Unscientific Science

By Richard Salbato


In the courts of America debates are taking place between Intelligent Design and Evolution. The ID people say if you just look at a baby or a spider, you can see they had to be created by an intelligent source. The Evolutionists say this just happened by evolutionary processes and that it did not take any "source" to make it happen. I am a Catholic and as such I know that there cannot be any conflict between true science and religion. In fact, the modern scientific revolution of the last 400 years, came about because of Catholic people.


The separation of Science and Religion can be blamed on both sides. Some Christians (I use that term because many were Protestants) interpret scripture in such a narrow path that it leaves no true understanding of how God works. Some insist that God created the world in six days as we know time today. But this narrow interpretation is no different than the Darwinian people who base their theories on the provably false notion of Uniformitarianism.


On the other hand, what prompted me to write this article is a recent statement by the director of the Vatican Observatory, George Coyne, S.J., that I consider heresy. He said, "... if we take the results of modern science seriously, it is difficult to believe that God is omnipotent and omniscient in the sense of many of the scholastic philosophers." Now, that makes me very angry because that is pure heresy and he needs to be removed or retract that statement.

The Church does not error and when it teaches that God is omnipotent and omniscient, and that He is the author of the Bible.
I believe each and every word of the bible (unlike England's Catholic Bishops) but these words need understanding. The Bible does not error, but the reader does. Otherwise, there would not be 30,000 different Christian religions all based on the same Bible.


The readers understanding is not always correct and in some cases there is mystery that is not yet known. Let us take First Genesis for example. On the first day, God created Heaven and Earth, water, light and darkness. But was this one day as we know it today, 24 hours? He did not create the moon until the 4th day and this was even after He created land and plants.


In fact, if you go to Genesis 2:4 you will read that these 6 days are called the "generations of the heaven and earth". Considering that this "generation" has lasted 2005 years, those generations are not one day at all but just 6 different periods of time and could be millions of years or at least given the appearance of millions of years since God can create anything with the appearance of age. Before going on I want to say that right now I believe that God did create in 6 days, but that time was not uniform and is not now, as I will show below. I also believe that God created with the appearance of age. If time is a constant, then I am wrong. We will show that a constant time has not yet been proven. On the otherhand I can prove that God creates with the appearance of age.


Since God is the author of science I am inclined to think he did everything in logically, as well as scientifically. And as an apologetic Catholic, it is my job to show how God and His Church are correct. On the other hand, true science could not be wrong, so both must be complimentary of each other. This I believe and hope to prove. Remember however, that I said, "true science".


Two Good Free Thinking Scientists


I had a lot of fights with professors in college over "science" because it just did not make logical sense. But some years later I read some books by a Medical Doctor ( not an earth scientist ) that did make some logical sense. He was Emanuel Velikovsky and wrote a book called WORLDS IN COLLISION and another called WORLDS IN UPHEAVAL. His writings were a little far out but amazing and logical. He wrote a scientific theory called "Catastrophic Evolution.


He said that the moon was very young and that Venus and Mars have changed orbits in the very recent history. He predicted that if we ever went to the moon, we would find that the relationship of potassium to argon in the rocks would show that the moon is very young. He said that the craters on the moon were not made from meteorites but from a molten hot planet that cooled leaving bubbling action remnants like you will find if you boil lead and then let it cool. Round circles will appear that look like craters.

He said that Venus was a hot planet, not a cold one as the scientific world believed. He said that the cloud cover over Venus were a result of its heat. He made many predictions of what we would find if we ever sent rockets or men into outer space. No one believed him. He died before any space shots were ever made.


Velikovsky was the only scientist in the world who properly predicted everything that we would discover when we went into outer space. He and he alone, had the right scientific predictions, but even today, he is forgotten.


The other great scientific thinker I have found is Marshall Smith, Editor of BroJon Gazette at www.brojon.com and I find his logical thinking a great pleasure to read. I do not agree with everything he says but his logic and knowledge are refreshing, even if he seems to have no firm religious beliefs. But then, neither did Velikovshy. I think he takes over where Velikovshy left off and does it in a very logical way, which science has to be. Illogical science is not science.


