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Tradition, Family & Property, America Needs Fatima, Fr. Nicholas Gruner, Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, Gerry Matatics, The Remnant, Feeneyite Brother Francis, and Catholic Family News are nailing the right arm of the Body of Christ to the Cross


Most recently I received an email from a friend who introduced me to a web site,  It is not often I agree with everything on a web site as I do not agree with everything on my own web site.  But this web site is an acception.  The writers are articulate and very Catholic, not going too far to the left (Amchurch) or too far to the right (ultra-traditionalists) and this is a very hard road to walk as it is very thin.  But this road is where the Church is and it is not easy to walk it without falling off from time to time as I have done.  When you want to be sure you are in the Body of Christ, and that means to believe in all the teachings of the Church and obeying those teachings, I suggest that you visit this web site from time to time. 


There are three articles on this web site that give a good example of the quality of their writing and the insight they have to the problems on the extreme right wing of the Church and I have chosen to offer them on my web site as  a stimulus to get you to visit this web site from time to time.

Marian Horvat: The "Nice Girl" of Integrism
By A. Gerard Nordskoven

Watching a Catholic community autodestruct is wrenching. The Society for Tradition, Family & Property, or TFP, is eating Kansas City alive. It is a scenario played out all over the world. TFP is an all-male secret society promoting a "higher" calling than the priesthood, the warrior-monk. TFP is a cold-blooded vocation killer. Not one priest has arisen from their "conservative" formation of young men anywhere in its international ranks since its founding in the early sixties. None. One of TFP's slickest Screwtapes has been a woman, Marian Horvat. Horvat, president of the TFP's California offshoot, Tradition in Action, distinguished herself as one of four collaborating signatories to "We Resist You to the Face," a manifesto
for Catholic schism. Before that, Horvat's duties were in the heartland, and more along the line of "We Stab You in the Back" with the quiet destruction of the faithful. She's a "nice girl", well-spoken and polite. And she gave TFP and their ideas entré into nice families. The Catholic scholars at her alma mater, K.U., saw through the Horvat family obsession with TFP and
rejected their overtures to infiltrate the Integrated Humanities Program, a veritable incubator for clerics and other religious. Others have not been so discerning. Pious boys exploring their calling have hardened into caustic snobs who are taught by TFP recruiters to despise their parents as "the fountain of my revolution."

The simplest mystery of Judeo-Christianity is election. Yet it is almost unfathomable that the Most High chooses to grace souls and peoples for reasons unknown to man. The antithesis of election, indeed a tenet of Babylonian Mystery Religions (as is secrecy), is elitism. This is man exalting himself above other men. We were warned. The Lord reviled the people's desire for a king to rule over them, and told of their inevitable exploitation. Hindu elitism is writ in the squalor of a rigid caste system. The unholy marriage of elitism and Catholicity was fabricated in TFP founder Plinio's book, The Nobility and Traditional Elites. It was offered for sale after the Latin Mass approved by the KCMO Bishop. $50.00 was the penance exacted for presuming to be a noble, elite Catholic. But the young salesmen were friends of Marian, glowingly praised in the tome. And she was smart, a K.U. teaching assistant who hammered a journalism degree into a doctorate in Medieval History.

Few read the lavishly illustrated book, consigning it to the coffee table. In Nobility, the race and blood cults condemned by Piux XII are resurrected in his own words, spin doctored to fit TFP's agenda. Pius XII's flattering pleas to the nobility of Italy for funds to feed the starving during World War II are transformed into support for TFP's militant monarchists. Published two years before Plinio's death, Marian Horvat garnered high honors from the author for her assistance. That's saying a lot. Plinio
Correa de Oliveira was a self-styled demigod, described reflexively in a TFP litany to his mother, Dona Lucilia, as the "Axiological Principle," or First Cause, a divinity. That's the secret side of TFP. In Plinio's book, the elite are defined as bluebloods, and as "professors" like himself and Marian. It is a predatory philosophy of NON SERVIAM, like the fictional
spaceman's cookbook, "How to Serve Man." Horvat's brother adds information for the American audience. The elite of America were the Southern slaveholder in general, and genetic marvels like Robert E. Lee in specific. Here is the race and blood cult American-style.

