfillment of our personal desires and lusts. And logically, if sex without consequences is the top priority – which it has become – then abortion simply has to be OK, no matter what.

Second, a huge factor in making abortion acceptable, indeed a fundamental American right, has been the change in American law: Whether in Nazi Germany or in Roe v. Wade America, legalizing something is immensely powerful in persuading people of the moral acceptability of immoral acts. In fact, for a great many people, legal equals moral.

Today, in America, the unborn baby is the obvious victim of the abortion holocaust. But there are other victims. Vulnerable young women are deceived by manipulative counselors and unscrupulous "health professionals" into believing their unborn babies are not human, only to find out too late, in the recovery room or shortly thereafter, that they ended the lives of their own children. What crueler trick could one play on a mother?

In truth, millions of people who think of themselves as "pro-choice" are victims of sophisticated marketing campaigns, designed to appeal to their deepest feelings about freedom and equality, while simultaneously hooking them through powerful appeals to their selfishness.

Understand that marketing evil is different from marketing blue jeans. In the commercial world, you profile people in your target market and map out strategies for selling to them. You're appealing to them, yes, but you're not changing them, just understanding their mental-emotional-cultural makeup and reaching in and pushing buttons to elicit the desired response.

In marketing evil, however, a much more profound process is at work. You're in the business of changing, seducing, corrupting people. And the way back is not so easy – because we all exist in a state of pride, which means we don't like to see we've done something wrong. So, once we've been tempted to cross the line – in this case, to have an abortion – our very consciousness and loyalties often change.

In the same way, many of the physicians who perform abortions have also been victims of sorts, pressured to do so by an amoral and cowardly medical establishment. Each in his own way has fallen prey to the appealing rhetoric of the abortion marketer who justifies their destructive acts and anesthetizes their consciences.

Let's take a closer look at how easily a person's conscience can be deadened and their perceptions tampered with:

As Dr. Brewer explained, medical students go against their conscience by learning to perform abortions because their residency chief insists they must if they ever want to become doctors. The residency chief is an authority, and authorities exert an automatic hypnotic effect on suggestible people. (Indeed, people's vulnerability to an authority's "suggestion" is a core principle of hypnosis.) And what makes the "subject" here suggestible? The fact that the med student's future career is at stake provides a strong inducement for him to give up his principles to fulfill the requirements for success in his chosen field.

When people are the victims of con men, they often are loath to recognize that they have been deceived, simply because they don't want to think they have exercised bad judgment or done anything wrong. In this example, once the medical student started performing abortions, before long he could no longer see that it was wrong. Moreover, the decreasing conflict he felt each time he performed an abortion is evidence of a movement away from conscience as his involvement progressed. This mirrors the pattern in all corruption – the first lie, the first act of embezzlement, the first rape, the first murder is always the hardest.

The Bible describes this seduction process whereby we ignore our conscience so we can obtain some perceived advantage, as well as the spiritual blindness that is our only real reward:

Hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and not perceive: For the heart of this people is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes have they closed; lest they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.

– Acts 28:26-27

Waking up

From its inception in the 1960s, America's legal and cultural embrace of abortion has been based on lies, deception, greed and monumental selfishness. Bernard Nathanson courageously exposed the cynical marketing campaign he led – the fabricated statistics, the slogans, the issue positioning by public relations professionals and the cowardly cooperation of a servile news media. The other repentant abortion providers profiled here further illustrate the emotional manipulation and deceit – not to mention the betrayal, suffering and death – that have characterized the abortion movement from the start.

But these are only a few stories. There's not enough room to go into the utter fraud of Planned Parenthood, the world's largest abortion provider, founded by the racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger, who preached the inferiority of non-white races and had close ties to Hitler's director of genetic sterilization, Ernst Rudin.

