NOVEMBER 19, 2000


As I read the emails for and against the Legion and RC, I find it interesting that the emails for the Legion, never mention whether or not they are directly involved with them.

Until you have or were an active participate of the Legion or RC, one could never
understand the devastation that it can cause. I know this first hand. As do so many of my friends, who at this very moment are trying to figure out who they are now. After reading the against the Legion and RC e-mails, I and many of my friends felt as though we had written them. One can definitely relate to everything written. None of it sound foreign or indifferent. And that is what is so scary. Once you are "sucked" in - getting out causes your very existence to be questioned.

It all is very subtle, and very deceptive. You definitely feel fear. I have asked myself over and over , " how can this really be within our Church". But that is part of it. You then start to convince yourself that it must not be true because it is an approved order within the Church.

I have wondered if what has happened here in America in regards to the Legion and RC has gone corrupt? Or is it also in all the other locations. Rome? What is happening in the Donnallan School in GA, is happening all over the US. I know this because it is happening at our school. Families are suffering, trust has been betrayed.

And yes they do target homeschoolers. Confidential Spiritual Direction is NOT Confidential and neither is Confession. I know personally of someone who had their confession shared with their Spiritual Director, and then [that someone] was questioned about it. This priest is one of the highest of the Legionaries in the US. I also wonder that if they have 2500 seminarians presently, what percentage ever are ordained?

How this will ever be exposed when supposedly the Founder reports to our Holy Father. I will tell you that I am (Was) an RC member and so was my husband. As one of your writers said " Get out before you realize just how sick you were" If this is how they spread the Kingdom of God , then the love of money is truly evil.
Your Friend In Christ

Dear Rick,
I will box it all up, please send me the address. We are very anxious to hear what you know and what you come up with. there was a meeting Nov. 2 at the registry hotel in naples. I did not attend but was told that the legionaries did video tape the meeting and that once the parents started to ask questions they insisted that the video was turned off, but that the audio was kept on. There are a few other people who would like to talk to you. There is an investigation (legal) going on right now also. Wish us luck. We are very sad that our close friends are so far into it that they can not see any of the warning signs. Wish there was a way to help them. Of course the ones who are blind to it are the ones with "ALOT" of money invested, it is in the millions. Naples is a very rich town and that is why the LC have chosen this area. I do have a question, have you recv'd any information regarding:

Catholic Kids Net
La Familia

These are other branches of the Legioaries beside Regnum Christi and the School. Take care, keep up the great work. Don't forget the mailing address and please keep us in touch. Mary and fellow past R.C. members.

Dear Rick
I am injoying all your articles on your site- the expose on Medugore is enlightening-also have been a fan of Fr Malachi Martin and enjoyed his takes on church affairs-his book Hostage to the Devil was an eyeopener-on the concerns about the Regnun Christi---as a widowed mother of eight - two daughters were students at the Univ. of Dallas and graduates of same.

They were actively recruited and the elder daughter joined the Regnun Christi. She is now in Rome - I dont know exactly what she is doing or what the purpose is - her responses are not reasonable and her personality has drastically changed--they are not allowed vacations with family more than 2-3 days but have 2 week vacations with the Group if anyone studies the methods of mind control and environmental control they would see definate patterns of control. I've read two of Fr. Maciels Envoys and they do not read true to my understanding of the teachings of the Catholic Church. His teachings need to be studied by the IMPRIMATUR commitee - The negative aspects of human nature are stressed , the denial of rational thinking and feelings are stressed and obsolute obedience to the Movement ,directors, formers in all things and complete dependance to the Movement--excluding any family member the is not pro-Movement. Read the writtings of the founder in the light of reason and love for the Universal Church---they are spiritual elitists and exclusive. When questioned they have their formulated responses--the followers are taught to NEVER criticise the leaders, never ask questions or question the leaders. Individual thought,conscience or feelings are negated as not following God's Plan as Fr Maciel states he received in his dialoges with Jesus.