Priests do not fit into the TFP schema. They serve. They are poor. They don't rule countries. The colorful "scroll" centerfold in Nobility proclaims "the preferential option for the nobility." John Paul II's "preferential option for the poor" is directly contradicted. That's refreshing. There can be no question whose side they are on. The schismatic heraldry of "We Resist
You to the Face" was just a flourish on a split with the Servant of Servants started years before. TFP disdains the priesthood, predicting it's obsolescence. No priests, no Eucharist. Wormwood, be advised. Horvat's crocodile tears for lost vocations as inspiring "We Resist You to the Face" are hypocritical. Styling herself a latter day Joan of Arc, Horvat is a free agent serving only demigod Plinio and the Ten Kings of the Antichrist with no regard for prelates unless they are useful as camouflage for TFP, or Tradition in Action, or the America Needs Fatima cash cow. Radical materialism is the name of the game and another hallmark of Babylonian Mystery Religions. That's the philosophical basis for Communism, so it is no surprise that K.U.'s long-time campus Communist converted to Horvat's brand of Catholicism. One gets all the exploitation without any of the guilt. The poor are solicited by mail for a dollar a day, and the wealthy get quietly approached for donations of homes, large sums of money, and farms, not to mention the entrustment of children. Horvat guided the formation of young women in her home-school Sodality, and the children of "traditional" Catholics in other educational venues.

Marian Horvat is an apt pupil of TFP's techniques, and ingratiates herself to the wealthy, well-educated and powerful only. Peasants are the enemy, and perhaps too reminiscent of her blue-collar background. Catholic scholars cotton to her, and she sailed her pirate ship under their colors whenever possible. Alice Von Hildebrand was shamefully used in discussions aired on
EWTN. She slipped one over on the elderly philosopher by dropping Plinio's name into the mix. EWTN got wind of it and axed the "Feminity and Feminism" series. But this virago is far from feminine. Horvat's favorite ploy for testing the mettle of protegés at the family compound was to invite them over and release their snapping, snarling German Shephards. Some left, some signed on to continue undermining the Catholic community in her stead. Horvat came razor close to imposing a TFP school on Kansas City residents under the banner of a conservative Catholic education. The monied Texas woman Horvat talked into bankrolling the venture got wind of her unseemly connections and mercifully withdrew.

Watch for this coiling snake of Babylonian cast, and beg the Blessed Virgin to have bare feet ready to crush its head.  Postcards may be found in the back of church from "America Needs Fatima." One response and it is virtually impossible to be free from TFP's dunning direct mail solicitation. And the Boys from Brazil are very appealing as they march like Medieval militants in their red capes, inserting themselves at the head of pro-life rallies, or setting up bookstalls at Catholic conferences, usually without permission. They are spoiling for a fight, and it is not with the forces of evil for which they claim they need lots of cash. It is with the Magisterium, in that they are already condemned by the Brazilian bishops conference, their home
country. It is with Peter, as "We Resist You to the Face" obsequiously declares. It is with God, as blithely breaking the first command to honor no false gods. That's Plinio, who did not arise from the dead as he prophesied of himself. And do watch out for nice girls in pearls

Integrists Showing Their Hand

"In our view a possible future declaration of a sede vacante ('the period of time when the Apostolic See is empty, as a consequence of the heresy of the Pope,' CFN 7/2000) would take place automatically when the Church would become aware of the gravity of the present day errors and who is responsible for them." (1) ---We Resist The Pope To His Face, V.3
So there we have it, despite all the spin, tucked away neatly at the very end of their We Resist You.... mainfesto, though it is the very foundation of their errors and audacity: it will, according to the Matt, Guimaraes, Horvat, and Vennari, only take the "true" ideal Church to "become aware" of what these Integrists predict (that the Pope is a "heretic", in substantial rupture with Tradition in several dogmatic areas)-----and then? Retroactive-sedevacantism; the Popes they disgree with will be desposed! the same Sedevacantism to which they (the signers of the We Resist [the Pope] To His Face manifesto) are clearly implicitly committed now, though they tried in the past to play it coy through doublespeak and obfuscation when possible. Of course they deny it when convenient. But most people are not stupid. This is how these deluded souls can urge the public to follow them and officially "suspend obedience" to all the Popes since John XXIII, charging them with heresies and rupture with Tradition, and declare a "sustained public resistance," since they simply do not believe that the Council or present Holy Father has the authority to "bind" them. They have created an alternative, parody-church. Michael Matt, Atila Guimaraes will
lead them. They alone will measure Truth. It is tragic. And they were warned by many. I myself warned Michael Matt that he was losing control and headed toward the cliffs. In vain.

Their implicit sedevacantism is the very foundation of their belligerence and their call for "all traditionalists" to unite under such a reckless banner. They alone will be the arbiters of what is and is not Catholic, not the living teaching magisterium (see our Integrist section on the relationship between Tradition and the living Magisterium) . Such, tragically, is the hubris of schism. (See also our article below , "Why the Integrists Must Back Back-Pedal"; but this is not new for this group; their trajectory has been clear, whatever fine legalistic distinctions and convoluted arguments they proffer, even quoting JPII in their efense!!!!! ).

