In 1986 The Secretariat For Promoting Christian Unity, The Secretariat for Non-Christians, the Pontifical Council for Culture, along with the Secretariat of State of the Vatican issued a progress report to all the bishops of the world regarding the problem of "SECTS OR NEW RELIGIOUS MOVEMENTS" inside and outside the Catholic Church.

The Secretariat asked for feedback from the bishops and warned them that this was a true and present danger to the unity of the Church. It listed two areas of concern to the Vatican. The first concern is that very often bishops and priests do not recognize the cult happening within their diocese. And more important, they do not see the danger, since very often these people are the heart and soul of the different parishes. They are the elect, who go to Mass everyday and are very active in the parishes.

The main reason for this booklet is to assist these bishops in this problem. It is not our objective to teach the bishops anything. The bishops are the teachers of the faith, not us. But it is our objective in the spirit of St. Catherine of Siena, to warn the bishops to be on the lookout for these things and to be active in opposing them. Very often the bishops are slow in reacting to these dangers, or do not see how they will harm the diocese. Sometimes it seems more expedient to be silent. If more bishops acted quickly as Bishop Stafford did in Denver, regarding Theresa Lopez, and Bishop McCarty in Florida, regarding all un-approved apparitions, there would be no need for Unity Publishing, Inc. to even exist, and we could go on with normal lives. As it is, we become the whipping stone for these cults, and those who should be doing this, stand by in silence. "Silence is affirmation." said St. Thomas More. We cannot be silent.


From a Catholic prospective (and this has been true for 2000 years), a sect is anything that is not part of the Roman Catholic Church. Even the Six Million members of the Orthodox Churches are sects by definition. That definition is that they broke from the Teaching Authority of Christís Mystical Body, the Catholic Church. Always the reason is subjectivist: "I know because I know. I am in the right because I am right. Everyone else is wrong."

The Secular prospective on sects (although wrong) is all those small little splinter groups that have split from the mainline Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Jewish, Moslem, or Eastern Mainline Religions. They call them mainline by their size and duration. For ecumenical reasons the Church today likes to refer to sects and heretics as "our separated brethren" or "new religious movements". They are still heretics, but we are kinder in our terminology. We are not talking about their motives or culpability.

Cults are different from sects in many ways. They are exclusive rather than inclusive. Sects, for the most part, try to draw into their religion everyone they can, and in some cases, by condoning almost any behavior. This is especially true in this Century. But Cults are exclusive. They only want a selected group of people, who they can control and use. They are negative rather than positive. They live on what they are against more than what they are for. They control every aspect of their groups thinking and behavior. It is in the realm of Cults that we will elaborate, especially those Cults that have left the Catholic Church but pretend to still be in and part of the Catholic Church.

Cults in the normal way can be recognized by their isolation and control of members such as the Moonies. Without a location, a large peace of property, control was very hard to do. But Judith Skutch Whitson, the promoter of the New Age Bible, "A Course in Miracles" has found a new way to isolate and control cult members without having a location. They now can control members without them even leaving their own homes. This type of group is our main concern. We will show how this works in our chapter, A NEW TYPE OF CULT.


The greatest example of demonic techniques is Communism. The Communists will find a legitimate problem that offends people a great deal and then offer a quick and simple solution to that legitimate problem. Batista of Cuba was an abusive leader, who brought in prostitution, gambling, and drugs to Cuba. Castro was the simple solution and he even fooled the bishops and priests.

Cults spring up from true and real problems within the Catholic Church, such as abusives in the Liturgies, disobedient bishops, homosexual priests, bad Catechisms, compromised morality, etc.

Very often the leader started as a sincere reformer of Catholic problems, and then became caught up in his or her own self-righteousness. Sometimes people try so hard to be orthodox in spite of the liberal people around them that they start comparing their holiness to others, and they develop the spiritual pride that is Satanís trap. Once this happens all obedience to authority goes out the window.

The easiest of all solutions is "let God do it." This is what starts most Catholic Cults. Unable or unwilling to get into the fight to correct the abuses in the Church, they will say or think, "God is going to do something about this." Then along comes this or that seer, who says the same thing, "God is about to chastise the world for these sins." Now the upset person, who does not want to do anything himself, is justified for his lack of action. God or Mary is going to take care of everything. We simply have to wait and pray. Most every single one of these false seers says the same thing, "Wait, God will do it. You only have to wait and pray."