How Did God Create?


God can not only transcend the laws of physics and probability, but God can also transcend logic (for example, God could create a square circle, or could make one equal two), because God is not bound by any limitations. God can intervene in the world by superseding the laws of physics and probability (i. e., God can create miracles), but it is impossible (and in fact meaningless) to suggest that God can rewrite the laws of logic. God originally could intervene in the world by superseding the laws of physics (miracles), and did do so when creating the universe, but then he self-obligated himself not to do so anymore in order to give humankind free will. Miracles are rare, at best, and always hidden, to prevent humans from being overwhelmed by absolute knowledge of God's existence, which could remove free will.


God is able to do everything that is in accord with his own nature. He has no external power exerted on him, and is the source and origin of all power. The nature of God includes logic, and thus God cannot do anything which is logically absurd. God is able to alter the laws of physics since they are not part of his nature (strictly speaking, though they may be reflective of it), they are only a means to an end. Tertullian summarized this view as follows:


"In one sense there will be something difficult even for God namely, that which He has not done not because He could not [in terms of raw power], but because He would not [in terms of self-consistency] do it. For with God, to be willing is to be able, and to be unwilling is to be unable; all that He has willed, however, He has both been able to accomplish, and has displayed His ability."


Omnipotent, can do anything, omniscient, knows everything, and omni-benevolent, wants only good.


That being said and the overwhelming evidence that God can and does go beyond the limits of physics (miracles) even today for everyone to see, we still must look at science to see how God chose to create. I think using time (one day or millions of years) is irrelevant since God lives outside of time, created time, and can create in an instant what physics would call age (i.e. instant cures of cancer and the instant growth of new tissue). Nevertheless, it would be interesting to see just how God created because we have scientific evidence that shows His handiwork.


What I hope to do here is show that the evidence does not show Darwinian Evolution (although God could have done it that way). And since God cannot be illogical and Darwinian Evolution is illogical, God would not choose this method. It seems obvious to me that God chose the atom method and the conversion of pure energy to physical things. We see this in the smallest and largest things in the universe. Hebrews 11:3 By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible. And this we see in E=MC2 and its reverse.


But let us confine ourselves to our universe for simplicity. Let there be light and God created the Sun (although this may not have been our sun but the original sun - the center of the universe), and this was hot and rotating like all atoms. The Bible does not yet call it "Sun" because it also contained in it all the other planets. As its rotation increased the lighter elements came to the surface and the heavier to the center. These lighter objects collected at the center (equator) and built up until they were thrown off into space creating the other planets in our system, including the earth. All these remained on the equator plain of the Sun and all rotated in the same direction (at least those that came from the Sun). Obviously the earth at first was the same as the Sun, just molten hot elements. It also was spinning and creating its own gravity or electoral magnetic forces. Because the heavier elements go to the center and the lighter go outward according to their weight the result is layers of mater, both solid and liquid.


When the earth first formed it had a very thick atmosphere, more than four times thicker than at present. It was made mostly of carbon dioxide, methane and ammonia, just like all the other planets in our solar system. The thick dense atmosphere covered the massive thick layer of liquid ocean about eight miles deep, and there was no land.


As the planet cooled it shrank and hot gases deep in the mantle were released into the ancient atmosphere. As the planet earth cooled and shrank, its diameter became slightly smaller. As the earth's diameter shrank with age it also rotated faster and faster.

The first life form on earth was simple single-celled plants called blue-green algae or phytoplankton. These "plants" as do all plants, take carbon dioxide, methane and ammonia, and converts them into hydrocarbons, carbohydrates and ammonia (or amino) acids which make up proteins and which become the parts of the body of the plant. And then as a waste product the plants release oxygen and nitrogen.

To do all of this, all that the plants needed was sunlight. With no predators or other life forms to compete with, the plants completely filled the oceans with sun-loving phytoplankton. And the "plantification" of earth completely converted earth's entire atmosphere from carbon dioxide into oxygen and nitrogen.

