Another Fake Priest - Ryan Patrick Scott

a.k.a. Randall Dean Stocks, Brother Damian St. Anne, Tom Ryan, Abbot Ryan St. Anne OSB

 Along with many of my friends, we have been fighting against false mystics, false religious movements, fake priests and pedophiles.  Sometimes we do well in exposing them, but most often before we are successful in exposing them,  many good, but un-cautious, Catholics are harmed out of millions of dollars or sexually abused because most of these cons have two things in common, they are obsessed with money and sex. 

Back in 1996 I wrote about the false mystic, pedophile and con artist, Marvin Kucera and as a result of my efforts and many other people, he ran away from the police and creditors and hid out in Mexico, where he bought a hotel and lives today, although he claims to have died.  Working with Marvin Kucera in 1996 was a fake priest and also homosexual named Ryan Scott.  See:

Marvin Kucera's Refuge Centers

The complete story of Ryan Patrick Scott is so amazing it exposes the total lack of cautiousness or ignorance of otherwise good Catholics, because the information on him was all over the Church and warnings were given by almost every bishop in America, and those statements are included in this investigative outline.

As I write this, it is my belief that Ryan Scott has packed up and ran away from the police, creditors and people he has conned.  I rush this out to help stop him, so excuse the poor composition, which will be edited in the future.  One of those helping in this investigation is:

Eric Timmons, City and County Reporter, Galesburg Register-Mail, 309-343-7181 ext. 214  I am afraid that he has conned an old woman out of over a million dollars and is leaving with a large stash of gold bars.

So if you have any information regarding his present location, call Eric Timmons or the local police departments.     

 Summary of Ryan Patrick Scott

a.k.a. Randall Dean Stocks, Brother Damian St. Anne, Tom Ryan, Abbot Ryan St. Anne OSB

·        Born Randall Dean Stocks in Wisconsin on 4/21/1953 of a Protestant denomination

While in high school he impregnated a young woman who he married after high school, while working as an apprentice beautician, in Apple River, Illinois in a Methodist church.

·        Scott claims he asked a Roman Catholic priest what to do and was told to marry the young woman, divorce her, get custody of the child and then give him up for adoption so Scott would be free to enter a monastery. (None of this is true.)

Scott has not converted at this point. In January 1972 a son was born.

• He claimed to be a monk of St. Meinrad Abbey in Indiana, and entered approximately in 1976. There doesn’t seem to be a record of any of his aliases at St. Meinrad to which he shares so many fond memories

·        1976 - In January Scott converted to Catholicism, June-divorces his wife who is pregnant with a second child, takes custody of son, and in the autumn claims of being raped by priests (number varies between 3-12 in different stories) in a Milwaukee cathedral after a Bishop Fulton Sheen lecture. (proof this is not true below) He claims prior to this incident, summer of 1976, of leaving the monastery he entered in Iowa due to the unwanted sexual attentions of his religious superior after Scott made his vows.  (also not true as you will see.)

• He claimed to have attended a talk given by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen in Milwaukee Wisconsin at St. John’s Cathedral. This talk was approximately given in the fall of 1976. Ryan would have been 23 years old.

• After the Archbishop’s talk Ryan claims he was invited over to St. John’s Cathedral (which is adjacent to the Church) for some dessert. An invitation, which was not extended to Archbishop Sheen, which to some would seem strange, a visiting Bishop, is almost always invited to the rectory to relax after presentation. Ryan claims that he was brutally gang raped in the Cathedral dining room by several priests. During the rape (sodomy) Ryan claims he was called names and taunted. Claims he knew the priests but does not name them.

• After the claimed “rape” he went over to his mother’s house where he was staying while on his visit and claims he showered and then burned his habit. One important thing to note is that Benedictine Novices are not allowed to leave the monastery, ever. And if this were to occur someone else would accompany them from the Abbey.

• He then contacted the Archbishop of Milwaukee, who at the time was Archbishop William E. Cousins. In a situation like this it is very likely that the Vicar General and Chancellor would have also been notified. In an event such as this the Archbishop of Indianapolis would also have been notified as well as their chancellor. Officials of St. Meinrad’s Abbey would not allow one of their novices to just disappear and not return and they too would have been notified. This would have been the reigning Archabbot at the time. It seems that there is no record of any such transfer or him even being a monk at St. Meinrad.

• He then states that for his safety (why would he need safety) he was put on a pontifical vow of silence by Archbishop Cousins and then exiled to the state of Arizona while he was institutionalized and given treatment for depression. This was also the time that they issue him a new social security number (against the law) and changed his name from Randall Dean Stalks[actually, Randell Dean Stocks] to Ryan Scott. After being released from the mental health institution he was sent to work in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles as a brother.