There's not enough room to go into detail about Norma McCorvey – the original "Jane Roe" on behalf of whom the Roe v. Wade case was fought and won. Guess what? McCorvey now admits Roe v. Wade was a fraud, and that she was "used" by abortion-rights attorneys in their quest to legalize the procedure. In fact, in 2003 McCorvey filed suit in federal court to have Roe v. Wade overturned. Among her 5,437 pages of evidence were affidavits from more than 1,000 women who testified that having an abortion had devastating emotional, physical and psychological effects on them. Today, McCorvey is passionately and publicly committed to undoing the damage she did in her earlier years and putting the abortion genie back in the bottle.

Ah, but this is not easily done. McCorvey has encountered the same bizarre denial that Nathanson has on his journey to personal redemption. After years of promoting abortion and helping to make it acceptable in the minds of the media and the public, Nathanson could not undo his earlier manipulations. Once he sold his followers on the abortion idea, he could not un-sell them – even by explaining the mechanics of behind-the-scenes manipulation, or by producing films showing frighteningly clear video footage of the horrors of abortion.

In truth, it's one thing to make a person do something wrong by deceiving him into thinking that it was right, but it is quite another thing to get him to face the fact that it was wrong, and that he has been deceived. The human ego doesn't like to see that it is wrong.

Whether this seduction comes by way of an instructor in medical school, by peer pressure from friends or parents to have an abortion, or by Planned Parenthood (an authority figure for scared teenagers), the seduced no longer sees reality as he or she once saw it, but as the seducer-authority sees it. Of course, there is a temporary comfort in this for the victim. He or she has been set free to pursue whatever course is most convenient or advantageous or pleasurable – thanks to abortion.

However, due to the unnaturalness of the conditioning process, the pain of suffering and tragedy can often jolt people back into a state of consciousness and awakening. Dr. Levantino mysteriously "woke up" from his "trance" to the horror of his abortion practice when his own daughter died. Dr. McMillan woke up while standing at the sink at the back of her clinic, examining the ripped-apart body of a little aborted baby. Although she had done this examination hundreds of times before, this time, for some mysterious reason, her consciousness was awakened as she realized for the first time that this was a human baby.

Sometimes self-deception, like a rubber band, can be stretched only so far before it breaks or snaps back to normal.

When the Nazi Holocaust finally came to an end, Allied soldiers led the horrified German population – the law-abiding, government-believing, "reasonable and caring" people of the day – through the concentration camps. Newsreels of this guided tour show women crying convulsively, stunned men with heads bowed low in shock and dismay.

Filing past piles of emaciated corpses, the stench of death everywhere, an unspeakable horror permeated their souls. For all at once, they realized that the nagging doubt in the back of their minds – the secret fear that the rumors of genocide might actually be true, but which they had disbelieved, thinking such negative thoughts to be from the demon of disloyalty – had actually been the desperate cry of inner truth. The soft, velvety denial they had lived in vanished instantly, and in its place, the agony of guilt and betrayal.

Don't look down on these people. At least they faced their sins of omission and tacit complicity, having believed their leaders and ignored the urgings of their own conscience. They were forced to acknowledge the horror they had previously denied.

What about us? Will we one day tour through the wreckage of our own culture of death and weep?

How to Overturn Legal Abortion

First of all we must make the press free.  Right now it is not.  It is controlled by the far left in estimates of 95%.  By the same courts that allowed abortions, films like "The Silent Scream." and "Eclipse of Reason," are not allowed on American Television.  In the Philippines "The Silent Scream" is showed on live television each and every day.  But in America where violence is king, the courts have said that this film is too violent.

It is not enough for Bush to name pro-life judges to the Supreme Court, we must un-hypnotize the American public and whatsoever happens in America will spread throughout the world.


Un-hypnotize the people and then they will demand good judges, good Senators, good Congressmen, and good Presidents.  People can be manipulated, and people have power, so let us be as wise as our enemy.


Taken from the writings of David Kuelian

David Kupelian is vice president and managing editor of and Whistleblower magazine, and author of the forthcoming book, "The Marketing of Evil: How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised as Freedom.