After the first plants had converted most of the primeval atmosphere into oxygen and nitrogen, the first single-celled animals appeared. Animals were a very different form of life. They can't survive on just air and sunlight, as do the plants. The animal were not "breath-airians." The animals needed something to eat to get their energy. They ate the plants.

Thus ended the great age of atmosphere conversion, and began the earth's present balance between two competing and complementary lifeforms, plants and animals. It leaves the earth now with its oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere. That's why no other planets in the solar system have an oxygen atmosphere, since it's a by-product of single-celled plant life and requires a very deep watery ocean. How long did this take for God to do it? We well look at time below.


At the beginning, the earth was in orbit around the sun and was spinning on its axis and layered, each layer lighter and less dense going outward from the center. As the earth cooled, a firm surface crust was formed on the outside and the earth and it began to shrink. This is like heating raw iron ore in a vessel, the impurities are lighter and float on the surface and solidifies into a crust on the surface.

Any hot metal will shrink when cooled. The core of the earth is hot metal. Also over time, gases in the interior of the earth will leak out into the atmosphere. As the earth shrank, it spun around faster and faster. As the earth spins faster, the centrifugal force along the equator increases and the equator becomes fatter as the top crust moved towards the equator.


The sun, and the outer planets, Jupiter and Saturn, are measurably oblate, since they rotate fast enough for the centrifugal force to make them fat around the middle. The hard core of the earth does not become oblate because it is hard but the crust is soft and becomes fatter. The rocky lithosphere of earth slid toward the equator on the hot fluid layer of molten asthenosphere. This caused the rocky lithosphere to be squeezed together and build up into a thick ring along the equator. The rocky lithosphere of earth, floating on the fluid asthenosphere, became thicker around the middle and the earth appeared to became oblate. But it was really only the material along the earth's surface around the equator that changed shape. The earth's highly compressed solid core and lower mantle did not change shape.


This slow squeezing and building up of the earth's surface lithosphere toward the equator causes a unique form of mountain to be created. These mountains are called "geosynclines" and look something like the skin of a dried prune. The centrifugal force squeezing the geosyncline mountains, created a narrow strip of mountain ranges all the way around the equator raised up almost to a height of about eight miles. It was at that point in time, the rocky lithosphere material first peeked above the waves of the ancient eight mile deep ocean.

It was just after the Devonian, and in the Carboniferous age that the life in the oceans suddenly burst forth upon the land in wild abundance. The land suddenly appeared during the Devonian, caused by the conservation of angular momentum (CAM) and the earth spinning faster and faster as it cooled.


The massive growth of the rain forest-like ancient gymnosperm plants such as fern trees, redwoods and pines, so covered the newly exposed land that they died and left thick layers of dead trees and plants now called coal layers along the geosyncline mountains.


Those ages mark the position and gradual uplifting and expansion of the narrow strip of geosyncline mountains above the eight mile deep ocean which still covered the whole rest of the planet. Any place around the world where you now find the narrow strips of wrinkled sinuous geosyncline mountains and large coal deposits mark the location around the world which was the original tropical rain forest along the equator of the earth during the late Paleozoic and Mesozoic periods.


All these coal deposits were originally on the equator. For them to be where they are now requires a 45 degree shift of the poles, or a 45% shift in the land masses. (see below)


From the first appearance of land to the end of the Cretaceous age, the lithospheric rocky continental material continued to slide toward the equator and rise higher and higher. The earth cooled and spun faster and faster until a big chunk of the thick clay layer around the equator suddenly broke free and flew off into space. This released a huge amount of angular momentum and the earth suddenly slowed down and become stable again.


This faster and faster spin of the earth gave a large portion of that thick belt of land around the equator less than zero gravity. The only thing holding it to the earth was the mechanical adhesion of the thick fluid lava layer called the asthenosphere. Then it simply overcame that sticky adhesion and it floated off into space.


God's Creation of the Moon


Three fourths of the thick rocky ring around the earth carried with it a large amount of the rapidly spinning earth's energy in the form of angular momentum. It spiraled outward and was so large that it formed into a sphere by its own gravity and became what is today called the moon.