Thanks Rick

Dear Rick
Thank you for your work on your web.I sent a letter to the E-mail on the contra/loc-rc page. Don't know if it made it but can resubmit a letter to the site.We need some of the accusers of Maciel to write rebuttals to clarify the methods of control used by the Movement. On the surface this group seems to be 'angels of light' . What are they actually doing for the unity of the faithful? What real works of mercy are they involved in? Why are the writtings of Maciel not presented to the church for Imprimatur status- since Maciel claims dialoges with God? {letter to all Legionaries of Christ Jan3 1990} God bless your search -truth is stranger than fiction- XXX

Can you help me? I have a twelve year old daughter attending a private Catholic school here in Atlanta called the Donnellan school. It was started with the money from a man named Frank Hanna, who I just found out is a member of Regnum Christie. At the inception of the school, the principal was a Grey nun, who was fired last year. In the middle of the year, a Legionary priest was brought in supposedly as just a chaplain. Nobody really knew what they were all about. Sunday (school started yesterday) the teachers called a few parents to an emergency meeting because they just found out that all of a sudden, we are a Legionary school, and that this priest would be in charge of the school (curriculum, discipline, and religion). The teachers were so upset that they wanted to walk out, but didn't want to hurt the children.

XXX gave me your address and said you are dealing with a terrible situation because of this group.

I need to gather as much information about these people as I can so that I can fight this. Please, if there is anything you know that could help me do battle, contact me at this address or by telephone 000=000-0000.

Thank you, and I hope together we can fight off this scourge to our Church.


Dear Mr. Sabato,
Thank you for speaking with me on the telephone. I will gladly pass on any information I can dig up, as well as inform you of the outcome of our fight.

The school that I spoke to you about is called the Donnellan School in Atlanta, Georgia. It was opened four years ago as the Archbishop Thomas Donnellan school, and run by two nuns of the Grey order, Sister Dawn Gear and Sister Rita. We have a very large board, with the principle players being Monsignor Edward Dillon, and a man of considerable wealth and influence (and we just learned, a Regnum Christie member) named Frank Hanna.

A year and a half ago, for reasons that were never really divulged, Sister Dawn and Sister Rita left the school in mid year. This left us without an identifying order, as we are a "private" not diocesan school. A priest by the name of Father John Hopkins, LC was brought in to be our chaplain. Nobody really knew what the Legion of Christ was, nor did they question it. All we heard was that they are a very conservative order and he seemed like a nice enough guy, so we really didn't question anything.

Three days before school started, my husband and I received a call from the teachers about an emergency meeting taking place. It seemed that they were ready to walk out because the Legionaries were now in charge of our school (oh, by the way, Father O'Bannon has been appointed to the board along with Father John, and they may actually own the school), and Father John would now be in charge of curriculum and "formation" of the students.

We tried to get straight answers from Frank Hanna who somehow found out about
this meeting that he was not invited to but showed up at, and he was completely evasive about everything. He also compared Regnum Christie to the Knights of Columbus and said we are all just afraid of the Boogie Man.

The schools address is: The Donnellan School 4820 Long Island Drive, Atlanta, GA 30342 phone number is 404 255-0900

Thank you for your concern,


Dear Rick
Greetings from the heartland--Nebr to be specific--am in contact with a young lady (ex-RegnumChristi) she is very pro Garandbal-their web site promotes this marian manifestation ( Do you have any updates? comments ? I' ve read all your studies on this phenomena. Keep up the great work We have your web site on our little site---you have some very interesting articles---Our site is ( My second daughter is doing the web as I am barely functional on the computer system.The first daughter is in Rome with the Regnum Christi --- We try to write her frequently but her responses are so predictable and bland.Bless you in your work I visit your site almost daily and have printed out much of your articles. Later XXX

Dear Rick
Don't know if I sent the reply to you about using my note on the e-mail against the LOC/RC but you are welcome to use any thing you feel is helpful for others--Just recieved call and e-mail from another mother in atlanta area -- the Legionaires took over their private Catholic school -- without telling any parents they bought the school -- dismissed the religious order--took complete control --- a 400 student facility --- Most were unaware of the Legionaire affiliation untill too late .So little is known about them by the general catholic populace. We need to alert the
people -- your site is the only one -- I can barely type let alone have any influence on the catholic media --- but will keep writting letters and sending information to people interested -- bless you later XXX


The following prayer is the consecration for the ladies of Regnum Christi, composed by Father Maciel. One of the things I noticed immediately upon reading it was that it contains an error which was condemned ( I am fairly certain) by Pope Innocent XI in 1687, (concerning the part of the prayer stating: "I receive eternal condemnation "with joy", etc.) when he condemned the Quietist propostions of Molinos; I believe it can be found between propositions seven and thirteen ( this may be found In Ott too) but I believe that the condemnation can also be found in the book "The Church Teaches" and certainly in Denzinger's Enchiridion Symbolorum. As I don't have any books with me, I am unable to find the exact condemnation by Innocent XI.