·        Scott now claims after the gang rape the Diocese of Milwaukee transferred him to Arizona and provided him with the “Ryan Patrick Scott” identity to protect him. Then they transferred him to California to work for Cardinal Manning for 10 years 1977-1987. There is no record of Scott under any known alias working for the Los Angeles Diocese. (proof below that this is also not true)

So it was during this time that he claims he was still a Benedictine monk of St. Meinrad’s Abbey. He was apparently the official secretary of Timothy Cardinal Manning, the Cardinal Archbishop of Los Angeles. The official Catholic and Diocesan records state that in fact during this period of time the Cardinal’s secretary was Msgr. Clement J. Connolly. During his time as “bishops secretary” he claimed he was also working part time as a Newport Cigarette Billboard model. [Are we sure it isn’t a Salem Cigarette model as that’s his brand?]

• His career ended in the Chancery of Los Angeles when the Cardinal would not let him continue his schooling, which according to Ryan, was the deal between them. He made Ryan get his Canon Law Doctorate while working for him, but never was ordained. Ryan did not indicate where his schooling was conducted or where his degrees were obtained.

·        In 1987 Scott claims to have joined the Franciscan Friars of Mary Immaculate in London, Ontario. This is found to be inaccurate as the records of the Friars show Scott didn’t enter until April 23, 1989 leaving on July 9, 1989 with a novice, Barry Rodgers of Canada after copying the Friary’s documents and donor list to his computer.  (The start of the con)

·        Scott and Rodgers then attempted to settle in Darlington, Wisconsin at Holy Rosary Parish as Franciscan brothers. There were differences with the assistant pastor, Fr. Clarence Koch, and they were expelled from the parish. Fr. Koch later winds up dead in the trunk of his car in Missouri. The trunk part was not in the newspaper articles of the time. Scott later admits in writing that he had motive, opportunity, and knowledge not generally known of the situation. [The Missouri Highway Patrol Cold Case Unit is investigating further at this time] (more on this below)

Within days of this Ryan and Gregory were gone. Members of the parish say that they were found out to be frauds, while Ryan’s story is that Koch was a child molester and Ryan was preparing to notify the authorities and he was kicked out of the parish for this reason. Father Coyle, at that time the pastor, and apparent cousin to Ryan is now the pastor of Immaculate Conception Parish, Kieler Wisconsin (608) 568-7530.

·        Scott then attempts to set up Holy Rosary Abbey, as a Benedictine establishment, in 1992 in Wisconsin by taking a job as finance director in Edgerton, WI. He is, in July 1993, first asked to resign for lying on his resume then arrested in September 1993 for felony fraud. He received 3 years probation.

·        Scott claims to be ordained by schismatic sect, The American Catholic Church, in California in December 1993. They later excommunicated Scott for homosexuality and appropriating approximately $8,000 and warn about letting Scott near your computer records.

• Statements made also have it that Ryan and Rodgers (Bro. Gregory) had a Franciscan rehabilitation center somewhere in California where they cared of AIDS patients. This has not been substantiated.

·        Scott starts a vendetta against Bishop Raymond Burke then of the LaCrosse Diocese now of St. Louis, Missouri that has lasted to this day. This was after Bishop Burke denounced Ryan as a phony Benedictine Abbot a persona he uses to this day. Ryan is arrested for probation violations regarding firearms charges; he serves 23 days in jail, which he blames on Bishop Burke.

Ryan claims he audio taped all of his meetings with Burke and is willing to share them with the media. Perhaps one of the secretaries at St. Michael’s in Dane would remember one of Ryan’s “frequent” visits to his “spiritual director” and “best friend” Father Kunz. (608) 849-5610.

• Ryan claims to have been ordained by Archbishop James J. Byrne who was appointed Archbishop of Dubuque Iowa in 1962. Byrne was a well respected (in union with Rome ) Archbishop who had been an auxiliary bishop in St. Paul in Minnesota , Bishop of the Diocese of Boise Idaho. He reigned in Dubuque as Archbishop from March 19th 1962 until August 23rd 1983 when he retired. He was later diagnosed with severe Alzheimer’s and died on August 2nd 1996. The Archdiocese of Dubuque has no record of Ryan as a priest under any of his aliases. He now claims that Byrne’s ordained him privately and some speculate he claims that he also claims (in private conversations) that Byrne’s consecrated him a Bishop. Ryan has now posted on Wikipedia that Bishop Slupski consecrated him a bishop in 1999.

·        Scott moves Holy Rosary Abbey to different sites in Wisconsin then on to Iowa , Louisiana , North Dakota , and Illinois (2004). He leaves a wake of defrauded people and unpaid judgments behind him in every area. He has built up wealth through donations (The Holy Rosary Abbey is tax exempt) and through buying and selling religious books and articles on eBay.

