A web site on Legionaries of Christ that is better than mine because these people have been attacked by the Legionaries and are fighting back. They have also linked many more web sites than I do that give insite to the methods of these LC people.

Letter recieved from one of those effected by this takeover.



Thought you might wanted to know about a current controversy involving the Legionaries of Christ. After the formation of our school, The Donnellan School in Atlanta, GA, the Legionaries got involved and holds two seats on the Board of Trustees of the school. This involvement became increasingly intrussive and unwelcomed by the faculty. One principal, a Sister of the Grey Nuns was removed by the Board last year against the wishes of the parents and teachers. The conflict has culminated in the unexpected removal of four teachers last week. The principal, head coach, curriculum directorm, and guidance counselor were "removed" from their offices 30 minutes before the school dismissal. No reasons were given for their termination, and the Board refuses to answer the questions of the parents or give any assurance such terminations will not happen again. We have told by our Archbishop to search for more information, so that we may better understand both sides of the conflict, but everywhere we turn we get a more worrisome picture of the Legionaries.

Please send us any information you might have on other schools or dioceses that have had difficulties with the Legionaries. We are aware of problem spots in Florida, Milwaukee, Worcester, and Charlotte. Please also let us know if there is anyone who might help us. The vast majority (300 familes out of 450) have signed a petition for the Archibishop to intervene, but he has avoided the situation since we are a non-Diocesan school (a state of isolation that the Legionaries created).

Thank you


Our website where you might follow our situation.


ConQuest Youth Camps - run by members of the Regnum Christi Movement under the guidance of the Legionaries of Christ. For boys between the ages fo 12 and 14, located in Alaska.

Make sure you see this page, a description of the mission of the camp:

On this promotional page you will find this description:

"Targeting and attracting boys of high integrity and potential, the camp makes a significant impact on its participants. Rubbing shoulders with world-class leaders, the boys learn powerful tools."

Food for thought.