Dear Mr. Salbato,

I am communications director for the Legionaries of Christ. You have posted on your site an email with a prayer of consecration purportedly prayed daily by the consecrated members of Regnum Christi; the email is completely in error. It is not an official prayer of the Regnum Christi Movement; it is not prayed by the consecrated members. Period. If you are acting in good faith and looking for the truth this fact alone should make you seriously question the reliability of your sources.

Many other points made in the letters you publish uncritically are similarly either inventions or distortions. For example, anyone accusing the Legionaries of a 'stealth' takeover of Donellan school in Atlanta this year is going against the truth, since the bishop of Atlanta himself wrote to all the parents in June of 1999 to apprise them of the role of the Legionaries of Christ in the school. Again, in all fairness you have to question the credibility of the authors.

I know you are not responsible for what you hear or the letters you receive, but you are most definitely morally responsible for the direct consequences of what you propagate by putting it on your web-site. If you continue to use these sources unquestioningly you make yourself responsible for the scandalous calumny that you are spreading. I cannot imagine you wanting to cooperate directly with evil in this manner.

Yours sincerely,
Jay Dunlap
Legionaries of Christ

Dear Rick, Christ's peace.

I've looked over your latest emails about the Legionaries. Rick, this stuff is fiction -- especially the so-called prayer that one writer claims Regnum Christi's consecrated women pray. I checked it out and that's just not true. Don't you think you should verify this stuff before you post it where it can cause damage? Doesn't it appear to you that publishing such information without checking its veracity simply makes you a megaphone for people who don't tell the truth?

I have a friend who wrote to you a while back and said you were going to post her email on your site -- but it's not there. And it's been awhile. I'm sure she and I are not the only ones who've written to you in defense of the Legionaries and Regnum Christi. Why have you stopped posting our emails? I thought you were interested in fairness. Now I have to wonder.

Rick, you remain in my prayers. During our first contact you impressed me with your openness and fairness. I'm hoping you'll do so again.

Sincerely yours in the one, holy Catholic and apostolic Church,