There is something else you have to do, but they are very discreet about how they get you to do it. You have to support financially their efforts to get this message out to the world. And of course, Godís specially chosen mystic, must be supported also.


Cults usually start by one person with a special and exclusive revelation that is new and beyond the Public Revelation of the Bible and the Church. This revelation can come from simple intellectual pride of private interpretation of Scripture. But most of the time is comes from demonic activity in the brain, which is known as inner-locution. "While I was praying, God said to me." It may be no more than talking to oneself and then thinking it is God talking. In America today this is the main reason for cults. Any thought that comes to oneís mind is passed on as a private revelation from God.

This was actually taught to Rick Salbato when he was in the Charismatic Movement. "Listen to God. He will speak to you. Just believe that the words are Godís words." He, in fact, believed that God was talking to him. In truth he was talking to himself, but since he sometimes contradicted himself, he recognized, in time, the true talker.

True inner-locution that comes from God, is not in human words, but in ideas, insights, desires, intentions, resolutions, understandings, and contrition.

A good example of the American hysteria over private revelation is the woman from Salt Lake City who looked for a good Spiritual Director to help her get closer to God. As an aid to her Director, she wrote down her prayers. Later she thought that he should know if she was on the right theological level with the Church or not, so she wrote down what she thought Christ or Mary would say to her during her prayers. She just made it up. When the Spiritual Director read this, he was convinced that it was a true private revelation and tried to get it published as an apparition. The poor lady had to sue the priest and the publisher to get it stopped.

Often, however, there is a true and real revelation, but not from God. Demons never appear in dreams, in person, or in thoughts, as demons. They always appear as "angels of light", as Christ, as Mary, as one of the saints. Always 99 percent of what they say is true and orthodox. Sometimes 100 percent of what they say is true. Demons do not care if the deceive you with the truth, so long as they deceive you into thinking that you have had a true supernatural revelation. Sometimes everything they say will be true for years and years, until one day their true motive comes out.

An example of this is Francis Klug of "St. Josephís Hill of Hope. For over ten years she had voices speak through her like in the case of possessed people. During these ten years not one word was spoken that was not orthodox. Then came the main reason for this false mystic. Her voices proclaimed that St. Joseph was the Holy Spirit. This also comes from the New Age. A book called "Spiritual Sex Manual" by The Christ Foundation, was supposedly written by Jesus, Himself, and this false Christ claims to have had affairs with Mary Magdalene.

Although, the demonic is not the main cause of false revelation, it is sometimes simply fraud for power and money. "I want to be someone special," as Theresa Lopez said. What greater "special" someone than a person who has seen and talked to the Virgin Mary or Christ. All the above false private revelations end up in some kind of cult with cult control over large groups of people. Always these groups are separate from the main body of authority in the Church. "God said." Therefore, it is more of an authority than what the Church says.

Most of the time these false revelations are supported by false miracles. A false miracle is anything that a demon or a magic man, or a hypnotist care do. Mass-hypnosis is the main miracles performed by these mystics. A list of these false miracles is in our booklet, "Apparitions and Mystics - True of False". In the First Century, even before the last Apostle died, Simon Magus was performing these false miracles - signs in the sky - levitation - visions - locutions - etc. In the Second Century Montanus had false visions of Christ and Mary and led even bishops and priests into heresy. They believed him because he performed many miracles in his life. His two main followers, Priscilla and Maximilla received from him this power, "the spirit" and began doing the same lying miracles and visions. One of the great doctors of the Church fell for these false mystics, Tertullian. It does surprise us that today, after 2000 years of these false miracle, that Marian theologians, like René Lauranteen, can fall into these traps.


Generally cults attract women and the young because cults rely on feelings instead of logic. Men are by nature more logical than women. Children are still working from their lower nature "feelings" to their higher nature "the mind". These two groups are very vulnerable, as you will see when we get into the methods of recruitment. Although, not falling into these two groups because of vulnerability, the rich are often caught up in cults. The reason for this is that cults seek them out with a well planed agenda to get at their money. We will give examples of this as we go along.