Note that when three fourths of the rocky lithosphere, went off into space, so did three fourths of the plants and animals on that land, three fourths of the oceans with the fish in them, along with three fourths of the earth's atmosphere.


But the moon is too small to have enough gravity to hold on to the oceans and atmosphere. Those simply evaporated into the vacuum of space. The moon then became dry and lifeless. But that does account for the existence of mysterious riverbeds, deltas and rills still seen on the dry moon. For a short time the moon was completely covered by water. Even today, the general appearance of the moon close-up is that of rock strewn ocean bottom.


Since the 1912 publication of German geologist Alfred Wegener's book, it has been recognized that three fourths of the rocky continental SIAL material of earth is simply missing. These calculations, of the balance of materials on earth, have mystified science for a long time. However, that is exactly the size of the moon.


When the earth spins at 24 hours per day, as it does today, then the force of gravity at the equator is about the same as the force of gravity at the north and south poles. But if the earth spins faster, in about a 12 hour revolution day, then the force of gravity at the equator is around half of what it would be at the poles. If the earth spins around in about 7 hours, then the force of gravity becomes rather close to zero at the equator, while the force at the poles remains the same.


There are several planets and moons in the solar system which rotate about that fast. It merely indicates how long the body in space has been cooling and shrinking. Rapid spinning is a normal part of planet and moon evolution, and is caused by the body shrinking with age and the principle of Conservation of Angular Momentum (CAM).


With another quick calculation we can find the volume of the missing three quarters of the rocky continents of earth. Simply take three fourths of the surface area of the earth and multiply that by 37 miles, or the average depth to the hot molten fluid asthenosphere where the separation took place. That volume of the three fourths of the surface material missing from the earth's rocky layer is exactly equal to the volume of the moon. And that calculation also shows the two volumes are exactly the same with an accuracy of about one percent. Amazing.


If you calculate the spinning energy of the earth, actually it's total angular momentum then the principle of the Conservation of Angular Momentum (CAM) says that even if a portion of the earth separates and flies off into space, all of the angular momentum will "always" be conserved.


If you calculate the total angular momentum, of today's earth and the moon and add them together, you will find that the sum is exactly equal to the original angular momentum of a rapid spinning oblate earth rotating with a speed of about 7 hours per revolution. This is important, since it shows that no other body, such as a nearby roaming asteroid impact could have been involved in the process.


For most of the Cretaceous Age, the animals and plants living on the strip of land around the equator were in an almost zero gravity environment. It was almost like floating in space or walking on the moon. What happened after the event was that the force of gravity near the equator, where the animals lived, went from near zero to suddenly increase to about its present force, and the length of the day changed from 7 hours to 24 hours. We will consider below what will happen to a 30,000 lb. Dinosaur that goes from zero gravity to the gravity of today later.


A little further calculation can show that almost all of the moons in our solar system were ejected from their parent planet by this very same process. It is a natural part of the aging and evolution of planetary systems. As a rotating planet cools, it spins faster and faster, becoming oblate and unstable. It releases a moon from the oblate surface decreasing the planet's rotation rate and it becomes stable again. This may be repeated with the larger planets. After a long time, the larger planets continue to cool and shrink and release another moon. The larger the planet the more moons it produces to become stable.


A mathematical proof involves the observation of the Inverse Bode's Law. The Inverse Law shows that the spacing of each of the planets from outward to inward is about 62 percent of the distance of the next outer planet. The Inverse Bode's Law also holds true for the major moons of the solar system, including the formation of a broken ring or asteroid system after the third or fourth planet or moon inward.


The moons also show the same pattern of three or four large regularly spaced moons, a ring system and then several smaller regularly space moons which follow the "law" inside the ring system. Many other smaller atypical moons give away the fact that they are randomly "captured" intruders, and don't follow the "law", since they are very tiny and usually rotate out of the plane of the ecliptic and may even rotate backwards.