These and their defenders (Chris Ferrara, Tom Woods--- a Lutheran just several years ago---- now instructing the Pope on Catholicism, Jonathan Tuttle, John---"Paul VI is the escatological Antichrist"---Parrot, et al) are all of one essential mind. To defend and appear with them is to join them, to propagate their errors and midwife schism. As the extreme trad conferences draw fewer and fewer people, they are now combining efforts: TFP'ers, Grunerite Fatima cash-cowites, rigorist Feeneyites, Sedevacantists, etc.

Then there is their "independent" evangelist, Gerry Matatics, who speaks and makes a living off their conferences and has long supported their efforts and views; map this man's "preaching" itinerary---past and present---if you want to see sustained Integrist confusion up close. At this writing he shared a conference with reportedly suspended and vagus priest, Fr. Nicholas
Gruner, and Gruner's sidekick, Fr. Paul Kramer---another roaming "independent" priest--- at the most rigoris and independent" Feeneyite group in the world in Richmond, New Hampshire (not all disciples of Fr. Feeney are extremists). We had hoped this group was trying to regularize its position with the Church but this conference was reportedly poised to attack
the Holy Father and Cardinal Ratzinger on the Third Secret as they have done in their literature. Then Matatics reportedly moved on to speak at The Remnant Forum with the very signers of the schismatic manifesto which concerns us here. This man would truly appear to be the evangelist ("called" and "sent" by whom? not by the Church) of the counter-magisterium. Like
neo-modernists, all these men thrive on opposition to the Holy Father.

Yet how can Matatics have glowing, surreal, testimonies of support at his web site from the likes of, the late Cardinal O'Connor, Fr. Kenneth Baker, Dr. Ralph McInerny and others? Certainly these men would utterly reject Gerry Matatics' associations and theology today? Surely these testimonies (and not just Cardinal O'Connor's ) must have been taken out of the mothballs, written before he and his friends had reached the cliffs of schism?

At any rate, we might ask Mr. Matatics---if we can assume he acknowledges the law of non-contradiction with St. Thomas Aquinas---just whose theology he subscribes to, Michael Matt's, Christopher Ferrara's, Fr. Gruner, rigorist Feeneyite Brother Francis' or Fr. Baker's, Dr. McInerny's, and Cardnal O'Connor's? For these theologies are contradictory in the extreme
and indeed represent the abyss which divides grave errors, material schism, from orthodoxy.

Matatics at this writing was recently asking for $31,000.00 (31 thousand) at his website at this writing "before it is too late"!

But in their Ad Hominem attacks, in their insults and mockery (Integrism is a joyless, bitter affair) we hear the death rattle of cult. An implicit sedevacantism which can only be retracted, not "spun" (as Ferrara tried in vain to do through convoluted argument, obfuscation and smear in his distempered "responses" in The Remnant (the publication of the Mattites).

The love of endless polemics among those who have fallen prey to this counter-magisterium mentality, manifests a deep spiritual and existential vaccum, the tragic inner fruit of setting oneself against the visible Church of Jesus Christ and its divine "Always" and "Whatsoever" (Mt 16:18f, 28:20). Only repentance can restore the graces lost and communion. Otherwise they
are the untrained wannabe "theologians" of a parody-church, an absurdity and spectacle.

Steadfastness in error is not a virtue but a vice, rooted in a disastrous pride which prefers self, ones own private interpretations, to the Church. It is time for these Manifesto signers and their defenders to show the courage to change and return to humble obedience to the divinely appointed and living Magisterium, and to publicly retract (not endlessly spin) their
public and precise declarations. These men show why the Church needs the Petrine office and teaching Magisterium. How great the wisdom of God to give us these offices and to save us from the labyrinth of private judgment

The Hermeneutics of Evasion: Christopher Ferrara

(1) The implicit Sedevacantist assumption is clear. To predict the Pope will be deposed for heresy and then add "but we are not Sedevacantsists," or that Sedevacantism does not follow from the statement is simple sophistry, not to mention illogical. The whole structure and ground of their campaign of "public resistance" to the teaching Magisterium and uncatholic "suspending obedience" toward it is founded on this conviction and prediction.

The matter is grave. A canon law study to be published next year concludes that the authors are indeed in schism, and, in addition to this schismatic withdrawing obedience to the Magisterium in dogmatic areas, indicates the signers showed clear "malice" by going public and thus have

"...incurred the latae sententiae excommunication provided for schism under canon 1364 §1, and thus the legitimate ecclesiastical authority would have sufficient moral certitude of imputability by reason of malice to declare sentence against the authors of this declaration."  Moreover, as one reputable Catholic wrote:

"Let's parse this one: "In our view a possible future declaration of  a sede vacante would take place automatically when the Church would become aware of the gravity of the present day errors and who is responsible for them."