Among the most vulnerable in the above are those who are the most spiritual: those who go to Mass everyday, who have many private devotions, who say a Rosary everyday, who say the Divine Mercy Chaplet, and those who are the most orthodox. They are always seeking new and better ways to serve and worship God. If presented as something Mary or Christ wants of them, they fall into the trap. Always it is presented as "God chose you. You are very special in Godís eyes." Who can say, "No!" to God or His Mother?

Why do they believe this? Itís the tinsel. The people involved have the appearance of holiness. Everyone is heavy into prayer. Everyone is so nice and polite and loving. They dress modestly as true Christians should. They talk only of God. They are everything that true Catholics should be. Jeanne Mills, who was in "The Peopleís Temple" of Jim Jones, but did not end up in Guyana, said this:

"When you meet the friendliest people you have ever known, who introduce you to the most loving group of people you have ever encountered, and you find the leader to be the most inspired, caring, compassionate, and understanding person you have ever met, and then you learn that the cause of the group is something you never dared hoped to be accomplished, and all of this sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true! Donít give up your education, your hopes and ambitions, to follow a rainbow."

Jeanne Mills was assassinated a year after the Jonestown massacre for making that statement.

There is only one problem with all this appearance of holiness, love, kindness, and the like, and that is 2 Tim.3:4.

"Having an appearance indeed of godliness, but denying the power thereof. Now these avoid."

This power Paul talks a great deal about in all his Epistles, it is the power of the Holy Spirit, who bares witness to the truth through true miracles, miracles that only God can do. To attribute to the Holy Spirit a lying miracle is one of the sins against the Holy Spirit.

The problem with those who are attracted to these cults is that they are not taught about true miracles and false miracles. They think if they see a statue cry or the sun spin or a rosary turn to gold or a sick person feel better, then it must be from God. Of the six hundred miracles we have seen with our one eyes in 28 countries, all beyond the natural, only 10% were from God.

Bishops should be teaching the preternatural and the supernatural. But it seems that today only the exorcists have a good understanding of the demonic.


With the exception of the demonic cults, most cults are started by people with good and honest motives. They see problems in the main stream Church that they are not able to correct. They try to work within the structure of the Church and are rejected. They want to serve God, and they know that what they are seeing is not what God wants. After a time they see that quite a few people agree with and follow whatever they say or write. The solution, as pride sets in, is to have a group of elect people within the Church, who do all the right things. Right by whoís standards? By the new leader, of course.

Demonic cults may have the same orthodox standards, since they are never presented as demonic. They are presented as New Age, Psychology, Psychiatry, Sociology, Mother Earth. The Force, Human Potential, Creative Thinking, Prosperity and Health, Scientology,

Creativity in Business, Transcendental Meditation, Silva Method, UFO, and even as AA.

Alcoholics Anonymous. AA was founded by Bill Wilson, who despised Biblical Christianity. He and his friends Aldous Huxley and Gerald Heard worked on demonic contacts by taking LSD. He died of emphysema for smoking three packs of cigarettes a day.

But in the Catholic Church demonic cults are most often presented as Marian Movements. The frauds, the psychotics, and the demonic may all have orthodox standards for without the appearance of godliness they could not fool anyone. Very often they do a lot of real good, as in the case of AA, but the motives for the good are the real problems.

Yes! The standards may be very orthodox and traditional, but all cults have one thing in common, they are demonic in the end. Even if there is not one thing about them that is not totally orthodox, and even if they do not have a demonic beginning, they are demonic. Even the frauds, psychotics, and the pious imaginations are demonic in the end. Even those who demons are not involved directly are demonic. Why?


The word "demonic" means "to divide". God ordained that His Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, (the Catholic Church), and His Kingdom of Heaven in Purgatory (the Church Suffering), and His Kingdom of Heaven in the Sky (Church Triumphant) are one united Kingdom. This Kingdom is both Spiritual and Physical. It becomes most united at the moment of the Consecration and Offering of the Mass. But itís unity is most essential. The last prayer of Christ on earth for us to the Father was that we stay united in truth and harmony. (John 17) In order to keep us united in truth and harmony He set up a chain of command with the Pope, bishops, priests, nuns, fathers, mothers, children. He commanded us to obey all authority in all things except sin. This authority, even when bad, keeps the harmony and unity of the Kingdom. This authority, even when bad, keeps the harmony and unity of the family. When authority is gone, unity is gone. This is true in the family, in any business, in any sports team, in any government, and it is true in Godís Kingdom, the Church.