That amount of regularity, symmetry and following the same "law" in both the planets of the solar system and the moon systems around the planets, cannot be accounted for by the random formation of planets and moons out of a primordial nebula of dust around a star. But using the principle of Conservation of Angular Momentum (CAM), and the observation that the planets and moons are using Tara rotation routines to transfer angular momentum from one body to another can account for the regular spacing, spin rates and relative sizes of the planets and moons. If that is accurate for the other planets and moons, then surely it would also account for the formation of earth's moon.


The End of the Dinosaurs


There is something called the K-T boundary all over the earth. This is a three foot layer of white powder containing iridium. Below this powder are found the fossils of large dinosaurs, and above the boundary no dinosaurs are found. The two most accepted theories are a 6 mile diameter meteorite or an extremely large volcano. Whatever happened at the K-T boundary, killed only the large reptilians, the dinosaurs, but had no affect on such smaller ancient reptiles as turtles, crocodiles, alligators and reptilian-like birds and insects.


Let us look at why the large dinosaurs could not take the change but the smaller reptiles could. Reptiles must use external means to regulate their temperature. Mammals have a thyroid gland to control evaporative cooling to maintain a constant blood-brain temperature. Brain tissue must be kept at about 100F to remain electrically and chemically active. Most mammals, marsupials and birds, can tolerate weather changes, but reptiles wouldn't have a chance.

Also prior to the K-T shift nearly all of the plants were gymnosperms - evergreen naked-seed. After the K-T boundary a new plant - angiosperms, or flowering, or hard coverings seeds, which can tolerate hot and cold appeared for the first time. These new plants cannot tolerate a constant temperature but must have seasons (winter and summer) to survive.


What causes temperature changes? And in fact what causes rain? First of all without the ice on the north and south poles there would be no temperature changes at all. Also without the tilt of the earth at 23.5 degrees, there would be no seasons. So (it can be assumed) prior to K-T there was no ice on the north and south poles and no 23.5 degree tilt of the earth. That being the case, the earth was tropical at all land masses, which was consecrated at the equator.


Without the seasonal changes angiosperms would fail. And in fact, the geologic record shows no angiosperms or thyroid mammals before K-T


Change in Atmosphere


If we believe, like Evolutionists, what we see today is what we would see millions of years ago. then we would have to believe that the atmosphere was the same then as it is now. They call this uniformitarianism. There is no evidence even today that this is true. The oxygen today is less than it was just 100 years ago. The ozone changes from year to year. It is known that Ozone protects us from the harmful radiation of the sun, and without it, all life would end. However, if the Ozone was much higher in consecration than it is now, even carbon 12 and 14 could not be found on earth. It is this carbon 12 and 14 that accounts for things aging, and in fact dying.


During the P-T (Permian Triassic) nearly 95% of all life in both the oceans and the land simply disappeared. For this to happen, other things had to simply disappear also, like a great part of the land, the water and the atmosphere. If when the 65% of the land left the earth to create the Moon, then a large part of the oceans and the atmosphere left also.


The watery oceans are called the hydrosphere and above them we have the even lighter less dense gaseous layer of air called the atmosphere, each layer going outward lighter and less dense than the deeper layers below. If originally, there were four times as much land, ocean and atmosphere, then the depth of the proto-oceans would be four times as deep as it is now.

Zero Gravity

Before the K-T event, with almost zero gravity force, the huge 60 ton dinosaurs could walk around as easily as a chicken crossing the road. With little gravity, the gigantic 6 foot dragon flies could "swim" through the very dense atmosphere as easily as a house fly buzzing past your nose. After the K-T separation event, and the increase in gravity from near zero to the present day force, all of the huge mega-fauna, such as dinosaurs, simply were crushed by their own weight.


Only the small animals, both reptiles and mammals, survived. And that is what is seen in the geologic record.


For scientists wanting real numbers, you would need to use two dimensionless scientific numbers called the Reynold's Number and the Froud Number. The Reynold's Number relates viscosity force (air resistance) to gravity force. The Froud Number relates momentum or inertia to gravity force. These are often called the rules of scaling.


