Regina Moore Letter


Most Reverend Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.

Archbishop of Denver

1300 South Steele St., Denver, CO 80210-2599

(303) 715-3129 Fax (303) 715-2043

Your Excellency,

It is Christmas day and instead of pondering the marvels of the Birth of Christ, I am pondering the information we have discovered regarding a letter that we call "The Regina Moore Letter". When I first read this letter many months ago it passed over my head as just a simple reaction to the investigations of Mr. Philip Kronzer, who you have come to know. But when I discovered the true author of this letter, bells started ringing in my head and lights flashed before my eyes. This letter is no small matter as I originally thought.

Then I began to reflect:

  1. Who is harmed by this letter?
  2. What was the real intent of the letter?
  3. How much thought and effort went into preparation of the letter?
  4. Who conspired to write the letter?
  5. What harm has the letter caused?
  6. What are the legal and criminal consequences of this letter?
  7. Who should be the first to know the truth about this letter?

In Church before Our Lord, it became evident that you should be the first to know the truth. Reasons being, that your predecessor has been attacked, a great priest (who spent time assisting at St. Thomas More parish in your dioceses) has been removed from service to the Church, the Vatican and Father Walsh have been lied about, a great Catholic teacher has lost her job teaching, and the false mystic, Theresa Lopez, has been defended.

A compete copy of "The Regina Moore Letter" appears at the end of this letter. The only changes to the original are the bold highlights and paragraph numbering that I added for reference to the outline and the actual forged signature that is on the original. It may be appropriate to first read the letter and then look at the outline that I am about to present to you.

  1. The author of this letter, William J. O’Brien, (18) does not exist. The letter is a forgery and the signature is a forgery. (18) For purposes of understanding this outline, the author will be referred to as a female.
  2. The letter is addressed to Regina Moore, (1) who had lost her job at St. Mary’s Catholic School for teaching her children that abortion is wrong. An appeal was filed at Bishop Pierre DuMaine’s office which was consequently thrown out.
  3. Regina Moore took a job with Phil Kronzer, who knew that she was in need of work until she could take up her future position in Ireland that she was able to negotiate after she was discharged from St. Mary’s.
  4. The fictitious, William J. O’Brien, claims to represent a group called, "Concerned Catholic Laity" from San Jose, that does not exist. There is no such group. (3)
  5. This fictitious group claims to have a fictitious Canon Lawyer from the Vatican, and a fictitious civil attorney from Dallas - who works for the United States Catholic Bishops. (3)
  6. The imaginary author first builds up her importance and influential power by representing the interests of the fictional group, the imaginary Canon Layer from the Vatican, a fictitious civil lawyer of the Bishops, in order to intimidate Regina Moore. (3)
  7. After the intimidation, the imaginary author tenderizes the tone by showing how interested she is in defending the Church.
  8. She then claims to be about to expose the "hidden" faults of Father Finnegan, who assisted your predecessor in exposing the plagiarism’s of Theresa Lopez. (3-4-5-6)
  9. The non-existent author then butters up Regina Moore with the yin-yang method, and threatens her with the lose of her reputation, with financial ruin, and the lose of her own soul. (7)
  10. She then threatens her with the lose of her appeal to Bishop Pierre DuMaine, which the author did indeed carry out. (10)
  11. Again using the butter - fire method the author claims that Regina is working for a man who wants to destroy St. Mary’s Church and the Bishop. (11)
  12. The next paragraph uses the same cult method of buttering up and threats together, by complimenting her on her conservative position in the Church and her involvement in the Marian Movement, and then accuses her of sinning for money. (12)
  13. This non-existent author then paints a picture of her employer, Mr. Phillip Kronzer, as a drunk, wife abuser, bad father, who was never liked at the parish, and out to destroy the Church. (13)
  14. She then attacks Fr. Finnegan, lies about Fr. Walsh, the Sacred Congregation For the Doctrine of the Faith, Theresa Lopez, and indirectly about you, the Archbishop now in charge. (14-15)
  15. Again attacking the reputation of Mr. Kronzer, the author accuses Regina Moore of being Mr. Kronzer’s ghost writer for money. (16)
  16. Finally the fictitious author threatens Regina Moore with legal action if she does not separate herself from Mr. Kronzer. (17)
  1. Now comes the interesting part, why did the author think this letter was so important that she went through all this trouble to write it, edit it, take it to another writer to proof read it, type it into a computer, destroy the electronic file, add a face name as the author, find someone to sign a forged name, and mail from a neutral address?
  2. Working in Phil Kronzer’s office was not only Regina Moore, but a man named Monda. Phil not only had a legal action going on with his wife’s attorney, Ms. Cassedy, but also a lawsuit with APS, who selected a lawyer to serve as special master, who just happened to work for "Lakin Spears", who Ms. Cassedy (Phil’s wife’s lawyer) worked for. It appears that Monda, while pretending to work for Phil, was in fact working for APS. Both the cases against Phil, the divorce, and the lawsuit against APS may have made Monda a richer man.
  3. Monda needed access to Phil’s files in both cases but could not do it as long as Regina Moore was in the same office. Regina Moore had to go. The letter was a long shot but it worked and Regina quit. Once Phil learned about the letter, he wanted to see it, but Regina was frightened and would not show it to him.
  4. Phil advised her to at least show it to the Campbell Police Department. Monda claimed to personally know someone at the Police Department, and Regina saw her, a police woman, who advised her that there was probably no criminal action that could be taken, but maybe civil. Regina Moore quit working for Phil out of fear and intimidation.
  5. Phil’s attorney served a subpoena to obtain the letter.
  6. Ms. Cassedy, Ardie’s attorney, attempted to stop the subpoena by threatening the Police Department and Regina Moore with letters, that she had other individuals in her office sign.
  7. After Mr. Kronzer read the "letter" and responds to it. The same "Concerned Catholic Laity" alias "William O’Brian" write a Dear Mr. Kronzer letter and accuse him of writing the same "Regina More Letter" and creating the fictitious William J. O’Brien himself. The mistake she made was using the same made-up organization "Concerned Catholic Laity" that only existed in the mind of the author of the "Regina Moore Letter". We are not dealing here with a smart woman.
  8. After Regina Moore quit working for the Kronzer firm, Monda changes the locks in the facility without telling the owner, Mr. Kronzer. He continued his "take-over / sabotage" by changing the specs to documents that were going to be used against Mr. Kronzer in the APS litigation, made copies to important documents in the divorce case, and passed information on to both.
  9. Mr. Kronzer had to compromise on the APS case, and in fact almost backed away. Threats are made that other lawsuits will come out of all this against Mr. Kronzer.
  10. Father Finnegan was then put in a difficult situation with his order and had to hire a Canon Lawyer.
  11. Regina Moore lost her appeal to the bishop.
  12. Estimated lose to Mr. Kronzer in money can reach $15 million.
  13. Who then wrote the letter? Who had the most to gain? Who was the one who organized the Theresa Lopez thing? Who tried to take over the twelve Marian Centers in the San Francisco area? Who convinced Ardie to leave a 35 year marriage with Phil. Who helped move Ardie out of their home while her husband was away? Who wanted to get her hands on the Kronzer’s money to unify the Marian Centers around her and Theresa Lopez? Who? We know who, and can prove it in court.
  14. We have numerous cases of liable against Mr. Kronzer, Father Finnegan, Regina Moore, and the Kronzer Corporation, which are bolded and underlined; and numerous cases of threats which are bolded and bracketed, which could be criminal rather than civil laws that are violated .