Satan wants to divide and conquer Godís Church. He does this by compromising Godís revealed truth, by adding to Godís revealed truth, and by exaggerating Godís revealed truth. He does it by encouraging people to become more liberal than the Church. He does it by encouraging people to become more conservative than the Church. Satan divides the Church using the very holy, even if to produce the appearance of very good fruits. He divides children from their parents. He divides husbands from their wives. Anything that divides Godís Kingdom is demonic, even if the reasons seem very holy.

One of the great deceptions of Satan is giving new definitions to old words. Today, in order to accomplish his divisions, Satan is even giving a new definition to the word, "Unity". The two commandments of the New Age Movement are "I am God." and "Believe in any god and in anything, but do not claim that your god, or your belief, is exclusive." "I am God" has new names now, like: Self Realization, Inner Self, Self Esteem, Inner Healing. In their second commandment, which is the heresy of Pluralism, they now say, "Yes! I am Catholic, but I am more spiritual now." Or "Yes! I am still Methodist, but I have found a better way to pray and become one with God." The unity of God is that all become members of the Body of Christ, the Catholic Church, in obedience to its Bishops. The unity of Satan is to create a world in which everyone accepts everyone else where they are. "God loves all religions and all people just as they are. Accept me as I am, God does." Of course, those who are saying this are homosexuals, feminists, and fornicators. Another "unity" deception is claiming to be "Christianí. A priest from the bishopís office asked Rick Salbato, "Are you a Christian?" He said, "No! I am a Catholic Christian." Angered he retorted again, "But are you Christian?" He responded, "The word Christian has come to mean anyone who believes that Jesus Christ is God. Satan believes that Jesus is God. I believe that to be a follower of Christ, who called Himself, The Word, we must do what He said to do and the way He said to do it. In other words, I accept the Word of God as my personal savior." This angered the priest so much that he stormed away from Rick saying that he was crazy. What made him so made was that he had come to believe that all Christian Religions were essentially the same. In other words, there are many roads to Heaven. This is the heresy of Pluralism.


Edgar Cayce (1877-1938) is the father of the New Age, and his cult, the "Association For Research and Enlightenment" ARE, became the spirit that spread throughout the world, especially America, now known as New Age, but actually called throughout history as "spiritualism". This spiritualism entered into the Protestant Churches in 1933. Spiritualism had a harder time getting into the Catholic Church since it was condemned at the Council of Vienna in 1311, but in time uncausious Catholics looked outside the Church to the Protestant spiritualists, called Pentecostals, and wanted that same "spirit". They got it and it has spread throughout the Church like cancer. When the movement started dying out, it needed a shot of new spiritualism, something more Catholic and less Protestant. It needed a Marian cover. From the Charismatics came the Marian apparitions. From the spirit of one Marian apparitions came another. As the laying on of hands in the Charismatic Movement brought the "spirit", so too the contact of one seer to another brought about a surge of more and more Marian apparitions. Today there are 700 active throughout the world. Each of these seers has a following that has become a cult within the Catholic Church but not in obedience or in the control of the Catholic Church.

In the New Age they have found out that they can do better and make more money if they do not fight each other. They have come up with a new plan: Networking. They now have the New Age Yellow Pages, The New Age Catalog, the First Report, and many magazines that promote any and every New Age Cult in America. New Age junkies hop from one cult to another. Our three tape package by Rosie Lovejoy shows how she, herself, went from one cult to another.

The Aguarian Conspiracy is called an open conspiracy since they make no secret about there plans to take over all religions in the world and form them into one pluralistic religion of spiritualism. In order to do this they needed a more acceptable terminology. The two commandments of New Age - "I am God." and "Believe in any god and in anything, but do not claim that your god, or your belief, is exclusive" has now changed. "I am God" has new names now, like: Self Realization, Inner Self, Self Esteem, Inner Healing. In their second commandment, which is the heresy of Pluralism, they now say, "Yes! I am Catholic, but I am more spiritual now." Or "Yes! I am still Methodist, but I have found a better way to pray and become one with God." What has that to do with Catholic Cults?