Prior to the K-T event huge 6 foot dragonflies were flying, but today even the largest are much smaller than a 6 inches in size. The Reynold's Number ratio is 10 to one. Prior to the K-T event, 60 ton dinosaurs walked around, while today the biggest walking animals are only about 6 ton elephants. The Froud Number ratio is 10 to one. A quick use of the Reynold's and Froud Numbers would show that prior to the K-T event the net force of gravity along the equator was only about 1/10th of what it is today on earth.


From that ratio of ten to one, you can easily calculate the earth's rotation rate of about 7 hours to produce a net gravity of only about 1/10g. That's almost half of the present day gravity on the moon. As a human being with that small gravity force on earth, you could easily lift cars with one hand, leap tall buildings and wear a big red S on your shirt. The earth was a very different place just prior to the K-T boundary event.


We will find that along with three fourths of the missing continents, the moon also has three fourths of the now missing supply of oil, gas, gold, diamonds and all the other valuable "mineral wealth" of the earth. The moon is a vast treasure trove just waiting to be mined. And with riches far greater than on earth.


All of those precious materials are all neatly compacted on the far side of the moon.


The near side of the moon, the part we always see, is simply the bottom part of the missing continents or the old heavy iron rich lava asthenosphere. That's why the thin front side is covered with black lava parts called maria. The lava (heavy side of the moon) always points toward us. That's because the heavy side of the moon always points "downward" toward the center of the earth. There are no black maria, or seas of lava, on the far side of the moon. The back side of the moon is made of much lighter rocky continental material. This was the very thick belt of land around the oblate earth just before it separated and formed the moon. Are there dinosaur fossils on the far side of the moon? I think so, and maybe even humans.


Missing Link is Magnetic Field


Evolution by "natural selection" was not the process which created the myriad life-forms that now exist on earth. There is plenty of evidence which can prove that. The one item of critical evidence, to prove that Darwin's Evolution is not correct, is that after 150 years of diligent searching, not one, no, not even one example of a missing link, or any intermediate species form has ever been discovered. But that is exactly what is needed to show Darwin's evolution theory is correct. Since no intermediate species have ever been found, therefore Darwin's gradual evolution theory by "natural selection" is shown to be false.

Every so often, the magnetic field of the earth reverses the north and south magnetic poles. The earth itself does not reverse - just the magnetic field. During the reversal process, the earth's magnetic field, which usually acts as a shield protecting life-forms from intense solar X-rays, gamma rays, and deadly dangerous ionizing particle radiation, suddenly disappears. The deadly intense solar radiation is momentarily allowed to strike the surface of the earth.


Within hours, about 99 percent of all life on earth is instantly killed by the intense radiation. Those few, 1 percent of survivors, hidden in caves, in holes in the earth, or under water are highly deformed, damaged and mutated by the intense radiation causing direct damage to the DNA molecules in their reproductive cells. But the radiation damage is not visible in those survivors, but it is clearly seen in their direct offspring.


Within months, or a year, or less than one generation, the surviving mutants which may or may not still be viable, may be able to reproduce. This results in multitudes of numerous, similar but highly modified, mutant life-forms. Then and only then, does Darwin's evolution process of "natural selection," enter the scene, to cause the less able or disabled mutant forms to be lost to history, while the strong survivors with many new adaptable traits become numerous new species. The new species were suddenly "created" by the intense radiation within one generation.


Example: during the last magnetic field reversal, one species, Saber Tooth tigers, were extremely irradiated and in less than a year became, modern lions, tigers, pumas, ocelots, bobcats, pussycats and numerous other feline species. None of the new species was ever seen before the massive radiation event at the magnetic field reversal. Darwin's "evolution" didn't and couldn't do all of that within several years. But that is what the geologic record shows -- almost instantaneous "creation" of many new species by intense random radiation with no intermediate "missing link" forms, and all within one generation.


Since the time of the age of dinosaurs, there have been about 15 to 20 magnetic field reversals. At each reversal, there is almost instantaneous creation of multitudes of new life-forms, usually resulting in many forms coming from just one earlier life form. And usually the earlier life form disappears, since it is no longer competitive.


Another example: The early horse, eohippus, about the size of a dog, disappeared, but became donkeys, horses and several equine variants, such as zebras, which are almost related species. Notice, in this process there is no gradual evolution -- and thus no "missing links" between species.