(Prayed by the Consecrated Ladies of Regnum Christi daily. A theologian
priest read this prayer and found it contrary to Catholic teaching on many
points. The comments are not those of the priest.)

"O Sacred Heart, I have no other thought in my mind other than that of giving myself totally and fully to you, to expend my entire life working to extend your Kingdom. On this day of your love, I have freely and without contrivance resolved to consecrate myself to you in the most solemn way possible, with all my faculties, so that I am bound to whatever use of me that you will as an instrument of your glory.

"I consecrate myself to you, the Love of my soul: you are my eternal salvation. I desire no greater or lesser glory than that which pleases you more, even receiving eternal condemnation with joy, if it meant more honor would be given your divine Justice.

Comment [This is a demonic statement]

"My spiritual progress: I desire no higher or lower level of perfection here on the earth, but only that which can be a better suited instrument for the honor and glory of your Sacred Heart.

Comment [Who would want a lower level of perfection except those who want to control you!]

"My health: you can afflict me with the strongest and most disgusting illnesses or keep me in perfect health at will. Look only to whatever is most convenient for the establishment of your Kingdom, without considering my wants, as you deal with me.

Comment [What Kingdom - the Catholic Church or RC?]

"My family: even if my heart shudders and cries drops of blood, I do not want any more family than you and my Immaculate Mother. Therefore, I consecrate my parents, brothers, sisters, and relatives to you so that you arrange them as is convenient for the Kingdom of your Sacred Heart. Thus, all my responsibilities regarding them, especially those of their eternal salvation, are no longer my concern, because they are assured a special place within your heart.

Comment [Separation from family is cult methods and a violation of the Forth Commandment]

"My friends: I will keep those few that I have only insofar as they help me to complete this total surrender of myself and what is mine to you.

Comment: [That is not a friend at all]

"Finally, I consecrate the success of all my endeavors: studies, projects inspired by zeal, etc. They will be yours from their conception.

"I make this surrender to you of my family and all that belongs to me by means of my Sorrowful Mother. I ask her to help and sustain me in the fulfillment of this consecration, because I know that, left to my own strength, I am able to do nothing and soon abandon everything. In addition, I believe that my consecration, presented by your most holy mother whom you love inexpressibly, will be more pleasing before your divine eyes.

"My Jesus, what can I hope to accomplish with this consecration? I give you full rein to spend my life for your Kingdom.

"What has moved me to do this? The bitter complaint that has escaped so many times from your heart, "I want souls consecrated to my heart. I am so little loved!" I want to give you not only my soul, but thousands and thousands more.

"Now, I ask three things in exchange for what I have given you: 1) that you reign; 2) that you give me your love; 3) that you give me your cross, your suffering, and your sorrow.

"I am at peace. I am fully yours. I no longer depend on myself for anything. I am sure that you have accepted this humble holocaust. You will burn me in the fire of your love and nail me on your cross, so that I will be consumed to establish your Kingdom. How can I believe that, while ardently desiring souls consecrated to you, you would cast mine aside, although it is lowly and sinful?

"I only have one last matter to tell you, Lord. You have sealed the words of your love with your own blood; I want to seal this poor covenant with mine, although it is mean, to show you one more time that I do this with thorough deliberation.

"I will engrave, as an undeniable sign of this pact, your blessed name on my chest. I ask you to emblazon it with fire on my heart, as a bond to unite us forever. Amen."

Comment: [Sounds like a blood pact done in a demonic Mass]

In the lore of the Legionaries of Christ, Marcial Maciel Degollado started his religious order in Mexico on Jan. 3, 1941, when he gathered 13 young boys around him to teach them theology. He was only 20 years old and had not yet been ordained. He had been ejected from two seminaries for what the official history calls "misunderstandings" about his desire to start a religious order. A seminary in Vera Cruz, Mexico, dismissed Maciel in 1938. A Jesuit-run seminary in Montezuma, N.M., dismissed him in 1940. One of Maciel's uncles, Bishop Francesco Gonzalez Arias of Cuernavaca, Mexico, oversaw his training and ordained him a priest on Nov. 26, 1944. He was 24.