The New Age has infiltrated the Catholic Church without the followers even knowing that it is New Age. They now call it the Marian Movement. They are well organized, well financed, and very clever. They want to divide good Catholics from the Hierarchy of the Church and then control them through "Messages from Heaven."

The new age is not the only ones who have seen this as a way into the main stream of the Catholic Church. The Communists saw apparitions as a great tool back in the 1940s. They even admit to having started up apparitions, but we do not yet know which ones. They admit to having a bishop in Rome (not in the Vatican) but we do not know yet who this man is. We do have clues though.


Cults are personal and exclusive. When people feel left out of the day to day operations and decisions of the Church because of itís size and its lack of personal contact with the people, they find a ready solution in the cults who play up to this personalization.

Cults are based on feelings, and not on the cognitive mind. To try and talk logic to someone going into a cult is in most cases a waste of time. "It feels right to me and that is what maters." Everyone has needs and aspirations that have not been met by the Church or their families. Cults play on these needs and aspirations, and offer a ready made easy solution. This solution is not explained in a logical way, but shown in an emotional way by promises and love (hugs, kisses, kind words, special treatment, and sometimes sex). In the end it always ends up in sex, both heterosexual and homosexual, but never in the beginning until control is complete and absolute.

People are always in search of answers to theological questions. They are in search of wholeness in their life. They sometimes feel left out of the main stream of their Church and even their family. They look for identity, not as they should between themselves and God, but between themselves and others. Weak people (and that is most of us) need recognition for what we have done and what we want to do. When these needs are not met by the family or the Church, the cults step in to offer ready made simple solutions. But always these solutions require a complete separation from the Church, their families, and their entire past.

Everyone was made for the perfect love, the perfect person, but this will never happen until we reach Heaven. This natural desire, however, to be perfect can be played on by the cults, and in fact is a main feature.

The idea of messianism (a Kingdom of Christ on Earth with Christís physical presence) is a promise of almost every cult in history.

Everyone needs spiritual guidance at one time or another, but today in many Churches, it is hard to even find a place to go to confession. When you do, who find a confessor who is impatient to move you along like a patient in a government clinic. The cults take the time to listen, to love, to guide, to advise, to offer solutions, to love.

Always the cult is a new vision, a new order, a new revelation, the next plan of God, that only these special elect people know about.

But most of all, people become involved in something on a personal level that they were not allowed to do outside the cult. In most cases this personal thing is "what God wants of you." God, Jesus, Mary, the Angels, the Saints in Heaven, or whoever, has spoken to the world and it is your personal mission sent by Heaven to spread these messages throughout the world.

The main attraction to Catholic Cults is being the New Apostles of Godís New Messages to the world. The next major attraction is fear. There is going to be a great punishment of the world by God, and you and you alone can be saved from this punishment if you become one of us who spread these messages.


To understand how cults end up in total control of their subjects, you must understand how they recruit. First they seek out like-minded people who have similar aspirations and goals. They may spend years developing friendships with them. They may not at first tell them of their involvement in the cult. They will attend Mass everyday and appear very Catholic. They will always be more reverent and holy at Mass. They will be soft spoken, tender, modest, but not shy. They will be listeners to your problems and aspirations. They will always agree with you. When ever possible they will make your problems seem greater than they are, by claiming to be so happy themselves, but never telling you why. They will have no problems themselves. In time you will envy their self-confidence, and peace.

When they think the time is right, they will introduce you to other members. Then comes the "love-bombing". Everyone you meet is "huggy", full of compliments about your looks, your clothes, your eyes, or whatever they can make up. In all these groups flirting or prostitution is involved but most of the members never see it. Most often leaders convince selected people that they have become so united with God, that anything they do is Godís will, even fortification. The majority of the members never see this. But always a form of sexuality is used through intimate friendship or affection. This is greatly seen in the Charismatic Movement where touchy is in. Holding hands, hugging and kissing seems innocent enough, but let us look closer. One of the main tenants of cults is "feeling" rather than logic. It has been proved by an psychological organization that we can communicated by touch greater than by words or vision. When someone simply touches one finger to another there can be a sexual feeling involved. This can be interpreted in the mind as a spiritual high, a feeling of God, a feeling of Heaven, and the deception sets in using ones own sexual appetites as a new spiritualism.