No missing links between species have ever been discovered. The new species were "created" almost in the blink of an eye, by intense solar radiation. No intermediate species or "missing link" were ever born. The new mutant species were born directly from their highly radiated and DNA-modified parents. Thus, almost instantaneously, in geologic time, the new life-forms are "created" by the intense radiation, and then the survivors quickly "evolved" in just one generation into the many viable new species.


Time - Millions of Years or Thousands


Consider the time it takes for something to travel a given distance is Time = Distance / Speed. When this is applied to light from distant stars, the time calculates out to be millions of years. If the speed of light (c) has not changed (no proof), then we must ask if time is constant. Einstein's relativity theory says it is not.


Einstein believed that gravity distorts time. This effect has been measured experimentally. Clocks at the top of tall buildings, where gravity is slightly less, run faster than those at the bottom. If the theory is correct. Then if gravity is strong enough time would stand still, and where gravity is weak enough, time would run faster.


Question? Is there time in the very center of the earth? Is there time in the center of the universe?


Assume also that matter in space is not infinite, that the stars end at some point (which most scientists would not believe), and that after that point there is nothing. Scientists make the arbitrary assumption (without any scientific evidence or necessity) that the universe has no boundaries, no edge and no center.


If the universe has boundaries, then there is a net gravitational effect toward the center. Time at the edge would be faster than time at the center. We would then have a white hole instead of a black hole. This would account for light years being calculated at millions of years and be wrong.


Ice on North and South Poles


We are still facing three problems: the 45% shift of the continents from the equator to where they are now, rain and wind which could not have existed at the time of equator land mass, and the ice on the north and south poles.


All of these problems, or questions, are linked together since without the ice on the North and South poles there could be no winds, since wind is caused by temperature changes. Without winds and these temperature changes to pick up water and create clouds, we would have no rain. Without rain we would have no rivers.

Scientists have postulated that a canopy existed prior to the ice that would result in a subtropical world without the hostile elements of nature, sort of a greenhouse effect. According to this framework, the canopy filtered out the radiation that now penetrates to the earth from outer space. This canopy was in three layers: an outer ozone layer much thicker than it is today, a central water vapor layer, trapping long wave earth rays, and an inner atmosphere with a higher concentration of carbon dioxide and water vapor. This inner atmosphere covered the earth like a warm blanket, and watered the earth with dew.

The fossil record indicates subtropical plants all over the world. Tropical forests, complete with fruit trees, have been uncovered in the frozen tundra of New Siberian Islands north of Russia. The freezing process occurred so quickly that there are still green leaves and fruit on some of the trees.

Palm trees have been found in the ice north of Norway. At the South Pole, archeological digs have discovered forests with tree trunks up to three feet in diameter. This is what you would expect if the earth was covered by a canopy. And where there are plants, you'd expect to find animals.

Interestingly enough, thousands of animals have been unearthed in ice-covered parts of the world. In both Siberia and Alaska the remains of gigantic camels, lions, horses, mammoths, tigers and bison have been found frozen in ice and mud. By the way, many of those creatures died so quickly that their mouths were still full of food. Others had undigested plants and flowers in their stomachs.

The radiation filtering process of this vapor canopy would have radically altered the aging and dying process. Everything would have lived longer, and a lot of things would have been larger than we know them.

The evidence from the fossil record indicates that plants and animals at one time grew to gigantic proportions. For example, a reptile keeps growing until it dies, and if a reptile lives for hundreds of years ... what do you get? Monstrous reptiles - dinosaurs.

The record indicates that moss-like plants grew to be three feet tall, and asparagus stalks grew to be 40 feet tall. Pigs were once as big as cows, some birds were eleven feet long, and cockroaches were a foot long.

Studies of the quick-frozen animals in the Arctic suggest that they were peacefully grazing on summer buttercups when a sudden freeze of temperatures in excess of -150 degrees overcame them in a space of a half hour.

Every continent is covered with thick layers of strata, which shows that flooding took place on a massive, global scale. By the way, strata are not being formed today, except on a very small scale at the mouth of rivers.