The writers of "We Resist You" are talking like liberals. Who is "the Church"? Not the hierarchy, because the hierarchy is in cahoots with the Pope. By "the Church" we must understand "we the people." This is liberal-speak.

When enough of us "become aware of the gravity" of the situation, these writers say, when critical mass has been reached (an incipient majority, perhaps, or at least a sufficiently intense minority), then, "automatically," there will be a "declaration" of "no popery." "Who will make this "declaration"? Representatives of the people, of course, since the hierarchy will be morally and intellectually incapable of speaking up. And who are these representatives? Could they be those who write for a  7,000 circulation newsprint publication coming out of a small town in the northern wilds?

Decision is clearly called for.

Along other lines...Fr. Gruner Covering Moonie Milingo Tracks,

 Fr. Nicholas Gruner, reported suspended and vagus priest who also puts out a magazine entitled Fatima Crusader recently began to expunge the name of the Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo from his online editions of the magazine after TCR and others showed their collaboration. Milingo, who (like the author of Gone With the Wind at the Vatican ) has long showed a fevered imagination in his obsessions with healings and devils, was courted by Gruner and other Integrists because he openly attacked the Vatican and even wildly accused the Vatican of nothing less than Satanism----- which inflamed the Grunerites. Gruner's Fatima Crusader (under Fatima News) published the following report citing Milingo as a major source:

"In recent weeks, a firestorm has been raging in Italy. The controversy revolves around the statements Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, who made formal allegations that satanic activity is taking place inside the Vatican. When questioned by the Italian press about the allegations, he said that he stood by them. The Archbishop chose the Fatima 2000 International Congress on
World Peace held in Rome in November 1996 hosted by the Fatima Crusader magazine as a platform to first make these allegations public.The Fatima 2000 Congress was sponsored by publisher Father Nicholas Gruner, who has spent the past 18 years attempting to persuade the Vatican to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as She requested in
apparitions to three shepherd children at Fatima, Portugal, in 1917. Father Gruner has also sought disclosure of the Third Secret, which has been kept under lock and key in the Vatican since it was delivered there in 1957 and read by Pope John XXIII in private.

Archbishop Milingo, who works inside the Vatican, as the Special Delegate to The Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Immigrants and Itinerants, is uniquely qualified to speak on the issue of satanism. Besides his responsibilities in the Vatican, the Archbishop is a world renowned veteran exorcist. These allegations by Milingo are particularly interesting to informed Catholics because the statements that the Archbishop is making are very similar to the recent book written by the well respected Catholic writer, Dr. Malachi Martin ... In conclusion, it appears obvious that satanism is now, and has been,
existing inside the walls of the Vatican itself. Through the courageous and reputable testimony of Archbishop Milingo and Dr. Malachi Martin, this deeply buried Vatican secret is surfacing at long last."

The "courageous" Archbishop Milingo, however, age 71, became a Moonie, that is a member of the Unification Church of Rev Moon. He also took a wife. When TCR linked to the above report, Gruner's men found out and scrammbled to
take down. Gruner also had published a roster of Integrist speakers which we linked to such as the following where Milingo was also originally named before being expunged:

"...Of course, the lecture roster contained some of the world’s finest speakers on Fatima and its profound importance. Speakers included Father Nicholas Gruner, Father Paul Kramer, Christopher Ferrara, Esq., Cornelia Ferreira, Joseph Kung (Cardinal Kung Foundation), Gerry Matatics (Biblical Foundations), Michael Matt (The Remnant), Christopher Storey (Soviet Analyst), and John Vennari (Catholic Family News) who also chaired the conference."... (Milingo was then listed here but removed after the collaboration was made even more public when TCR featured it from Gruner's own site" )--- Previously published at Gruner's site at Fatima 2000 - A Grand Event . The references and stories can still be found in Gruner's literature.  Gruner is also reported to own some share in Catholic Family News which
joined the Mattite group and Atila Guimaraes in publishing and promoting a manifesto last year (called We Rebuke The Pope to the Face ) urging disobedience to the Popes of Vatican II in all areas which they declare heretical.

Clearly this latest attempt to cover his tracks would seem to show that Fr. Gruner (and this notorious Integrist crowd which often hits the speakers circuit together like self-appointed Methodist riders, bashing the Vatican wherever they can) who thought Milingo was a big catch for extreme traditionalists, will quote and promote most any source, no matter how wild,
so long as Gruner is made to look like a savior of the Church and the Vatican is made to look like, well, devils----by the light of a slippery Moon.