The normal techniques of cults are 1. unconditional surrender to leader or goal, 2. mind control through abusive behavior, 3. modification techniques, 4. isolation, 5. control of the rational thinking process, 6. elimination of outside information and influence (family, friends, newspapers, magazines, television, radio, medical treatment (which might break the spell of involvement and the process of absorption of feelings and attitudes and patterns of behavior, 7. processing away from past lives, by focusing only on: problems of past life, and not successes such as sexual misdeeds, hang-ups, poor social relationships, 8. consciousness - altering methods leading to: cognitive disturbances (intellectual bombardment) using thought stopping clichés, closed system logic, 9. restriction of reflective thinking by keeping constantly busy, 10. never alone, continual exhortation and training, in order to arrive at an exalted spiritual status, 11. altered consciousness, automatic submission, 12. stifling resistance and negativity, 13. bringing fear to its highest peak

But we will show that in the new cults these methods are used in a new and more effective way without being in a group or at a place, in fact, this control can be accomplished with only a few main meetings a year. Yes! There will still be daily readings, phone calls, and prayer meetings, but the large group meetings that use the hypnotic methods are not a daily affair as in the past. We now have conferences. But mind control is the goal. Although everything starts out as personal, the desires and wishes of the individual must in the end be molded to conform to the needs of the "Community" of the cult.


In the Catholic Church there are liberal cults and conservative cults. They both have one thing in common. They divide people from their bishops, the Pope, the Teachings of Vatican II. They divide bishops against bishops; they divide bishops against the Vatican Teachings; they divide Catholic people against Catholic people.

Examples of liberal cults in the Catholic Church (although they are not really Catholics, which we will prove), are "Call To Action", "Charismatics", "We Are Church", "Catholic Womanís Network", "Womanís Ordination Conference", and the like. Their publications go across the board from "The National Catholic Reporter" to the "American Catholic". Their bible is "Christ Among Us" by Anthony Wilhelm.

Examples of conservative cults in the Catholic Church are "The Pius X Society", the "Traditionalists", and the "Latin Mass" organizations.

For any group to be a real cult they need one more ingredient in the pie, they need direct revelation from God that they are right and the mainstream Catholic Church is wrong. That direct revelation outside the Catholic Church is New Age spiritualism, channeling, spirit guides, and meditation. Inside the Catholic Church that direct revelation is from Apparitions, Locutions, Ecstasies, Automatic Writings, Inner Locutions, and Voice Channeling.

The liberals have their apparitions. The conservatives have their apparitions. They all have their networks to control, finance, and divide the Catholic Church.

The conservatives have Bayside, New York; Necedah, Wisconsin; The Portavoz of Mexico; San Damiano; "Sister" Guadalupe of Guatemala; Marvin Kucera, The Army of Mary, the White Army, and the like.

The liberals (or pluralists) have the Charismatics, Medjugorje, St. Josephís Hill of Hope, Father Gobbi, Father Gino, The Poem of the Man-God, Vassula Ryden, Estela Ruiz, The Cross of Peace, The Pebble, Garabandal, Theresa Lopez, and The Kingdom of the Divine Will, Luisa Piccarreta. .

What both the conservative and liberal private revelations have in common are: 1) No Church approval, 2) No approval to promote 3) No connection with the local bishop, 4) Some point of infidelity to the Doctrine of the Church, 5) Threat of Chastisement, 6) Special chosen remnant of believers, 7) Blind obedience to messages, 8) Distrust of anyone who does not believe in the messages, 9) Disregarding of contradictions, 10) A trust in feeling instead of logic. 11) Never willing to debate with those who do not agree, 12) Never willing to answer questions, 13) Always putting down the motives of people who do not agree, 14) Signs in the sky, 15) Mass-hypnotism, 16) Faked cures, 17) And threats.



The promoters of these cults are often cults, themselves. They present themselves as Publishing Houses, Foundations, Marian Centers, Book Stores, Retreat Houses, Refuge Centers, and New Religious Congregations. What is common with cults is that they control the thinking process of members. What is new is that they do not need a charismatic leader, a controlled environment, or even a place to meet. They can meet and fellowship once or twice a year, without worrying about loosing members. Why? Because they control their members though "Newsletters - Direct Revelation from Heaven" on a weekly or monthly basis. "God or Mary said!!!!!!" It becomes the Bible of all their actions, their future, their faith, even their family.