·        In 1998 Fr. Alfred Kunz, also known to the Franciscan Friars of Mary Immaculate, is found dead in his church in Wisconsin with his throat cut. This murder is unsolved. Ryan claimed that Fr. Kunz was about to pronounce Ryan Scott as being a legitimate priest and denounce the homosexual network that had raped Scott in 1976 this was scheduled for the day after Fr. Kunz died. Scott has again implicated himself and another associate in this murder by trying to explain away possible forensic evidence.  It was after this that Scott joined Marvin Kucera’s Refuge Centers for several years. [Scott was with Kucera before 1998, AZ sheriff’s report is dated 1996, so is Paul Bergman’s letter]

• Ryan was basically quiet while at Holy Rosary Abbey, Pocahontas. He again surfaced in the spotlight when he spoke out publicly of his rape to the media and to the conference of Catholic Bishops. On October 26, 2002 he presented his case in front of Archbishop Timothy Dolan’s (Milwaukee Archdiocese) listening panel. His story was found to be without credible evidence.

·        In April 2003 Scott moves Holy Rosary Abbey to the Shrine of Our Lady of the Prairies in North Dakota where the attention of the North Dakota Attorney General’s office is attracted. There are financial discrepancies and in August 2004 Scott after removing from the Shrine’s use their computers, vestments, and other properties including the donor list; moves to Illinois to a former mental hospital. Preceding his arrival the Diocese of Peoria has issued warnings against attending Mass at Holy Rosary Abbey. Galesburg police are also alerted as Scott also removed two elderly people with means from North Dakota when he moved.

As you can see police and government offices in several states are involved. The enclosures will explain somewhat more thoroughly this situation.

 Born: 4-21-1953

SS# 329-xx-xxxx - Issued in Illinois 1967-68 (legally cannot show the SS#)

Alternate ID:

Ryan R. Scott

Birth date 4-20/21-1950 – he has used both days

SS# 429-xx-xxxx - Issued in Arkansas 1955-56 (legally cannot show the SS#)

Probation questionnaire 2-3-94

SS# 329-xx-xxxx - Issued in Illinois 1967-68 different from the first two numbers

(legally cannot show the SS#)

Date of birth 4-23-53 Richland Centry, WI

Single, Never Married

Present Address 403 Lakeshore Dr. Avoca , WI , Iowa , WI 53506

Guilty of Felony 936.12(2) Misconduct in Public Office committed on 2-17-93

Judge John II Lassow, DA Raymond Lblonshj, Defense Atty Pat Hiaggenjois,

Note the different SSNs and birth dates.

• Abbot Ryan’s biggest affiliate outside of his “abbey” is a Father Dennis McCormack of the Society of the Immaculata, North Massapequa New York . He is the self-proclaimed founder of the Society and is a heretic and a schismatic priest. McCormack’s website is and his e-mail is Dennis McCormack was seminarian with the Legionaries of Christ who can be reached at



Last updated: 9:57 am
July 17, 2009, Posted: 2:04 am, July 17, 2009

A Long Island man who touts himself as a Roman Catholic bishop was busted yesterday for performing a sex act on a teen boy, cops said.

Dennis McCormack, 41, of Massapequa , was arrested at his home after a family member of the 16-year-old victim contacted police about the alleged incident, which supposedly took place within the past week.

A source said the alleged sex act was captured on videotape.

McCormack, who according to the Diocese of Rockville Centre has no official affiliation with the Catholic Church, performs traditional Latin Masses for a small congregation at an American Legion Hall in Plainview , police said.

McCormack, who has no prior record, befriended the victim and his family through their regular attendance at the church, sources said.

He pleaded not guilty and was held on $150,000 cash bail at his arraignment yesterday in Hempstead .

Accused Predator Bishop Belonged to Controversial Order

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests
July 17, 2009

[Society of the Immaculata]

He's a former Legionnaire, an extreme group under investigation. Its founder is accused of molesting dozens of boys & fathering a child. Based in CT, a secretive Vatican probe of the organization starts this week.  A Long Island priest who is jailed on child sex abuse charges was once a member of a controversial and conservative Catholic religious order that is under investigation by the Vatican .

Dennis Michael McCormack calls himself a bishop. He performs Catholic mass in Latin at a rented hall. According to his website, he attended a Connecticut seminary run by the Legion of Christ, a Catholic group whose founder is accused of molesting dozens of boys.

Earlier this year, the order admitted that the founder, Fr. Marcial Maciel, had also secretly fathered a child.   McCormack's website says "In 1986, he entered the Legionaries of Christ, in Cheshire, CT. Due to his love for the True Faith and the Traditional Roman Rite of Mass, he left the Legionaries and continued his studies in other seminaries more faithful to that aim."  Yesterday, the Vatican’s formal investigation into the secretive Legion began.

"Several bishops have forbidden the Legion to work in their dioceses," said Barbara Dorris of St. Louis. She's the national outreach director of a support group called SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. "It's a very extreme group with a troubling track record, from the top on down."

Dorris said the current Legion leadership should disclose whether there were allegations against McCormack when he was a Legionnaire.

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