Liable Suits underlined

[Threats] bracketed

*Lies* stared

May 14, l996

Regina Moore

19967 Peartree Ct.

Cupertino, CA. 95014

Dear Ms. Moore,

(1) This letter comes to you in the *spirit of love* that binds Mary and Jesus' children to the Spirit of Truth. It is truth that will set all men free (from evil), and it is only the truth which will give anyone peace-of mind.

(2) We are *a committee of Concerned Catholic Laity* from the Diocese of San Jose, in defense of the Church, our Bishop, and, in this instance, the Pastor and the Parish Staff of St. Mary's in Los Gatos. We are a *large group* represented by a prominent *Canon lawyer from the Vatican,* as well as a *civil attorney from Dallas* who works exclusively for the United States Catholic Bishops. We are preparing [to expose the truth] about Mr. Phillip Kronzer's "pretended righteous" attacks on the Bishop and St. Mary's, as well as others in the local Catholic Church.

(3) In an era when the Church is being attacked from within as well as without, "desperate letters sent to high church officials are swiftly investigated in order to determine the credibility of the authors - disgruntled cranks with a personal axe to grind, or honest people of faith with no hidden agenda.

(4) It is one thing to have a legitimate gripe about a legitimate issue in the Church, as in any family, and then enter into productive dialogue using patience and prudence - that is the peaceful path, the intelligent and negotiable path. It is clearly another thing to mount an all out attack and power play in the name of "good", when, in fact, you are doing evil and destroying individuals along the way - the path of hate and anger

(5) We are also [preparing a document of full expose'] on Fr. Robert Finnegan, currently a non active member of the Order of Oratorian Fathers.

(6) Because you are a sister in Christ, and have been known as someone to be admired in the Catholic Church, we felt an obligation to inform you in writing, prior to any action as a [first step] in Correcting you in love. If, however, this letter does not move you on to the path of peace and truth, then unfortunately [you will have to bear the results] of the tremendous error you have made in working for Mr. Phillip Kronzer.

(7) The following will be of interest to you and, hopefully, the Spirit of Wisdom will guide you away from [what is destructive to your own soul, to say nothing of your reputation (which will follow you), and your financial security in the future when all the lawsuits are filed.]

(8) At this point in time, no one holds you accountable for having been seduced (by your own anger and the need for money) into working for a very evil enterprise that is underway, and one in which you are directly participating.

