America - Arm Yourself

You Americans are in a culture war.  The enemy wants to kill your children or corrupt them with porno and sex abuse.  Here in Portugal the Masons promised that in two generations they could destroy the Church by corrupting the morals of the youth.  This may be the same plan in America but in America it seems to be working.  No writer - investigator goes right to the root of the problem more than Fred Martinez. 

Fred Martinez is staff religion editor of the Conservative Monitor and a regular contributor to the San Francisco Faith, a Northern California newspaper. In addition, he wrote for, produced and hosted the Latino Love Show on Channel 38, San Francisco.  Fred Martinez has a new book that goes to the heart of the problem and shows us parents what to do about it. 

Real Axis of Evil:

Clinton/Sex Abuse/Abortion

By Fred Martinez

This book can be ordered at or can be read as an e=book from  for $3.95.

Read Real Axis For Your Children‘s sake!

If you want your children to grow up in a society that is safe which, doesn’t kill unborn babies, promote Clintonian pornography or sexually abuse them. Then get Real Axis now for your children’s sake! If you don’t believe us glance at the praise for Real Axis:

“Spelling out the problems and outlining their solution. This is a must read!"

W. J. Rayment, Conservative Monitor Editor

"‘Real Axis’ ... exposes the "cancer", analyzes it and offers some practical solutions.”

Ginny Hitchcock, Population Research Institute (PRI)

“Backed by solid research, Fred Martinez presents a moral tour de force that is must reading .”

Chuck Morse, WROL-Boston Talk Radio

"This book connects the dots waiting to be connected...draws conclusions others have avoided."

Jim Holman, San Diego News Notes Editor

"It's a fine and thorough piece of journalism...I hope it will turn some heads and change some minds."

Dale Ahlquist, American Chesterton Society President

“Remarkable. Very well researched...[a] must read for our culture is undergoing a profound crisis.”

Cathal Gallagher, Quo Vadis Theatre Founder

“[T]he ‘Archangel Program’ alone is worth the price of admission to this extraordinary work!”

Kelly Clark, The lady in the pew website