In Texe Marrs book of "NEW AGE CULTS & RELIGIONS" he states on page 70,


"In the late 60s and early 70s a number of cult groups were able to successfully separate young people from their family and friends, thereby creating an artificial environment in which cult tactics and techniques could more effectively be used to manipulate new recruits. Today, the cults and religious sects have become more sophisticated and more insidiously devious in their techniques and strategy. Study the list provided here of tactics, and techniques of the cults described and you will find that most can be employed without the need to physically separate the individual for an extended period.

"Nowadays, most New Age cults and religions are able to exert group pressure, accomplish their love-bonding or self-esteem attacks, induce stated of hypnosis, cause the individual to reject old values and take on a new world view, and voluntarily agree to sleep and food deprivation, without complete physical isolation.

"Regular group meetings, visits at home by experienced group members, the constant practice by the person of such techniques as meditation, visualization, and chanting; and the requirement to read a voluminous amount of cult literature at home, all mean that the cults no long need to sequester the individual away from the rest of the world. The desired objectives are now most often achieved without undue physical and mental coercion."


And this is what the new Catholic Cults do. They have conferences at least twice a year. These are orchestrated in the same hypnotic way that Hitler orchestrated his rallies. The next thing they do is form prayer groups so that members can support each other on a daily or weekly basis. Then they have there voluminous amount of cult literature to read at home. In this case "Messages from Heaven".

What they will never do is dialogue. According to Pope John Paul II, the way to unity with our separated Christians is dialogue. Matthew 18:15 says that we must dialogue with those who disagree with us so that we can come to the truth. But you can never get a cult to dialogue with anyone who does not agree with them. The truth is never afraid to meet the test of confrontation. Why are they?

Who are they in the Catholic Church who fall into this test of Cults?

  1. Who have Publishing Houses, Foundations, Marian Centers, Book Stores, Retreat Houses, Refuge Centers, and New Religious Congregations without Church approval.
  2. Who are they that have Marian Conferences without Church approval?
  3. Who are they that have prayer meetings without Church approval?
  4. Who are they that put out millions of dollars of Newsletters and books without Church approval?
  5. Who are they that will never dialogue or debate with those who do not agree with them?

The answer is the new Marian Centers. The 101 Foundation, the Reihle Foundation, Faith Publishing, the Divine Will Center, Queenship Publishing Co., St. Raphael Ministries, and the over 100 Medjugorje Centers that now call themselves, Marian Centers. Not to mention all the new religious orders that do not have Church approval, the retreat houses that are not under any bishop, and of course, the refuge centers.


We must recognize that in many cases the Church in America has failed to serve the spiritual needs of its people. In the past one could get all his spiritual needs at Mass and by visits to the Church. Today these Masses have the outward appearances of a dinner party, although it is still Christ being sacrificed. The Church was built in such a way to make you feel like you were in Heaven. Today the buildings look like meeting halls. Confessions were a complete change of ones life. Marriage was a big affair for the entire community. Extended family was important to the raising of children. Nuns looked like nuns. Catholic Schools taught Catholic Doctrine. All gone. Who is responsible for these people seeking spiritualism outside the Church? We donít need to answer that question. The breakdown of traditional structures, disobedience of bishops, lost holiness, lost values, loss of direction, loss of absolutes, and the loss of sense of community have all made us vulnerable to cults.

We cure this by bringing back a sense of the sacred to the Church, by returning to reverence and holiness at the Mass, by demanding but also earning obedience to the bishops, by creating a holistic and cultural identity that is Catholic.

When bishops do these things and support those Church approved organizations like the Blue Army, the Legion of Mary, the Divine Mercy, Perpetual Adoration, and the like, the cults will go away.

When bishops support the discernment of the local bishops of these false mystics, instead of allowing them to be advertised in their diocese, these cults will go away.

Then the likes of Theresa Lopez, Vassula Ryden, Marvin Kucera, Necedah, Wisconsin, Medjugorje, Bayside, Nancy Fowler, Jim Singer, Estela Ruiz, Christine Gallagher, Mark Trenor, Maria Esperanza, Mama Rosa, Gianna, Garabandal, Divine Will and Scottsdale will go away.