Marine fossils are found all over the world - even in the Himalayas - 20,000 feet tall. Hundreds of sharks are buried in Ohio - not exactly beachfront property.

As shown earlier, we can account for the creation earth from the sun, of the land mass, fish, birds and animals, and of the moon. The splitting off of the land mass, needed to create the moon, would have taken with it a great part of our atmosphere because it too was spinning at a fast rate and much of it went into orbit around the moon or dispersed into space. This, in itself, could have reduced the canopy protecting the earth from radiation, but it could not have tilted the earth or at least the outer layer of land mass 45% to the way they are today.


Considering that this Ice had to come quickly (IN AN INSTANT) and from the sky in order to catch animals with tropical vegetation still in their mouths, we must see how this could have happened and where the ice came from. Even today the earth is being hit with ice meteorites the size of large houses but these melt in the atmosphere and never reach land. These are made of mostly hydrogen, helium and other gases. But once in our atmosphere, they pick up Ozone and Oxygen and create true water vapor.


Not long ago a military experiment was made to see if a small atom bomb could take out a complete fleet of ships. It did not. However, the explosion took tons of water into the shy and when it came down, it came down as chunks of ice as big as houses and bigger. This did sink the fleet of ships.


One explanation for the ice on the North and South poles is a large Hydrogen, Helium meteorite. Such a meteorite (comet or asteroid) has been found in Mexico, suggesting a size that could have demolished the earth. This could have been a result of the creation of the moon. Considering that a large part of our water, our atmosphere and our Ozone spun off with the material that created the moon, this could have spun around the moon and came back to earth as one large mass of frozen atmosphere. Or it could have broken off another spinning planet like Jupiter.


Whatever the source of this large item, its impact on our magnetic field, our atmosphere, and then our earth would cause a chain reaction something like dominos. First, the crushing of our atmosphere would have pushed against the earth at some angle, shaking everything like hitting a cup of water. Inside the crust of the earth is molten lava, which weighs 1500 times more than water, and it, in turn, would move back and forth from East to West crushing open the outside mantle. At the same time (if the angle was just right) the earth would have flipped over very fast, so fast in fact, that the water would not be able to keep up with it. The continent would split into peaces, the continent that was once only on the equator.


A large part of this comet would dissolve in the upper atmosphere combine with the atmosphere and start raining ice and water all over the world. At the north and south poles it would rain ice and at the equator it would rain water.


With the fast spinning of the earth, the entire Pacific Ocean would cross the entire American continent in a huge tidal wave, as much as a mile high and the Atlantic Ocean would do the same until coming to a gradual drain back into the seas.


When peace came back to the earth, it was at an angle different from before at 23.5% off the true North and South Poles and the land at 45% to the equator. After this impact, we have some new effects on earth that were never there before: wind, clouds, rain, seasons, snow, and rainbows. We also have a balanced earth rotation that exactly allows the gravitation to be equal all over the world. We have a sun and moon that have the exact relation of size to distance that make them appear the same size. We have a moon that is so far out there (compared to other planet's moons) that it causes mild tides, and helps the earth maintain a consistent 24 hour rotation.


God Using the Logic of Science


God created the heaven and earth, water, light and darkness. God divided the waters above from the waters below. He placed the sun and the moon in the skies. He brought forth the fish and the birds of the air. And last, He brought forth land animals and man. He then destroyed what He had made with water and started all over again. This I believe and nothing more. However, God could have done all this in a single day or single second. The Bible says He chose to do it in six different times periods, leading me to believe He chose to do so in a logical scientific way. The possible scientific method shown above fits both the scientific evidence and the words of the Bible. We living humans know very little, during ouyr life time, but I hope I have shown one possible way God created. If nothing else, I have shown that true science does not contradict God, and that a lot of what we call science today is pure garbage.


One web site that does a good job in making science cooperate with the Bible is:




But my special thanks to the infestation and writings of Marshall Smith from whom I took a great deal of information. He has many other investigations that are interesting even if not religious in nature.

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Richard Salbato