(9) Scripture clearly states that, "even the elect will be deceived." No one blames you for being angry over your dismissal from St. Mary's school. We recognize that you have taken recourse to a legitimate process of airing your complaint within the Church, and this has not produced the desired results for you - yet. We realize, too, that this further frustration is the basis of your personal anger with the Bishop, the channels recommended to you, and with St. Mary's. However, bear in mind that investigations take time, and [your current association with Mr. Phillip Kronzer compromises your position with regard to the favorable outcome you are looking for.]

(10) We also recognize that there is much within the Catholic Church family at large, including St. Mary's, that is in need of purification. After all, Original Sin is a genetic weakness inherited by the entire human race, including yourself. So we do not fault you for having complaints. Where we feel you have gone off base is in alloying your own personal anger to pull you into the orbit of another fiery angry person, namely Mr. Philip Kronzer, who has an extremely dangerous. vindictive agenda for denigrating the Bishop and destroying St. Mary's Pastor and parish staff. His anger over his divorce, and futile attempts to blame others in the Church for the breakup of his marriage, motivates him into a pretense of saving unsuspecting people from his own fate, as well as from random internal evils. Watch out for dysfunctional "mini saviors " There is only one Savior, 'and His name is Jesus Christ.

(11) Angry people attacking the Church, in order to save her, is not the guidance given by the Holy Spirit. Indeed, the very opposite is true. you should know from your conservative position in the Church and your association with the Marian Movement, that Satan is the one who deceives, attacks and destroys, but covers it up with a seemingly righteous reason. He always masks himself as an angel of light. His weapons are not from God, nor will they lead you along the path of holiness. [You need to seriously reconsider what you are doing for Mr. Phillip Kronzer, in secret, . behind the scenes, for money.]

(12) It has been brought to our attention that you are the one providing the computer and literary expertise for all of his recent letters: to St. Mary's, as well as the database for his future lawsuits against many good people in the Church. People who he fallaciously

blames as the root cause of his divorce. *Many of us in the San Jose Diocese,* who have known the Kronzers for many years are sadly aware that Mr. Kronzer's drinking problem, and all that is related to it, is the cause of his divorce, as well as the alienation from his son, Douglas Kronzer. Many of us have seen Mr. Kronzer in action on numerous occasions throughout the years. It is no secret in this Diocese, and elsewhere, why Mrs. Kronzer finally had to leave a very difficult and hurtful marriage, which she heroically coped with for many many years in an attempt to protect her children.

(13) With regard to Fr. Robert Finnegan's association with Mr. Phillip Kronzer, perhaps you are unaware of Fr. Finnegan’s background. Since he is your spiritual director, you should know that there is much more to Fr. Finnegan's not having faculties in the Diocese of San-Jose than meets the eye. In describing the accurate circumstances of his reason for even being in this area, namely his elderly mother, his order, as well as highly placed officials in the Church use the words, livery messy" To put it bluntly, Fr Finnegan is not well thought of, does not have the respect of other priests, and is not listed in the U.S. Directory of Catholic priests.

(14) When *Fr. Walsh from St. Thomas Moore in Denver learned that Fr. Finnegan did not have faculties, he canceled any future visits by Fr. Finnegan td assist in his parish.* You should know that Fr. Finnegan, retired from his order, *is forbidden from exercising any of his priestly functions in public.* He is restricted to the private setting, and because of Fr. Finnegan's exceedingly questionable Credibility, The *Denver Archdiocese has asked the Sacred Congregation For the Doctrine of the Faith for a second opinion on their investigation of Theresa Lopez.* They are concerned about the testimony of a priest who is not in good standing with his order or with the diocese in which he resides, a priest who seriously lied and distorted many facts concerning his involvement in Denver. *Father Walsh will be given the opportunity to set the record straight.*

(15) Finally, you should know that prior to Mr. Phillip Kronzer's divorce, his reputation was one of a nominal Catholic, who showed up" because of his wife's great spirituality and service to the Church. While he served on the finance committee at St. Mary's, he established his rather unsavory reputation in the Church as someone to avoid. To put it bluntly, he is also not well thought of. There are a significant number of *us* on *this Committee* who know very well Mr. Phillip Kronzer is incapable of writing the kind of letters, with the educated sentence structure, informed Catholic vocabulary and the ultra conservative agenda that you, or perhaps Fr. Finnegan, have been preparing for his signature. And [very soon, unless you determine otherwise by separating yourself from Mr. Kronzer's angry agenda], many Catholics in this Diocese, including St. Mary-s Parish, will know who Mr. Phillip Kronzer's ghost writer and computer expert really is. It will be out of our hands. Is this the mark you wish to leave behind you, as someone who has been paid to do someone else's dirty work as his revenge against other, because he refuse's to accept his own responsibility for his divorce? [Is this what your future employers in Ireland would consider a good recommendation.]

(16) At this point you are being given the opportunity to [separate yourself from any further contamination.] We shall pray that the Holy Spirit guides you and protects you in this very [short window] of grace. For [when the legal action begins] and all of Mr. Kronzer's personal records and database, as well as all those who have assisted him, are subpoenaed, hopefully, you will no longer be involved, and can plead "ignorance."




*William J. O’Brien

For C.C.L / D.S.J.

Concerned Catholic Laity

Diocese of San Jose

(who shall remained unnamed at this time)